S06E19 - “Death With Father” - Plot

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Act One

Two guys in gas masks make drugs through chemistry. One is Fallon (Richard Rivera) who is more of an assistant grabs a bag for their finished product. As they take care of that, McGarrett yells at them through a bullhorn outside telling them they're surrounded. Outside, Five-O and multiple HPD officers are closing in as two guards take up firing positions. The guards fire but are taken out by HPD in fast succession. The two guys try to find a way out but are hampered by HPD sharpshooters. As they make their escape, Fallon is hit while the main guy starts up a huge truck crashing though the police lines nearing running down McGarrett, Ben and several HPD officers! They approach Fallon removing his gas mask before Chin radios for an ambulance. McGarrett and Danno walk to the shed finding a "conversion lab" with gas masks, a washing machine motor and a stripped refrigerator. McGarrett estimates they've been at for eight days to create "at least 15 kilos of pure junk". McGarrett saw a similar set up in Marseille last year but is perplexed as to why uncooked base is in Hawaii. Danno suggests they talk to the injured man.

At the hospital, Che Fong (Harry Endo) reports no fingerprints found in the shed probably because gloves were used the whole time. Danno walks up with Fallon's information: "Ernie Fallon, alias Ernie Farrell, age 33, two prior convictions for narcotics possession, dishonorable discharge, U.S. Army". McGarrett and Danno walk into Fallon's hospital room throwing out questions right away with only silence as the answer. Finally, Fallon speaks but is uncooperative, "I'm no fink". McGarrett doesn't make any promises and Fallon gives up a name: Tom Morgan (Peter Strauss). McGarrett stands dumbstruck not sure if he heard right and questions if he is Cliff Morgan's (Andrew Duggan) son. Fallon confirms he is one and the same. With that information, they leave.

McGarrett arrives at the Ala Wai Harbor to visit Cliff who is working on his boat and complains bitterly about how he was ousted for being rough with suspects after 30 years of police work. The fallout has left him with "a few friends at Treasury" and how he knows about McGarrett's big bust. McGarrett gets to the point asking where Tom is, explaining he's been implicated in the drug factory. Cliff nearly goes off about Tom being implicated claiming a frame and the suspect is lying. McGarrett has done his homework, knowing Tom is a chemistry major and straight A student. Cliff counters with Tom's service in Vietnam with a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts to show for it. Cliff says Tom can tell McGarrett himself, as he will have Tom in the office at 3:00 p.m. McGarrett walks away, good enough.

At HPD, the drugs are put into an evidence locker with one man (George Kennedy) commenting it's one of the largest hauls they've had estimated to be worth $5 million. Danno and Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) watch from the cage wall with Duke commenting he's not seen drugs converted there before. The man says morphine bricks are easier to smuggle than opium paste. Danno plans to check with Interpol and Bureau of Narcotics to see about leads of where the paste is coming from. The only thing they know is a hijacking in Southeast Asia but the operation has to be pretty big. The man passes the receipt to Danno through the grid of the cage before he and Duke leave.

Cliff arrives at the University of Hawaii Chemistry Department seeking out Tom and finds him in short order. He frisks Tom looking for needle marks and telling him how dope is nothing but misery. Cliff explains how McGarrett was by to see him, about the factory bust and one of the suspects fingered Tom. Tom is neither amused nor surprised that his father would think he's involved but Cliff tells him he told McGarrett Tom wasn't involved.

In McGarrett's office, Tom talks about Fallon in the past tense: "yeah, I knew Fallon. He was a creep. He used to hang around the campus". Tom claims Fallon asked for some chemicals and Tom told him to shove off. McGarrett asks when Tom last saw Fallon and it's been about four months. Several other questions are asked between McGarrett and Cliff with Tom having a nonchalant attitude about the whole mess. Cliff starts getting out of line with McGarrett forcing him to back off as he asks Tom where he was at the time of the bust: working late at the school lab. Tom doesn't have anyone to corroborate his story until he mentions Janice Wu (Luella Costello) who was in a class with him last year and they talked outside the Chemistry Building while he was there. McGarrett asks for her address but Tom says he doesn't know her that well. McGarrett has one last thing for Tom: Fallon's picture that Tom recognizes right away. "Just as you remember him four months ago?" Tom says yes and McGarrett lets him go as Cliff has a 'told you so' moment. Danno stands back watching them leave taking in what just happened. After the door closes, McGarrett shoots Danno a look because he caught something: Fallon ha only worn a moustache for about a month and the picture of him has a moustache, the same one Tom recognized as Fallon! McGarrett orders a tail on Tom and tells Danno to find Janice.

Act Two

Tom rides his motorbike as Ben watches to an apartment building. Inside, a newspaper with the bold headline of Five-O's bust of the heroin factory sits on a coffee table. The woman waiting for Tom confronts him about the bust knowing he was involved. Jan says he'll find another Fallon angrily slamming the keys on the coffee table. She's about to leave when Tom pulls her back saying he needs her: to be his alibi! She refuses and Tom slaps her, even threatening her with jail time if she doesn't do this for him.

At the hospital, a doctor/orderly enters Fallon's room telling it's time for his shot. Fallon is confused wondering what shot: a silenced gun!

Tom takes Janice home on his motorbike as Ben follows and calls into McGarrett. He reports the girl matches Janice's description from the university. McGarrett tells him to contact Danno when they stop moving. After McGarrett hangs up, Jenny (Peggy Ryan) puts a call through from Doc Bergman (Al Eben) at the hospital. Fallon is dead, shot close range probably with a silencer because no one heard anything! McGarrett wants Che and HPD to go over the room and for Duke to get back to him after he's done questioning the cop on duty. However, it's more of a chewing out than questioning as Duke is in rare form and rightly so.

Janice lays nearly unconscious in her apartment with a pill bottle and glass of water spilled on the floor with most of the pills missing. Danno knocks on the door with no answer so he opens the door with a key! He runs to her, taking her pulse and calling an ambulance. He tells the other end he has an overdose of "ludes" and wants a doctor with the ambulance. He turns her over on the bed but Janice isn't any more coherent. Meanwhile, Tom rides his motorbike to the War Memorial with Ben right on his tail. Back in the apartment, Danno starts CPR on Janice who is slipping away.

At the War Memorial, Tom meets to seedy underworld types as Ben takes pictures. The first one (Kwan Hi Lim) tells Tom they'll need another factory to process the other half of the base because they didn't want to risk the entire supply. Tom is reluctant because he's "too hot" but the first man says he knows the real reason he's doing this: to get back at his father. After all, if it was just from the money, Tom couldn't be trusted. Tom relents, as the second man (Seth Sakai) remains silent during the meeting. After Tom leaves, the second man wonders if Tom will come through and the first man is certain he will. Ben finishes taking pictures and takes off after Tom but is thwarted by a garbage truck!

An ambulance takes Janice to the hospital as Danno sits with her. She says to Danno to tell Tom she couldn't live and wanted to die before passing away in front of him. Danno looks from her to the doctor hoping against all odds but the doctor shakes his head, "pau".

Duke reports in from a junkyard on Sand Island where the owner recognizes Tom and he was just there to buy a washing machine motor and other things for another factory! Meanwhile in McGarrett's office, Chin has some information on the limousine Ben spotted at the War Memorial: it's registered to the Oahu Car Leasing Company where Ben is following up. Danno walks in with information from Interpol on the two sleazy guys Tom met.

Act Three

McGarrett and Danno arrive at Cliff's house with the pictures Ben took. They have leads on the two men: "Luu Se Ngu, owner of a hotel in Saigon, dealer in the black market. And Lee Song, once one of the biggest Golden Triangle operators". Lee Song did the talking at the meeting with Tom. McGarrett is straight: the best place for Tom is in jail because who knows what the dealers will do with him once their done with his services. McGarrett and Danno leave Cliff to contemplate his options.

Tom rides his motorbike to the boat yard where Cliff decks him. Then the arguing starts as Tom yells about his miserable childhood and Cliff tries to defend his actions as a father. Tom tells Cliff nothing has changed, he's "still the big, tough cop" who did some shady stuff of his own upholding the law. Cliff has a wild idea to get the evidence then take Tom out of the country to "save your stupid hide". Tom doesn't know what to think of Cliff's idea or that he's willing to do this to save him. Tom agrees and Cliff tells him to go to his house and wait for his call: ring once then immediately call back. Otherwise, stay put and donŐt' answer the phone or the door.

In the evidence lock up, Officer Tallman (Bernard Ching) answers the phone with Cliff pretending to be someone else asking for evidence from a case in 1972. Officer Tallman agrees and takes the evidence downstairs leaving the evidence locker unguarded. Cliff waits for Officer Tallman to be out of sight then goes to evidence and removes the drugs from the locked cabinet with a key! However, Cliff uses a crowbar to make it look like a break-in. The issue is he only takes the drugs from the factory bust. When Officer Tallman reaches downstairs, he discovers Lieutenant Oleka is on night shift and that someone lured him away! He rushes back upstairs to evidence as Cliff sneaks out via the fire exit.

Act Four

Danno, Ben and Duke talk to a man with the water utility and he shows them there are impurities showing up in the water. He estimates they're coming from a cabin off of Kalanianaole Highway near Koko Head. Danno and Ben set up surveillance of the cabin finding two guards with motorcycles. Duke runs from the squad car reporting the HPD property break-in passing along McGarrett's orders to cool it on the cabin until they hear from him. Danno keeps watch through binoculars.

At HPD property, McGarrett and the man who gave the initial street value of the junk from the factory raid examine the locker. McGarrett is floored that only one man was on duty for $5 million worth of junk in the locker. They discuss who could be responsible but McGarrett knows of only one man "with enough savvy and enough guts to pull this off".

Cliff hides the junk in his boat and finishes prior to McGarrett's arrival at the boat yard. McGarrett confronts Cliff on the robbery with Cliff playing dumb but McGarrett has had enough. He lists the charges: "burglary, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence. That's just for openers". McGarrett's patience is gone not realizing until now how far Cliff would go to protect Tom. He asks Cliff where Tom is with Cliff saying his place but McGarrett tells him Tom is actually in a cabin near Koko Head. He implores Cliff to help him bust the entire ring because if Song and Ngu are allowed to escape, they'll set up shop somewhere else. McGarrett talks Cliff into helping him.

Cliff calls Song as he's being wired by Five-O and offers to give back his $5 million worth of smack as long as he takes Cliff to where Tom is working. Song hesitates and Cliff hangs up telling Song to kiss his $5 million goodbye. McGarrett, Chin, Che and Cliff all wait for Song's answer. Song eventually calls back, agreeing to Cliff's terms.

The limousine meets Cliff taking him to the cabin near Koko Head but not before blindfolding him. The limousine arrives and Song leads Cliff inside where Tom is getting ready to start the cooking operations. Tom is shocked asking why Cliff was brought there. Cliff puts it out there: guarantee Tom's safety and leave the country. He has $1 million worth of the smack with him and with an address he'll send the rest $1 million at a time over the next four years. Five-O listens at the top of the hill overlooking the cabin. Ngu doesn't like it but Song takes the bag and Five-O and HPD move in. When McGarrett starts talking to the guards outside, everyone inside realizes it's a trap with Tom nearly throwing up his arms. Song, Ngu and the new assistant walk out of the cabin with their hands on their heads. Cliff and Tom are the only ones left behind as Tom makes his way to the large propane tanks. McGarrett calls for them to come out but Tom is completely dejected as he opens the tanks. Cliff stands there as Tom pours his heart out believing cliff actually broke the law for him, only he didn't at least in Tom's eyes. When Cliff urges him to leave, Tom squeezes a striker blowing up the cabin! A fireball is all that's left of the tortured Morgans.

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