S08E19 - “Turkey Shoot At Makepu‘u” - Plot

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Act One

A group of four people are on the cliffs about to launch a yellow hang-glider with a pair of turkeys silhouetted on the fabric. The man hanging on to the glider (Byron Akiona) tells the pilot (Lee Purcell) that she needs to be aware that the glider may be a bit tail heavy. She tells him she has it as another man (Lou Richards) asks her not to destroy his $800 creation. Another woman (Susie Burke) pleads with her, "don't try anything fancy". The builder also warns her it has a tendency to dive. As she takes off, the pilot has a great view of the surf from above. The other three walk back down the hill as Sheila, the second woman, is on flight duty in a couple of hours and won't be going to the landing today. However, Draper who is the builder is and teases Sheila about flying to San Francisco first class twice a week. They drive down the road as the pilot continues her flying following the road. She notices Sheila pulling off to the side of the road because of car trouble. Not knowing what's wrong, Sheila starts hoofing it down the road.

A light blue van pulls up at an intersection behind the broken down car and a pair of losers walk to the car. As Sheila walks, she hears the clanging around her car and goes back but they're in the process of stripping the car! When one, who is wearing obnoxious red headphones, (Billy Roessler) pulls a knife, Sheila runs for it but he gives chase. His pal (Chuck-Chuck Akamine) continues stripping the car. Meantime, the hang-glider pilot is watching everything from above! Only when the glider's shadow passes over the car, does the pal realize they're in trouble. The chase continues as the pilot flies to the beach.

Upon landing, the pilot tells Draper what's happened and they take off in the Bronco. Draper tells Carl to take care of the kite before speeding off. They drive back to the spot but the car and the van are both gone! Molly, the pilot, finds an 8-track tape in the dirt not understanding why they would take the car if they were stripping it. Molly mentions a pair of sailors in Kanehoe who had the same problem: car trouble but it didn't end well for the sailors. Molly wants to notify the police so they jump into the Land Cruiser and take off.

McGarrett arrives at Five-O as Danno and Chin grab some coffee and not doing any favors to their ulcers. Danno hands McGarrett a folder summarizing HPD's weekend activities including the missing Sheila Romney. Chin connects the dots to the dead sailors who had car trouble and called a tow truck but by the time it arrived, they were stabbed to death and their car "stripped to the axle". However, in this case, they have a witness: Molly who was flying above the road at the time. McGarrett tells them they need to get to work.

At HPD, Molly and Draper talk to an officer (Kalani Kinimaka) at the front desk who tells them they have multiple people out looking for Sheila including a Boy Scout troop and a helicopter. The phone rings and Lieutenant Olana answers: Sheila has been found but unfortunately she's deceased.

The two punks go see another guy (Kenneth O'Brien) selling him the parts they got off Sheila's car. They want to sell Oscar the tires but he's not interested sending them to Sam's Salvage because he can't sell them. When the one punk says they do just that and take the tachometers as well, Oscar pays the $175 more and they agree: "hey, Blooey, take back those tires". Blooey happily takes back the tires while still wearing his obnoxious red headphones.

Molly looks through several pictures in McGarrett's office to see if she recognizes the van the men, who went after Sheila used. McGarrett asks Molly where Sheila bought her car: Kendall Motors. He's sure they will have the serial numbers of the accessories in the car so they can track them down. Molly is extremely upset about Sheila's death as Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) walks in with the file on the two sailors killed. One had bought a transistor radio in the form of some oversized headphones like what Molly saw. She's shocked these two guys could have killed before but McGarrett tells her it takes time when she asks why not go ahead and haul them in. He goes on saying this is a tough case because it's a "random killing" and the leads are harder to find. Molly leaves in disgust having the unenviable task of informing Sheila's parents that she's dead. When Duke tries telling McGarrett that Molly is upset, McGarrett says he's upset too. He wants an APB out on the van with the occupants being armed and dangerous. He also wants accessories' serial numbers from Sheila's car and to check anywhere that buys from car strippers.

McGarrett arrives at the dumpsite of Sheila's car with Che (Harry Endo) briefing to not expect much, someone hosed the car down so the entire inside is soaking wet. Duke notices they even took the windshield wipers! McGarrett wonders if the guys reached under the dashboard and Che says they'll check in the laboratory. McGarrett knows every part taken could be a potential lead.

Blooey and his pal Tonker hang out in a bar where the bartender (Wallace Landford) serves Tonker a drink. Blooey scores big on an arcade game while Tonker reads the newspaper and notices the police have a witness to what they did: "one hang-glider".

Act Two

Various hang-gliders take off from the cliffs as Draper tweaks his creation. Draper tells Molly Carl can help him launch if she doesn't fell like hanging around but she's working her way through Sheila's death. Draper launches into the air joining other hang-gliders in flying over the surf. Meanwhile, Tonker and Blooey show up at a pull out below the launch point. Tonker points out Draper's glider asking an observer (John Thorp) about who the pilot is on that specific glider. The observer tells them he's Draper Taggart, one of the best fliers around.

Oscar returns to his garage to find Chin looking over the pieces from Sheila's car. He pretends to be interested in the stereo discovering it belongs in a Porsche, thanks to Oscar's "extraordinary abilities". Chin flashes his badge; he has special powers too! Chin then takes the items as evidence, much to the chagrin of Oscar.

Later, Oscar drives out to see Tonker and Blooey asking where they sold the rest of the parts. Tonker says they spread the parts out amongst the different garages. Oscar tells them the cops have been around his garage and the parts have numbers on them! Oscar wonders if any other shop made mention of the police being around and wanted them to know "just in case".

In the lab, Che briefs McGarrett they found 47 latent prints and 11 palm prints but many may belong to mechanics and gas station attendants. The other problem is that some at the gas stations may be too young for a driver's license and their prints wouldn't be on file. Che plans to dust the interior components for prints then disassemble them for serial numbers. Che isn't happy the strippers are that far ahead of him with McGarrett unhappy about the fact they killed for the car parts.

McGarrett enters Five-O showing Danno the paper, at least they didn't name their witness or give her sex out. McGarrett says they'll need to protect Molly and will have to find someone to keep up with her. McGarrett then gets an idea: what does Danno know about hang-gliding? "Not much," but he'll learn!

Draper is about to launch again to run one final test before he makes a record-breaking run. This time Molly and Carl are joined by Danno, who help Draper take to the air. Draper flies around as the trio hang out at the launch point. Blooey and Tonker watch him fly too, ready with a high-powered rifle! Blooey takes aim and fires, hitting the glider but the second shot hits Draper! He's not able to control the glider because he's been hit in the arm as Danno can see he's flying one-handed through the binoculars! The problem is that Draper is going out over the water losing altitude. Danno and Molly take off to try to help as Draper eventually lands in the water!

Act Three

Danno and Molly take a boat out to find Draper, but they only succeed in find the glider. Draper managed to unbuckle himself and he's a good swimmer. He faces a challenging current and there's a small chance he made it.

In the lab, Che analyzes the marks on the glider to try to figure out what type of round brought it down. Meanwhile, Molly sits in McGarrett's office as he tries to reassure her everything it being done to try to find Draper including searching incoming patient lists. The phone buzzes: Jenny (Peggy Ryan) connects Che through. Che tells McGarrett he's sure a rifle bullet penetrated the glider frame but he has to run a spectrographic analysis to be sure. It would also be helpful to compare it with an undamaged piece. Molly says there is an identical kite at the shop if Five-O needs it. Chin walks in reporting that Draper is not in any of the local hospitals and they're having the military check theirs. McGarrett is thankful the press is so far calling this incident another hang-gliding accident but they all know it wasn't. Molly is upset again, knowing that Draper is dead because of her. McGarrett doesn't want her talking to any reporters because he wants the killers to think they're "home free". She leaves his office in a huff as McGarrett tells Chin to bring Oscar into his office. McGarrett has officially had enough of the car boosters' fun and games.

Duke and an HPD unit pick up Oscar as Blooey and Tonker drive to the garage in their dune buggy. Blooey drives out of there in no time flat once he sees the police. Later, Duke brings Oscar into McGarrett's office. McGarrett is ready to charge Oscar as an "accessory after the fact" in Sheila's murder. he shows Oscar the equipment he had for sale telling him there are serial numbers on the inside as well as the outside of the equipment! They can trace the parts to Sheila's car and when the case goes to the DA, there will two charges on the table: "receiving stolen property, which carries six months to a year and accessory to murder which carries five to ten years. Minimum". McGarrett then dismisses Oscar who claims he knew nothing about any murder but McGarrett doesn't buy it. He tells Oscar if he doesn't help, he's looking at five to ten years.

Oscar drives to the bar asking the bartender for "a cold one" as Chin sits in another part of the bar. He then asks if Blooey and Tonker have been in, which the bartender says they were looking for him, wondering if he got back from Five-O yet. Oscar plays it off but the bartender says everyone knows he's been to Five-O. Oscar leaves wanting the bartender to tell Blooey and Tonker he'll be at the garage. When Oscar leaves, Chin follows in short order.

Oscar returns to the garage where Blooey and Tonker are waiting for him. They talk about Oscar's visit to Five-O with Oscar saying he didn't talk. Blooey doesn't trust him, pulling the knife with Oscar picking up a huge wrench ready to fight. Tonker finally pulls Blooey off and they leave just as Chin settles in across the street. Chin calls Dispatch with the van's license number for a readout: "Able, Oboe, Baker, three-zero-seven".

At a pier, a Coast Guard boat pulls up with McGarrett, Danno and Molly waiting. Molly identifies him as Draper immediately going to Danno and sobbing. A couple of reporters are on scene too, bombarding Molly with questions and she finally screams at them that the killers were after her! McGarrett and Danno get in her in the car as fast as possible making the reporters back off but the damage is done!

As Blooey and Tonker drive down the road, the report airs over the radio. They realize they're not in the clear and Tonker says they have "a little job to do".

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, he takes a transfer from Jenny: it's Chin with news on the van. They have an address for Thomas Tonker who has a felony record and HPD is already comparing his prints to those found on Sheila's car. McGarrett leaves to join them on the bust at the house. Before stepping out, he asks Jenny if she's heard from Danno who is currently out of radio contact. He's driving the Land Cruiser so Molly could pick up Draper's kite. McGarrett is specific: he wants Molly at Five-O to identify a suspect and she is not to do any flying!

Danno and Molly stop for gas as Danno tells her McGarrett is going to want to know why she wanted the kite. He gets it, she can make more if she takes over her brother's business. She says the design has to be proven first. When she starts to get out, Danno wants to do where she's going: the ladies room and she wonders if he's going to follow her in there! As Danno signs the credit card slip for the gas, Molly sneaks out of the ladies room without him noticing. When he goes to check on her, she sneaks back to the Land Cruiser and takes off without him! Danno has been suckered yet again!

McGarrett arrives at Tonker's address to lead the bust. When there is no response to the call on the bullhorn, they move in finding the place empty. McGarrett finds some empty boxes of ammunition for a .30-06 and .223 while Chin finds a cold beer, meaning they just left. McGarrett directs one of the officers to check with the neighbors to find out what other vehicle they're driving as Danno calls over the radio. He tells McGarrett the bad news: Molly got away from him. McGarrett has his own share of bad news: the boosters are still loose. He tells Danno to get an APB on Molly and meet him back at Five-O. The radio isn't done: Dispatch passes a message from KGMB-TV manager for McGarrett to watch their next news broadcast.

At Five-O, they watch as the news anchor (Joe Moore) says a new hang-gliding record is about to be tried by Molly! She hasn't given them the location yet and McGarrett is not pleased. Danno says most of the test flights have been above Waimanalo and she'll probably take off from there. McGarrett wants Danno to "tell Duke I want a team of his best men. No uniforms, no marked cars and on the double".

Carl assists Molly on her launch as she has a plan to be bait! She wants Carl to call the radio station and then Five-O, especially telling McGarrett she has a radio! As Molly flies, Blooey and Tonker drive to spots where they can take shots at her as McGarrett and Danno race to the cliffs as well. Danno spots in her in the air as McGarrett says the boosters could hide anywhere.

McGarrett parks running up a hill as Danno readies his rifle. As Molly flies, Blooey takes some shots at her hitting the kite! She radios McGarrett telling him the shots came from the tower and McGarrett spots him telling Danno to take him out and he shoots Blooey dead as he falls from the tower. McGarrett then gets on the radio with Molly to get of range and land on the beach. Problem is Tonker takes a shot at her next for the west slope! Tonker takes another shot, this time hitting Molly! McGarrett directs the units to converge on the west ridge. Molly comes in for a landing on the beach as McGarrett finds Tonker aiming his rifle! McGarrett makes Tonker put the rifle down as HPD moves in to book him. McGarrett and Danno race to the beach to get to Molly after she half-lands half crashes on the beach. She asks if they got of them and they did. While she's hurt, Molly will live to fly another day and set the record!

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