S07E04 - “Steal Now -- Pay Later” - Plot

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Act One

A semi truck travels in Santa Rosa, California in the middle of the night. The driver (Jerry Donald Boyd) listens to music as goes down the highway when he sees a disabled van off the side of the road. A man (Robert Howard Harker) tells the driver he just broke down and has a sick woman in the back. However, it's a hijacking! With another twist, the driver pulls out a concealed gun telling the hijacker to freeze but he's outgunned three to one and doesn't survive.

In Hawaii, a woman dives into the pool for a quick swim before climbing out to be kissed by a man (Ray Danton) who sits at a table checking the clocks he has set up. At 11:45 a.m. in California, he calls the Oakland Docks to speak to the hijacker. Colby asks Dave if everything is all right, which it is except for one item: serial number XN53921 needs to be taken care of on arrival. Dave never answers the question as to what is wrong with the unit hanging up on Colby. Colby then makes another call to Pacific Warehouse and Storage speaking to a man (Sam M. Peters Jr.) to ensure the item is set aside when it arrives from San Francisco.

Colby later drives out to Diamond Head Tunnel and meets another man (Nephi Hanneman) who has the unit. Colby inspects it himself finding the truck driver stuffed inside. As Colby leaves, he tells the man to "deep-six him".

An HPD unit arrives at the docks where the refrigerator has been pulled up from the water. Meanwhile, McGarrett talks to guy named Lou on the phone about a counterfeiting case where over $100,000 in bills has been confiscated and about to be sent to Treasury. He tells Chin to put it in the safe until Treasury swings by to pick it up and to make sure they get a receipt. As Chin leaves, Danno walks in with the report of the body in the fridge. McGarrett wonders if it was mob hit but Danno says if it is it's a new M.O. due to the guy being stuffed into the fridge, which was brand new with its tag all still on it. The truck driver was Lloyd Donaldson age 36, a federal agent! McGarrett tells Chin to call Washington to find out his last known location and the case he was working on.

Colby schmoozes a crowd before sitting with a girl at the bar. Once some others enter, he leaves her and approaches them. Colby knows the first man Larry (Casey Kasem) who introduces his Uncle Charlie (Jacques Aubuchon). Colby sits down with them to discuss what he can do for them. Larry tells Charlie Colby was able to attain merchandise for him 15 percent below street price. Colby takes down Charlie's information and what he wants, "first quality" women's sportswear. As Colby talks to someone else, Charlie wonders how Colby can cut off the prices so much and give the buyer a kickback of $1000 for every $10,000 ordered. Larry tells him not to worry about it because it's a good deal all the way around.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with Chin on his heels with a report on Donaldson: he was working undercover when he was killed. It was a hijacking investigation that is still ongoing. Donaldson was transporting refrigerators from Santa Rosa to Oakland and 110 disappeared. Chin gives McGarrett a list of the serial numbers including the one Donaldson was found in: somehow, they wound up in Hawaii. McGarrett wonders if they all made it to Hawaii but Danno and Chin are skeptical because only a small number of stores handle that many appliances and they're legitimate, no way would they sell stolen merchandise. McGarrett agrees, but what if the store didn't know the appliances were stolen. McGarrett wants the stores that handle appliances checked to see if they have those serial numbers.

At Colby's house, he conducts his business with buyers and others including Slater (Joseph Geremia) in the shipping room at Fashions in Swimwear. Colby tells him he needs 40 gross and Slater says to check back tomorrow, he'll let Colby know what's heading out.

In McGarrett's office, Larry and his boss (Howard F. Gottschalk) are asked about 72 refrigerators with serial numbers matching stolen merchandise. He claims it's impossible but Danno hands him the lists of his stock and the serial numbers of the stolen stock from California two weeks earlier. McGarrett tells them a murder was committed during the acquisition of the merchandise. Rogers, the boss, asks Larry point blank how did it happen. Larry is oblivious saying he bought the refrigerators through a jobber/commission man. He gives McGarrett Colby's name but doesn't know anything else such as an address or phone number even though they talk on the phone. He explains they meet at restaurants and Colby calls him. McGarrett sets Danno on tracking down a phone listing for Ron Colby and to include the other islands as well. Meantime, Colby continues his business.

Later, Danno reports back that he's got nothing for Colby or Wide World Merchandise: no phone, no utilities. However, there are invoices showing the transaction between Larry and Wide World. McGarrett wants Danno checking out all the warehouses and storage companies; someone has had to conduct business with Colby. He then sends Chin to the computer to see what he can come up with.

Colby calls back Slater who tells him 100 gross is on the way to Honolulu arriving tomorrow to "Warehouse 12, Alakea". Colby then calls the man he met at Diamond Head giving him the information and instructions. Colby then calls Charlie he has a line on the swimwear he wants. Charlie is surprised at the speed.

Danno talks to a manager (Robert M. Luck) at Warehouse 12 looking through the paperwork of all the merchandise they've held for Wide World Merchandise for the last year. There's nothing now and he's never met anyone from Wide World. All the business is over the phone with Wide World paying by certified check on time every time.

In McGarrett's office, the chalkboard is full of information as Danno briefs Colby is stashing stuff all over the place. Colby shuffles the stuff until the source is lost and he never goes near any of it. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) reports they move the stuff via rental trucks as HPD is checking that out too. McGarrett notes his pattern is a huge operation with no capital investment and Colby stays down only coming up to make contact with buyers. McGarrett states the next time, Colby goes down.

Act Two

Colby moves around a crowd in a darkened restaurant taking a seat at the bar and under Danno's watchful eyes. Nodding to Duke, they move in to take him to Five-O. Colby asks if he can make a phone call and Danno agrees but from their office.

In McGarrett's office, he asks Colby what business he's in. Colby answers he's a "jobber" but he doesn't deal with refrigerators contrary to what Larry has told McGarrett. McGarrett keeps up questioning Colby especially after Colby denies a connection between him and Wide World Merchandise and doesn't remember meeting Larry. However, Colby knows he has been in Hawaii for two years, two months. Danno interrupts pulling McGarrett out to inform him Colby's lawyer demands he be charged or released. McGarrett walks back in telling Colby he's free to go. After Colby and his lawyer leave Five-O, McGarrett tells Danno to put all the plainclothes officers they can to watch as many warehouses as possible so that if anything is moved by Wide World Merchandise, they know.

Colby shows up at the party he invited Charlie to, greeting Charlie as well. Colby works the crowd again leaving a woman with Charlie as Colby steps outside to talk to Larry who isn't happy. The two argue with Larry not liking being hauled into Five-O but Colby says Larry is an accomplice right from the beginning! Colby goes off about the buyers all knowing where he was getting the merchandise: stealing it! Colby makes it clear to Larry, the only link is Larry's testimony and no one will hear it. The choice Larry has it to keep quiet or Colby will make sure he doesn't talk to anyone! Colby goes back inside catching up with Charlie telling him he should have his swimwear first thing tomorrow morning.

A truck arrives at a warehouse where the guy riding shotgun (Dennis Chun) talks to the warehouse manager Danno spoke to earlier, saying they're with a furniture company with three bamboo couches. The guy pulls a gun on the manager forcing him inside and there's a whole gang in the truck including a lookout and a guy with a rifle. The driver who disposed of the fridge with Donaldson in it climbs atop the truck with an automatic weapon guarding the crew in the process of stealing several boxes. A warehouse worker walks around the corner right into the robbery and lies on the floor. When the truck is ready, the gang converges onto the truck as the worker identifies himself as a police officer! The lookout hides behind him shooting the officer while the guy on top of the truck opens up putting bullets everywhere!

Act Three

Later, HPD and the coroner are on scene at the warehouse. McGarrett shows up with Duke briefing him: "unmarked van" arrived at 5:09 p.m. with the crew overtaking the security guard at gunpoint fairly quickly. There were five men total and they took off 16 minutes later but Officer Ralph Hilawani was killed in the process. McGarrett is completely ticked off telling Duke he wants a thousand copies of the list run off with every HPD detective given the list, along with staking out each warehouse, trucking company and every retail outlet canvassed until the stolen property if found and the thieves apprehended.

Larry walks through his department at Rogers Department Store where Charlie tracks him down. Charlie is visibly nervous about the warehouse robbery the night before. Charlie has figured out what Colby is up to, stealing merchandise then selling it at cut rates to the buyers. Charlie tells Larry to stop dealing with Colby as he's going to stop dealing with him immediately. However, Larry warns him that's not going to work and they need to just keep quiet. Larry tells Charlie in no uncertain terms to go back to work.

Danno and Chin visit Pacific Warehouse and Storage where they compare paperwork with the guy in charge discovering the stolen swimwear but it's already gone, taken this morning in a rented truck. Danno radios the information to McGarrett who then has Jenny call the Honolulu Retailers Association.

Charlie returns to work saying hello to his secretary Louise (Ruth Mee Fung Lin) who says the Honolulu Retailers Association called asking about some of their inventory and she directed them to the stockroom. Charlie looks at pictures of his family and some paperwork when the phone rings: it's Colby! Charlie tells Colby he wants the swimwear out but Colby won't let him back out of the already made deal. Colby threatens Charlie and his family unless he pays the $22,000 he owes Colby.

McGarrett and Danno show up a short time later to speak to Charlie about the swimwear delivery he received. Charlie confirms he received it but is evasive when they ask who he received it through. McGarrett warns him they're investigating armed robbery and murder with anyone involved including receiving the stolen goods could be considered an accessory to the crimes. Charlie tells them the inventory is in the stockroom and he goes to unlock the door leading to it but he immediately locks them out! McGarrett and Danno scramble out to the Marquis Brougham after shooting the door lock. Running outside in time to see Charlie screech out of the parking lot, they give chase. Danno radios Dispatch: "this is 501, 501. Pursuing fleeing felon, heading makai on Ward Avenue. Black Lincoln sedan. Request assistance, all cars. Request assistance, all cars". Charlie speeds through traffic as the siren wails winding up on Ala Moana Boulevard. As McGarrett and Danno keep up, Danno updates the location telling Dispatch Charlie is heading for the docks with two HPD units behind them. As Charlie continues to flee, other HPD units cut him off forcing him into the water. McGarrett and Danno run to the edge of the dock watching Charlie's car sink with McGarrett calling in the harbor squad.

Act Four

Larry meets Colby at a restaurant bar where they talk. Larry is really animated floored that Charlie wouldn't keep quiet because nothing would have happened. Larry asks if Colby can get him 5000 tape recorders and cassettes due to a store promotion for Hawaiian music and they plan to get kids involved. Colby says $4100 can buy a lot of cassettes but Larry needs to come in as cheap as possible. Colby isn't sure about making the deal because Larry yelled at him a previous party. Larry shows everything is good with them by pulling out a letter Charlie wrote him saying it "jumps around" but the gist is about the stolen swimwear and it can be used in court. Larry burns the letter before Colby can read it so the confidence can be restored. Colby says he'll see what he can do before Larry leaves.

Larry runs out climbing into a cab and Chin's driving! Chin radios into McGarrett saying Colby is thinking about it. McGarrett then tells Larry he's letting the proper authorities know about Larry's cooperation with Larry saying he's doing this for a whole other reason: he wants to get Colby. Later, Colby calls Larry about the cassette recorders: he has taken the bait.

A shipment arrives through Honolulu International Airport with Danno staked out in a pickup truck watching the process play out again. Chin is the truck driver this time taking the shipment to a warehouse with Danno following. On the way to the warehouse, a man flags down Chin saying he has a sick kid in the back. Once Chin is out of the truck, there's a gun put to his back with the guy telling him to get on the ground. The gang jumps out of the van to take the truck and once they check the manifest; they drive away leaving Chin facedown on the sidewalk. Danno radios into McGarrett reporting the heist went off and Chin's okay. McGarrett tells him not to lose sight of them and he has everything set up at the warehouse.

The truck arrives at the warehouse where the guy tells them to drive right in. The doors then close behind them trapping them inside! McGarrett talks to them through a bullhorn saying an assault squad surrounds them. McGarrett orders them to put down their weapons and put their hands on their heads because they don't comply the police will start shooting when they open the door! The entire gang has been arrested and they're sitting in the riot truck. McGarrett tells the HPD Sergeant the gang has no contact with anyone. McGarrett wants Danno to get a group of people to unload the truck because they expect another rented truck to come along soon. McGarrett orders the area cleared.

Colby calls Larry asking about the cassette recorders but Larry tells him they haven't arrived yet. Colby isn't amused and even less so when Larry suggests someone is ripping him off. Colby shows up later at the store to meet Larry face-to-face and he sees a bunch of the cassette recorders he acquired for Larry. Colby hunts down Larry in the back where they have a nasty confrontation where Colby confesses the ring he's running. McGarrett emerges as Larry sneaks away and makes Colby puts his hands on his head. Chin frisks him and Colby is clean but Colby says he can't be arrested. McGarrett replays the tape with his confession, as does Danno and Chin and Duke! Colby knows he's now been caught, "book him, Danno for murder one, grand theft for openers". McGarrett tosses "a present" for Colby's cell.

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