S07E12 - “Presenting ... In The Center Ring ... Murder” - Plot

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Act One

A meeting takes place in opulent room where U.S. and Chinese officials discuss national defense issues. A Chinese interpreter (Bernard Ching) and a U.S. interpreter (Mitch Mitchell) do most of the talking. A waiter (Chuck Couch) stands outside the negotiations as two HPD officers search the items before entry. Inside, the waiter makes his move with a wire hidden behind his badge. The Chinese delegate is actually Chin who's the target! Danno yells through the speakers to hold it for which Chin is grateful. Danno and Jonathan Kaye (Bill Edwards) walk in where Danno reminds them to remember "the unconventional weapon" and tomorrow it's no longer test runs. Jonathan says they may not agree with the man's politics but the man they're protecting represent one of four major powers that can destroy the planet. McGarrett walks in adding, "we don't want him catching so much as a cold in Hawaii".

A United Airlines 707 lands at Honolulu International Airport as McGarrett walks up the motorcade line to Danno and Duke (Herman Wedemeyer). Away from the motorcade, three HPD officers keep a crowd back including a woman (Luella Costello) carrying a bouquet. A Chinese official named Ling (Norman F.C. Tang) and his grandson (Shawn Sherman) walk down the stairs; where they're greeted by Jonathan and the governor through an interpreter (James Hong). As the group makes their way to the cars, the woman with the bouquet, Janet Wong, tries to push her way through but she doesn't have a pass. She turns her class around back to their school van as the Ling and the others climb into the cars. Duke and Danno lead the motorcade out in a yellow convertible.

The school van makes a stop where Janet gets out to meet someone in a limousine: it's Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh)! When she tells him it didn't work, he says Mr. Rikoto (Seth Sakai) worked very hard to make it "perfect". Wo Fat tells her not to be concerned about the failure, as there are always alternate plans. He calls the mobile operator placing a call to his accomplice (Robert Nelson) ordering a "celebrity photograph" at 3:12 p.m. The accomplice trains his rifle on the traffic below.

The motorcade drives through Honolulu as the grandson notices the tents set up for the circus that only arrives once a year in Hawaii. Meanwhile in the lead car, Danno tells Duke to make an unexpected turn because of a last minute route change by McGarrett. Because of the sudden route change, the accomplice can't get off a shot and he reports it to Wo Fat.

At an informal reception, Ling tells the crowd he wants to go to the circus, for his grandson. Meantime at the circus, Mitch (Joseph Germania) works on some paperwork as Phil (Philip D. McDonald) tells him the Reynaldos have just arrived. Mitch decides to welcome them himself as Ling's interpreter hangs out nearby. Mitch tells Juan (Richard Yniguez) and Miguel (Corey Rand) if they need anything to go to him directly. After Mitch and Phil leave, Ling's interpreter calls Wo Fat's accomplice wanting to speak to Wo Fat. Speaking in code, the interpreter lets Wo Fat know other avenues will become available to them to "photograph" their subject.

Act Two

McGarrett goes off on the idea of letting Ling attend the circus with his grandson. Jonathan gives him no choice but McGarrett offers no guarantees. The protection plan begins with "a wrong day announcement" where it's released he'll go on Thursday but attends on Tuesday instead. McGarrett paces his office barking what he needs as Frank (Douglas Mossman) takes notes. Chin is to get a hold of blueprints for the "HIC Arena" while they discuss the planted bomb angle with Danno suggesting "K-9 corps". McGarrett tells the team he wants a list of names and addresses for all employees, technical crew, anyone with normal access to HIC Arena along with full bios of all the circus acts.

Danno and Chin go to speak to Mitch while he's trying to get everything done in short order because the opening is in three days. They have to level with him to a point saying they need lists of workers and performers for VIP security on Thursday night. When Mitch realizes the VIP is Ling, he becomes excited for national coverage but Danno reins him in saying coverage has to wait until everything is all over. Mitch cooperates taking them to the office to hand over the information they need.

The meetings between Ling and U.S. officials take place for real as Ling states his case through an interpreter (Victor K.B. Young) saying the U.S. is slandering the Chinese and deeds go further than rhetoric. Jonathan leads the U.S. delegation and requests a brief recess with Ling agreeing. During the recess, Danno runs into the Palace and pulls McGarrett out of the room. There are some notables worth checking out: Otto Barth, a.k.a Zoltan (Johann Strasser) "tames lions inside the ring, the ladies out," Paul Stanwick who works as a laborer and is a lousy drunk with two arrests and the Reynaldos who are seeking asylum in the U.S. from Cuba. Ling's initial interpreter overhears part of the conversation when he steps out to light another cigarette. Mr. Chien then asks for a copy of the report, which McGarrett reluctantly grants.

Chien later passes the copy to Wo Fat's accomplice. Meanwhile, workers keep at it to prepare for the circus' opening night. Mitch pages Zoltan, Stanwick and the Reynaldos to the front office. Zoltan and Stanwick show up but the Reynaldos are nowhere to be found, out sightseeing.

Juan and Miguel actually meet with Wo Fat who mentioned Enrico, a "mutual friend" in Havana who forges documents. Juan and Miguel have swapped places with their father and uncle in order to seek freedom. They know what they're doing because the real Reynaldos taught them all they knew. Wo Fat wants Juan and Miguel to assist him in taking out Ling, otherwise he will make life difficult for the Reynaldo family left behind.

Act Three

Workers keep at it as the Reynaldos return from their jaunt and go to their dressing room where they try to figure out a plan. Danno and Chin show up knocking on the door. Danno tries a direct approach confirming they entered the U.S. on the 17th and that they've applied for political asylum. He asks them how things are in Cuba, as far as the violence and the status of family and friends. Anyone they know have been imprisoned due to involvement with underground protest movements. He rattles their cage trying to see if they're hiding something and of course they are. Neither Juan nor Miguel trust the police much with their prior background but Danno and Chin know something is amiss.

Wo Fat visits a bicycle shop where he ruffles the hair of a young boy (Eric Ryan) being given instructions by Rikoto. Once the boy leaves, he closes shop turning his full attention to Wo Fat who hands over some unique plans to be kept secret and needs to be ready by Thursday.

Danno and Chin report back to McGarrett's office where they run down what they discovered: Zoltan is tamed by marriage and Stanwick is a calmer individual with no firearms. They then move onto the Reynaldos who seemed overly nervous to both Danno and Chin who says they're hiding something based on his gut and 20 plus years of police experience. McGarrett sets Frank on sending a cable to Interpol about the Reynaldos and any cities they've worked marking it "priority one".

At the next session of meetings, McGarrett approaches Ling about the plan for their circus trip. McGarrett tells him he'll attend this afternoon or never, which Ling reluctantly agrees to cooperate due to security measures. Chien is left wondering what to do next.

HPD arrives at HIC Arena with two K-9 bomb-sniffing dogs. They meet up with a third one inside waiting for the floor and seating areas to be cleared. They work their way around the arena to ensure there are no bombs. The Reynaldos step out of their dressing room and notice the dogs right away. When they go back, Wo Fat's accomplice is ready for them with a wooden box: the bicycle is set up to kill!

Act Four

The motorcade carrying ling and his grandson arrive at HIC Arena as the Juan and Miguel continue with their struggle but Juan has a plan. The grand parade is in five minutes and they ready for that. Outside, McGarrett walks with Ling, Chien and the grandson to ensure the tight security.

Inside, crowds pour in as the circus closes in on its opening. The entourage finds their seats as Mitch gives Danno a tough time in the light booth about bringing Ling on Tuesday rather than Thursday. McGarrett checks in with Danno and Chin who stands by with one of the dogs to check people as they enter the arena. Danno ensures two guys are positioned by the electrical box at all times while Frank checks in reporting SWAT officers are every 50 feet on the periphery. The lights go down and the circus begins as Danno pulls out his night vision scope to keep an eye on Ling and his entourage. Meantime, one of the dogs signals on some explosives in a prop causing Chin to stop the Reynaldos before their entrance to the grand parade. As well, Wo Fat moves freely around the circus dressed as an Arena worker. His accomplice is in place too pretending to be a vendor as the circus commences with various acts.

Wo Fat checks on the Reynaldos nonchalantly moving a piece of furniture their way while everyone keeps their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. The Reynaldos go into their high wire act including the bicycle. Once the focus is off of them, they put together the rifle but aim it at Wo Fat who has backup plans including yelling about the Reynaldos having a gun, his accomplice and Chien! Chaos breaks out as people stampede for the door as Wo Fat calmly walks away to hand off a gun to his accomplice. About to fire, McGarrett kicks the gun out of the accomplice's grip and tackles him to the floor. Whoever hasn't cleared out, does so now. McGarrett starts to take the accomplice away as Chien pulls out a gun with the Reynaldos still climbing down but one of the Reynaldos knocks him down as he flies down the wire. When McGarrett picks up Chien, he realizes the Reynaldos were forced into the plan.

Once things calm down, McGarrett and Danno speak to the Reynaldos figuring out Wo Fat is behind the mayhem and having HPD take their statements. Danno begins to put out an APB but McGarrett stops him knowing Wo Fat is long gone.

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