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(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)

Act One

A U.S. Navy marching band finishes playing the national anthem at Pearl Harbor. After the band is off the road, a Five-O car drives up to a ship to drop off McGarrett for his two-week Reserve duty. He wants them to get with Manicote on the Wood case and to keep up on the Sillsman trial. Danno assures him they'll handle things as Chin jokingly asks what harm can they do in two weeks time. McGarrett boards greeting an officer after he's given permission to board.

Operations go along as normal on Pearl Harbor including the landing of a Navy helicopter meeting a landing P-3 aircraft. A Marine courier (Lee Stetson) transfers from the P-3 to the Navy helicopter with a locked case. They fly to a parking lot near Ford Island where the courier gets into a car and driven to Building 352: FICPAC PACFAST where the parking is restricted. The courier enters the Fleet Intelligence Center where he delivers an case after going through several security checks. A Naval Lieutenant (David Birney) accepts the case after signing off the paperwork. He retrieves an envelope labeled 'Eyes Only' and he buzzes a Naval Ensign (Donna Mills) who enters the main room with gloves on. He tells her the envelope is "Eyes Only" for Commander Nordhoff (Wayne Ward). She walks the envelope to Commander Nordhoff's office where there is obvious tension because of a prior personal relationship. However, everything changes when he opens the envelope, it explodes! He's killed instantly and she's thrown against the door!

McGarrett runs through drills at sea when word comes in that the Admiral (Lyle Bettger) wants to see him. He asks Pete if he needs a shave but Pete says he'll get on the high line because the Admiral is on the 'Cochrane'. McGarrett finds the Cochrane approaching and readies to take the high line, which is basically a cage passed from one ship to the other! Once the procedure is complete, the Cochrane takes off.

The Admiral briefs McGarrett an envelope was delivered to Commander Nordhoff who was the Navy's top spy chaser was at Pearl looking for a security leak. McGarrett had worked with him twice before and had great respect for him. After sending the messenger to get Commander Wallace (Harry Guardino), the Admiral shows McGarrett a photo of a satellite launched two weeks ago named "Eternity Twelve". It's cover mission was "weather analysis, geophysical studies" but it's true purpose was to be a "super sensitive" spy but it malfunctioned and the enemy was immediately trawling for it. It was at that point the Navy suspected a mole and Commander Nordhoff was sent to Pearl to find out who it is. Now, the Admiral wants McGarrett to find the mole. Commander Wallace of Naval Investigative Service joins McGarrett and the Admiral who tells them it will be a joint inquiry: military and civilian. McGarrett wants to see where the bomb exploded and the path the envelope took when it arrived.

In Naval Intelligence, the Lieutenant tells McGarrett and Commander Wallace the Ensign had the clipboard with the envelope and took it straight to Commander Nordhoff's office. When the Lieutenant gives McGarrett some grief, he makes it plain, "I'm here on direct orders of Admiral Dean. I'm here to investigate the murder of a commander in U.S. Naval Intelligence. I'm not implying or inferring anything. I'm trying to nail down the facts". The Lieutenant shows them the route she took to the office with McGarrett noting a point where she would have been out of anyone's sight.

McGarrett opens the door feeling right at home noting where Ensign Bissell fell. A Navy forensics team is already inside taking photos and gathering evidence. McGarrett and Commander Wallace continue their walk through. McGarrett wants to reconstruct the letter bomb as Commander Wallace says it's already been ordered.

Near Aloha Tower, a car speeds to a large boat 'Kamehameha' moored at the docks. A man (Robert Nelson) makes a personal delivery of the day's newspaper to none other than Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh)! As he reads the article he notices McGarrett is in charge of the investigation as an active reserve Commander. "Well, I look forward to a most enjoyable encounter".

Act Two

In his Navy office, McGarrett gathers a group consisting of Danno, Commander Wallace and another Navy man (Ray Reinhardt). He reviews the facts thus far: "One pouch, government issue, locked, sent to Fleet Intelligence Center Pacific on Thursday, September 11 at 0900". He wants to know who sent it and what was contained inside. Commander Wallace says a Captain Roger Newhouse (Lloyd Bochner) sent the pouch from San Diego. Commander Newhouse is the head of the Intelligence division there and Commander Nordhoff left the material there when he was on the mainland "a few days ago". Commander Nordhoff requested the material be sent to Hawaii but it's unlikely Commander Newhouse knew what it specifically was. Danno says they have "four possibilities, Steve. Fesler, Waldron, Newhouse and Marcia Bissell". Captain Fesler was the Marine courier; Lieutenant Waldron accepted the pouch with Commander Newhouse sending it and Ensign Bissell ultimately delivering it. According to what they have, these are the only four who touched the pouch or the letter. McGarrett wants to start with them: he wants all their records and the records of everyone working in the Fleet Intelligence Center. He tells Danno to have the office check the four for police records in Hawaii and on the mainland. Commander Wallace tells Danno to use an outside phone because the phone lines have been tapped since they suspected a security leak.

McGarrett visits Ensign Bissell at Tripler Medical Hospital where the nurse (Caroline Gayler) says Ensign Bissell is packing to go home with a man (Biff McGuire) standing with her in her room. The man leaves and McGarrett speaks to the ensign. She figured someone would be showing up from NIS at some point but he explains he's a Reservist and assigned to the case by Admiral Dean. Ensign Bissell even anticipates what McGarrett is going to ask: She received the envelope from Lieutenant Waldron, she gave it to Commander Nordhoff without stopping anywhere first and no one else touched it. That about covers it except McGarrett measured the distance between the desk and the door showing she had ample time to leave before the explosion yet she lingered. This tells McGarrett they exchanged a few words meaning there was a personal relationship going on. He asks her what her relationship to Commander Nordhoff was. Ensign Bissell explains there was a close relationship before but it ended awhile back but she didn't hate him and certainly wouldn't kill him.

A platoon officer (Arthur O. Stanford) leads "Bravo Squad" in firing the military salute for Commander Nordhoff's funeral. McGarrett, Admiral Dean, Commander Wallace, Ensign Bissell and Lieutenant Waldron are in attendance. Once the flag is folded, the flag presenter (Robert Pfeiffer) hands it to a Naval officer. Captain Fesler is also in attendance, which gains McGarrett's attention. Introducing himself, McGarrett talks to Captain Fesler: he didn't know Commander Nordhoff but considers himself "the instrument of his death". McGarrett tells him he believes the envelopes were switched; the one Captain Fesler delivered isn't the one that killed Commander Nordhoff. McGarrett asks how Captain Fesler was selected to be the courier. Captain Fesler explains Captain Newhouse knew he was travelling to Hawaii and had Captain Fesler appointed and then handed off the locked pouch to Captain Fesler. The key was in his pocket but he didn't drink any alcohol and took no medication. Captain Fesler is also adamant he didn't fall asleep at any time because he took the trust as a courier "very seriously".

Ensign Bissell returns to work at the Fleet Intelligence Center as Lieutenant Waldron stops her. As they walk in together, they discuss the case and the fact that NIS ran a security check but the check is too little, too late. Meanwhile, Wo Fat happily sits on his hydrofoil boat as it cruises in the open water. He receives a phone call giving the green light to a plan to penetrate McGarrett's "airtight security system".

In McGarrett's Naval office, Danno runs through their four suspects: all perfect service records. On the personal front, both Captains Newhouse and Fesler have been married for more than 15 years. Ensign Bissell is single, known to date personnel on the base. McGarrett tells Danno that includes Commander Nordhoff but it doesn't show up in her file. Danno isn't surprised because "she's Navy all the way. Brought up on a base by a Navy father, a CPO". Danno explains he's a civilian now and his records are in Washington but McGarrett wants his records pulled anyway. As Danno walks out, Commander Wallace walks in with news from Commander Nordhoff's personal effects. "Government issue" all the way with no hint of a personal life, except one matchbook from a Costa Mesa, California restaurant. "Room 12" is written on the back but neither has any idea what it means other than Commander Nordhoff was in San Diego but why Costa Mesa? McGarrett is willing to travel there to find out.

A United Airlines flight arrives in San Diego and McGarrett's first stop is to see Captain Newhouse. This is the start of the trail for the envelope with Captain Newhouse showing McGarrett the safe where Commander Nordhoff placed his envelope and he re-confirms he didn't know what was in the envelope. The only other person with access to the safe is Captain Newhouse's executive officer Lieutenant Travers who has been on leave for a while before everything happened. Captain Newhouse says the envelope contained papers but there was no letter bomb, at least not at that point. When McGarrett brings up Costa Mesa, Captain Newhouse has no idea why Commander Nordhoff would have gone out there.

At the Costa Mesa Inn, the hotel clerk (Wayne Oxford) tells McGarrett Commander Nordhoff was there for one night on September 6th in room 108. McGarrett asks about room 12 but they don't have a room 12, their rooms start at 101. The clerk isn't helpful as to where Commander Nordhoff went but he made a pair of phone calls to San Diego: both to 235-3022. He also made a single local call: 689-2631. McGarrett recognizes the first number as the 11th Naval District but he's stumped for the second one. McGarrett calls the second number to discover it belongs to Pendler Medical Clinic.

McGarrett personally visits the clinic meeting Dr. Pendler (Morgan Sha'an). Dr. Pendler says he doesn't remember Commander Nordhoff but there are several people in and out all the time. McGarrett asks who the patient is in room 12 with Dr. Pendler being less than cooperative until McGarrett threatens him with a federal subpoena. Dr. Pendler takes McGarrett to the room explaining the patient is a woman who was hit by a car and went into a deep coma. She has been languishing since. Her name is Erica Waldron with a husband in the Navy!

Act Three

A film is developed in a dark room with a snippet removed and placed into a small manila envelope. It is later taken to a bank where a clerk (Gary Kau) takes the envelope in a drive-thru. Meantime, a military P-3 Orion aircraft lands at Pearl Harbor/Hickam Field with McGarrett arriving back in Hawaii. Danno meets him at the plane on the tarmac where McGarrett tells him about Erica Waldron and how Commander Nordhoff went 100 miles out of his way to go see her. Danno doesn't understand why she is in a private clinic when she could receive free medical care in a Navy hospital. He also has some news: on the good side, Bissell's file is on its way from Washington and on the bad side, the security files were breached again within the last 24 hours!

The bank clerk enters 'King Florist' where he wants to order a dozen anthuriums and to send a message with them. The shop owner (Sally Lee) points out where the message cards are and he goes to them. He deposits the envelope into a phone book as an employee picks it up.

When McGarrett returns to his Navy office, Che Fong (Harry Endo) is there as Commander Wallace tells McGarrett there is no doubt the files were penetrated. Commander Wallace says Che came up with something: dusting "top secret file with phosphorescent powder," a technique he used when they thought Five-O had a leak. Thanks to this, they have figured out someone handled microfiche card nine that shows the latitude of the downed satellite and only two people had access: Lieutenant Waldron and Ensign Bissell who returned to work yesterday after being cleared by her doctor. Danno checked her story and it's true. McGarrett is trying to figure out the story with little success.

The flower shop employee waits for a cab with one finally showing up. Meanwhile, McGarrett tracks down Lieutenant Waldron talking about Erica. Lieutenant Waldron explains he's thought about having her transferred to Tripler but Dr. Pendler thinks moving her is too dangerous. He goes on to say he was already in Hawaii when she was hit as she stayed behind to tie up their affairs with the station move. McGarrett mentions Commander Nordhoff went to visit her and Lieutenant Waldron says they were close friends at the 11th Naval District even showing a photo of the pair on a golf course. McGarrett tells Lieutenant Waldron is one of the suspects and lots of questioning will happen, both formal and informal.

The launch takes off for the USS Arizona Memorial as the Navy guide (David Whipple) tells the tourists all about the Memorial and that they are guests of "Rear Admiral Thomas McNamara. He's the commanding officer of the 14th Naval District here in Hawaii". The launch makes its way to the Memorial and the flower shop employee goes onboard the Memorial walking to the Shrine room. As she walks, a second launch sails around with Wo Fat in the very back. She leaves the flowers there where the man who met Wo Fat on the hydrofoil kneels where the flowers are and takes the small envelope. Later, he returns to the hydrofoil where it casts off. He delivers the envelope to Wo Fat who returned earlier. Wo Fat is pleased as one half of their mission is complete, "right under Commander McGarrett's nose". He isn't worried about McGarrett impeding the second half of their mission, at least no more so than Commander Nordhoff.

A Navy messenger (David J. Ciba) delivers an envelope for McGarrett who makes the messenger stop opening the envelope and throws it out the window! It explodes on the ground shattering his office windows!

Act Four

Later in McGarrett's Naval office, Che demonstrates the letter bombs: "A pressure release fuse". There's no doubt the same technique was used in both bombs and "any good technician" could make them. One technician is Ensign Bissell's father! Commander Wallace shares that tidbit because he found men who served with Bissell in underwater demolition! He goes on to say Bissell is an airport security guard. Danno walks in with information on Captain Fesler: he had a choice between a nonstop flight to Honolulu and one with a layover in San Diego for six hours. He picked the layover but no one knows why he did. McGarrett wants to know why and sends Danno to ask Captain Fesler about it.

McGarrett goes to see Bissell at the airport where Bissell isn't really interested in talking to McGarrett. McGarrett wants to know why he punched at 21 years instead of 20 or 30 years. Bissell says he wanted out and doesn't understand why McGarrett is talking to him because everything is in his file. McGarrett explains the file hasn't arrived from the mainland yet but Bissell still isn't talking. He's out of the Navy and he doesn't have to talk to McGarrett, walking away.

Danno talks to Captain Fesler asking why he didn't take the non-stop and if there was a particular reason for requesting a transfer. When Captain Fesler tries to play dumb, Danno cuts him off: he was stationed there from 1968 to 1972! Captain Fesler comes clean: he has a side girlfriend who he has known since 1970. He stopped there to see her, even if it for a very short time. Captain Fesler considers her another part of his life as he has a "great wife" and kids. He gives Danno her name and address: "Sandi Cavenaugh. 140 San Leone Street. Apartment 10-B". Danno promises to be discreet as Commander Wallace shows up to tell Danno that Bissell's file arrived from Washington and promptly disappeared from Lieutenant Waldron's desk! Danno is shocked and takes off.

Danno and Commander Wallace arrive at Lieutenant Waldron's desk demanding to know what happened to Bissell's file! Lieutenant Waldron says the file came in and it was sitting there waiting for them when he had to go out. Chief Collins (Richard Wilder) took over but doesn't remember seeing the file. Lieutenant Waldron says people are in and out all the time picking up stuff. Ensign Bissell walks in asking what excitement she's missed and when told her father's file is missing she mouths off that at least it didn't explode. A phone call comes in for her and she goes to answer it. Commander Wallace has heard enough, wanting the whole section sealed off and all outgoing envelopes inspected. As he and Lieutenant Waldron go through the current in-basket, Danno moves in to eavesdrop on Ensign Bissell's phone call but she sees him reminding him all calls are recorded!

McGarrett goes to see Admiral Dean where he shows McGarrett another microfiche: the longitude of the downed satellite. The admiral tells McGarrett this new information cannot fall into the wrong hands as he hands McGarrett the envelope.

Wo Fat is still on board the hydrofoil where his man informs him that McGarrett escaped the bomb. Wo Fat still isn't worried as he puts the "contingency plan" into place. Meanwhile, the bank clerk calls McGarrett at his Naval office as Danno picks up an extension. The clerk tells them, "go to the Wailuku National Bank, island of Maui. Investigate all new accounts within the last six months". McGarrett sends Danno out to Barber's Point to catch a helicopter to Maui to check it out. As Danno walks out, he greets Lieutenant Waldron who doesn't even blink!

Lieutenant Waldron sees McGarrett with evidence pointing the guilt to Ensign Bissell! As he was searching for Sam Bissell's file, he found an empty folder for Commander Nordhoff, which confirms the switch theory. He tells McGarrett it was found behind the file cabinet between his desk and Commander Nordhoff's office! "As fond as I am of Marcia Bissell, I must regretfully conclude that she is guilty".

Later, McGarrett has lunch with Ensign Bissell who tells him not to pull any punches. He tells her about the empty envelope being found behind the file cabinet so one possibility is that she switched the letters. She would like to clear the air and starts by turning over her father's file, "one file borrowed and returned". She goes on to tell McGarrett her father left the service to avoid being prosecuted for theft: items he took for his tool shop at home. It's still stealing government property. Commander Nordhoff conducted the investigation and suggested the deal to avoid a court martial, which Bissell was grateful for. She also says she "borrowed" the file to protect his temporary job at the airport that could become permanent if things work out right. McGarrett explains he'll have to report her actions in the file, which she expected and says Commander Nordhoff would have done the same. She looks out over the water remembering her relationship with him before showing McGarrett a photo of Commander Nordhoff. It's the same photo Lieutenant Waldron showed him except Lieutenant Waldron isn't in it! He asks to borrow it and Ensign Bissell agrees. Danno calls from Maui telling him about an account of $20,000 opened last month in Sam Bissell's name by a woman who could be his daughter!

In McGarrett's Naval office, Commander Wallace considers the case open and shut with the father and daughter conspiring with her access and both having motive. Commander Wallace says she switched the letters except Che rains on the parade: her prints aren't on the envelope! It doesnŐt prove or disprove anything, however, McGarrett says something else doesn't wash: to dispose of the envelope behind the cabinet is "just plain stupid" and is something Ensign Bissell is not.

McGarrett and Commander Wallace go to the Fleet Intelligence Center to talk to Lieutenant Waldron. They ask him about the envelope and he explains she was wearing gloves that day. He also says, "as fond as I am of Marcia Bissell, I must regretfully conclude that she's guilty". McGarrett wants the tapes of all the calls Lieutenant Waldron made and received since the calls have been recorded.

Act Five

McGarrett and a Navy enlisted man listen to the tapes as one conversation with a Lieutenant Riker at the Armory uncovers something peculiar when Erica is brought up: "my wife's condition is critical. I visit her as often as I can". The exact wording is heard multiple times in the hours McGarrett takes to listen to the tapes. In the morning, McGarrett meets with Danno, Commander Wallace and Dr. Bickman sharing with them what he's discovered on the tapes. McGarrett points out two different conversations on September 9th at 1040 and September 12th at 0700 and the verbiage is exactly as before! "My wife's condition is critical. I visit her as often as I can". Dr. Bickman is especially interested even going back to September 3rd when Lieutenant Waldron called Military Airlift Command: he says the exact same thing! McGarrett also brings up another phrase Lieutenant Waldron has used at least twice, "as fond as I am of Marcia Bissell, I must regretfully conclude that she is guilty". Dr. Bickman says it could be "a memorized scenario" due to a mental health issue or hypnotic suggestion. He explains it could be drug induced or narco-hypnosis with a reaction to a cue and always the same reaction thanks to post-hypnotic suggestion. When McGarrett asks if a person could steal classified documents over a period of time, Dr. Bickman says it's possible but the hypnosis would need repetition and reinforcement. McGarrett theorizes Erica Waldron was never in an accident but actually kidnapped and held at the Pendler Clinic under drugs and every time Lieutenant Waldron went to visit her, his hypnosis was reinforced. McGarrett also surmises the clinic is real enough even if it cost millions of dollars to have and run: it would be worth to an enemy to have a deep-planted mole in Naval Intelligence. Danno throws a wrench into the theory: "I thought that under hypnosis, you can't force somebody to do something against their will". Dr. Bickman says that is true but it is surprising what is and isn't against peoples' wills.

In Dr. Bickman's office, he puts Danno under hypnosis to prove the point. Once Danno is under, Dr. Bickman gives him the suggestion there is an imposter of McGarrett who will leave and press a button destroying 12 American cities. Danno is the only person who can prevent the loss of millions of lives. Dr. Bickman asks Danno if he sees the man, which he does. Putting a gun in his hand, Dr. Bickman lets the post-hypnotic suggestion run its course as Danno shoots McGarrett! Fortunately, the gun is not loaded but it's not safe either! Dr. Bickman disarms Danno making him sit down again counting backwards from five. When he awakens, Danno will remember what he wants to remember. When they reach one, Danno wakes up not recalling anything! McGarrett tells him he has blackmail material on him for the rest of his life.

Commander Wallace tracks down McGarrett and Danno because he's spoken to Sergeant Doheny of the California Highway Patrol. There was an accident involving Erica's car but she wasn't in the car when they arrived. They have the word of Dr. Pendler that she was hurt but what's strange is Sergeant Doheny asking how many times is the Navy going to look into it: Commander Nordhoff snooped around before and they suspect it was her accident report that he sent from San Diego. McGarrett says they're about to make an arrest.

McGarrett calls Captain Newhouse telling him they're about to make an arrest but they have to put Erica in the clear first. McGarrett gives Captain Newhouse the details of where she is and he'll coordinate with civilian authorities to get her out. Meanwhile, Ensign Bissell and her father are arrested in plain view of one of Wo Fat's spies (Walter Omuri). He calls the hydrofoil to give the news. Wo Fat is pleased by the latest turn of events.

Act Six

Lieutenant Radford (Lt. Robert Woodrum) relieves Lieutenant Waldron as the phone rings. It's a call for Lieutenant Waldron from Dr. Pendler who gives the instructions for the posthypnotic suggestion! Lieutenant Waldron then goes about stealing another segment for the satellite's location.

Ensign Bissell and her father are taken to a location where McGarrett explains someone is trying to frame them and it's imperative they stay put for the next four to five hours. They want the actual thieves to believe the Bissells have been arrested so they'll steal more secrets but McGarrett and crew are ready. When McGarrett shows Bissell the bank account information on Maui, it's enough to convince them to stay put. When McGarrett walks outside, Danno meets him after pulling up in a Armed Forced police car. Danno shows him the two photos where the one showing Lieutenant Waldron and Commander Nordhoff together was doctored. McGarrett and Danno run through all the red herrings they've pursued: the officers' friendship, the Maui bank account, the envelope found behind the filing cabinet and come to a single conclusion, Wo Fat!

Lieutenant Waldron deposits the small envelope at the bank where the teller takes it like before. Only this time, Danno follows him to the flower shop! McGarrett and Commander Wallace take up position across the street. After depositing the envelope, the teller leaves only to be arrested by Danno and Chin! Danno regroups with McGarrett and Commander Wallace who picked up Lieutenant Waldron and they wait for the employee to make her move. As they wait, McGarrett thanks Lieutenant Waldron for faking it as they were able to "unscramble" his brain. Lieutenant Waldron is worried about his wife of course and they're awaiting word on that as well.

An ambulance arrives at the Pendler Medical Clinic as the nurse (Sue Mullen) informs him of the new patient. He leaves Erica's room as the nurse finishes checking her vitals. In Honolulu, the flower shop employee takes a taxi as the doctors look over the new patient at the clinic. The cab arrives at Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Danno parks against the lines to follow her as McGarrett, Commander Wallace and Lieutenant Waldron watch. Danno boards the launch in the nick of time and sits just behind the employee.

At the clinic, the ambulance attendants go to Erica's room and grab her. In Honolulu, the employee leaves the flowers in the shrine room on the USS Arizona Memorial like before. Danno watches her make the drop with Mr. Chong walking in to pick up the envelope and radios McGarrett on the happenings. McGarrett makes it clear they donŐt' make a move until Erica is safe as the ambulance attendants beat feet to the door. Meantime, the nurse finds Erica is gone! The attendants load Erica as Dr. Pendler is told of Erica being taken. The ambulance pulls away as Dr. Pendler arrives: he's too late because Erica is now safe!

A launch returns from the Memorial as police move in to shut down and make arrests at Pendler Medical Clinic. Mr. Chong walks out hailing a cab as McGarrett tells Danno to stay with the woman and they'll take Chong. Danno makes his move to arrest the flower shop employee along with a policewoman.

The cab drops Chong off at the hydrofoil, which takes off right away. McGarrett, Commander Wallace and Lieutenant Waldron arrive on the docks in time to see the hydrofoil leave. McGarrett tells the lieutenant there's nothing they can do until they hear from San Diego. McGarrett radios the Coast Guard's 'Cape Corwin' to be ready to move. The call they've been waiting on comes through with Captain Newhouse informing them that Erica has been rescued and the clinic is being moved in on. McGarrett tells Danno to get a helicopter to cut off the SeaFlite!

McGarrett, Commander Wallace and Lieutenant Waldron board the Cape Corwin to chase the hydrofoil. As the Cape Corwin takes off, Danno boards a helicopter at Barber's Point. The chase is on as the hydrofoil speeds toward international waters. The helicopter reaches it as Danno shoots a rifle toward the pilothouse to try to stop it or slow it down. He takes more drastic measures throwing a grenade toward the front foil and it finally stops! The Cape Corwin catches up eventually boarding the hydrofoil. Much to McGarrett's frustration, there is no Wo Fat and no envelope! Chong tells him he passed the envelope to Wo Fat who was driving the cab! However, there is a bright side, the last piece of intel stolen is junk! McGarrett swapped the information so the longitude will put the satellite somewhere in "downtown Shanghai"!

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