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Act One

A woman (Sue Ann Freeman) drives along suffering a blow out on the front driver's side tire on her Mustang. An unmarked police car, save the blue strobe light on the roof, pulls over offering assistance. An HPD officer (John Beck) tells her there's a gas station about a mile away opening at 6:00 and he can drop her off. Later, she's dropped off all right, kicked out of the car dead and down a hill along a less used road.

Five-O responds to the scene as HFD brings her up to the road. Danno and Ben arrive briefed by Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) who tells them some kids found her and Doc Bergman (Al Eben) who says she's been dead no more than three hours. She was dead when she rolled and probably strangled. Danno tells Ben to coordinate with Che (Harry Endo) to meet at the morgue to obtain her prints because there is no ID on her. When Danno presses, Doc confirms she had been sexually assaulted, "victim number four".

An HPD unit finds the woman's Mustang, noting her stewardess uniform in the front seat. Meanwhile, Doc finishes with the latest victim and he tells McGarrett she was raped and strangled. Doc goes on as the killer used one hand, his right, to crush her windpipe. Another interesting tidbit: the killer's blood type is "B". The phone rings, it's Danno reporting the car has been found.

McGarrett makes it to the scene, which is less than two miles from where she was found and Danno tells him the car is registered to "Joy Muller". McGarrett passes her clothes to Chin to give to the lab technicians as Danno and Ben leave to check out her address of 5086 Weiler Place. Che finds some fresh tire tracks that he guesses were made at the same time as her car but they may have to settle for photos because the soil is loose and not conducive for plaster casts. Che says the front tires are newer than the rear.

Danno and Ben go to Joy's address meeting her roommate Sherry Wells (Melody Patterson). They break the bad news to her: Joy has been murdered; "strangled and raped". It appears went willingly because there are no signs of a struggle. Sherry tells them she wouldn't just get into a car with someone for no reason, it had to be someone either she knew or someone who she could trust.

The fake cop is prowling again, this time in a neighborhood. He passes a mother (Katherine Justice) and daughter as they part ways. A few minutes later, the husband Joe (Alan Fudge) leaves for work as the wife/mother tries to talk to him. The fake cop drives out of the neighborhood only to drive around a back way not far from the house. Taking the strobe light off the car, the fake cop strolls to the house where the wife/mother drinks coffee reading the newspaper. He rings the doorbell giving her a false story about a rash of burglaries occurring in the neighborhood and needing residents to help with any information they have. He convinces her to answer some questions and she allows him entry.

Act Two

The fake cop treats the situation as a normal questioning until it's time to leave. It's then he makes his move, chasing her through the house forcing himself onto her and punching her in the kitchen. He finally chases her to the study where he wrings his hands prior to the rape.

McGarrett and Danno go to the laboratory where Che briefs them on what they found on the tire treads. The front tires are so new they still have the small rubber stubs on them. Danno asks about the tread design, which Che identifies as them as "Mileage Maker" made by the American Ohio Rubber Company. The company happens to have a branch in Pearl City. McGarrett sends Danno to go there to get a list of retailers who handle the brand.

A lady neighbor Tina (Susan Driscoll) walks to the house where she eventually finds Andrea in the study before screaming. Joe returns to find police cars and an ambulance at his house. He runs up as they are about to load Andrea into the ambulance.

Near Koko Head, McGarrett lays it out for the team: all the attacks took place in this general area with two of the victims, Sharon Power and Joy Muller, willingly got into the killer's car. McGarrett believes they can use the fact he searches along deserted roads for his victims and the confidence he can lure them to his car against the rapist. McGarrett wants to bait him with young and pretty policewomen staked out along lonely stretches of road in cars and on foot. Hopefully, they can smoke him out. Danno drives up fast to the meet with the list of retailers: there are 41. He suggests calling them first to see who sold a pair of Mileage Makers in the last week then hand it over to HPD for follow-up to save some time and leg work. McGarrett likes the idea and tells him to focus on the pair because people tend to buy one or all four tires. Central radios McGarrett: they have another victim, Andrea Burdick who was taken to Queen's Hospital. McGarrett breaks up the meet sending Danno and Ben to Queen's Hospital, giving the list to Chin and telling Duke to set up the stake out.

In his apartment, the fake cop contemplates his next move finishing a beer. He drives out prowling again for victims.

Danno calls from the hospital saying they spoke to Dr. Ikuda (Winston Char) who told them Andrea is in deep shock after being beaten and raped. McGarrett wants Ben to stay put and to report back when she "comes around" and orders a guard on her door 24 hours.

The fake cop prowls a park seeing a woman (Elissa Dulce) next to a disabled car. She's part of the stakeout with Duke and HPD Officer Kalia (Gary Miyakawa) not far away. The fake cop looks around and approaches throwing her off because she sees his uniform thinking he's one of theirs. Laura gives him a tough time because he's messing up her stakeout. The fake cop apologizes saying, "on one clued me in". She reports to Duke via radio that he left in a big hurry but not before leaving his tire tracks. Officer Kalia thinks it might have been Samuels but she knows him and this guy wasn't.

At HPD Headquarters, Laura gives a description: "tall, medium-build. About 175, 180 pounds. 6'1", 6'2".". She really didn't get that close of a look due to the sunglasses but his hair was brown. She describes the car as a "brown four-door": Ford, maybe Buick. Duke is floored it could possibly be a cop. McGarrett says it explains a lot: how he was able to lure the women into his car without any trouble and how he was admitted to the homes. McGarrett is extremely unhappy but is interrupted by Central patching through Ben: Andrea is able to talk and McGarrett is on the way.

Act Three

Ben paces in front of Andrea's room waiting on McGarrett as Joe steps out of the elevator. When Joe enters Andrea's room, she stares at the ceiling almost afraid to look at him. Reaching for her hand, she recoils and immediately starts crying. Joe is beside himself not sure what to do and tells her not to talk about it but she has to. She tells him it was a police officer as McGarrett arrives downstairs. Joe implores her to keep quiet because he believes they'll take care of their own rather than take care of her. Joe makes a decision when McGarrett knocks on the door: he isn't going to let him talk to Andrea. He demands in a loud voice to leave and to take the guard with him. Joe then goes off about how the attack is supposedly her fault because of how she was dressed or that she was asking for it. McGarrett yells back, in a hospital!, telling Joe he has nothing but compassion for her. Only when he threatens to have Ben call Manicote does Joe relent to allowing McGarrett to speak to Andrea. Once he does speak to her, she's not willing to talk. McGarrett pulls a dirty trick telling her by not cooperating, every rape and murder the man commits will be "with your blessing". When it's obvious she won't help, McGarrett leaves. In the hall, Ben can tell she didn't say anything. McGarrett says she's afraid of her husband, him and he doesn't know why. A phone call to the nurses' station is for McGarrett: Che has matched the tire tread from the stakeout to the left front found by Joy's car. Their attacker is a cop!

Joe tries to make his way through the trauma but does a poor job. He tells Andrea they're doing the only thing they can and even talks about possibly moving to someplace where she won't be ashamed. At this, Andrea cries all over again.

At HPD Headquarters, McGarrett talks to a Captain (Edward Fernandez) about the possibility of the attacker being one of their own as a shift pulls out for patrols. McGarrett wants to start with anyone owning brown Fords or Buicks then whittling it down to type B blood. After that, the tires will be checked. He also wants the computer to chew on anyone bumped from the force or washed out during probation over the last five years.

At Five-O, the team works the phone tracking down the tires. Duke calls Danno about the list of washouts as he and Laura are going over the list now. Captain Harada calls next telling McGarrett there are 59 possibles with the HPD lab going through the first group of tires now. McGarrett will send Che and his gang to help. Danno also briefs there's one guy so far who bought a pair of tires but they were put on the rear. It's being followed up because the tires could have been switched.

The fake cop leaves his apartment noticing a neighbor (Danielle) who lives in 25D.

Act Four

At HPD Headquarters, Che finishes checking tread on some cars releasing the group. Meanwhile, the fake cop is on the prowl again.

Laura flips through the books of HPD washouts in McGarrett's office still kicking herself of not having a better idea of what the guy looked like. Danno walks in with zero on the tires: the only customers found so far are those who bought four. McGarrett is beyond frustrated because they are "getting nowhere". McGarrett decides to take matters into his own hands, taking one of the books with him out the door.

The fake cop keeps prowling being deterred on one victim because her husband comes out to greet her. At the same time, McGarrett stands outside Andrea's hospital room with the book. She refuses to see him so he asks the doctor to give her the book and he agrees. Dr. Ikuda takes the book to her and places it on the bedside table when she refuses to take it.

The fake cop returns to his apartment building casing apartment 25D. He initially returns to his apartment but then returns to 25D knocking on the door.

In McGarrett's office, he runs to answer his phone: not a single Mileage Maker in the lot, all 59 possibles are cleared! It's good news since any active cop is good to go. Meanwhile, Andrea decides to look through the book and as she comes across his picture she knows immediately who attacked her.

The fake cop hangs out in his apartment watching the woman from 25D walk past. The fake cop approaches her as she's about to enter her apartment. She turns to him introducing herself: Donna Wilson. He offers a beer in his apartment but she's expecting a phone call. She offers to let him into her apartment for one.

In the hospital, Andrea is coming to terms with the attack and realizes it wasn't her fault. Her husband lashes out throwing the book at a framed picture breaking the glass wanting to forget but that's not going to happen. Andrea is ready to talk to McGarrett and she tells Joe to call him.

Ben enters McGarrett's office and McGarrett is ticked off wanting to start at "square one". Ben has the break: a retailer sold two Mileage Makers to a guy named Stark. Duke recalls the name Walter Stark, he was on the washout list! Ben gives his address as "The Esplanade Hawaii Kai, Apartment 25C". The team rushes out as Joe dials the number for Hawaii Five-O. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) answers taking the message to call Andrea back when he returns.

In apartment 25D, Stark finishes the last beer then makes his move forcing himself onto Donna. He pins her against a wall slapping the crap out of her. He wants her to fight without screaming. Five-O arrives with McGarrett and Danno taking the front, Chin and Ben taking the back. Stark begins the undressing process as HPD back up closes in. McGarrett and Danno run up to 25C and are about to bust in when they hear screaming from 25D, which they had just passed! When they knock on the door, Stark fires at the window. McGarrett fires at the door lock twice before kicking the door in. They take cover in the kitchen as McGarrett fires twice and Danno once. Stark fires back with Danno firing the shot taking Stark over the balcony railing. McGarrett runs to the balcony seeing Stark dead several floors below as Danno checks on Donna. As McGarrett stands by the railing, Duke relays the message from Andrea but there's nothing more to discuss.

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