S06E24 - “30,000 Rooms And I Have The Key” - Plot

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Act One

A man (David Wayne) appearing to be a hotel employee enters the Harbor Suite at the Ilikai Hotel gaining a second notice from the security guard (Clarence Garcia) but the guard doesn't stop him. Inside the suite, the man looks over his notes before burning them while the guard Darter calls Housekeeping to double-check the guy. The man steals a number of jewels making his escape out the suite door and leaving it open prior to Darter's return. Darter checks out the suite finding the place robbed and the burnt paper.

Darter goes to see the hotel manager (John C. Hurd) who has his secretary call the police. Meanwhile, the man is still in the Ilikai robbing from another suite. Outside, Five-O with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) shows up at the Ilikai to the surprise of Mr. Fairgate, the manager. McGarrett tells Danno and Ben to get a description from Darter and "air it". He directs Duke to alert the airport and takes Chin upstairs to the suite burglarized. The thief keeps going putting his loot on a bed in a room.

In the Harbor Suite, McGarrett is introduced to Mr. Atwood (Donald H. Over) who doesn't want to complicate things and would rather forget about the theft. McGarrett wants to help but needs some answers telling him an insurance claim may be hard without a police report.

Downstairs, Darter gives a description of the man he saw: medium-build, about 50, about 5'9" or 5'10", unkempt with a thin moustache and bushy eyebrows, a mole on his nose and reddish-gray hair. As Darter gives the description, the thief changes his appearance.

Back in the Harbor Suite, McGarrett and Chin discover the thief has some really good information. Che Fong (Harry Endo) wants to pull the lock off the front door and McGarrett tells him to do it. The phone rings: it's for Fairgate reporting another hit, this time in Room 766. McGarrett and Chin run out to go to 766 where Father Doigt greets them. He tells them the index finger of Santa Rosa is missing and must be returned because it's been in his order since the 14th Century. McGarrett and Chin explain the multiple agencies work together to pool their information in a Central Information Bureau where it's computerized. Danno runs in saying the Manoa Suite has been hit as well but it's $50,000 in sapphires! McGarrett and Danno run out to go to that suite as Chin works up a report with the priest. However, the priest wants to deal with it later and Chin agrees running to catch up with the others. McGarrett is hit with a brainstorm just before the elevator doors close because "doigt" is French for "finger" and there was not burnt paper in the priest's room. They run back to 766 but all that's left is some burnt paper in an ashtray, a long stemmed red rose and a $10 bill! McGarrett realizes they just briefed the thief!

Act Two

Che dusts Room 766 as Ben takes notes. McGarrett tells Ben to interview the housekeepers in the hotels hit so far and contact the police artist (James M. Severson) because he wants a composite created of the thief. Danno walks in saying father Doigt checked in with the "whole procedure" including reservations and a registration card, which McGarrett wonders is part of the M.O. He tells Che to pull prints from the card and sends Danno to CIB for a list of probables.

Downstairs, Chin checks in with Darter as they keep looking for the thief who is now dressed as a guard! He has a key for the Royal Crown Hotel room 502 and walks out of the Ilikai passing the International Marketplace on his way out.

At the Coral Crown, he talks to Thelma (Ethel Azama) who is a housekeeper complaining about 502 not moving out so she can do her job. Once she's gone, he enters.

In McGarrett's office, Frank completes the composite sketch. Ben walks in reporting the rose was bought in the hotel gift shop and he's waiting to hear back from the other hotels. Chin walks in with a telex from Interpol: thief is named S.R. Horus and the M.O. is the same with burnt paper in ashtrays, a rose with a tip and Interpol says he may be headed for Hawaii. Horus is "slick, highly professional, and uses disguises". McGarrett wants everything Interpol has on Horus and Chin says it's incoming now. McGarrett writes on the chalkboard about Horus' 'Conscious M.O.' and 'Unconscious M.O.'.

Horus works on the lock of Room 502 including making a duplicate key with his own key-making machine. Meanwhile, Che briefs he's looked over every doorknob Horus has gone through. Che tells McGarrett he's had to have a key to enter because there are no marks like the locks have been picked. McGarrett writes 'Master Key' under the Conscious M.O. on the chalkboard. Chin doesn't see it but McGarrett points out there are no keys missing and Horus works "fast and freely". Horus polishes the finished key he's just made and tests it satisfied with himself.

In McGarrett's office, they talk fingerprints and there's nothing left from Horus. McGarrett writes 'wear gloves' under Conscious M.O. McGarrett then asks about the registration card: Che found a fragment of a left thumb. McGarrett wants it label "unknown, but possible" and asks for the Interpol information: his take so far is "just over $3 million" meaning he's been doing this for awhile. McGarrett wants to know why does he steal?

Horus replaces his doorknob properly in Room 502 before working on his next disguise as a tourist. He messes up his bed to make it look like he slept there before leaving even greeting Thelma on the way out.

The HPD Iron Brain works on the case and as the computer spits some stuff out, the operator calls Danno who walks into McGarrett's office with the list of probables. McGarrett wonders if anything stands out with Danno saying some guest at the Coral Crown "are really loaded". McGarrett orders Chin and Ben to put together surveillance with closed-circuit cameras and video machines with the "usual setup". He then tells Danno to contact the manager as they are going to talk to him. Danno reminds him it all depends on the thief and how good his information is with McGarrett answering "it's good".

Horus makes his way to the manager's office to plant a bug under the desk. Later, Mr. Holt (Norman Dupont) greets McGarrett and Danno trying to get a handle on the case. They discuss Mr. and Mrs. Skirtzinger who are carrying $100,000 in jewelry and refuse to use hotel safe-deposit boxes. McGarrett proposes a trap for Horus with Holt saying they need a court order, which Danno produces. Horus overhears the entire conversation and as they wrap up, Horus changes his appearance again to a younger man.

Chin and Ben watch over the suite with McGarrett and Danno in another room. Duke stakes out the hallway radioing McGarrett about a suspicious guard. Duke reports he enters with a key and Danno starts recording as Horus moves about the suite. Horus opens a trunk where he finds the jewels in a box with Ben reporting his actions to McGarrett. Once he has the jewelry, McGarrett makes his move stopping Horus in his tracks. When Horus drops his gun, he steps toward the balcony as McGarrett hold his gun on him. Horus steps out and rappels down the hotel! The Five-O team goes out with McGarrett holding the rope.

Act Three

In McGarrett's office, he swings around the rope bundle going over what happened to them. Horus knew they would be there. The sketch artist works on another portrait as Ben walks in with the found bug from Holt's office. McGarrett wants Frank to work on a sketch eliminating the differences and disguises as Danno tallies the take to $250,000 so far. McGarrett writes 'ego' under Unconscious M.O. but says it's not that simple with Danno adding he cut it close. McGarrett wonders why he went ahead and walked into a trap and Chin suggests "stupidity" but he's not stupid, they all agree on that. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) walks in with a message marked "personal and urgent": it's an invitation from Horus for a robbery on the 11th at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel. McGarrett tells Chin to check the invitation for prints then writes 'Super' for super ego under the Unconscious M.O. McGarrett wonders what is motivating their unknown quarry.

Horus enjoys breakfast on a lanai as Danno scans the Hawaiian Regent manager's office for bugs. They're clear and McGarrett shows the manager (Johann H. Strasser) the invitation. When he asks what do they do about it, McGarrett wants Danno given a full tour of the hotel. The manager says he'll contact the engineer and throw in a set of blueprints. McGarrett leaves telling Danno to know every square foot. Later, Danno and Chin follow up on the invitation and the print house that produced it.

Che walks into McGarrett's office after being summoned by Jenny. Ben lays it out: the roses have shown up at every hotel he's hit but not just once, three times under three names and with three different faces. McGarrett says it's why he's able to disappear so easily but also going to trouble checking in and checking out under each alias. Che is confused as to why he was summoned. McGarrett says Horus has checked in at least ten times since the robberies began in Honolulu. McGarrett wants the registration cards dusted otherwise there is no way to tie the man into anything and certainly not enough to go to court. Che leaves to get to work. Chin walks in with word that the printer was found. Horus, as the priest, ordered the invitation paying cash and picking it up: in and out fast. McGarrett takes the invitation seriously especially in light of a new Interpol telex: a diamond courier (James L. Hutchinson) is bringing $2 million in rough stones from Johannesburg, South Africa to a Newhall staying at the Hawaiian Regent. If they were stolen they would be untraceable and could triple in value once cut. McGarrett figures the main motivation for Horus is the high-risk and if it's not there, he creates it. Ben wonders if Horus knows about the courier, McGarrett says, "count on it".

The courier arrives in Honolulu tailed by Duke from the airport. He calls to McGarrett who is the room reporting what's going on. When he hangs up, he orders everyone in position, Chin and Ben on either side with Danno across the hall. McGarrett will be in the lobby in order to tell his men the courier has arrived.

Horus makes his own preparations moving from the 9th floor to the 10th. He enters a room where he taps into the phone lines. The courier arrives, immediately calling upstairs as McGarrett radios to the team. When the courier calls upstairs, he actually gets Horus intercepting the phone call. The courier hangs up the phone making his way to the elevators. McGarrett tells the team the courier is on his way as Horus goes back to his room. The team is on high alert for the courier but rather than going to Room 1004, he knocks on Horus' door of Room 919!

Act Four

The Five-O team closes on Room 919 finding the burnt paper, the rose and tip. Chin gets off the phone with the front desk saying the room was registered to a Samuel Rose from Philadelphia. Ben leaves to check the phone relay on the 10th floor, as McGarrett believes Horus is still around wanting to "dance" on the tightrope, he's having too much fun. Che calls with some information with McGarrett asking him to meet him in the manager's office.

Horus makes another steal in Room 1933: jewelry left in the back of a television! It takes awhile for Horus to dismantle the set but he's rewarded with a box of loose pearls.

In the manager's office, they are left with two guests who have not checked out yet but the prints match Horus. Meantime, the manager receives the call about 1933 being robbed. McGarrett orders the team to converge on Room 1933. Chin works with the elevator guy to put Danno and Ben on the 19th floor as quickly as possible. The service elevator electric eye is blocked with tape holding the car in place. Downstairs, the manager re-enters his office stating there have been two more hits: jade and platinum jewelry taken.

On the 19th floor, Danno spots him as Ben helps to track him down. They split working their way in the loop because Horus has no way out. However, they meet up again with no Horus between them! Seeing marks on the wall, Ben pulls down the vent cover to discover bungee rope just inside. Danno radios McGarrett about what they found with Horus overhearing from his room, Room 1912. He changes disguises again but McGarrett appears from behind some curtains telling Horus he forgot a return address. McGarrett explains he kept leaving just enough fragments of fingerprints they could use and there were similarities in the handwriting. There were two rooms left to check out because two of the identities had already checked out. Horus comes clean with his true identity: Bordeaux. The loot he has is in a hotel safe-deposit box due to the thievery!

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