S07E23 - “Diary Of A Gun” - Plot

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Act One

A group unloads a bunch of crates from a boat into a truck on the waterfront with a guy on the boat (Wyatt Kong) directing the unloading from a boat. One guy (Thomas Fujiwara) tells the guys to keep moving so they don't have to be there any longer than necessary. Another guy on the boat wants to get paid but the main guy wants a crate opened before he pays. At the same time, McGarrett runs slides showing "Saturday Night Specials" confiscated after several crimes. He says someone is bringing them in "by the carload". The buyer inspects the crate to find the guns with the crates labeled as tools. Buyer and seller go their separate ways as McGarrett keeps up his slides.

The truck arrives at a warehouse where some of the crates are split between cars and dealers. McGarrett keeps up his slides as the cars take off from the warehouse when Manicote (Glenn Cannon) tells McGarrett he gets it. They discuss the problem and there's more than one: the guns are easy to acquire, the legitimate dealers consider them "junk merchandise" because they're "unreliable, inaccurate" and the only use for them is in crime. Another aspect was they were made overseas and could be imported legally so there must be "millions" around. However, the newer stock is made on the mainland in states with no gun sale restrictions. Manicote tells McGarrett his position: he can't begin grand jury proceedings without names and dates of import and sale. McGarrett says it's a matter of tracing a gun to its origin and they'll get the information Manicote needs.

A bunch of teenage boys play craps when one of the dealers (Lee F. Stetson) shows up honking the horn. The kid buys a gun from the dealer opening the box as soon as the dealer drives away. Another car approaches where the kids are as it's a family with Lou (B. Lee Gaber) driving and his wife (Jo M. Pruden) looking around saying it doesn't look right. Lou gets out of the car to ask the kids how to get to the Aloha Tower but gets a bunch of crap from the kids. When the kid who bought the gun tries to steal his watch Lou pushes him down and is shot in return. The kids take off running as the wife screams and runs to her husband. A nearby HPD unit responds when they hear the shots. The wife is able to tell them, which kid shot Lou as the officer calls for backup and an ambulance. The kid who shot Lou runs to the street seeing a mailbox dumps the gun and runs only to be caught by an HPD officer.

Frank (Douglas Mossman) takes a call at Five-O about the shooting on Sand Island. He tells Danno a kid was collared for it and the weapon in question was a .25 caliber but the kid won't say what he did with it or where he got it. They walk into McGarrett's office and report.

McGarrett and Chin arrive at the hospital with the punk kids. McGarrett enters Lou's hospital room for an improvised line up. Lou picks him out and Chin leads them out as the wife gets up to attack screaming at them. McGarrett holds her back but all he can do is call in the nurse.

A mail truck is on its route stopping for the afternoon pick up at the same mailbox the gun is in. The letter carrier (Ramon Bieri) empties the mailbox discovering the gun under some mail.

McGarrett grills the kid in his office with Danno and an HPD officer present. The kid is uncooperative but gives up a few details such as the guy in the car who showed up in the neighborhood a couple weeks before. He bought the gun for $20 so he could scare people but neither McGarrett nor Danno are buying his story. They want to know where the gun is now explaining if he says so now he'll be better off. The kid finally cracks saying the mailbox on Sand Island Road and Kahili. McGarrett orders Danno to check it out and the HPD officer to book the kid.

The letter carrier heads home with a sack full of groceries telling his wife (Lauren Levian) there was a sale on papaya but she's anything but thrilled. He's excited to show her what he found but when he goes to the bedroom, he sees she's dressed to go out and primping her hair. She comes up with a story about her sister calling and she needs to watch her son but she's overdressed for babysitting and he says so. She goes off yelling that she's not going to look frumpy just because he "can't make enough money to keep a dog alive" and stomps out of the house. She drops some things on the way out and one is a napkin from the Hula Hula Bar with a name and phone number on it: 'Chet Farrel 555-8243'. He puts the pieces together in time to watch her drive away so he dials the number to connect to Palm Gardens Hotel.

Danno and a postal inspector (Thomas L. Mui) arrive at the mailbox to open it but the gun isn't there. Danno realizes the carrier has had for three hours and needs a name, which the inspector gives up: Michael Briggs.

Briggs arrives at the Palm Gardens Hotel via taxi seeing the car Louise took there. Briggs pulls the gun out of his pocket.

Act Two

Danno briefs McGarrett on what wasn't found in the mailbox and Briggs didn't turn it in. Frank is running a background on Briggs so they should have some information soon. McGarrett wonders if the kid lied but Danno thinks the kid was too scared to lie. What they do know: Briggs has been with the Postal Service ten years and he has a clean record. The phone rings: it's Frank reporting another shooting, this time at the Palm Gardens Hotel.

McGarrett and Danno arrive on scene as a body is being brought out. Frank reports a double homicide, a man and woman with the man shot in the room and the woman in the hall as she was trying to escape with a .22 or .25 caliber gun. Frank has identified the victims: Chet Farrel, a professional football player, and Louise Briggs who's local. Danno keys in on her last name, the same as the letter carrier. McGarrett tells Danno to find out if he's related to this Louise Briggs and put out an APB, possibly armed and dangerous.

Briggs drives around tossing the gun out the window. Meanwhile, Danno has discovered the two Briggs are married to each other and their address of 3204 Welby Street. McGarrett and Frank head to the address.

A little boy (Gregory Scott Dela Cruz) walks down the street finding the gun in the grass and walking away with it. At the same time, McGarrett and Frank arrive at Briggs' residence. McGarrett tells Frank to cover the back as he takes the front. They quickly find Briggs on the patio with Frank frisking him but there's still no gun. Briggs is in shock retelling the story of how he found his wife in another man's arms and how he threw the gun out the window of the car. It takes awhile for them to get the information out of Briggs because he still can't believe Louise lied to him. He finally tells them he threw the gun near a church and McGarrett arrests him for the double homicide.

McGarrett returns to Iolani Palace with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) parking beside him. Duke reports they've searched all around the church and it's the only white one for miles, which means someone has picked it up. McGarrett wants the gun and tells Duke to stay on it.

The little boy play fires with the gun in a mirror until his mother (Susan Park) walks in wanting to see the gun. Arthur doesn't want to give it up running into the bathroom and locking the door. His mother calls the police giving her name and address just as a gunshot is fired. She fears the worst dropping the phone but he opens the door managing to only shoot himself in the foot! Whew! As she carries him into the hall, the janitor (Richard Morrison) asks what happened and she quickly explains as she searches for help. The janitor walks into their apartment finding the gun and pocketing it for himself!

Act Three

Chin radios McGarrett and Frank reporting Arthur shooting himself with his mother taking him home. McGarrett turns the car around to go to her address and arrives a little later. Stepping inside the apartment, McGarrett talks to Arthur and his mom figuring out the gun Arthur found is the one they're after. He tells Frank to call off the search but when McGarrett and Ellen go into the bathroom, the gun is gone! Ellen explains the only other person who was around was Eddie the janitor who lives in a basement apartment. McGarrett grabs Frank and they scramble downstairs.

McGarrett, Frank and an HPD officer enter Eddie's apartment but there's no gun and no Eddie but McGarrett finds a stash of small appliances. He tells the HPD officer to check the numbers against the HPD stolen property list and Frank to pick up Eddie for questioning.

Eddie enters a bar where a girl (Brooks Almy) dances to the crappy jukebox music and the gun dealer from the car is the bartender! Eddie orders a whiskey but the guy wants money rather than a blender or toaster. Eddie has something better, the gun and it's the same type the bartender "pushes". The bartender has Eddie wrap up the gun and takes it back to look it over noticing damage on one of pistol grips. The bartender tells Eddie one guy might be interested but he doesn't have much money. Eddie tells him to call the guy and they'll work it out.

McGarrett goes to see the governor where they talk on the terrace about the Saturday Night Special gun problem. McGarrett points out they can be brought in a number of ways even marked as legitimate items. The governor says the pressure is on and getting worse from various arenas such as the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board and the media. McGarrett assure the governor everything that can be done is being done and the governor wants it to be top priority. McGarrett agrees because he and the other police officers want the shootings stopped worse than everyone else.

A man (Beau Van Den Ecker) shows up at the same bar where Eddie went. He knows the girl and tells her to wait while he conducts his business, which the bartender tells them to do out back. The man, the girl and Eddie head for the back entrance where the deal goes south for Eddie being punched then shot. Alfie, the bartender, jumps when he hears the shot.

Act Four

Danno and Chin respond to Eddie's shooting with an HPD officer telling them it's Eddie. Danno knows they just hit another curve on their trail tracking the gun because they have another person having the gun. The officer tells them a teen girl looked out the window saying there were a man and a girl who took off after the shot. Danno radios into McGarrett reporting on Eddie and the good possibility he was killed with the special they're looking for. McGarrett is on his way.

A man (Edward A. Remington) walks to his car where the girl lures him to drop his guard. The man who shot Eddie hits the guy on the back of the head stealing his car. Meanwhile, McGarrett arrives at the bar with Danno and Chin standing with their witness. McGarrett enters the bar with a girl (Jody Mishan) behind the bar. The girl isn't much help because she only started her shift 20 minutes before so she didn't see, hear anyone or anything but she did take over for Alfie. When McGarrett asks her where Alfie is or where he lives, she claims she doesn't know and McGarrett is done playing games threatening her with jail for withholding information.

The man and girl are on a crime spree using the special Five-O is searching for. Meanwhile, Danno and Chin stake out Alfie's address where he takes a suitcase making a run for it. Danno and Chin follow him while Frank walks into McGarrett's office reporting the robbery by their suspects but they don't have any information on their getaway car. McGarrett takes command of three sectors ordering roadblocks to net their suspects.

Alfie drives to the warehouse where the guns were initially delivered at Wahiawa Gulch. Danno radios to McGarrett what's going on with Danno requesting Duke and "a couple of blue and whites". At the same time inside the warehouse, Alfie tells the main guy behind the smuggling what happened behind his bar with Eddie being shot with one of their pieces. The man isn't amused because the gun can be traced to their operation! The man is even less amused when Alfie says he's planning to skip to the mainland because "this ain't the airport" and gives him money. Right then, Danno and Chin pull up with the man telling his guys to "beat it" sending Alfie out the back. When Alfie makes a break out the back, Duke and another HPD officer apprehend him. Danno radios into McGarrett saying Alfie is being taken in for questioning and $2000 was found on him with Danno suspecting he got it from inside the warehouse. McGarrett orders Danno to seal off the warehouse and he'll get a search warrant to Danno as soon as he can.

The crime spree continues with the pair as McGarrett keeps tracking them placing a perimeter in Delta sector. An HPD unit finally catches up giving chase reporting their position to McGarrett who orders units to close in and to shut down all side roads and exits on Lunalilo Freeway. He and Frank leave the office to go to the scene as a pair of HPD units blocks an exit.

An HPD unit arrives at the warehouse with the search warrant. Danno, Chin and a pair of HPD officers enter the warehouse to execute the warrant. The man in charge isn't worried at all especially after they open the first crate and the merchandise is exactly what it says: pliers. Meanwhile, the chase is on with the suspects and more crate are opened. Danno decides to change tactics, picking a bottom crate to open next. The suspects keep speeding along the freeway when HPD opens fire and they close in on the roadblock. He squeaks by on the side of the block while several officers open fire on the car with rifles causing them to crash. McGarrett and Frank show up right after the crash and an ensuing gun battle between the suspects and HPD. McGarrett wants units behind them and the location of the sharpshooter, which Duke points out. He tells the suspects they're surrounded and there's no way out. The man isn't going to give up shooting out a strobe light but the sharpshooter takes care of him with the girl falling against the car.

Chin opens the crate at the warehouse and when Danno opens the box, he can't help by smile with Chin joining him: they have found the pipeline of guns! At the highway, Frank arrests the girl who sobs uncontrollably and McGarrett picks up the gun inserting a pen into the barrel.

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