S07E16 - “A Woman’s Work Is With A Gun” - Plot

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Act One

A van drives to a beach where a man (James J. Borges) sits in his car waiting for the meet. The woman (Patricia Hindy) in the van appears desperate because she is, she's strung out and Lew is her dealer. He's not willing to give her another fix until she comes up with the money for the "dime bag" she wants now never mind the previous debt she still owes. Lew turns to leaves telling her she's one huge mess but she's desperate enough to pull a gun and fire! She shoots Lew who falls besides his open car door. She searches his body for the dime bag taking it and running. She drives to her apartment building.

At Five-O, business as usual as Danno asks Jenny (Peggy Ryan) for the McFarland case file. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) walks in wanting to see McGarrett but he has the day off on direct orders from the governor! Duke doesn't have anything pressing but conveys what he heard on the radio: Lew Chang was found dead on Waimanalo Beach with a slug in his back. No one at Five-O is overly heartbroken and the lists of suspects is long due to Lew's history of pushing drugs.

The woman leaves her apartment a new woman after shooting up. She arrives at the Oahu Women's Center where she meets two women friends. Dina hugs her friends telling them she went to a clinic to clean up her act. When she asks how it's been going with them, she doesn't get any answer. She asks her first friend (Patrecia Wynand) how her son Johnny is, he's needs another operation. Dina tells her and the second friend (Dale Morse) what they really need is money and one way to get is to steal it. The friends are resistant to the suggestion but Dina pushes her point because she's "an ex-junkie with a record from here to Boston" and no one will hire her for a decent job. The friends have to go but Dina leaves first saying the one good thing out of their "rap sessions" was they found one another. Basically giving the women a guilt trip.

McGarrett walks into his office stating Sam Mandel and Phil Kawa were just sentenced to 15 years with no parole, another success story for the unit. Danno says there's some mopping up on the North Shore from the their operations but McGarrett delegates it to HPD, which Duke says they can handle. They then move onto "the Lew Chang hit": they found half a kilo of heroin under his backseat and if it was a professional hit, it would have been found in nothing flat. The suspect is an amateur!

At the hospital, Dina's first friend sits by her son when the nurse walks in telling Mrs. Scott that Mr. Hoffman (Wendell H. Martin) wants to talk to her in the business office before she leaves. Hoffman crunches the numbers telling Mrs. Scott her bill is at $1436.80 with an expensive surgery looming plus post-operative care and it the bill will easily be over $10,000. Mrs. Scott is stuck between a rock and a hard place because her insurance has run out and she doesn't know where Johnny's father is. While Hoffman isn't pressing, Mrs. Scott says all the hospital has to worry about is taking care of her son and she'll make sure they're paid every cent.

At a house, a man (Eugene Roche) sits watching television while drinking beer and eating nuts. He yells for Maggie, Dina's second friend, to answer the phone that has been ringing off the hook. Maggie walks in with a bunch of laundry with her husband less than impressed. Fay Scott is on the other end telling her she's been thinking of Dina's idea and giving it serious consideration. Maggie says the same thing as she stares down at her oblivious husband.

At the Ilikai Hotel, tour buses load up while the three women sit in a green sedan. They look at the tour routes with one going along Kalahioele Highway and they figure the best place to hit it is in Sherwood Forest. Dina hands a gun to a reluctant Maggie with Fay convincing her it's not loaded and she doesn't have to use it. Dina and Maggie don wigs and board the bus.

Act Two

The bus tour goes off without a hitch with the driver (Louis I. Ko) narrating as he drives talking about Mount Olomana and the old chief from years ago. Dina pulls out her gun holding it to the driver's head directing him to drive into Sherwood Forest. She then tells the passengers it's a holdup wanting their jewelry and cash. Maggie doesn't move at first but eventually does walking between passengers holding out the bag. After the bus stops, all Fay can do is wait as Maggie makes her way down the aisle with Dina's impatience. The women back out the bus' door with Dina telling the driver to keep driving and they take off. An older man in the back of the bus snaps some fast pictures of the women as they run to the brush. Maggie breaks down as they get to Fay's car with Dina shoving her into the back seat before Fay drives off.

Danno takes the call in Five-O reporting the tour bus robbery immediately conveying the information to McGarrett who is not happy with this turn of events. Tourism is the lifeblood of Hawaii and tourists don't visit to be robbed! He directs Danno to go out to give HPD a hand reporting back.

Danno and Chin arrive on the scene of the parked bus with Duke still gathering information. Duke tells Danno he can't get the same description twice such as hair and clothes but he hands over the film the guy shot with Duke wondering if it's any good because "the guy was jumpy". Danno tells him to get the film to the lab before taking a look inside the bus. When Danno steps off the bus, Chin ends his conversation with two witnesses who aren't much help. Chin says with everything he has about ten women held up the bus, Danno asks him to eliminate eight of them before heading back to Five-O.

Danno briefs McGarrett what they have so far: descriptions are all over the place to the point composites are impossible, the take is about $10,000 in jewelry and cash, no fingerprints but the lab found fresh tire tracks "behind some foliage" with casts out of the question. McGarrett says he's heading to the lab to talk to Che (Harry Endo).

Maggie's husband returns to their house to find a note from here saying his dinner is in the freezer. He's still unimpressed tossing the pre-made dinner into the sink.

In the laboratory, Che lays out the pictures he was able to develop from the film Duke dropped off. The final results are blurred because of normal shutter speed and a shaky photographer. McGarrett asks if there's a way to clean up the shots with Che saying he can try something used by the Space Program: Computer Image Enhancement. Originally used to sharpen lunar and planetary pictures by "removing distortion, magnifies, enhances resolution". McGarrett gives the okay to try.

Maggie tells Fay how she felt during the robbery saying to herself it was someone else doing it. Maggie pleads to Fay they should stop but Fay isn't willing to until she has all the money for Johnny. Fay has been where Maggie is only worse: after her husband left, it took her six months to look for a job but she had no marketable skills because she was a housewife. Dina shows up with the cash she made from selling the jewelry they took: $6000 total. Their take per person is $3500 and Dina is pretty happy with the results asking them when do they go back to it.

They hold up another bus with one male passenger attempting to hide his gold watch. When Dina challenges him demanding he put it into the bag, he throws it on the floor. The driver then tries to move in to stop her but Dina snaps shooting every window in the bus!

Act Three

Frank (Douglas Mossman) calls into McGarrett reporting on the latest holdup including the "shooting gallery" with fortunately no one hurt seriously. The suspects and M.O. are the same: two women, cash, jewelry and no traveler's checks. This time they made off with about $5000 and unknown amount of jewelry. McGarrett is concerned the shooter may decide to shoot people next time rather than windows. He orders Danno and Chin to go out give Duke and Frank a hand and "to hit it hard" before things get out of control.

Fay isn't happy calling Dina's actions "stupid" with Dina spitting back they had a deal to keep stealing until they have $10,000 each. Fay wonders if Dina is in it for something else with the implication being she's still on drugs. Dina comes unglued and Maggie tells them she's going home with Dina trying to convince to stick it out. When Maggie leaves, Dina's mood switches to angry in an instance. She turns back to Fay who wants out too saying she'll find another way to get the money. Dina asks if they're still friends and leaves. Fay is beside herself.

In the lab, Che was able to enhance the images giving them clearer photographs with the computer's help. McGarrett notices an area on one of the photographs asking Che what it is. They believe it's a shadow but McGarrett would like it enhanced as much as possible. As well, a lab technician found some slugs in the bus and should have a make soon.

At her house, Maggie cleans up after her husband when he walks in grousing about his unwashed bowling shirt. Maggie tells to hand it over and she'll take care of it. Ed isn't amused giving her an ultimatum about attending "the bull sessions" throwing his shirt at her. Maggie hits her breaking point dropping the shirt with Ed out of sight.

In the lab, bullet striations are compared with Che calling about the results: the bus slugs match those pulled out of Lew Chang! McGarrett knows he now really has his hands full. Meanwhile, Maggie shows at Fay's house with Dina already there.

When McGarrett walks into Five-O, Danno hits him with the latest enhanced photographs showing a third party and getaway car. McGarrett studies the photos setting Danno on a DMV search for owners of a 1964 Comet and get the list to HPD.

An HPD officer (Robert L. Silva) patrols a highway driving up on a bus robbery in progress near Diamond Head Tunnel. The officer calls into Dispatch reporting the robbery in progress requesting backup as he checks it out. As Dina exits the bus, she sees the car and starts shooting causing the officer to evade. Pulling out his shotgun, Maggie exits pointing her gun toward the officer but he shoots her and tries to hit Dina as Fay hears the shots and the passengers nearly panic. Dina finds a place where she can shoot from and shoots the officer! Fay drives to pick up her accomplices only to see Maggie lying on the ground. When she tries to grab Maggie, Dina forces her back into the car and goes to grab the bag.

Act Four

At the scene, Danno sets the officer's hat on his body as the attendants load him into the coroner's ambulance. Duke says it was Officer Tom Kamaka who was killed and he knew the one-year officer and his family pretty well. He volunteers to "break the news" with McGarrett agreeing. Danno briefs the woman is on her way to the morgue and they have a tentative identification on her: Mrs. Edward Hudson. Chin's checking her address based on an envelope found on her. Danno also knows she didn't kill Officer Kamaka holding out the gun she had in an evidence bag: it's empty and probably has never been fired. Chin is able to verify Margaret Hudson's address as the one on the envelope with McGarrett telling him and Danno to pay a visit.

Danno and Chin meet with Ed telling him she was killing while trying to rob a bus. Ed says it's a mistake but Danno says it's not a mistake explaining she was a group of three women who robbed three buses making off with close to $25,000 in cash and jewelry. Ed is still dumbstruck especially when Chin shows him the photos from the first robbery. Danno and Chin want to know about the other two but Ed never met them but he starts griping about how Maggie went to the Women's Center "yakking all day" with other women "about how tough their life was".

Danno and Chin visit the Oahu Women's Center and speak to a coordinator Miss Keola (Lani Kim). They show her the pictures and she recognizes them as "Cindy and Carol" even though the hair isn't right. After Danno says Maggie's real name, Keola explains it's policy of the center for the women in the encounter groups for them not to use their real names as it helps for them to be more candid protecting other aspects of their lives. She isn't much help as the center doesn't keep records and doesn't require registration.

Fay packs a bag as Dina rings her doorbell. Hiding everything, Fay finally answers the door. Dina walks in making herself a drink telling Fay she knows Fay quit her job with Fay claiming she's looking for another job in Honolulu but Dina turns bully in a hurry. She knows Fay is leaving and begins yelling at her demanding half of Maggie's money. Fay gives her everything she has because she wants Dina gone. Dina tells Fay she's going to keep stealing and when she's caught, Fay will be caught too. Slamming the glass on the floor, Dina leaves. Fay takes a drink before going to the drawer pulling out her gun contemplating her next move: she calls Ed.

In McGarrett's office, Danno and Chin brief what they discovered at the women's center. Frank walks in with the list of 1964 Comet owners and there's over 200. McGarrett tells Frank to get with DMV to find women owners of 1964 Comets and for Chin to warm up the computer.

Fay meets Ed; she's willing to pay him $5000 for him to kill Dina! She tells him she knows "every brutal, selfish, greedy bone" in his body so she knows he can do it offering half now, the other half with it's done. She gives him her number to call her if he decides to do it.

In the computer conference room, the operator (Walter Yoshimitsu) types in the names as Chin and Frank give them and it's a slow slog. Meanwhile, Ed thinks over Fay's proposition eventually calling Fay. Ed arrives at Dina's apartment building able to gain entry into her apartment. Things take a turn when he spots Maggie's bag and the jewelry inside from one of the robberies. While he's pilfering the jewelry, Dina arrives home finding the door ajar! She pushes her gun next to Ed's temple as Chin and Frank keep up their slogging. Ed is forced to empty his pockets and being so nervous confesses to Dina that Fay paid him to kill Dina! Dina loses her mind knocking Ed out and running from her apartment. Dina drives out of the parking lot like the crazy woman she is. Chin and Frank finally hit pay dirt with Fay Scott immediately calling McGarrett.

McGarrett takes the call writing everything down ordering them to get to her address right now. He runs out grabbing Danno on the way out. Fay finishes packing for her trip to Hilo, as Dina is en route. When Dina arrives, the Comet's trunk is open with Fay's bags inside. Dina is ticked off and walks purposely up the stairs pulling her gun from her purse. Opening the door, she takes direct aim at Fay but there's a surprise for Dina: Five-O is already on scene! She fights back when McGarrett tries to disarm from behind and Danno struggles to cuff her. McGarrett is done with her crap, shoving her back into Danno and both of them into the wall behind them. Chin and Frank arrest Fay as Dina stares down her accomplice.

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