S07E21 - “Hit Gun For Sale” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)

Act One

A United flight 747 calls in for an ambulance and priority landing due to an ill patient on board. The ambulance takes the patient away in short order arriving at the hospital as fast as possible. As they wheel the man in, the staff continues CPR as Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) grabs the man's suitcase from the HPD squad car. Danno stands inside as the man is wheeled into the Emergency Room. He meets with Duke trying to figure out how a man having a heart attack on a flight from the mainland concerns them. They open the suitcase: an AR-15 rifle is inside! Duke hands over a locker key found on the man as they searched for some ID. Duke reports the guy was ticketed under the name of "Charles Folsom" but his identification makes him "Harvey L. Benson of Chicago". As Danno approaches the staff in order to speak to Benson, they share the bad news that he's dead.

In McGarrett's office, he tries out the rifle, which has a "hair trigger, half-pound pull" and the markings of a professional. Danno briefs there was $600 cash in his wallet and everything else was clean. Chin walks in with a telex from Washington about Benson: "big-time hitter out of Chicago". Benson seems to have been a freelancer good for anyone who was willing to buy his ticket. McGarrett has two possibilities of who may have hired Benson: Benny Furtado (Jerry Waialae) or Yoki Honomura (Seth Sakai). McGarrett tells Chin to get with Duke to put men on the street to see what information can be shaken from the two camps and to get a court order to dig into long-distance phone calls during the last month looking for any to Chicago that can be traced to Benson. McGarrett then sets Frank (Douglas Mossman) to call Washington, a man named Logan (Pat Patterson) to discover the whereabouts of any hit men that may be heading toward Hawaii along with descriptions and M.O.s. McGarrett then sets out about dividing and conquering Furtado and Honomura by flipping a coin! "Heads you get Honomura, tails, Furtado".

Danno visits Honomura while McGarrett talks to Furtado trying to smoke them out in slipping about something. It's not successful but McGarrett and Danno make it known they're not going to put up with a turf war or all-out bloodshed with a lot of innocent people caught in the middle.

In Manicote's office, he's hesitant on asking for the court order for wiretapping. It's not that he's not behind it, but he wants to know the argument he's giving the judge. McGarrett tells him if the hit is made, the next time the judge sees him, they'll need federal troops because an all-out war will happen if the hit is made.

At Five-O, McGarrett and Danno compare notes about their respective visits. McGarrett wants around the clock surveillance on the pair so that they don't get any weird ideas. Frank briefs he's come up with nothing from Washington but there is an advisory from San Francisco PD about the Cordell family heading to Hawaii. McGarrett says they're syndicate.

Another United Airlines 747 lands at Honolulu International Airport. Nina (Darcy Cook) greets her father (Nehemiah Persoff) when he arrives; with him are his nephew Eddie (Sal Mineo), Joey Shay (Tommy Sands) and Pete Bonner (Tony Martini). They climb into the limousine and drive away as Frank radios into McGarrett about their arrival. Meantime, Chin reports only three calls to the mainland between Honomura and Furtado and none tie to Benson. He also says the street talk is the two are calling in all the muscle they can get but nothing on the contract.

Furtado paces with his aide (Rudolfo Aquino) saying he has calls to a bunch of places like Detroit, Miami and Chicago trying to figure out the replacement. Furtado's plan is to take the replacement out before the hit man can strike. Meanwhile, Honomura's people tell him they should take out Furtado now rather than later. Honomura isn't impressed calling the plan "stupid" because Five-O is watching them all like hawks and a wrong move will bring the team onto them. Honomura pulls down a painting revealing the bug planted on the back of the frame!

In McGarrett's office, he and Danno listen to the recording from Honomura's place. Danno says they blew it but McGarrett wonders if the bugs are "keeping the lid on" because Honomura knows they're listening. Furtado may still be ignorant of the surveillance so McGarrett checks something: he calls Jenny for a patch through to Frank asking about the Cordells, all quiet.

At Nina's house, the family shares a meal with her father beaming about seeing her. Turns out, Nina moved to Hawaii after her husband died at 28 and needed a new start. Eddie says he needs to take off to allow Uncle Louie and Nina to visit. Joey decides to tag along leaving Pete behind in case Louie needs anything. The pair leaves with Frank tailing them and calling into McGarrett on the latest happenings. Frank follows them to an all-day all-night adult theater. Frank goes in after grabbing a suitcase from his car trunk by showing his badge to the ticket seller (Don 'Lance' Over). Settling in the back, Frank pulls out a night vision scope to see who Eddie is meeting and he discovers the man is Furtado's aide!

Act Two

As they meet, the aide reminds Eddie his "insurance policy" cancelled himself out and they need a replacement. Joey is stunned wanting to back up. Eddie tells Joey it's part of the plan and nothing to get worked up about. They plan on a replacement at the soonest time as the aide everything is ready at his end. The plan is to take out Furtado from the inside and make it look like Honomura did it. Thanks to Benson dying, this is now possible with Five-O still guessing what's going on. When the aide leaves, Joey asks Eddie point blank who they're going to take out. Eddie has higher aspirations and will "stomp" on anyone in his way including Louie! Eddie says Louie is looking to retirement and not takeover or expansion. What's worse, Louie is looking to end all of it for them and Eddie isn't interested in early retirement putting Joey on the spot of whether he's in or out: Joey's in. They leave the movie house with Frank in front of them who then follows them in traffic.

McGarrett pays a visit to Nina's house where Pete tries to give him the brush off but Louie stops him allowing McGarrett entry. Louie expected McGarrett sooner offering a drink but McGarrett wants talk. McGarrett asks Louie about Benson, Honomura and Furtado with Louie only recognizing Benson from Chicago. McGarrett tells Louie Benson has died but the job is let undone. Louie claims he's not involved and he's not interested in Honomura or Furtado either telling McGarrett he's there to visit Nina.

Eddie and Joey stop for gas as Eddie makes a phone call. As Frank watches, he radios into the Hawaiian Telephone Company. Later, Frank reports in McGarrett's office the call was station-to-station to Los Angeles. Frank briefs the call was made just after the meeting with Wanaka, Furtado's aide. The meeting means they're moving into the territory or they've formed an alliance with Furtado. McGarrett tells Frank to get with LAPD to find the name and address matching the number Eddie called.

At Nina's house, Eddie talks to Louie who is lounging in the pool and tells Eddie McGarrett was by. Louie asks if Eddie is sticking his nose in somebody else's business. Eddie says no, but considers Honomura and Furtado very small-time with "no brains". Eddie claims he's stay out of their business because that's what Louie wants.

Frank walks into McGarrett's office with the name to the phone number: 'The Bottomless Cup," an all-night coffee shop in Hollywood.

Furtado leaves his house driving away in his bronze Continental with Chin watching from across the street. Chin follows him on a pretty deserted street and Furtado stops at an intersection and the car explodes when he starts again!

Act Three

Five-O and HFD respond to the car bombing and Danno is already on the scene when McGarrett arrives. Che (Harry Endo) briefs the explosive was dynamite or plastic due to the large debris field. They suspect a timing device because the point of origin was under the car. Danno wonders if Honomura decided to strike first but McGarrett isn't sure. Duke reports Furtado's house has been staked out and there's no way to tell how the bomb was rigged. The only people in and out were Furtado's people. Chin reports the street was deserted, not even pedestrians. Franks walks up with no witnesses in the entire block and McGarrett tells him to stay and help Che, follow up with anything found. He then tells Chin to get a rundown on Honomura's and Furtado's people specifically for a M.O. with explosives.

McGarrett visits Wanaka wondering why he wasn't next to Furtado this morning when the car exploded. McGarrett accuses Wanaka of forming an alliance with the Cordells to take out Furtado and Honomura had nothing to do with it. Wanaka claims the meeting was just some old friends catching up and the place chosen to keep Eddie off the police radar. McGarrett doesn't buy it; telling Wanaka to get used to being the top dog, it won't last.

Outside, Danno radios McGarrett saying Che wants to see him as soon as he gets back and there's a call from Harry Logan in Washington. Harry reports there are some hitters on the move: Lou Bixby from Detroit is heading south, Arnie Miller is moving west, and Willie Norvic (Les Freed) was last known to be in L.A. known to hang out at "The Bottomless Cup". Harry gives a rundown: Norvic is 26, looks like a kid with long blond hair with blue eyes, 5'10". He has five maybe six hits to his credit so far using just about everything after his training from the Army and practice in Vietnam. While Harry gives the rundown, Norvic arrives in Honolulu picking up his weapon from a locker.

At Nina's house, Louie proposes they meet with Honomura and Wanaka to let them know they had nothing to do with Furtado being blown up and don't want to be involved. Meantime, Norvic arrives at his hotel walking away from where the cab dropped him.

In the laboratory, McGarrett throws down a piece of metal as Che studies the microscope verifying the scrap is paper used to wrap dynamite. Che needs another 30 minutes to determine manufacturer and distributor. Meantime, the photo fax of Norvic comes through to Five-O received by Chin and Duke.

At his hotel, Norvic yells after there's a knock on the door. A woman tells him he has a phone down the hall, which he answers. After telling the other he'll be there, he enters his room and assembles his rifle.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, he and Frank discuss the futility of bringing in the Cordells and Wanaka. Chin walks in with Norvic's photo briefing he's having copies made and distributed. Che then walks in saying he's still working on the timing device but he was able to nail down the dynamite: commercial with one distributor on Oahu. One place they sell to is "Pinson": Pinson Construction, majority owner is Honomura! The phone/radio buzzes: Danno tracked down the cab driver who picked up Norvic and dropped him "in the middle of everything". McGarrett sets Chin to check every hotel and rooming house in the area. Chin reports in: Norvic is staying at Maunakea Hale under the name of "Foster". McGarrett tells him to contact Manicote for a warrant and call HPD backup to surround the place before leaving for the scene.

Five-O and HPD arrive on scene ready to take in Norvic. McGarrett, Danno and Chin go in to serve the arrest warrant with McGarrett kicking in the door. They're too late the room is empty.

At Nina's house, Eddie tells Louie the meeting is set for 3:30 p.m. at Kapiolani Park. Eddie figures the park will provide enough people to keep Honomura and Wanaka from doing anything. Louie agrees not wanting to waste anymore time standing up to leave.

In the hotel hallway, McGarrett, Danno and Chin kick around who the hit may be on checking off Furtado, he's dead; Honomura tied to the dynamite; Wanaka setting the bomb and that leaves Louie Cordell who didn't want to be involved in any of it. McGarrett makes a call as Louie's limousine pulls out with Duke following but it's a decoy! Joey pulls out with a Continental taking Eddie and Louie to the meet. McGarrett asks Jenny to patch him through to Nina, which she does. When Nina answers the phone, she tells McGarrett Louie and Eddie already left. McGarrett radios Duke about the Cordell car and wants Duke to pull it over. When Duke stops the car, he realizes he's been had and lets McGarrett know. McGarrett tells Chin to contact Nina to find out which car they used including plates and get an APB out to notify but not apprehend. They know Eddie is leading Louie into a trap and take off!

Norvic waits at a bus stop with his case and climbs aboard the next one that comes along. Danno is tense asking if they're cutting it close but McGarrett says it's the only way to take down the whole lot. An unmarked car reports seeing the Lincoln with Danno radioing units the movement and to again locate and notify. Norvic gets off the bus at Kapiolani Park noticed by an HPD unit who calls it in. McGarrett tells them to keep close surveillance on him but they lose him. Norvic makes his way into a building as Louie, Eddie and Joey walk in the park. HPD keeps their eyes open for Norvic while keeping the Cordells in sight. They continue to call into McGarrett where everyone is going and checking out the War Memorial as McGarrett orders. As Five-O and HPD block a road near the park, Norvic goes to the roof of the building he entered. The War Memorial is cleared as Louie, Eddie and Joey wait.

McGarrett spreads everybody out when he notices the roof and the perfect perch to take a shot from. He and Danno go check it out as Frank keeps an eye out where he is. Norvic reaches the roof seeing the trio in the park setting up for his shot. McGarrett and Danno enter the elevator and it doesn't move fast enough. They reach the roof finding Norvic a second too late as he's already fired! They shoot him causing him to fall to the ground. The case is left behind and McGarrett finds a photo of the target, only it's not Louie! Eddie lays sprawled on the ground between Louie and Joey realizing the contract was changed. McGarrett and Danno arrive as Eddie takes his last breaths. McGarrett shows Louie the photo with Louie asking for his lawyer. "Book 'em, Danno, murder one".

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