S06E16 - “The Banzai Pipeline” - Plot

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Act One

Two guys drive through a new housing development talking about Huffman (John Lennon), the grand jury and the coconut wireless. Huffman was a zoning commissioner who got greedy. When one (Jack Hogan) suggests to let the D.A. have Huffman, the other man (Bob Basso) says Manicote (Glenn Cannon) is squeezing Huffman to get to him. Inside the Sunshine Land Company office, the second man calls Huffman to set up a meet on the beach in 45 minutes because Huffman is scheduled to be on the 11:00 a.m. flight out of Honolulu.

Manicote walks out of the Honolulu County Courthouse wanting to call McGarrett before meeting with the governor. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) buzzes into McGarrett's phone with Manicote on Line 3. McGarrett picks up putting it on speaker so Danno can hear the good news: the grand jury indicted Huffman, after a lot of Five-O homework, on three charges.

Huffman drives out to the beach as a kid (Perry King) films surfers. Huffman leaves his jacket in the car as he walks to his meeting. The kid walks by the car noticing the jacket and the wallet in the pocket. He looks around hearing a car approach and takes off hiding in the bushes. The green car parks with a man (Rudy Diaz) meeting Huffman rather than the second man from before. The two men meet by the beach where Huffman asks where Greggs, the second man from before, is. As Huffman opens the case to verify the cash, the kid steals the wallet and the man stabs Huffman. As the kid runs, he drops a canister in the sand. As the kid takes off trying to get off the beach as fast as possible, he nearly runs over the stabber who gets a good look at the back end of the station wagon. Once the stabber brushes himself off, he notices the canister in the sand picking it up.

In the governor's office, the governor is concerned about Huffman's indictment. He wants this to be the last time this happens: a zoning commissioner being indicted. He asks Manicote how strong the case is and it's strong enough to bring charges against the man behind Huffman: Oswald Greggs. Manicote says thanks to Five-O, they have photos going back two years between Huffman and Greggs. Manicote is ready to offer lighter sentences to Huffman in return for testimony against Greggs. They're interrupted by McGarrett with an urgent phone call for Manicote: Huffman's dead!

Doc Bergman (Al Eben) rolls over Huffman in the surf saying it looks like a knife wound as Five-O, Manicote and Che Fong (Harry Endo) watch. McGarrett tells Danno to scour the beach from one end to the other and get all the HPD help he needs. He wants something to nail Greggs' hit man on and by association, Greggs. Danno tells him if there's anything there, they'll have it. McGarrett and Manicote leave for the governor's office.

Back at Greggs' office, the stabber tells him about the guy he saw on the beach, sure the kid saw him. The stabber wants to check the kid out, just to be sure. Greggs tells the stabber to relax because if the kid went to the cops, they'd know by now. Greggs wants the film developed and pays the stabber telling him to hang loose in case they need him.

At the beach, the team and Che go over Huffman's car finding a suitcase, which Che wants to go over. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) finds an airline ticket in the name of "Ted Huff" in the jacket. Danno tells Chin to get a list of companies who work for Greggs, even the legitimate ones and tack it with the M.O. of the killing feeding it all into the HPD computer and see what happens. Ben says the killer may not be local but Danno says they have to start somewhere. Danno points out there were some surfers out, maybe they saw something.

The kid is watching film taken so far with another young man (Nicholas Hammond) who is doing most of the surfing in the film and his younger brother. They keep watching with another man (Terry Plunkett) who tells Rick all his stuff looks good even when Rick is critical of the fuzzy shots. Rick tells George, the other man watching their films, that his stuff is better than "Endless Summer" but it's going to take another $950 to develop the film. Rick pays him $250 cash for a start but the brother becomes nervous wondering where the cash came from. George's assistant tells him he has a phone call and the brother whisper about the cash. When Rick comes clean, his brother sighs and rolls his eyes not believing his brother would stoop so low. George offers them if they can raise the $700 by Friday, he'll process the rest pro bono.

When McGarrett emerges from his office, Danno reports nothing was found on the beach. Huffman's wallet remains missing because it wasn't found on him, in his car or in his jacket. Danno hypothesizes the killer took it but why? Chin reports the computer was able to narrow the field to 27 names and Chin was able to see three right away: Cass Tanner, the first man from earlier; Paul Synor who can be scratched right away being in the hospital from a car accident; and Andrew Koa, the stabber, a.k.a. Handy Andy. Koa had a gun permit but it was revoked after a shooting.

In Koa's apartment, his girlfriend (Elissa Dulce) decides she's had enough of him watching the news and having the radio stuck in his ear. She leaves for her apartment. Danno walks through the hall to check on Koa. After knocking politely, he kicks the door in to see a window wide open. Danno enters the apartment only to get knocked out by Koa but Ben stops him in the hallway! Koa pulls out his switchblade with Ben ducking and diving to finally subdue Koa. Danno runs out of the apartment in time to confiscate all the weapons as they take Koa in.

Act Two

Che calls McGarrett through Jenny to confirm human blood was found on Koa's knife. McGarrett would like to know the exact blood type and tells Che to let him know when he has it. McGarrett confirms with Danno that Koa was read his rights and whether he asked for a lawyer. Danno says Koa told them he doesn't need one.

Greggs watches the film that was developed with Greggs commenting it's professional stuff. As the film plays on, the station wagon is shown and Tanner makes a phone a call. There's no answer at Koa's place but they receive a phone call from Leila Myers, Koa's girlfriend: she tells Greggs Five-O picked up Koa and he was sure the kid at the beach fingered him. Greggs tells Tanner Five-O has Koa and he tells her she earned $50. Greggs concentrates on the kid by the building, Rick's little brother.

Rick's brother walks into their house reporting the ocean isn't doing much. However, he talked to a guy at the weather station: there's a storm in the Gulf of Alaska churning waves down the North Pacific. The swells will reach Hawaii tomorrow or the next day. Rick has about 3000 feet of film but wonders who will process it. He gets the crazy idea to use Huffman's credit card but his brother Roger isn't keen on the idea even when Rick tries to justify it.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with Leila who isn't pleased to be there. To say she is uncooperative is an understatement. Che thankfully interrupts those proceedings and takes McGarrett to the lab. As McGarrett is in the lab, Danno talks to Koa trying to establish his whereabouts when Huffman was killed. As they question an unhelpful Koa, McGarrett walks in asking about the blood on Koa's knife. McGarrett whips out the lab report to the blood type found on Koa's knife: O-negative, same as Huffman's. Koa becomes nervous realizing they have him boxed. Chin walks in: a jewelry store called in with a guy buying a $400 watch using Huffman's credit card.

Rick is in a shop buying electronics with Huffman's credit card. Meanwhile, Chin talks to the clerk (Josie Over) at the jewelry store who tells him about her encounter. She gives Chin a pretty in-depth description while Rick tries to pawn the electronics he just bought. The clerk (George Herman) doesn't want to play but was willing to offer $900 for the stuff Rick brought in.

Chin and Ben walk into McGarrett's office with more receipts of stuff bought: a television set and a sewing machine within a ten-block area and four hour period. McGarrett curses himself for overlooking the simple holdup turned killing. He sends Danno to notify the credit card companies. He wants Chin, Ben and Duke to check all fences and hot shops. Before leaving Danno wonders about Koa and McGarrett tells him, "file a complaint: Carrying concealed weapon and assault with deadly intent, for openers".

Koa receives a visitor, Lee Andrews (Dick Fair) who asks how questioning went. Koa says it wasn't too bad but it seemed that thing s took a turn. Lee shows him a picture and reports back to Greggs. Greggs wants the kid and fast: he doesn't care how many men it takes!

Act Three

Five-O and HPD ask around at various fences trying to track down Huffman's credit card. At the same time, Tanner shows the picture of Roger around. Tanner gives the fake story he as a witness to an accident but the guys on the beach have only seen him and his surfing, they don't know his name or where he lives.

Rick pays George $700 cash as Roger looks on knowing the money is by ill-gotten means. George makes a crack about which bank they robbed before telling them about the surf being up. The boys leave to get supplies and ready to make more film as Tanner keeps up his questioning. Roger meets Rick back at their shack as Rick tests his camera set up but the lens is too small. He takes off to purchase a telephoto lens much to Roger's protests.

In the camera store, the clerk (Bob Costa) tells Rick it'll be $635 but there is another one available, used and in near perfect condition for $395. Rick becomes really nervous when the credit system in the store is still manual and not automatic. When the clerk calls it in, it gains the attention of Inter-island credit bureau and they alert McGarrett who tells Danno to get on it. Rick loses it because he can't wait threatening to hit the clerk with the lens! He takes off running.

Danno, Duke and Che show up at the store where the clerk explains what happened. The issue is the guy looks like a surfer, not necessarily a killer. Che is able to pull up some great prints and Danno sends Duke to take them downtown "code three".

Tanner calls back to Greggs telling him it's difficult because no one is naming the kid even if they know him. Greggs isn't impressed and doesn't want a "census report" only the kid slamming down the phone to make his point. When Tanner hangs up, he spots the station wagon.

In Honolulu, the fingerprints are matched in Motor Vehicles to "Richard N. McDivitt" who lives on the North Shore. Duke informs McGarrett of the information.

Rick returns to the shack telling Roger the first $10,000 from the movie goes to Huffman because of the stolen credit cards. Rick and Roger decide to take on the waves with Tanner stalking them from across the street. They hit the beach with Roger deciding to take on the inside waves.

Danno arrives at Rick's address but an HPD officer says no one is home. He calls McGarrett who tells him there are in one of two places: Sunset Beach or the Banzai Pipeline. McGarrett tells him to meet "at the Pipe".

As Roger surfs, Rick films and not just he surfing. He turns his lens to the beach as people sit and enjoy the day. When Rick turns the camera back to Roger, he takes an ugly spill because Tanner shoots him looking through a scope! As Roger weakly makes his way to the beach Rick runs out to him and is also shot. Roger is hit a second time just before McGarrett and Danno show up. McGarrett tells Danno to call for an ambulance and HPD backup as some beach goers have already pulled them onto the sand.

Act Four

The doctor says Rick is critical as a team tries to desperately save Roger. When he wonders why surfers get shot, McGarrett says he wants to talk to him and the doctor okays it for a moment. Rick admits to stealing Huffman's wallet and he alone used the credit cards. He tells McGarrett Roger had nothing to do with it. He says Huffman was probably on the beach with the other guy who saw Rick leave and tried to stop him. He also tells McGarrett the shooter wasn't on the beach because he just looked that way before Roger's last right. As they wheel Rick to surgery, the team loses Roger with McGarrett and Danno stunned.

In McGarrett's office, Duke reports neither McDivitt has a record. Manicote asks about narcotics but there were no signs of them. Danno says according to the landlord, they just needed money to finish their movie. McGarrett plans to show Rick a picture of Koa after surgery and Manicote believes they'll get Greggs after all. The phone rings and everything shatters: Rick died ten minutes ago. Rick's words replay in McGarrett's head and he realizes he has evidence in front of him: the film!

They play the film in the office and McGarrett sees the flash from the brush. They zoom in and see Tanner with a scoped rifle. McGarrett wants that specific piece blown up and enhanced for evidence.

In Greggs' office, the lawyer calls telling him Rick died in surgery. They're home free with Koa beating a murder charge. They leave for the club only to have Five-O and HPD approach them fast and Tanner shoots at them! Greggs and Tanner run for Tanner's car as McGarrett and Danno exit the Park Lane. Chin, Ben and an HPD officer give chase as Tanner starts up his Mustang. McGarrett and Danno shoot at the car with McGarrett taking out the back tire. Tanner loses control driving up a dirt mound and rolling the car. Tanner is alive and they're able to pull him out but Greggs is dead. Ben has to high tail to keep from getting caught in the explosion. McGarrett is beyond done, "book him, Danno. Murder one, two counts".

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