S07E05 - “We Hang Our Own” - Plot

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Act One

A young man (Perry King) drives his pickup from a field onto the backside of an airport stopping for a Hawaiian Airlines jet to land. A security guard finally stops him until he realizes he's a Farraday and lets him continue driving across the runway. He's there to pick up his little brother Cam (Bruce Boxleitner) returning after graduation. Cam asks about the colonel (Leslie Nielsen) who is still the same. They leave the airport as the older brother makes arrangements to get Cam's luggage.

Early evening, they stop at the Punatali where Amos (Charley Bent) welcomes Cam after not seeing him for a long time. Jay, the older brother, tells Amos they're in a hurry and s they're about to order a drink Cam notices a waitress (Elissa Dulce) across the room. Cam walks to her as they get reacquainted but she has to tell him something but he doesn't want to hear it making some moves on her. Meanwhile, a man (Gerald Nuuhiwa Wailae) enters the bar looking for Carmen as Amos lies to him saying he'll look. Jay walks to him and says she went out back. Jay then tells Amos in a loud voice to forget the beer and to tell Cam he's waiting out front. Out back, the man flies into a rage seeing Cam and Carmen kissing after not seeing each other for two years. The men fight after the man slaps Carmen to the point Cam is in a mud puddle and Carmen screaming at Larry to make him stop. Jay watches from behind some foliage as Larry bats Cam into submission. He and Carmen then leave as Jay walks towards his brother who collapses into the puddle.

In Honolulu, McGarrett and Chin walk out of court as Danno runs up with an inter-island message from Hilo: Cam Farraday died as a result of a beating, suspect Lawrence Edward Kahela. The issue is Captain Ohano (James J. Nishimura) is dealing with a big fish in a little pond and doesn't want to make "any false moves" as he requests Five-O to back him up. McGarrett sends Danno and Chin over telling Danno not to allow Colonel Farraday to intimidate anyone.

On the Big Island, the minister (David Awa Kauka Kaapu) presides over Cam's funeral with a private burial on the ranch. After the ceremony, Jay and the colonel drive back to the house. As they enter the house, the colonel wants Jay to go over the whole story again. Jay tells him they stopped at the bar, claiming it was Cam's idea to stop then Carmen walked in and Cam followed her outside. Jay then says he went outside finding Cam in the mud as Carmen and Larry ran off. Jay then checked his brother and not seeing any breathing, he ran back inside and had Amos call the police. Jay says it only adds up one way: Larry killed Cam. The colonel then calls the Waimea Police with Sergeant Chong (Alvin E. Chong) answering the phone: the colonel wants to speak to the captain. Captain Ohano explains the preliminary hearing will be tomorrow in front of Judge Hing (Masanori Kushi) with the captain expecting Larry to be charged with manslaughter but the colonel wants murder! The colonel slams the phone down in disgust before coming to the conclusion that Jay will have to take over now that Cam is dead. He warns Jay it's tougher than it looks, to run the ranch and it's not just about ranch work it takes smarts too. The colonel is very unhappy about what happened to Cam and he rants about the courts better rule Cam's death a murder.

Danno calls into McGarrett reporting he's talked to both Larry and Carmen but she wasn't much help. However, Larry claims Cam was alive when he left him. Chin briefs the coroner's report: no medical examiner there but the autopsy was performed at a local hospital with cause of death being cerebral hemorrhage from being hit in the back of the head probably caused by a wheel rim found at the crime scene. McGarrett tells Chin to send it to Che (Harry Endo) in the lab and to "stick around" for the preliminary hearing expecting to see them tomorrow.

At the preliminary hearing, Carmen testifies she didn't know how to tell Cam she was married then the fight started between Larry and Cam. As she talks, Colonel Farraday walks in taking a seat in the back disrupting the court as everyone turns to look. Larry then testifies saying the last time he saw Cam he was on his hands and knees in the puddle and Larry stopped because he felt like his hand was broken. He and Carmen then ran away but he says Cam was alive when they left. Jay then takes the stand saying when he reached Cam; he was on his back and not moving. Judge Hing then gives his ruling: there are sufficient grounds for a trial and that Larry committed the offense. Judge Hing orders Larry be tried for manslaughter much to the disgust of Colonel Farraday who sulks out of the courtroom.

As they walk out, Colonel Farraday rants to Pete (Joseph K. Papilimu) about the court's decision and how Larry could be out in one to two years and kill again on a whim. As they drive away, Larry's lawyer posts bond for him in an empty courtroom.

Later that night, a truck pulls up to the Kahela house with two guys getting out but only one goes to the front door. The man lures Larry to the truck saying someone is in the truck who saw the fight and wants to help, being on Larry's side. Larry goes out but three of them including Pete drag him into the truck and take off. Carmen looks around but doesn't see anything until it's too late but she sees the truck drive off.

Act Two

McGarrett arrives on the Big Island briefed by Danno they checked everywhere and talked to everyone they can think for Larry including his wife. They also checked the airports and harbors to see if he's left or was taken off the island but this doesn't seem to be the case. Chin adds it appears Larry was kidnapped and Colonel Farraday is the only one with a motive to do it. They haven't spoken to the colonel yet rather to wait for McGarrett to broach the subject with him. Captain Ohano says the colonel is perfectly capable of taking someone and administering his own justice and is most likely on his ranch somewhere.

Captain Ohano drives the Five-O team out to the ranch where they find the gate locked but they're in luck as three riders approach. McGarrett immediately shows his badge only to get a smart aleck response from Jay. McGarrett tells him straight: he'll see the colonel now or they'll be back in two hours with a search warrant! Jay radios Colonel Farraday who allows it but wants McGarrett to come alone. When Jay opens the gate he opens it to allow McGarrett in but slams it on Danno and Chin! He then smirks telling McGarrett the colonel is in the stallion barn, which is five miles away on foot but three on a horse. McGarrett loosens his tie saying he'll ride. Jay puts him on Frank's (Alton Joseph Lopaka) palomino horse. Jay leads him across the ranch.

McGarrett and Jay arrive at the stallion barn where the colonel is inspecting a stud with Pete. Colonel Farraday tells McGarrett he has five minutes and McGarrett gets to the point asking what he knows about Larry's disappearance. Colonel Farraday doesn't even remember Larry's full name until Jay says "he did in Cam" but McGarrett isn't buying the routine. He tells the colonel he's still under the auspices of the State of Hawaii whether he likes it or not. McGarrett is in no mood for the colonel's "rich and powerful" games warning him if he has Larry to release him immediately or "suffer the consequences". The colonel does give McGarrett permission to search the ranch but only after securing a search warrant but for now, his five minutes are expired. As McGarrett leaves, Colonel Farraday tells Pete to saddle the horses.

The colonel, Jay and Pete ride to where they are keeping Larry prisoner on the ranch. Pete grabs Larry and forces him to stand when Colonel Farraday wants to know what really happened. Larry says he's already said what happened with Cam and stays with his story that Cam was alive when he left him but the colonel isn't buying it. He decides they'll hold their own hearing to determine Larry's fate.

McGarrett returns to the gate where he tells Danno he struck out. They're next move is to see a judge as Captain Ohano backs out to the highway. Later, McGarrett slams the warrant on Captain Ohano's desk where they decide McGarrett will serve the warrant but he could uses some cars and men. Captain Ohano can spare two cars and six men. McGarrett tells him to have them ready first thing in the morning.

In the middle of a field, Jay tells the story of how Larry and Carmen took off and he found Cam lying on his back not moving. The colonel pronounces Larry guilty of first-degree murder even as Larry protests, there's nothing he can do. The colonel then tells Pete to feed Larry and give him a bible. Afterwards, they ride to the house when the colonel asks Pete who knows about Kahela: the three of them, Louie (Randolph B. Nakoa) and Frank. The colonel wants kept that way. When Jay asks what the plans are, "I'm gonna hang him".

Act Three

Sergeant Chong calls Colonel Farraday once everything is quieted at the police station about the impending warrant the next morning.

The next morning, McGarrett, Danno, Chin and six Hilo PD officers show up at the ranch with warrant in hand. Danno drives to the gate stopping momentarily as he and McGarrett know they're expected. They keep driving the three-car convoy to the house where McGarrett gives instructions to not be provoked because they're on the property thanks to a court order. McGarrett knocks on the door where the servant (Robert Napeahi) answers allowing them in. Inside the house, they take a look around noticing the painting on the wall of Isaiah Jeremiah Farraday. As McGarrett and Chin admire the painting, Colonel Farraday walks in. McGarrett serves the warrant as Danno and Chin begin the search and McGarrett suspects they're too late.

Outside, Hilo PD officers search the grounds, stables and barns. Back inside the house, McGarrett and the colonel spar again with McGarrett reminding the colonel about the law. Captain Ohano walks in giving the bad news of nothing found. They police leave and as they drive out Colonel Farraday radios Jay to move Larry.

McGarrett, Danno and Chin arrive at the hotel where Carmen talks to McGarrett saying she clearly remembers now that Cam was still alive when they left him so even if Larry killed Cam, it wasn't intentional. She asks if he knows what happened to Larry and while he doesn't know right now, he's confident they'll find out. Meantime, Danno and Chin have found Che who flew in from Honolulu. McGarrett has Chin escort Carmen out as he, Danno and Che find a quiet corner. Che reports while Cam hit his head on the steel rim, it wasn't hard enough to be fatal. Instead, there's another wound that is deeper and has a different shape from the rim: the fatal blow was inflicted! It is murder one because the wound wouldn't be as deep if it was from a fall and that means another object is at the fight scene. McGarrett tells Danno to gather Chin, Captain Ohano and his men to take another look at the fight scene.

McGarrett leads the men to the fight scene where Captain Ohano shows them the path Cam took. When he reaches the site where Cam fell, he finds a rock of similar weight and puts himself into the killer's shoes: not much time to make Cam's death look like the result of the fight so he throws the rock. That's their starting radius and they begin searching. They search for awhile as Captain Ohano finally finds it with Che optimistic about pulling fingerprints off it but he'll have to take it back to Honolulu. McGarrett wants to know the minute he finds anything.

At the ranch, Colonel Farraday rants about being "an anachronism" before ordering Jay to double lock the gates and make sure there's a guard on each one that night. He says they'll do what they must at first light.

Act Four

In the laboratory in Honolulu, Che is able by some miracle to lift some prints calling Ben with the news. At 7:30 a.m. McGarrett paces in Captain Ohano's office as the phone rings. Ben has sent the print to NCIC and should hear back any minute. McGarrett tells him they're heading to the ranch and to call as soon as something comes in. He then tells Chin to alert the airport to warm up the helicopter.

At the ranch, a couple of the men grab Larry who demands to know where he's being taken. They ride through a field. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno arrive at the airport with the helicopter running and a call into the car: Ben contacts McGarrett with an identity on the prints. They belong to Jay Farraday!

The ride for Larry continues as they arrive at the hanging tree. Larry pleads with Colonel Farraday as he says he only wanted Cam to pay and didn't mean to kill him. Colonel Farraday isn't interested and begins reading from his bible as helicopter rotors are heard closing in. As the helicopter lands, Pete hesitates in hanging Larry with McGarrett, Danno and Captain Ohano jumping out to stop the lynching. McGarrett grabs the noose as Danno and the Hilo officers help Larry down and untie him. McGarrett explains Larry didn't kill Cam but they know who did, somebody who watched the fight and moved in once Larry and Carmen were gone: Jay. McGarrett tells them they found the rock with the blood and fingerprints on it but when he tells Danno to "book him Danno, murder one" Jay aims his rifle at the officers. The colonel decides to take matters into his own hands again being every way ticked off at Jay finally disarming and slapping him. He then threatens to shoot Jay but McGarrett talks him into giving up the rifle as the colonel tosses it to McGarrett who then tosses it to Danno. McGarrett orders Colonel Farraday be booked too: for kidnapping! The dust settles as the noose swings in the wind.

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