S08E06 - “The Case Against McGarrett” - Plot

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Act One

On his way to the office, Danno picks up a newspaper with the headline stating Honore Vashon (Harold Gould) is seeking parole. He rushes in showing McGarrett as soon as he can. McGarrett asks when Honore meets the board: sometime next week. McGarrett knows Honore has had a hand in a plethora of illegal activities but McGarrett needs documentation and needs it fast. He wants Chin to work with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) and get HPD help if necessary. After Chin leaves, they flashback to how it all started: Honore's son Chris (Robert Drivas) robbed a hotel in Waikiki with some buddies.

Chris was insistent on using the old Vashon trademark, a 'V' cut into the cheeks of the victims. Honore wasn't pleased at all because he considered himself legitimate now, leaving behind the crooked family business. Chris wanted to get back at his father who he considered a "hypocrite" because the money made was all through illegal means! When Honore seeks the help of his father Dominick (Luther Alder), he doesn't get much aid because Dominick considers Chris wanting an adventure "before it's too late".

In McGarrett's office, the first evidence to put a Vashon behind bars: a fingerprint belonging to Chris on one of the stolen items from the robberies. Meantime, Chris remains arrogant talking to Honore and his wife (Elizabeth Cole) because "Vashons don't go to jail, Papa". Chris tells Honore to call him a lawyer as he opens the door for Danno and Chin to arrest him. The next flashback is McGarrett telling Honore he "paid a lot for that verdict" after Chris is acquitted. After Dominick verbally spars with McGarrett, McGarrett says, "next time we'll be smarter". Chris' arrogance knows no bounds ads he gloats to his grandfather; that is until Dominick slaps him! Dominick gives him a tongue lashing but Chris doesn't listen: he later plans another hit but Five-O listens in as they know when and where they'll hit next.

The trio begins their robbery with Five-O and HPD arriving on scene. A shootout commences on the fourth floor between McGarrett and Chris as the latter runs for it. McGarrett shoots Chris in the stairwell but Chris escapes, but dies in his family's driveway at the end of the chase. Honore is very unhappy at McGarrett's arrival, especially since McGarrett says Honore and Dominick killed Chris a long time ago with their criminal activities. Honore vows revenge against McGarrett.

In the present, McGarrett wants Jenny (Peggy Ryan) to call Warden Heller (Kent Bowman) at Hawaii State Prison. McGarrett tells Danno they can't let the board release Honore. When Danno asks if they can stop them, McGarrett answers, "I'm sure as hell gonna try". McGarrett talks to Warden Heller who tells him the date and time of Honore's hearing. McGarrett explains Five-O has new evidence to share with the board. Once he hangs up, McGarrett tells Danno the hearing is next Wednesday and he's been a model prisoner!

At the prison, Honore is allowed into the yard, as other prisoners are involved with other activities. Honore meets with two other prisoners and he asks one (Seth Sakai) who the guy is tossing the horseshoes in the black hat: Buhai. Honore tells him when they sent their last message to Mali on the outside, Buhai reported it to a guard and Spider was sent to solitary. Honore tells Saito that he wants Buhai "taken care of" in a quick and quiet manner "but not necessarily privately". He wants a clear message to the rest of the prison he is not to be interfered with. Honore leaves with Saito looking at the other prisoner (Reggie Ho). During a baseball game, the umpire (Beau Vanden Ecker) makes a bad call with the prisoner called out taking issue. A fight ensues as a guard (Joe Geremia) yelling through a bullhorn to clear the yard as all the prisoners jump into the fight. During the chaos, Buhai is killed and left behind when the yard is finally cleared.

Act Two

The Wednesday rolls around: the hearing is set for 2:30 p.m. and McGarrett will be there. Meanwhile, the Parole Board has a sign outside the room on June 4th with a list of candidates on a piece of paper. Guards escort Honore to the hearing where he meets four men and a woman (Electra Gailas) who is heading the meeting. She directs her colleagues to file "number seven". As McGarrett drives to the prison, the woman reviews Honore's conviction on March 17th, 1972 for "conspiracy to commit murder" with a sentence of ten years. Honore is close to four years behind bars applying for parole and a condition it to admit to wrongdoing. However, Honore pleaded not guilty for trying to kill McGarrett and one board member (Roger Ritchie) asks Honore if he still believes he is not guilty. A second board member (Ed Remington) can't believe what he's hearing as Honore tells them he considers himself guilty. As he tells the Parole Board this, McGarrett arrives running to the hearing room. Honore continues his story how he is "penitent" and how he'll guarantee to them he won't repeat his criminal ways. McGarrett shows up requesting to address the Board and the head allows it. He shows them the evidence Honore is involved with illegal activities even behind bars. McGarrett stands toe-to-toe with Honore even if it's metaphorically after he presents the new evidence.

In the prison yard, Honore paces with Saito telling him he's determined to take out McGarrett once and for all. The problem he has: no idea how to accomplish it. Honore is waiting for the right opportunity and will jump all over it.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with the Parole Board's report: Honore was denied! The issues they have now are to actually tie him to the charges in the report. McGarrett still considers Honore dangerous in or out of prison. Even on the inside, Honore is still operating his empire. McGarrett warns his team to stay vigilant because they haven't heard the last of Honore.

Saito stops by Honore's cell with some useful information: there will be legislative visiting the prison. The warden will take them to the usual places and the visit is scheduled for three hours on Wednesday. The best part: refreshments will be served afterward in Room 203 in the Administrative Building, the same place the Parole Board meets. Honore tells Saito to find out who's serving refreshments.

Later, Saito brings William Tasai (R.B. Sorko-Ram) to meet Honore. Tasai hasn't been there long but is on the dining room staff and he'll be in charge of the refreshments for the visitors. Honore proposes an escape.

On Wednesday, the visitors arrive via a limousine and six HPD motorcycle escort. Warden Heller greets Mr. Ying (Robert Lee) and the rest of the group along with Assistant Warden Geddison (John Stalker). They walk in beginning their tour as Saito watches from the fence. Saito walks away stopping by Honore's cell: they discuss Tasai and how much of an obstacle he'll be. Saito says he isn't smart and only when learning the truth, could he prove to be a problem. Saito also has a surprise for Honore: a .38 caliber revolver!

In the prison yard, Honore sneaks into the kitchen area where Tasai gives him a serving jacket. They walk to the carts they'll serve from and Tasai explains what they'll do first. A guard tells Tasai to get the detail moving and they roll the carts out.

Warden Heller leads the group into Room 203 where Mr. Ying compliments the warden on an instructive tour. The guard leads Tasai and other kitchen staff in with the carts but they aren't serving rumaki or sushi: the plates hold guns and knives! The prisoners take the entire group hostage.

McGarrett takes a call in his office about the situation and he tells the other end to not make a move until they get there. He grabs his gun yelling for the team: prisoners have nine hostages including Warden Heller. The Five-O team runs out the door. Later, as he's driving, McGarrett talks to Assistant Warden Geddison emphasizing they not make any sudden moves and to make sure everyone knows that. The governor calls the car phone: McGarrett brings him up to speed and will keep him informed. When Five-O arrives, Assistant Warden Geddison tells McGarrett, they're on the second floor and the middle window. Honore opens some shudders talking through a bullhorn to McGarrett: he wants McGarrett for the hostages or Honore will kill them all. Assistant Warden Geddison gives McGarrett a list of people in the room: Warden Heller, two guards, six committee members and seven inmates of which McGarrett put away four of them. Honore demands an answer as Danno suggests an assault team but McGarrett nixes it as Honore threatens to kill the one woman in the group. McGarrett motions over Assistant Warden Geddison to have sketch that part of the building: other rooms and exits. McGarrett has an idea to use a cleaning closet to escape through a skylight as soon as the hostages are released. McGarrett's plan is to duck inside, slam the door and have Five-O move in with everything they have but they move too soon, McGarrett will be killed. To alleviate the problem, McGarrett is wired for sound so the team will know exactly when to move in. As they setup, McGarrett gives Honore his answer: he'll exchange himself for the hostages. On his way in, McGarrett disarms to prevent any wrong moves.

McGarrett walks in, stopping at the doorway. When Honore sees him, he releases the hostages who shuffle past McGarrett into the stairwell. Once down the stairs, a prisoner (John Gracciano) pops out from behind the door to keep McGarrett under control. McGarrett walks toward the conference room implementing his plan but Tasai meets him with a knife forcing him into the conference room.

Inside the conference room, Tasai wants to split taking McGarrett with them to escape. Honore has other ideas: to put McGarrett on trial for murder! Honore slaps him; he wants McGarrett to pay for Chris' murder while McGarrett barely retains control.

Act Three

Danno puts in a request via radio for two assault teams to be sent to Hawaii State Prison and to enter a service gate out of sight of any windows in the Administration Building. He explains McGarrett has been taken hostage and the teams need their repelling gear. Danno tells Chin to contact the governor because they may need the National Guard before it's all said and done. Danno and Duke listen in on the proceedings as Honore calls the court into session.

Honore calls all the shots including where McGarrett is to sit at the end of the table. McGarrett thinks the whole thing is ridiculous calling it a "farce" and it's certainly not a jury of his peers. As he and Tasai stand up, McGarrett notices the vent above his head. He subtly completes a Morse Code spelling 'vent' on his microphone while he argues with Honore about the unfair trial Honore has set up with him as "judge, prosecutor and jury". As Honore begins his ranting with Chris' background, Danno has figured out there's a vent into the room. Danno wants Duke to get plans for the Administration Building including the ductwork. Honore plans to prove the evidence and ask the jury "to sentence you to death".

The assault teams arrive with Danno and Chin running to them. Danno greets Nick (Danny Kamekona) and Kimo (Kimo Kahoana) before laying out the plans on the hood of the truck. They have to get to the roof without being seen with Kimo saying it's no problem, next. Danno has a plan for the whole team to drop in to one vent with the lead man taking an extra mask, getting to McGarrett as quickly as possible to give him a mask and take him out of the line of fire. The stairs are out because the door was locked behind them when McGarrett went in. Nick says it would be better to split up into two teams with one team sealing off the room before tear gas is deployed; otherwise, half the team is still in the duct the whole while. Danno agrees and tells them whatever they do, it needs to be done quickly and quietly.

Honore continues his trial of McGarrett twisting the facts to suit his story but McGarrett won't let him get away with it, interjecting what really happened. As Honore goes on, he loses his grip on reality delving into madness. Meanwhile, the assault team begins climbing to the roof with Danno joining in. Chin asks him how it's going and Danno will check in when they start taking the ventilator covers off. Danno starts climbing the wall with Kimo behind him.

Honore claims evidence was planted in Chris' apartment using it against him and to feed McGarrett's vendetta toward the Vashons. Honore keeps up his rants with twisted facts and McGarrett keeps countering as the assault team makes it to one roof. Honore states McGarrett went to the hotel that night set out to murder Chris and shot him at point-blank range. Honore becomes emotional and says McGarrett needs to be put to death. McGarrett calls him "insane".

Act Four

The assault team of nine guys make it to the ventilator covers and the quickly go to work removing them. Danno contacts Chin telling him it'll be ten minutes from now. Meantime, Honore finishes his case and McGarrett begins. McGarrett lays out the case step by step against Chris and what they did: a chain of evidence of a lighter with Chris' thumbprint on it. McGarrett says that is why he was arrested and indicted. Honore says Chris was exonerated with McGarrett stating the only reason was because Honore bought off the witnesses. When Honore says it was McGarrett who paid the witnesses but it wasn't enough so they decided not to lie anymore, McGarrett retorts, "That is so stupid I won't even respond to it".

The assault team moves into the ductwork as McGarrett and Honore continue to argue about Five-O's actions against Chris with Honore continually yelling, "frame". McGarrett keeps going as the assault team inches ever closer. McGarrett agrees Chris was murdered but he was killed by his family's moral code, or lack thereof, used by Honore and his father Dominick. Honore soon loses control of the situation as McGarrett takes over telling Tasai the truth: Honore wants McGarrett dead but he wants Tasai to pull the trigger and there is no escape! Meanwhile, one half of the assault team reaches the point outside the conference room and they enter the hall to seal off the room. As Tasai takes the bullhorn, chaos erupts as McGarrett pushes the table into Honore causing him to fire his gun. In the vent, the assault team deploys the tear gas and breaks in! McGarrett punches Honore to disarm him as Danno hands him a mask. Danno takes Vashon out as the other team members take the other inmates.

When they walk outside, McGarrett tosses the mask onto an HPD car hood done with this long day. Honore is taken out coughing up a lung with McGarrett telling him his mistake was falling into the trap known as revenge: it was enough time for the assault teams to rescue him. Honore is taken away as McGarrett gets on the radio to ask for a patch. One of the prisoners says he would have voted for acquittal and most would have too. McGarrett starts walking with Danno still in his assault uniform. McGarrett thanks him for his efforts, it "took a lot of guts" and ultimately saved him. They just don't want to do that again anytime soon!

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