S08E02 - “McGarrett Is Missing” - Plot

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Act One

A delivery is made at Oahu State Prison as a prisoner (Charles Cioffi) and a guard (Robert M. Luck) stand on the dock waiting for the truck to park. The driver has three cases of heavy detergent to drop off. The guard tells the driver to take it to Storeroom B and for Bombay, the prisoner, to give him a hand. Once in the storeroom, Bombay and the driver change clothes and disguises with the guard standing outside the locked door. The driver is tied up as the guard walks in, he's in on the escape but Bombay isn't happy with the guard up and walking so he knocks him out with the butt of the rifle! Bombay walks out to the truck and drives out. The gate guard (Terry Plunkett) does one last check before Bombay drives away! After a few minutes, the first guard hits the alarm.

McGarrett is out sailing when Chin drives up to the dock to inform him of the prison break. They take off to hunt Bombay down knowing he's armed. At Five-O, Danno talks on the phone and finishes as McGarrett and Chin walk in telling McGarrett Bombay escaped via the "cleaning-supply truck" without a single guard taking a shot. Danno already put out a bulletin and has put the airports and docks on "full alert". The warden (Mitch Mitchell) was the one Danno was talking to but there's still nothing. McGarrett is frustrated as it took them three years to put Bombay in prison: two gathering evidence and another one in appeals especially when the witnesses disappeared and the bodies added up. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) buzzes in: a man (Bernard Ching) calls in about the escape telling McGarrett where to find Bombay.

In Hilo, Bombay transfers from a boat to a semi tractor-trailer where it's parked in a yard to be put onto a container ship. In the meantime, Bombay changes clothes. However, when the back is opened, McGarrett, Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) and a pair of police officers with one (Moe Keale) holding a rifle on Bombay. McGarrett tells him "the trip is cancelled" and has Duke cuff him. McGarrett patches through to Five-O sharing Bombay has been caught and McGarrett plans to bring him in personally. He wants Danno to get the whole story on the escape to make sure there aren't any repeats.

McGarrett and Bombay go out to an airfield meeting the pilot (Jim Cook) who will take them back to Honolulu. The pilot tells McGarrett there's weather "between Hilo and Upolu Point" and it's just above minimums now. McGarrett wants to leave right away considering this a "Five-O priority flight". They load up and take off.

The guard, who was in on the escape, carries out packed bags to his wife (Jo Pruden) to put in the car. He plans to meet her at the Trans-Pacific ticket counter at 5:00 p.m. However, Marty is picked up by a couple of guys.

The police aircraft runs square into the weather with near zero visibility and thunder rumbling around the aircraft. The small airplane is tossed around in the rainstorm with McGarrett tense during the turbulence. The pilot radios Hilo reporting the turbulence at 8000 feet, requesting to climb to 12,000, which Hilo allows. The pilot fights to find a smoother path.

At the prison, Danno talks to the warden who shows him where the truck backed up to unload. The warden explains Bombay "knocked out the guard, overpowered the driver and took his clothes". Danno wants to talk to the guard, Martin Langer, as the warden goes to get him.

The storm rages on around the airplane as the pilot struggles to retain control. It's so bad Bombay would rather swim. They're an hour and 45 minutes away from Honolulu at the Waipi'o checkpoint when the engine dies. When Bombay starts giving mouth, McGarrett tells him to shut up and to leave the pilot alone. The pilot gives out a Mayday call that is picked up by Barber's Point Air Station. Unfortunately, the plane goes down into a jungle.

The warden returns saying Langer was sent home with "head pains". Danno wants his address so he can go talk to him. Chin pulls up as if he's driving the Indianapolis 500 telling Danno that McGarrett's airplane just disappeared off radar!

Danno and Chin arrive at the Coast Guard Air Rescue Operations where they talk to the man in charge (Jack Hogan). He shows them the probable crash site on a map in the Kohala Forest Reserve on the north tip of the Big Island. There are two helicopters en route. Danno wants Chin to check out Langer and Chin leaves, saying he'll stay in touch. As the radio operator (Robert Dill) coordinates the rescue operations, the commander shows Danno where they think the plane went down.

After the storm, Bombay is outside the plane as McGarrett works his way out with a banged up leg. He finds the pilot Kimo dead after putting out the engine fire. McGarrett tends to his leg as Bombay wakes up. McGarrett pulls his gun when it looks like Bombay is going to jump him.

The caller into McGarrett meets the guys who picked up Langer. Langer is expecting his last payment but the caller pulls a gun instead!

Act Two

Another rainstorm moves in drenching the crash site as Bombay takes shelter under a wing with McGarrett in the fuselage. Bombay mouths off to McGarrett griping about spend the last three years in prison and how he kept things in line even though he was running the rackets. If someone got out of line, they found themselves in Ke'ehi Lagoon. McGarrett gives Bombay grain of salt attention knowing he's a piece of work. Bombay keeps going bringing up his "shark theory": every business needs its boss, a.k.a. shark to "keep the little fish from eating each other up". McGarrett finds a flaw that when the big shark gets hit, the other sharks close in on the blood in the water and rip the shark apart. He provides the perfect example: Bombay's bust in the truck container.

At Barber's Point Air, the rescue helicopter 1367 calls in reporting conditions of heavy rain and a faint signal on Guard frequency of 121.5 MHz. The commander asks if they can pinpoint the location and the only thing they can come up with is "the vicinity of Waipi'o Valley". The commander narrows the search area on the map as Danno looks on.

Chin arrives at Langer's house asking for him as his wife says he's left. Chin notices the packed suitcases as he asks where he went. Chin leaves his card before taking off but he decides to keep an eye on the house. Meanwhile, Bombay makes a move for McGarrett's gun but he's not fast enough. Chin watches Mrs. Langer put the bags into the car and take off. He then puts out an APB on Langer with a note he may be fleeing the jurisdiction.

Rescue helicopter 1367 calls in again with conditions getting worse and "expect low POD if men in the water". The commander tells 1367 to continue at their discretion. Danno asks what POD is: "probability of detection". The second helicopter, 1072, is having issues to the point they are unable to follow the search order along the shoreline from Upolu Point to Kawaihae because of low ceilings. The commander makes a heart wrenching call: "abort the mission". Danno is left with nothing except the commander's apology.

The storm ends with Bombay listening for other aircraft and hearing nothing. Bombay makes a move for the emergency beacon with McGarrett trying to re-cuff and failing miserably. Not only does Bombay get his gun, he takes out the beacon locator too!

Act Three

Bombay cuffs McGarrett to the plane but decides to move on the next morning forcing McGarrett to cuff his hands in front him and start marching. Meanwhile, helicopter 1367 takes off again to re-commence the search but without an emergency signal. The commander points out the Emergency Locator Transmitters don't tend to fail, but Danno says it could have been taken out intentionally after it looks like he's been there all night! The commander shows Danno where 1367 will start searching.

Bombay forces McGarrett to walk through the rainforest and makes him get down when the Coast Guard helicopter flies over ahead. Bombay's plan is to use McGarrett as an insurance policy in case he gets "boxed in" but McGarrett tells Bombay he already is. Bombay says McGarrett will be his ticket out. McGarrett tells Bombay his guys took over his rackets as soon as his cell door closed but Bombay insists they work for him and he has people watching the books. McGarrett knows better even though Bombay thinks he's just trying to "psych" him out. McGarrett knows about the tip he received and being told to shoot Bombay on sight. He knows someone is trying to move into the territory but Bombay doesn't want to hear it forcing McGarrett up and to do more marching.

Helicopter 1367 keeps searching finally finding the wreckage on a "045 radial at 5 miles on the Kamuela Omni Station". Commander Demarest asks if they can put down but there's no space to land. Rescue 1367 lowers someone to the site only finding the dead pilot! Danno knows McGarrett would have stayed by the wreckage so the facts tell him Bombay has taken control. Commander Demarest says they can try to look for them from the air but they'll need ground back up and Danno starts making calls to put the ground back up into place.

Bombay keeps forcing McGarrett on the march through the rainforest wanting to know who tipped off McGarrett. Truthfully, McGarrett doesn't know but wonders who knew every detail of the escape and paid off the guard. Bombay says there's no way Ernie would double-cross him.

A dead body is brought in to the morgue as Chin asks Mrs. Langer to see if she knows him. Unfortunately, it's her husband, the guard they've been looking for. Mrs. Langer breaks down saying she told him not to deal with "those people" and they didn't need their money. She agrees to tell Chin what she knows.

Bombay and McGarrett come up on a house with junkyard and livestock. Bombay puts McGarrett around a tree stealing his badge. Bombay goes to the house where he tells the owner (Walter Yong) he's Five-O with two dead from a plane crash and he needs to use the phone. He calls a woman (Donna Ornellas) telling her he's on the Big Island off of State Highway 24 and to call some friends but don't call Ernie. She takes down the information as he tells her to get the guys there fast so they can ice McGarrett. However, Luana calls Ernie and tells him exactly what Bombay told her. Meanwhile, Bombay ransacks the house eating a bunch of food and when the owner asks for payment, Bombay tells him to send the bill to Five-O and the State of Hawaii. Outside, a young girl (Kathy Paulo) leads a horse near where McGarrett is bound around the tree. McGarrett tries to talk to her to make a call to Five-O in Honolulu but she runs off. Before entering the house, the girl looks in time to see Bombay rip the phone out and draw a gun, as the owner is about to call the police to check Bombay's story. She sneaks in to retrieve a gun as Bombay keep a look out for his guys.

Act Four

The girl returns to McGarrett showing him the gun. He positions her to shoot a link and she does it gaining Bombay's attention. McGarrett is free as Bombay exits the house looking for McGarrett who makes it behind a truck. McGarrett finally gets a jump on Bombay throat punching when he's in range.

In Honolulu, Chin and Duke break into Luana's apartment where she freaks out, scared she's going to be shot. Chin is only interested in finding Ernie.

McGarrett forces Bombay back to the house where he wants to use the phone but the owner tells McGarrett Bombay ripped it out. McGarrett thanks the owner for his help and wants to borrow a couple of horses, which the owner agrees to. However, the plans change as a car drives onto the ranch. As the car drives closer, Bombay makes a run for it out the back meeting up with the car after the three guys with Ernie have a shoot out with McGarrett. However, things don't go the way Bombay plans as Ernie and his guys take out Bombay. On top of that, the Hilo Police arrive cornering the gang and arresting them all. When a second Hilo Police car shows up, McGarrett gets a radio message through to Danno that's he's okay and coming in with four. When Danno asks about Bombay, the answer is "sharks got him". McGarrett signals the Coast Guard helicopter that all is well! Hang ten Coast Guard!

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