S07E05 - “Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?” - Plot

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Act One

The Honorable Harlan Henderson (William Windom) and his secretary (Lynne Ellen Hollinger) work on paperwork at his residence. When he discovers there's a file he needs, the secretary offers to retrieve it from the office and he tosses her the keys. As she walks out to the car, she says "good morning" to the gardener then settles in including opening the gate by remote. A man (Beau Van Den Ecker) sits in a car watching from across the street as the secretary enters the key to turn over the engine only to be blown up! The man across the street takes off as the gardener is thrown against the fence.

HPD and Five-O responds to the scene as HFD is already there. Chin meets McGarrett and Danno when they arrive saying the bomb exploded about 10:30 a.m. Che (Harry Endo) is also on scene briefing it was "a plastic charge," which means the bomber knew what he was doing. As they walk inside, Chin tells McGarrett there were only a few servants on the premises and Ben's questioning them now. McGarrett wants Chin to give him a hand and he spins on his heel.

Inside, Henderson is stunned and says there's no way Miss Evans, the secretary, was the target. Henderson pulls out a threatening note from his top drawer handing it to McGarrett who wants to know when it was received. Henderson says "a few days ago" and didn't give it any merit because public life is rife with "crank notes". Henderson confirms only he, Miss Evans and the servants were in the house; except for Randy (Marc Singer) his son-in-law. He goes on explaining Randy was there to see Kathy (Melody Patterson) who is the senator's daughter and was on Maui visiting friends so Randy was only there for a few minutes. Henderson does say the relationship between he and Randy is strained because Randy blames him for his marriage breakup but the senator doubts Randy would have planted the bomb. As Henderson is the Chairman of the Crime Commission, killing him would send a message to anyone considering turning over state's evidence. McGarrett tells Danno to coordinate around the clock HPD coverage on the senator's house but he balks saying he has an excellent security system in place but McGarrett points out someone got past it and killed Miss Evans.

Once they leave Henderson, McGarrett and Danno meet Chin and Ben who aren't any further along with clues or leads. McGarrett tells Chin to get the book on anyone who has access to the house or grounds, and he means anyone including delivery services, part-time help and especially anyone fired as he wonders about the disgruntled employee angle. He also wants Chin to work with the senator to compile a list of enemies no matter how far back.

As McGarrett, Danno and Ben leave they're met by an HPD Sergeant (Daniel Kamekona) who tells them the gardener noticed a guy in a black car who took off fast as the car exploded. While there's no description of the driver, he was able to note the last three numbers of the plates and it's being run through DMV. At the Park Lane, McGarrett orders the sergeant to put surveillance on the senator when he leaves the grounds and for Danno to track down Randy.

Danno and Ben go to Stelf Construction Company finding Randy. When he asks if the senator was killed, they tell him no but "his secretary wasn't so lucky". Randy is moved by her death and he tells them why he was at the house. As they talk, Danno notices the storage shed for explosives and asks what type they use. When Randy says dynamite with some plastic charges, it puts him at the top of the suspect list.

In the laboratory, Che dusted the note Henderson gave up. There are two sets of fingerprints: Henderson's and Miss Evans'. Che assumes the writer wore gloves but he knows for a fact the pen used was a felt pen. However, the handwriting is beyond his expertise. Che forwarded the note to Dr. Leonard (Winston C.S. Char) at the university and he's waiting on McGarrett. McGarrett leaves to see him.

At the university, Dr. Leonard reports through his analysis that the writer is subject to "uncontrollable and unpredictable moods". Dr. Leonard also warns the person seems collected on the outside but one the inside, the person is about to erupt like a volcano. While he can't tell the sex, Dr. Leonard says the person is left-handed and "a forceful person" with "a very determined mind". Dr. Leonard also says the person wants to be heard, seeking attention.

An HPD officer (Chuck Couch) watches the mystery car make a turn in front of his cruiser. He starts after the car and a high-speed chase ensues with other HPD units providing back up and McGarrett listening into the radio calls closing in on the chase. When the driver becomes cornered, he drives off the cliff in a massive explosion!

Act Two

Firefighters carry the driver away from the scene as McGarrett radios Doc Bergman (Al Eben) and Danno has the "read out" on the car. McGarrett gives Doc a heads up the body is "burned to a crisp" but McGarrett wants something fast. Danno briefs about the car: it was registered to the Sakai-Ferret Corporation. McGarrett recognizes one of the names, Seth Sakai (Seth Sakai) as a syndicate tie-in.

McGarrett and Danno pay Sakai a visit and he tells them he's disappointed expecting them an hour earlier. Sakai identifies the driver as Nick Landis but Sakai claims he didn't have anything to do with the bomb because it wouldn't help him with his cause against the Crime Commission. Sakai sent Landis there to keep an eye on visitors to the senator who decided turning state's evidence was in their best interest. Sakai points out that Nick dying does no one any good because if anyone saw who tinkered with the car, it was Nick.

At the senator's house in the middle of the night, the bomber sets up a bomb in a briefcase. After setting the trigger, the bomber clangs something in the office disturbing Kathy in another room. She goes to check it out only to be hit on the back of the head. Afterward, McGarrett arrives on scene meeting Chin and Ben: the bomb is in the study where McGarrett makes a beeline. Inside, a bomb squad technician completes x-rays/photographs to figure out the wiring as Danno watches. McGarrett walks in after the last picture is developed with McGarrett ordering its removal, which the technician carefully does. Outside, the bomb disposal officer saws into the case in order to disarm the bomb without hopefully shorting out a wire. The bomb disposal officer successfully disarms the bomb in short order.

In McGarrett's office, the case sits on the his desk as Che briefs the only prints found were Henderson's and Miss Evans'. Danno says the components of the bomb are being tracked down to see if they've been sold but it'll take some time. McGarrett wants Che to compare the explosives Randy uses in his construction with those used in the current bomb. Che takes the case to the lab as the phone buzzes. It's the bomber calling in so before the transfer, Danno calls for a trace as McGarrett hits record on the tape player. The caller stays on long enough to say Henderson must pay for what he did and that killing Miss Evans was not intended, she wasn't supposed to die. Because of the lack of time, the trace is unsuccessful but McGarrett and Danno listen to the recording. Now McGarrett wonders what Henderson did that he has to pay for.

Later in McGarrett's office, the chalkboard has been broken out as McGarrett asks the team what they know about the bomber. So far, they know the bomber had access to the house and that includes the servants and Randy. Chin points out the note writer is left-handed and from the call the bomber is seeking revenge. They kick around the revenge motive and how Randy fits the bill perfectly but Danno walks in raining on their parade: Randy isn't capable of a violent act, unable to even fire a gun on the rifle range.

McGarrett takes the recording to Henderson who has no idea what the bomber is talking about. Henderson has looked into his past and unable to think of what occurred that he has to pay for. Kathy interrupts their conversation because several letters have to be signed and sent out. Henderson sits down to take care of them, signing each one in turn. McGarrett notices Henderson is left-handed! As McGarrett leaves, he tells Kathy he's going past the Post Office and takes the letters from her on the premise he'll mail them for her.

McGarrett calls Danno wanting a "complete dossier" on Henderson from Dr. Leonard's office. McGarrett made photocopies of the handwriting to bring the samples to Dr. Leonard. Dr. Leonard gives McGarrett a weird conclusion: the same hand wrote on the envelope as wrote the note but not the same man. Huh?

Act Three

McGarrett walk into Five-O summoning everyone into his office and tells Jenny (Peggy Ryan) to call Che into his office. Danno hands over what he's got so far on Henderson with more coming in. McGarrett makes a phone call to Henderson recording the conversation under the auspices of apologizing for how he treated Henderson that morning. Che walks in after the call saying the explosive comparison doesn't match but the components are military grade, which could have been stolen from any of the bases on Oahu. McGarrett puts Ben on the task of discovering any missing military explosives. McGarrett pulls out the new tape wanting Che to compare the voiceprint from the new recording with that of the mysterious caller threatening Henderson. Danno gives McGarrett a sideways/deer in the headlights look floored by McGarrett's suggestion. Chin backs up Danno, "it doesn't make sense". McGarrett states his case: Henderson's prints were on the case and the note, "easy access" to the house, he's tied to the military with prior demolition experience and current reserve officer and he's ambidextrous with his writing being similar to the note. McGarrett wonders if Henderson has a split personality with one not knowing the other wants him dead, even though the idea is far-fetched. McGarrett wants Jenny to set up an appointment with Dr. Patrick (Linda Ryan) at Queen's Hospital.

In Dr. Patrick's office, she sets up a projector giving McGarrett the short answer of "yes, it's possible". Dr. Patrick asks that Anita Ritchfield (Margaret Anne Mitchell) be sent into the office. Anita, who is nicely dressed with her hair up, enters being introduced to McGarrett and Danno with Dr. Patrick telling her they may be compiling some research material for them. Dr. Patrick then shows them film of the same woman who is a screaming, ratty mess completely out of control screaming about the Resurrection! Dr. Patrick warns her diagnosis is completely hypothetical because she has never met him however, she's done her own homework. The first slide she shows is a picture of Henderson (Geoffrey Thorpe) and his father (Norman E. Dupont) as she explains he grew up a happy child. Dr. Patrick says Henderson looks upon his father in "hero worship" as Roger Henderson was a war hero and had a distinguished career in public service. Roger was killed while cleaning one of his guns in his collection, which makes McGarrett wonder why there would need to be revenge for something out of Henderson's control. Dr. Patrick explains Henderson may be carrying guilt for his father's death but he can't surpass his father in his success, otherwise he'll be killing him again.

When McGarrett and Danno arrive at Henderson's house, Kathy runs out to meet them saying another note has been found. Inside, Danno reads the note as McGarrett, Randy and Kathy stand together. The phone rings: it's Ben calling McGarrett that the HPD tail on the senator lost him! McGarrett is not pleased slamming the phone. McGarrett drops the bomb on Kathy telling her Henderson is trying to kill himself due to "a multiple personality" and neither is conscious of the other. Randy sums it up: "he's trying to kill himself and he doesn't even know it?" The only place they can think Henderson was going was a luncheon appointment at "a Waikiki restaurant". McGarrett and Danno take off but McGarrett calls in an APB on Henderson and his car before squealing out of the driveway. He wants locate and maintain surveillance, no apprehension.

Henderson drives to Waikiki where he puts money into a parking meter and walks away with a portable radio in his hand. An HPD unit finds the car parked but no sign of Henderson and they report to McGarrett. After hanging up the phone, McGarrett tells Chin to contact HPD and concentrate their search area into five to ten blocks. Henderson keeps walking down the street oblivious to the chaos he's causing. Meantime, McGarrett and Danno drive in the Park Lane as McGarrett directs Chin toward Koheo and Ben to come in on the Ala Wai. Henderson walks to the Ilikai Hotel as Danno spots him and McGarrett notices the radio flashing back to the car bomb and the case. McGarrett calls Chin and Ben to converge on the Ilikai fast s they get out of the Park Lane to try to stop Henderson.

Act Four

Henderson walks to the Top of the Ilikai elevator and the doors close before McGarrett and Danno catch up. Henderson enjoys the view as the elevator makes its way up and a woman (Electra Gailas Fair) shares the ride in silence until the car stops suddenly. Watching from the ground, McGarrett says, "get the maintenance engineer. On the double". He directs Ben to evacuate the floor above and below the car before telling Danno to contact the emergency squad and running to the roof.

HFD responds to the call as Ben works with a guy to try to get the elevator moving again. McGarrett and Chin run to the roof trying to assess their position. Danno leads a pair of firefighters carrying ropes to the roof. McGarrett plans to go down telling Danno to order a helicopter so they can fly out the bomb. McGarrett repels down to the car top opening an access hatch. He asks for the radio Henderson is holding but it pushes Henderson's other personality out and he refuses. When they mention the bomb, the woman's last nerve snaps and she becomes hysterical with everything McGarrett has to keep her calm. Henderson flashes back to his father's death and when he accidently shot him with a double barrel shotgun! Henderson's other personality explains Henderson has to pay for what he's done. McGarrett stays on task continuing to ask for the radio saying innocent people could be hurt if the radio isn't turned over. Henderson finally surrenders the radio as Danno flies in on the HPD helicopter. He drops a line to McGarrett who finally catches it and hooks up the radio. Danno takes it out over the Pacific where he drops it into the ocean and it explodes.

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