S07E03 - “I'll Kill 'Em Again” - Plot

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Act One

A young man (Danny Goldman) drives to an apartment building entering without anyone taking notice especially since he climbs up to a balcony of a certain apartment! He breaks in through the sliding glass door. Sitting at a dinette table, he ensures he has all the details figured out by pulling out a page describing a murder solved by Five-O. He removes a wooden box that has a knife inside it.

McGarrett enters Five-O discussing the Delaney case that is currently at trial and something Danno put together. He's not nearly as confident as McGarrett about the success of a conviction. McGarrett stops in his tacks picking up a note off his desk: 'Remember Anne Remington'. Chin recalls her being an eyewitness to a murder but murdered as well three years before. McGarrett considers it a crank or "maybe nothing" placing the note back on his desk before moving on to other stuff.

A woman returns to her apartment but as soon as she enters, the young man strikes. He subdues her to the floor and stabs her but he's not done. He places a kimono over her body, takes the phone off the hook and starts the shower! Once the details are checked off, the young man leaves.

A short time later, Five-O and HPD respond with McGarrett arriving on the scene. Doc (Al Eben) briefs one stab wound to the back made by "thin sharp instrument" and he suspects it was the knife found near her. He says he and Che (Harry Endo) will have to work together to be sure. McGarrett doesn't like what he sees and even less what Danno briefs: an exact duplication of the Anne Remington murder being in the same apartment complex, same description and M.O. Chin identifies the victim as Sally Pomeroy, 25, lived alone and is the daughter of Judge Pomeroy. No evidence of a robbery but the detail bothers Danno: the flowered kimono, phone off the hook and the shower running. What's really troubling is the knife, a Genoa, exactly like the one that killed Anne Remington was used here. McGarrett asks if it belonged to Sally but they don't know yet. He tells Chin to track down all the stores that handle the brand of knife to check them. He then tells Danno to notify Judge Pomeroy because it's possible he had some connection to Anne Remington's case. He also wants a complete run down on Sally with a comparison to the Remington case.

The killer then drives his beat up car to another street, this time to go to work as 'Beecham's Used Books'. He walks in and says, "hi Harry" as if nothing is amiss. But Harry (Ivor Francis) isn't pleased with the kid being over two hours late. He asks Eddie what happened with Eddie not being all that responsive. A young lady walks in wanting a copy of 'Moby Dick,' which Eddie grabs for her. As he does so, the newspaper boy drops off a copy of the paper with the headline about Sally's murder. Eddie is so distracted by the headline, he forgets about the customer so Harry takes care of her. After she leaves, Harry confronts Eddie about what's going on. Again, Eddie is evasive but apologizes for being late. Harry gives him another chance by sending him to the Haynes estate as they have a pile of books for them but Harry gives him one hour to be back. Eddie takes the address and list. Outside, Eddie mails another postcard to McGarrett: 'Remember Eddie Fortuna'.

In the laboratory, Che briefs McGarrett the killer probably had dark brown hair due to hair found under Sally's fingernails. The postcard didn't have any usable prints and the card could be picked up anywhere. However, the handwriting is interesting with the lettering being different on the 'Mr.' part including the writing being thicker due to more pressure on the paper. Che also had Dr. Leonard, a graphologist at the university, look at the handwriting and he's 90 percent sure the writer is male.

Eddie drives around town finally finding a wino (Sam Amato) offering $5 but the wino refuses. When Eddie sweetens the deal with a bottle of Port wine, the wino climbs into the car.

Danno, Chin and Ben walk into McGarrett's office with the backgrounds on Sally and Anne Remington: no connection between the pair. There's not even an overlap in residences in the Palm Gardens. Danno makes it worse saying Judge Pomeroy remembers the Anne Remington case but had nothing to do with it and neither did his staff. Chin reports Sally didnŐt have any enemies. As well, the kimono and knives didn't belong to her and were probably brought in by the killer. McGarrett lays it out: a reconstructed crime with no evidence and only a cryptic message to 'remember'. McGarrett tries to tackle it another way as he and Ben realize they may be dealing with a psycho. If someone wanted to recreate a crime, how would they go about attaining the details? Danno points out police reports aren't public record so maybe the newspaper accounts, but Chin says the accounts usually aren't this detailed. McGarrett puts Ben on that angle to see if anything can be found. He then sets Chin onto finding where the kimono and the knives were either bought or lifted from including pawnshops, thrift stores and the like.

Eddie drives out near Diamond Head Tunnel where he drags the wino out of his car onto the ground. Eddie ties the wino's hands and places a silver dollar on his lips!

Act Two

McGarrett rushes to the scene where Danno and HPD are already there. Danno reports the wino is Sam Palley, "a harmless old wino" who spent half of his time in the drunk tank. Danno says it was an execution because he was shot once in the back of the head. McGarrett received another card only minutes before receiving Danno's call. "Looks like another encore". Danno reads the file on the original crime: Benny Fortuna, known informant executed May12th four years before. Doc hands McGarrett the coin, a recognizable trademark of the Kahiki gang who killed Benny. As the attendants load Palley, McGarrett and Danno try to figure out what is going on such, what is the darn motive? The crimes are so vastly different yet their commonality is that they are both reconstructions. McGarrett suddenly remembers a "series of magazine articles" last year profiling homicide cases Five-O worked on. Danno knows what he's talking about, a series that ran for 20 weeks and that means 20 murders! They know they have to work fast if that's the source.

Chin goes to see Wan Soo (Galen W.Y. Kam) about the Genoa knives. Wan Soo sold them to a haole about two months ago but when Chin tries to get a specific description out of Wan Soo, he strikes out.

Eddie shows up the next morning at the bookstore opening it for business. Harry walks in and isn't happy with Eddie at all because he never picked up the books from the estate like he was supposed to. Harry tries to ask if there's anything wrong such as Eddie being on drugs but Eddie explodes yelling at Harry. Harry tells him to calm down as he's just trying to figure out what's getting to Eddie but Harry is at his limit giving Eddie one last chance. Harry leaves for some errands and will be back in about an hour. As soon as Harry leaves, Eddie pulls out a postcard and addresses it to McGarrett.

In the computer conference room, they find the magazine articles leaving 18 more murders that can be recreated with varying degrees of difficulty. Another problem is that they don't know which one will be created next as there is no sequence being followed. As well, they have no idea who the next target will be. Che walks in: the killer is about 5'7" or 5'8" based on footprints found at the scene of Palley's murder. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) buzzes in with a man on the phone claiming to have sent the postcards and wants to talk to McGarrett but there's been no mention in the press about the postcards! McGarrett tells Danno to start a trace as Jenny holds the man for a few more seconds. Eddie calls in with his feet on the counter and stopwatch running! Eddie taunts McGarrett as he feeds Eddie a false profile with Eddie saying he should be able to do better. Eddie puts out a carrot to give him details but time's up and Eddie slams down the phone. No success on the trace as Chin wonders what McGarrett's thinking about the profile: he's hoping with the fake info, the killer will think he's winning and get careless. Jenny buzzes again: Eddie is on again being deadly serious about knowing more than McGarrett and being smarter, doesn't McGarrett realize who he's dealing with? McGarrett picks up on the emphasis of "mister" again calling Jenny about Dr. Patrick (Linda Ann Ryan) who has a message waiting for her at the psychiatric clinic.

Eddie leaves the bookstore climbing into his car driving away as Harry returns, but isn't in the bookstore yet! Harry yells at Eddie telling him he's fired but Eddie is oblivious driving off in his own world. Eddie purposely runs a red light in front of an HPD unit and pulls over when the police car closes in. When the HPD officer asks for his driver's license, Eddie says, "remember Officer Tanaka" before firing a shot!

Act Three

McGarrett arrives at the hospital with Danno meeting him at the elevators on the upper floor. They recognize it as the Brian Tanaka case right away with its "built-in trap". Officer Jimmy Wong just went into Intensive Care with the security all set. McGarrett then speaks to Dr. Ying (Winston Char) who says Jimmy Wong is "extremely critical" and there's no way to talk him, at least for several hours. He tells them Jimmy could go either way and the next hour is critical. McGarrett tells the officer at the door no one gets in without proper ID and he's got lots of backup. McGarrett and Danno then leave to see if Duke came up with any witnesses.

Eddie arrives at the hospital with a white coat and clipboard in his car. He hides a gun in the pocket of the coat, to ensure the job is complete. As Eddie gets out of his car, he sees McGarrett and Danno step out of the hospital climbing into their cars and pulling away. Eddie continues to make his way in eventually stepping out to the floor where Jimmy Wong is. As Eddie leaves the stairwell, a "red blanket" is called for in ICU. A team nearly runs over Eddie in the hallway as the crash cart is pushed through. Eddie watches from the window as the team works on Jimmy to save him including a doctor (Seth Sakai) who directs the efforts. However, their efforts fail as Jimmy Wong dies and Eddie steps away.

Eddie's previous calls were recorded and Dr. Patrick listens to them in the computer conference room. McGarrett walks in wanting anything she has but she warns him, "best I can do is off the top". She says the killer is paranoid schizophrenic "for openers" with "loose associations, illusions of grandeur". She tells McGarrett he's only the object in which the killer can blow off steam because he hates himself more than anything. Unfortunately, the victims are only pawns to him to help him fulfill his delusions. She goes on to say it's important for the killer to deny his own inferiority complex and must be better than what he views as the best: McGarrett and Five-O, but mostly McGarrett. She says the hang up with the writing and speaking difficulties could be from a conflict with a parent or guardian. The killer could also stop at any time and disappear but she believes he won't because the anger is so deep.

Eddie returns to the bookstore only to find he's been replaced! A young woman Sheila Young (Lei Kayahara) is completing her morning stretches when he walks in asking who she is and why is she there. She tells Eddie she works there then he asks for Harry. Eddie is on the verge of exploding again, only worse, when Harry walks out front explaining he needs people he can depend on and Eddie isn't cutting it anymore. He offers to pay Eddie the wages he owes but Eddie throws the money back at him stomping out.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with some food as McGarrett looks over the Genoa knife. Danno says they just finished interviewing the last of the witnesses to Jimmy Wong's murder but no one can agree on the car, let alone the driver. McGarrett considers the killer lucky, not invincible. Jenny buzzes in with another call from Eddie to rub their noses into Jimmy Wong's murder, but it is now McGarrett's turn to taunt Eddie. For example, McGarrett wants to know how many jobs Eddie has held over the last year because McGarrett knows nothing has gone right for him. Harry shows up at Eddie's apartment during the phone call knocking on the door much to Eddie's irritation. Eddie slams the phone down to answer the door, only to see Harry. McGarrett isn't happy either slamming the phone down.

Harry wants to make it right with Eddie by paying him last week's wages but Eddie thinks McGarrett sent Harry to spy on him with Harry all confused. Too late, Harry knows he's walked into something he won't escape as Eddie picks up a heavy sculpture and makes his strike against Harry.

Act Four

At the yacht club, the guard (Joseph Geremia) gives Danno and HPD his statement finding Harry's body just after 6:00 a.m. He thought it was Mr. Cunningham who owns the boat but he got a closer look and it was someone he didn't know. Chin asks if any other owners were around and some were but they didn't now who he was either. McGarrett radios Danno: asking if there's a man in his mid-60s at the yacht club. Danno confirms it's a recreation of the Benjamin Warfield case but McGarrett says something is wrong this time, as he wants Che to lift the man's prints.

Eddie is in a shop to buy "some beads" as the lady (Frances Omori) helps him. Finding what he wants, he moves on to another store looking for a multi-colored scarf and finds exactly what he wants.

Danno and Chin walk into McGarrett's office where they tell him the man at the yacht club was Harold Beecham. McGarrett is interested in why Harry was chosen instead of any number of boat owners at the yacht harbor. He also points out the postcard: 'Mr.' is heavy on the victim's name, a first. Danno wonders if the motive was personal and McGarrett thinks it was as Harry could have been one of the authoritative figures Dr. Patrick spoke about. McGarrett and Danno leave to follow up on the lead.

Eddie plans his next reconstruction in his apartment, this time it is Carmen Granet a Honolulu prostitute who was strangled to death with 'heavy black beads'. Eddie rips out the magazine article turning off the record player and leaves.

McGarrett and Danno arrive at 'Beecham's Used Books' speaking to Sheila who tells them what happened between Harry and Eddie after they inform her of Harry's death. She lets them look around for Eddie's address.

Eddie walks down the street looking for a prostitute with one (Josie Over) clinging onto him momentarily. Eddie keeps going walking up some stairs waiting for one to complete her business with a current client in the Empire Hotel.

McGarrett and Danno arrive at Eddie's apartment to find he's not there but they do find the remnants of the magazine articles! McGarrett finds the ripped magazine and has Danno call Chin to find out which one was featured in that issue and where! Meantime, the client walks out so Eddie can make his move. After he knocks, the woman (Elithe Aguiae) opens the door asking if he has an appointment. He offers cash and she lets him in as McGarrett and Danno rush to the Empire Hotel. Eddie asks her to put on the scarf as he moves into a position to strangle her as the Park Lane screeches to a halt on the street. McGarrett and Danno rush upstairs as Chin and Ben run to the back. McGarrett and Danno break in as Eddie is in the process of strangling the woman and it takes everything Danno has to hold onto Eddie and it's still not enough! Eddie screams that McGarrett can't win flinging himself out the window! He crashes to the pavement below with Chin and Ben checking on him.

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