S07E10 - “A Gun For McGarrett” - Plot

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Act One

At Five-O, Jenny (Margaret Sherman) busily unwraps a plaque for McGarrett taking it to him in his office. In the office, he talks to Leland an HPD police officer (Arte McCullough) as Jenny walks in offering her congratulations. McGarrett tells her to put it on the table as he goes back to the case. As Leland dials the phone, there's an explosion in McGarrett's office! Everyone freaks, especially Danno who has to kick the door in multiple times before gaining entry! He yells to call an ambulance and the fire department as Jenny screams.

Later, Bob Sevey is on scene reporting for KGMB-TV. Watching the broadcast are four crime leaders on Oahu with a fifth gentleman (Ivor Barry) standing by the television. Sevey reports McGarrett and HPD Officer Leland Opaha were in the office at the time of the explosion. Danno has no time for Sevey's questions so Sevey tries to enter the office with the cameraman following but Frank (Douglas Mossman) stops that from happening as well. The gentleman gloats about McGarrett being no more as he turns off the TV. Tanaka (Rudolfo Aquino) wants to know how he's going to make them all rich. The man asks his assistant Tony (John A. Gracciano) to set up the exhibit: a map of Oahu with an overlay showing the different territories of these bosses. S.N. Savage's plan is "expansion" as he explains to Mr. Meer (Jim Demarest) he doesn't want anything from existing operations. But he does want 35 percent of profits earned from new enterprises. Kim wants to talk about it as Tony flips another overlay showing Oahu evenly split about the four bosses. Savage says Oahu wouldn't be the only island mentioning Maui and the Big Island. The phone rings: it's for Meer with bad news. They turn on the TV again and while one was killed in the explosion, it wasn't McGarrett! Meer is very unhappy ripping the overlays off the map threatening Savage if he steps into his territory, he'll end him. The other three bosses leave shortly after with egg on Savage's face. Stepping outside watching the bosses leave, Savage tells Tony Meer is a problem with Tony nodding in agreement.

McGarrett rests in a hospital bed as a nurse double-checks his IV line. Danno quietly enters with the nurse whispering to not stay long. Once McGarrett wakes up, they discuss what they have so far, which is a whole lot of nothing. McGarrett knows the plaque had to be made somewhere, then someone hollowed it then another to arm it. Danno suspects someone who isn't local but McGarrett wants a computer run on bombers anyway because hey, it's still a bomb.

Meer arrives home as Tony spies from the back. Meanwhile, Chin arrives with a list of bombing M.O.s from the computer. The last name on the list is Sig Meer who is more likely to throw dynamite through a window but McGarrett wonders if he's hanging with "some fancier cats". Danno and Chin leave to go bring Meer in and they arrive at his place a short time later. When they knock on the door a girl (Debra Ann Parker) answers in a near panic leading them to the pool where Meer is face down and dead.

The other three bosses return to Savage's house where he's expecting them.

Act Two

Danno walks into McGarrett's office such as it is with repairs commencing. Nothing new on Meer's hit with the bullet still in ballistics. Danno wants to classify it as a routine gangland slaying, mostly because none of Meer's people are talking instead "heading for the high grass". McGarrett has an instinct the two incidents, his office bombing and Meer's hit, are connected and that's because Danno said it didn't look local. McGarrett wants to know who's new in town and the issue "pushed". Danno leaves to do that commenting whoever is behind it knows how to "wreck an office".

At Savage's house, he discusses McGarrett with Kim who tells him the bosses agreed to their deal based on the promise McGarrett would be wasted. Savage tells him every conventional way to eliminate McGarrett has been tried and failed. His plan is to wait until McGarrett is off his guard and out from behind the major army guarding him. Kim wants to know a specific time but Savage is evasive about specifics rather wanting to concentrate on their current ventures.

A bomb is thrown through a door causing a massive explosion. Chin and Frank report it was a travel agency in Waikiki and fortunately, the place was vacant and there were no causalities. Danno says there will be next time but McGarrett says there won't be a next time. This was an announcement to "pay up or be blown up" and "shut up". They discuss the fact they need someone willing to stand up and be "a hero" to let them know who's trying to move into Waikiki. McGarrett sends the team out to talk to all the managers, owners, anyone with a business along the beach willing to talk to them. Danno, Chin and Frank hit the streets talking to everyone they can.

As the team beats the streets, McGarrett receives a phone call from a Marni Howard (Carol White) of Kapiolani Galleries. He walks out meeting Danno at the door reporting they struck out, not a single hero from the boat harbor to the aquarium. "What would you say to a heroine?" "Huh?" McGarrett calls for Chin too as they leave to meet Marni.

Four Five-O officers arrive at Marni's business where the fourth guy covers the back on Chin's signal. McGarrett and Danno step inside where they introduce themselves and talk with her. She doesn't believe the guy was a crank caller and she answers all their questions the best she can. The first payment of $2500 is to be ready tomorrow afternoon and she expects more payments of larger amounts. She verifies she and her shop were threatened if she refused to comply. She explains to them she bought the shop three months ago and has sunk all of her savings into it. She can neither afford the payments or to be frightened, it's why she called. McGarrett hands her his card telling her when he calls again, to call McGarrett immediately.

Frank meets a snitch named Yosh (Jack Morris) at the zoo with a possible bit of information. Yosh tells Frank Meer attended some big meetings with "Kim the Korean," Tanaka, Lin Choy (Gerald Lau) and someone else but Yosh is unable to get a name because the guy is "a stranger". Yosh goes on to say he's a European with muscle.

At Five-O, Danno has the results of the Marni's background: she's legit buying the business three months before and is who she says she is. Afterward, Frank walks in with his information: Meer met three times last week with the other three big cats and a European. McGarrett tells him to shoot an inquiry to Interpol to see if they have anything. The phone buzzes: it's Marni telling him the man has contacted her again. He gives her instructions on what to do next. She hangs up the phone with Tony standing right there! Tony trashes the shop then proceeds to beat her up in the back room!

Frank radios into McGarrett that Marni has been taken to Queen's Hospital after being beaten up by an unknown assailant. McGarrett says they'll meet her there. At the hospital, Marni is bruised and shaken up explaining what happened. A nurse walks in saying there's a phone call for McGarrett: it's Savage! He tells McGarrett this is but a taste of what happens when a "client goes to the authorities".

Act Three

McGarrett is at Marni's house wanting to station men around the property. She wants him to call her Marni and he wants her to call immediately if she feels threatened, such at around 7:30 p.m. every evening. The flirtation continues for a bit with McGarrett playing along agreeing to call her at 7:00 p.m. Monday.

Frank and Yosh meet again with a name: something "Singer" who is a hit man from the mainland. He's known to be very expensive because he's very accurate. Frank gives Yosh more cash to nail down the name.

Danno briefs it's Hugh Bensinger (George Herman) he's believed to be responsible for 18 gangland killings over the last seven years but nothing has been proven. McGarrett wants the hit man found, tailed and not to be lost.

Monday evening, McGarrett and Marni have dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. Marni shares her background as her father died in Indonesia six years ago and her mother is married to a sheepherder in New Zealand. Marni arrived in Hawaii about a year and a half earlier. Chin sits at the bar keeping a close eye on McGarrett and Marni. She guesses he's a Capricorn and segways into finding out about his regular schedule, which he obliges to a point. He walks her into her house where she pours a drink telling him she expected more of a robot. As she's about to take a drink, a shadow outside the window startles her but it's only Chin keeping up his watch! McGarrett bids her good night kissing her and leaves.

The next morning, a cab arrives at Savage's house, it's Bensinger. Yosh points him out to Frank as they sit across the street. Yosh takes off as Frank goes to the back of the house to take pictures of the meet.

Later, Frank has the developed pictures in McGarrett's office. Frank points out Bensinger but he wonders if the other is the "mysterious European". McGarrett tells him to put it on the photo fax to Interpol and they want an identification, "top priority".

Later, McGarrett goes to meet Savage showing him the photograph. Savage says it's not good and claims to be a man named Dempster in Hawaii on vacation. McGarrett isn't fooled for one second telling Savage he's going to spend the rest of his life in Oahu State for murder. As he leaves, McGarrett takes off Tony's sunglasses in order to get a good look at his face. After McGarrett leaves, Marni steps in from another room! Savage tells her it's time to end this once and for all.

Act Four

A cab arrives at Savage's house to pick up Marni as they're trying to be sneaky. However, McGarrett and Danno are sneakier in the Marquis Brougham watching her leave in the cab! As Danno starts the car, McGarrett radios to Frank to tail Marni because she asked too many questions! Later, back in McGarrett's office, he says it is Savage's M.O. all the way: two part operation to knock the mark off their guard. McGarrett suspects Savage, Marni and Bensinger are plotting as they talk. Danno says it is still a theory and not enough arrest anyone but McGarrett feels by the time they prove the theory he'll be dead.

Frank follows Marni to the firearms permitting office. With her paperwork in hand, Marni goes to a gun shop where she looks over a few pistols. The clerk (Edward M. Shonk) helps her out asking if it's for protection. He gives her some paperwork to fill out as the phone rings: it's McGarrett telling the clerk some specific instructions.

in the afternoon, Marni is with Savage and Bensinger scoping out the park where McGarrett jogs. She tells Bensinger McGarrett jogs there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which are opposite days McGarrett jogs! Bensinger plans to make the kill on Wednesday. As they drive away, Chin and Frank head in a different direction.

In McGarrett's office, they discuss the area the trio cased: Kapiolani Park Rose Garden. Feeling a set up, McGarrett tells Chin and Frank to stay on them.

Wednesday morning, Bensinger is set up lounging in the grass and sitting by a tree. Chin radios into McGarrett saying Bensinger keeps looking at his watch. McGarrett knows he has false information because he doesn't jog on Wednesday. McGarrett wonders if Bensinger is supposed to have the wrong day. As Bensinger sits and waits, Tony puts himself into position with a scoped rifle and shoots Bensinger dead as Chin and Frank keep watch!

Back in McGarrett's office, he wonders if he had things backwards believing Marni was the decoy and Bensinger the "heavy artillery". In reality, it could be she's the "heavy artillery". The phone rings: it's Marni saying there's a man outside her house. Her phone call confirms she is indeed the "heavy artillery". McGarrett sighs, "too bad" and takes the team to her house.

McGarrett arrives alone at Marni's house and enters looking for her. Danno and Chin back him up from across the street. As he looks into a small room, she sneaks in behind with a loaded gun and fires several times but the rounds are blanks! McGarrett tells her she's in it up to her eyeballs and could go to prison for the better years of her life. However, he offers her a chance to help them by telling Savage McGarrett is dead. Savage in turn tells her to call the police and let them know she killed McGarrett thinking he was a prowler.

Savage sits at the table in his house with the three bosses sharing the good news. Back at Marni's McGarrett and Danno walk out with Marni passing her off to another officer and a policewoman to "book her" before they take off for Savage's house. McGarrett radios Chin to verify everyone is still at the house. He tells Chin as soon as they pass, fall in with HPD. Arriving at Savage's house, Danno parks the Marquis Brougham in such a way no one can leave! The guys outside try to run for it but between Danno yelling at them and HPD officers surrounding them, they're not going anywhere. Meantime, McGarrett, Danno, Chin and Frank break in with other HPD officers to arrest everyone at the meeting! Savage is booked by Danno for "murder one, two counts" and everybody else as accessories "for starters".

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