S07E06 - “Right Grave, Wrong Body” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)

Act One

Cemetery workers unbury multiple coffins to move the burials. As the backhoe digs up another grave, one of the workers puts a halt to al the work because he sees bones! The other workers carefully hand dig uncovering an entire skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull!

Danno arrives on scene with Chin, Ben, the lab technicians, HPD and an ambulance already there. The lab guys sift through the dirt trying to recover as many bones as possible. Chin briefs it looks like a .45 caliber in pretty rough shape but they should be able to get a make on it. As another scoop of dirt goes into the sifter, something is found: a bracelet with the name 'Jess Kaneko' on it.

At the morgue, Doc (Al Eben) confirms his identity as Jess Kaneko through dental records from Oahu State Prison. McGarrett asks how long he's been dead with Doc answering, based on the bone dryness and root growth of the grass, about five years. McGarrett recalls the Oahu National Bank robbery was about five years ago with $250,000 taken as the three robbers wound up in a shootout with HPD. Only two were arrested: Danno remembers Al Triplett and Duke Skelly. McGarrett says the third guy, Kaneko, wound up with the loot because the three were known associates. Danno wonders where the money is because it's not in the cemetery, HPD has already looked. McGarrett offers Kaneko had to fight yet someone else for the money. The phone rings: Che (Harry Endo) calls McGarrett that he has something he should see. McGarrett and Danno head to the laboratory.

In the lab, Che briefs a .38 caliber killed Kaneko as he shows them the bullet from Kaneko and one recovered from a liquor store robbery a month before and they match. Danno says it happened on Hotel Street and it's still open. McGarrett tells him to contact Nick (Dan Kamekona) to "get the records from HPD". McGarrett runs it down: a gun used to kill five years before suddenly reappears. Chin wonders where the gun's been for five years and Ben asks about what happened with the money. McGarrett tells Che to run the ballistics through the computer to see if it's been used in any other crime during the last five years. He then tells Chin and Ben he wants the book on Kaneko and to "hit it hard".

A man (William Watson) walks down the street entering a liquor store. Placing a couple of items on the counter, he pulls a gun on the clerk (Sidney Wong) telling to put the cash in a bag with no change. A woman (Marika Yamato) emerges from the back and the man shoots at her but misses. However, the clerk pulls his own gun and is shot. An HPD officer (Charles Cioffi) patrols Hotel Street seeing the man walk out of the liquor store with a paper bag then jog down the street. The man breaks into a full run as the officer gives chase ducking into an alley taking a pair of shots at the officer.

In the lab, Che briefs the same gun used five years ago to kill Kaneko and the clerk last month killed Chun Hoy that morning in another holdup. McGarrett asks Danno to see if Mrs. Hoy is up for coming in and if so, to send a car for her.

Mrs. Hoy is brought into McGarrett's office where Danno works with her on a portrait of the holdup man using the Identi-Kit. It contains hundreds of sketches of facial features and should be helpful in giving police a face they can search for. They have a face from a witness less than a month before and although it looks mostly like him, Mrs. Hoy says the hair and chin were different. Danno puts together a new face with those changes and she says the lips are wrong and those changes are made. Another change with the nose and she's sure it's the man she saw then she remembers his glasses having thick lenses. McGarrett escorts her to Chin who helps her to the car. He turns to Danno who says there are big differences in the two faces but McGarrett says they have one constant: the thick lenses in his glasses and it's not something he can change. The phone buzzes: Jenny (Peggy Ryan) says Sergeant Lyman has arrived. Sergeant Lyman is the same HPD officer who chased the suspect earlier. When they show him the faces, they ask him if he's the suspect he chased earlier but he says no. They lay it out for Sergeant Lyman: the gun has been used in two liquor stores holdups and was used five years ago to kill a bank robber. McGarrett tells Danno to send Mrs. Hoy's description to the NCIC computer and distribute copies in HPD so that everyone knows what he looks like. Sergeant Lyman stays for a spell talking to McGarrett.

That night, Sergeant Lyman can't sleep and carefully gets out of the bed at 2:10 a.m. not waking his wife (Josie Over). He makes his way to the kitchen where he pours himself a drink only to have the lights turned on by his wife who asks what he's doing. When he answers he's having a drink, she joins him refusing to go back to bed until he tells her what's wrong. Marge won't stop until he tells her what's going on and he leads her to the garage. He pulls out a locked toolbox revealing a whole bunch of cash under the tool tray. He explains he had just gotten off shift that night when a guy passes him at excessive speed, so fast he spins out on a curve on Mauna Loa Road. The guy then jumps out with a suitcase shooting at Sergeant Lyman who returned fire, killing the guy. The suitcase then bursts open with money spilling everywhere. Sergeant Lyman then picks up the money, buries the guy and heads home hiding the money because it "was too late to turn it in". The problem now is that the gun Sergeant Lyman lost three years ago in a separate case is being used in all the liquor store holdups killing two so far. Sergeant Lyman plans to find the gun before anyone else does.

Act Two

The holdup man walks into a bar where a woman (Carol Kai) smiles at him and approaches. When the holdup guy asks who it is, she answers, "a deserving war vet". He then tells the guy to get lost or he's dead as he takes her to a booth. They pick up where they left off four, five years before. A bum (Lippy Espinda) stumbles in making his way to Kelly, the woman smooching on the holdup guy. Cass the bum tries to talk her into loaning him some money but she tells him no with the holdup man backing her up in a threatening manner. Cas makes his way to the bar asking for half a shot dumping all the change his has on the bar.

Chin and Ben walk into McGarrett's office saying HPD came up "negative on the Identi-Kits". Chin goes on to say no one recognizes the guy so he has no local record or he's new to the islands. McGarrett suggests checking with Washington on the gun and they leave to get on it. Danno reports nothing from the NCIC computer: no match to the face. McGarrett tacks the picture on the corkboard next to the first.

Sergeant Lyman hits the streets in plain clothes ducking into an alley eventually finding Cas and shows him the second picture of the holdup man HPD is looking for. Sergeant Lyman pulls out some cash paying him $50 telling Cas he's the only cop he says anything to.

The holdup guy stalks the street again entering another liquor store with the clerk turning around to see the gun pointed at him. The clerk moves to the register where the holdup man gives him the same instructions, fill the bag with the bills and forget the change. The clerk steps on a silent alarm as he empties the register and fights back throwing a display at the guy before making a run for it. The holdup guy jumps the counter taking what cash he can before the police surround the place. Ducking out back, he shoots an HPD officer before running away.

Later at the scene, McGarrett and Danno work up yet another face from the clerk who does the best he can under the circumstances. McGarrett tells Ben to get the clerk's statement as he and Danno discuss the portrait, maybe they can get a name this time.

At the bar, the holdup guy and Kelly sit in their booth as Cas sits at the bar looking over at them. The holdup guy feels Cas' gaze and realizes he has a problem.

In McGarrett's office, Chin reports their suspect has been busy on the mainland based on ballistics report from Washington. There are four unsolved murder-robberies from New York to Texas over the last three years. McGarrett says another has been added to the list: Officer Kiko was killed with the same gun. Danno walks in with more bad news, nothing in NCIC for the new face, "our three suspects just don't exist". McGarrett is kind of done with the multiple faces and decides to look at what they have in common and what's different. The result is yet another face with McGarrett wanting multiple copies run off of the last one and Sergeant Lyman to be brought in to look at all four.

Back on the street, Cas follows the holdup man to Pauahi Hotel. Cas then calls Sergeant Lyman who shows up a short time later. As Sergeant Lyman meets with Cas about to tell him where he stays, the holdup man shoots Cas from the street corner and takes off with Sergeant Lyman giving chase. They have a running firefight through some construction areas with the holdup man jumping to his freedom.

At the morgue, Doc leads Danno and Ben into their latest casualty found that morning near the Pauahi Hotel. He took one in the chest from the same gun causing all the death and destruction. Doc shows them the picture from one of the faces sent around that was found in his pocket. Danno and Ben both recognize him as Cas Eva.

Sergeant Lyman enters McGarrett's office taking another look at the pictures and still claims to not recognize any of them. About to walk out, Sergeant Lyman changes his mind about the fourth portrait but he makes some changes with McGarrett and Danno running with them. McGarrett thanks Sergeant Lyman on his way out.

Act Three

The holdup man enters yet another liquor store as the clerk (Terry Plunkett) takes care of a customer. When the holdup man reaches the counter, he places a six-pack there before pulling the gun and demanding the cash. The clerk fights back shoving the holdup man against a rack, breaking several bottles and dropping the gun on the ground. The pair fight with the clerk being punched falling to the floor. The holdup man returns to the register where he takes all the bills and runs out.

Sergeant Lyman walks through a back way tracking down Louie, another snitch. Louie doesn't want to talk to Sergeant Lyman at first but changes his mind when he pulls out cash. Louie gives him Kelly's name: Kelly Mitsui who 'works out of the Glade".

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the latest robbery scene where they talk to Nick. Nick tells them it looks like the same guy as Chin finds a piece of something on the floor, possibly a piece of a pistol butt. Che analyzes the piece in the lab and finds something was attached: a replica of an HPD badge! At the same time, McGarrett and Danno talk to the clerk who looks at the latest face they have and reverses all the changes Sergeant Lyman made. McGarrett gives the result to Nick to run through NCIC again as Che works on the pattern of rivets in the pistol grip. Che comes up with badge number '848' based on the pattern of rivets. At the scene, an HPD officer tells McGarrett about a patch through: it's Chin reporting on what they figured out.

Sergeant Lyman enters the Glade asking for Kelly giving the bartender a tough time when he resists helping. Meantime, Che briefs about the rivet marks and how they came up with 848. Chin says he asked HPD for the badge numbers of patrolmen going back five years and Nick is on his way with the list. Sergeant Lyman then tracks down Kelly's home address arriving at her apartment and forcing his way in.

In McGarrett's office, Nick informs them there is no patrolman currently who has a badge number ending in 848 and on the force five years ago. McGarrett suddenly remembers badge numbers change as people move up and around. McGarrett wants another readout except this time going back more than five years.

Sergeant Lyman bullies Kelly to give up a name and address: Don Hobart at the Pauahi Hotel. This is after she calls him "a dirty pig" for cornering her.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, they go through the new printout line by line searching for the badge number. Danno finds it: 5848 and it belonged to Sergeant Lyman! McGarrett now knows why Sergeant Lyman gave them a bogus description, to find the killer before they did. McGarrett, Danno and Nick leave to go visit Sergeant Lyman. While they drive, Chin radios McGarrett: Chin reports Sergeant Lyman reported his gun lost three years ago while trying to prevent a warehouse robbery and it was never recovered. He also tells them NCIC finally gave them a positive identification on the Identi-Kit: ex-con Don Hobart. McGarrett orders an APB on Hobart and to get back with him.

Sergeant Lyman arrives at the back of the Pauahi Hotel as McGarrett and Danno visit the Lyman house. Ben walks in with the toolbox from the garage as Marge tells McGarrett her husband is working the "8-to-4 shift". McGarrett tells Ben to stay with her and to call HPD to come pick up the money. McGarrett says he's sorry about how this has turned out because he considers Sergeant Lyman a good cop but also a good friend. McGarrett also says if she needs anything, to call him. Danno walks in reporting HPD has spotted Sergeant Lyman's car near Smith and Hotel Street. They take off.

Sergeant Lyman goes upstairs to Hobart's hotel room kicking the door in. He begins searching for the gun making more disaster in an already trashed room. Downstairs, McGarrett and Danno arrive at the hotel screeching the tires as they do so. They stop and talk to the front desk, as Sergeant Lyman knows he's now cornered. Sirens are heard as HPD closes in with Chin and Nick arriving to cover the back. Sergeant Lyman makes a fateful decision with a gunshot heard by McGarrett and Danno downstairs. They rush upstairs and into Hobart's room only to find Sergeant Lyman dead beside the bed. Chin and Nick show up with Hobart cuffed and the gun finally recovered. "Book him Danno. Murder one, three counts".

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