S07E19 - “Study In Rage” - Plot

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Act One

A Coast Guard cutter sails back into port as a television station reports on the "bizarre murder" they came across of Victor Martin, age 50 of Los Angeles. A doctor (John Stalker) watches the news report in his office but turns it off after it's reported Five-O and HPD have no leads in the case. The doctor contemplates what he's heard removing a cassette tape from a file cabinet. At the same time, someone quietly sneaks in. The doctor listens to the tape of Mike Opana (Richard Hatch) where he blames his problems on someone else. Mike is obsessed with Glynis (Gretchen Corbett) saying what they had "was for real". After clicking off the tape, the doctor makes a phone call to Five-O where Jenny (Margaret Ryan) answers. The doctor identifies himself as "Dr. Spear" wanting to talk to McGarrett but he's in Hilo with the governor so Jenny transfers him to Danno. Danno doesn't waste any time to go to Dr. Spear's office taking Chin along. However, a young man makes his way silently into Dr. Spear's office with a string to strangle Dr. Spear before Five-O even has a chance to arrive. After he kills the doctor, he takes the tape and the corresponding file for his case.

Danno and Chin drive to Dr. Spear's office only to find Dr. Spear dead. Later, Doc (Al Eben), Che (Harry Endo) and several HPD officers are on scene of the ransacked office. Doc briefs whatever Dr. Spear was strangled with was no more than 1/16th of an inch. Of course, Doc will know more after the autopsy with Danno wanting it sooner rather than later. As Danno and Doc talk, Dr. Spear's phone rings: Frank (Douglas Mossman) at the Ilikai who searched Victor Martin's hotel room. While he didn't find a link between Martin and Dr. Spear, he has discovered he has a daughter, Glynis, living in L.A. Danno tells him to notify her right away. When Danno hangs up, Che says he has lots of fingerprints to deal with and "untangle" before he leaves. Danno and Chin have some untangling of their own to put Dr. Spear's office back together searching for any mention of Victor Martin in his files. The phone rings again: McGarrett is back in town and will go to speak to Dr. Spear's widow but wants Danno to keep him posted.

McGarrett arrives at the Spear house speaking to Mrs. Spear (Electra Gailas Fair) to see if she has any idea why he would have called Five-O with information on Martin's murder. She doesn't have the slightest idea as her husband made it a point to not talk about his patients with her although Martin could have been a patient and she would have no idea. She allows McGarrett a look around the home where he notices several paintings Dr. Spear completed. Mrs. Spear tells him it was his attempt to put on canvas what was going on in his patients' heads. One stands out with a compartmented skull and several scenes in each compartment but again; Mrs. Spear has no idea what it all means. She does mention Dr. Spear recorded all of his patients.

Mike readies to go onto a tennis court but first takes a clean towel and pours a chemical on it careful not touch it. On the court, Dr. Chou (Mel Chow) answers a page as Mike walks out. Dr. Chou is talking on the phone as Mike brings out the towel setting it on the bench as they talk about what happened to Dr. Spear and the last time Mike saw him. Mike says he hasn't seen him in months. Mike switches the towel on the bench when Dr. Chou returns to the court.

Chin checks Dr. Spear's files finding one missing. He calls McGarrett at the Spear resident telling him Martin's name is nowhere in the files and there is one missing with a unique code assigned to it but all it tells them is the doctor who referred the patient and on what date. This missing code is W.K.-42-74, the same code on the painting McGarrett was fascinated with! McGarrett tells chin to track down the doctor, Chou, who referred the patient to Spear.

Chin uses a payphone to called Dr. Chou's office only to get his answering service. The operator tells him he's at the Keokea Tennis Club until 2:00 p.m. Chin leaves to go there. Meantime, Dr. Chou ends his session with Mike putting the towel around his neck. Later, Chin arrives talking to an employee about locating Dr. Chou and he offers to have Dr. Chou paged for him. Another member of the club runs around the corner needing an ambulance, Dr. Chou has had a heart attack! As chaos reigns out front, Mike fingers a photograph of him and Glynis in his locker.

Act Two

As Dr. Chou is taken away; Chin speaks to his buddies about how the doctor felt prior to his heart attack. He also asks if Dr. Chou took anything prior to having a drink but they didn't see anything. As the ambulance pulls away, Danno stands beside Mike who isn't helpful saying Dr. Chou seemed fine before leaving. Chin catches up with Danno saying the friends are shook up: one minute they were drinking and joking, the next Dr. Chou keels over and that's all they know, or at least all they shared according to Danno.

McGarrett talks to Doc Bergman on the phone with the cause of death being respiratory failure but that's all he's got at the moment. McGarrett doesn't like the answer because he now has three connected murders and no idea who the killer is. Doc tells him that's all he has until the autopsy is completed. The phone rings again with Danno calling McGarrett as Frank walks in. Turns out, a cleaning man noticed Dr. Chou's office open and was hit in the back of the head! Unfortunately, Dr. Chou's office "looks like a disaster area".

Mike drives his red Mustang convertible to a fancy house where he fantasizes about his life with Glynis and their child.

Danno and Chin walk out of the HPD Computer Division when McGarrett gives a radio call telling Danno some prints found in Dr. Spear's office matched ones found on Martin's boat. Danno and Chin leave discussing why the guy is sloppy with his prints: no prior arrests and no military service record, something they didn't know a few minutes before.

Mike arrives at his apartment where his roommate (Alan Naluai) asks where he's been as he's been trying to get a hold of Mike. Charlie has a date for them tonight but Mike isn't interested. Charlie knows Mike is still stuck on the "haole chick" who left for the mainland knowing she wont' come back to marry Mike but Mike believes different. Charlie points out a stark reality: Mike may be "half and half" but only one side will have him before Charlie leaves for the date. Mike walks to the lanai watching people frolic in the surf flashing back to his time with Glynis.

In McGarrett's office, he's brought the skull painting Dr. Spear was working on. McGarrett figures there are clues in the symbolism and the chalkboard is ready to take notes for each compartment with Danno and Chin's help. They start with a figure sitting on the ground in a somewhat prone position with a field of green in the background. Danno sees "loneliness" and "rejection" as McGarrett writes those on the board. Then it's Chin's turn: "fear, maybe". The second compartment has a couple holding hands watching the sunset. Chin notices the storm clouds: "trouble on the horizon" or a struggling marriage. Frank walks in with an answer from Washington about the prints: dead end due to no criminal or military history in the computer. After he briefs, Frank joins the discussion of the symbolism. Compartment three is a hunter holding a spear with a fish on the beach with two sets of initials: 'CH' and 'MA'. Chin figures a broken marriage or love affair tying into the pair watching the sunset in Compartment two. Frank wonders why it's a hunter and not a fisherman. Danno wonders if it was a love triangle with an irate husband/boyfriend feeling betrayed. McGarrett is intrigued with the initials believing one belongs to their killer. Moving onto Compartment four: a dance at Maunalani High School, class of '67. Chin says the same girl at the sunset is at the dance but Danno points out the strings on the puppets. McGarrett sets Frank on checking out Maunalani High School class of 1967 looking for anyone with the initials 'CH' and 'MA'. Compartment five is incomplete with only a shack on the beach but no people. McGarrett notices the suspect appears in shadow in every compartment he appears. McGarrett wonders if the exercise was useful or futile.

The next morning, Mike watches a United 747 land, as it's the airplane Glynis flies in on. Danno meets her at Gate 14 wanting to ask her a few questions. He leads her out of the gate as mike watches through binoculars.

Act Three

Danno drives Glynis to her hotel, the Ilikai, as they discuss her father. Glynis has no idea who would want to kill her father or why saying he was "well liked". She's planning to stay long enough to make arrangements to take her father home. She's still floored that someone killed her father and has never heard of Dr. Spear before ever.

At Five-O, Frank looks for McGarrett because there was only one person in the graduating class of 1967 with the initials of 'CH' was Connie Honaka (Josie Over). Frank plans to get her address next.

Glynis stands in her hotel room when there's a knock on her door: it's Mike! Glynis is glad to see Mike who tells her he tried to call her in L.A. after he heard about her father. Glynis tells Mike the murder was "so senseless" talking of her admiration to her father. When Mike says if there's anything he can do, all she has to do is name it. Glynis goes to him and sobs on his shoulder. As he holds her, he flashes to the house.

In the morgue, Doc briefs Danno Dr. Chou died of "pulmonary edema," basically his heart gave out due to high blood pressure, "coronary artery insufficiency, myocarditis or pericarditis" all of which he had no history of! Doc decided to go further: alcohol was practically nil and there were no barbiturates in his system. Running biochemical tests, Doc discovered acetyl cholinesterase level in the brain was far below normal. Bottom line, which Danno impatiently wants: Dr. Chou was poisoned with VHP, verathion phosphate! It's an organic compound similar to nerve gas and used in pesticides! It's potent working from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Doc also says there were no needle marks and it wasn't ingested so it had to absorbed. Doc has already called Che to have the lab check.

Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) and Frank drive to an address for Connie. When her father answers the door he is less than thrilled to see the police. Connie walks up behind him saying she'll talk to them but takes them outside. She will only give them answers once they say what they want with him. Frank tells her he's a suspect in a murder case but she says, "Mike would never". Mike? Frank comes clean with her: if it's not him, all is good but if it is, he could kill again. Connie gives them the back story: she dated Mike until her father broke them up because he felt Mike wasn't good enough but she wound up with a drugged out husband in jail and at home raising their baby. She explains Mike is mixed race and not acceptable to "the old royalty". Frank shifts the conversation back to Mike. Connie says Mike was a nice guy who didn't have much of a family because his mother died during childbirth and his father died in a cane field. Connie says no one ever wanted him except her and when Frank pushes for his last name, she tells him, "Anapo".

Mike hangs out with Glynis in her hotel room looking out at Diamond Head. Mike asks her about staying and she says, "someday". He takes her by the hand to show her something and they leave the hotel room.

In the laboratory, Che reports to Danno nothing was found on Dr. Chou's clothes but the same chemical Doc found was on the towel. Che finds the technique effective: pores are open after working up a sweat then use the towel and the chemical work in a fast manner. Che says things about the case seem to be related to tennis as he goes to the microscope: the fibers found in Dr. Spear's neck are steer gut. It could have come from a racket or a spool in a pro shop. Danno leaves to brief McGarrett.

Later in McGarrett's office, Danno tells McGarrett what he knows. They rack their brains on the tennis connection because Dr. Spear didn't play and to their knowledge, Martin didn't play either. They then attack it from another angle, the two doctors: Dr. Spear, a psychiatrist and Dr. Chou, an allergist. As well, both offices were ransacked but why? They know all of Dr. Spear's patients were referrals from other doctors. McGarrett has an idea that a patient sees Dr. Chou with an allergy but it's psychosomatic and he refers the patient to Dr. Spear. After the patient unloads all his issues and when Martin turns up dead, Dr. Spear makes a connection. Dr. Spear has to go because he knows too much then the killer/patient goes after Dr. Chou for the same reason. McGarrett realizes the keys are Dr. Chou and the tennis club so he and Danno take off for there.

At the pro shop, a salesman (James Ishida) shows McGarrett and Danno an example of steer gut and they do the restringing on the premises. As Danno goes to the back to check on the restringing, McGarrett looks at a sign about the tennis instructor Mike Opana as the phone rings. Frank calls him telling him a name and then he sees the name off the sign in a mirror discovering who 'MA' is.

Act Four

Danno takes the empty bottle Mike used to poison the towel and two photographs as evidence from Mike's locker. He then goes to see Charlie asking about Mike. When Danno tells him Mike is wanted on suspicion of murder, Charlie doesn't believe it. Holding the photos, he asks Charlie if he recognizes the girl, Glynis. Charlie explains Mike "has been hung up on her for almost a year" but she lives on the mainland. Danno asks Charlie about Victor Martin with Charlie recalling he was the guy killed on the boat. Danno tells him Glynis is Martin's daughter and she's back in Hawaii. Charlie tells Danno that Mike wanted the whole love scene with marriage and kids, even building a house for them but Charlie doesn't know where. Charlie tried to warn him Glynis was only a vacation "hustle" and nothing serious but Mike wouldn't listen.

Chin radios into McGarrett's office that Glynis left her hotel about 30 minutes before with a man matching Mike's description. McGarrett wants Danno to figure out Mike's car and put out an APB under both names but no pick up because McGarrett only wants to know where they are. As well, he wants Danno to figure out where the house is located.

Mike drives Glynis toward the house as Danno successfully finds the address: 2037 Inakoie Ridge Road and radios it into McGarrett who calls for HPD backup and heads out to the address. Meanwhile, Mike and Glynis arrive at the house. As Five-O and HPD close in, Mike leads Glynis to the balcony with a breathtaking view of Honolulu in the distance. Mike then drops the bombshell on Glynis: the house is theirs, his and hers! Glynis tries to let Mike down easy explaining her father had nothing to do with her decision to return to the mainland. While she likes Mike, it's only as a friend so it's Mike's turn to be floored as she tells him she's engaged to someone else. He then holds her tightly to the point of hurting her as McGarrett arrives on the scene. Mike yells at her about how her father can't break them up and how he saw to it. Glynis realizes Mike killed her father and starts screaming as McGarrett tries to talk to Mike through the bullhorn. Chin goes to the back while Frank pulls out the gas guns. McGarrett tells Danno to grab some gas masks but Mike's plans are falling apart as he slaps Glynis. Glynis fights back as two canisters of tear gas fly in through the window. McGarrett and Danno run in with masks on as Glynis is shoved onto the floor hitting her head on a wrench. Mike is about to kill her with a crowbar as McGarrett holds a gun on him. Danno rushes in to grab Glynis as McGarrett slugs Mike for his stupidity before carrying him outside. McGarrett is done telling the sergeant to book Mike for three counts of Murder One.

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