S06E15 - “The Flip Side Is Death” - Plot

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Act One

Four guys in Army uniforms and gas masks drive two jeeps and a truck supposedly transporting 'VX Nerve gas'. They drive into Kahuku crashing the truck and spilling the canisters! The crash gathers a crowd but two of the guys warn of nerve gas with one (Don Stroud) yelling, "everybody run!" The second man (Peter Haskell) tells a patrolman (Larry Goeas) they'll lock it down until an EOD team arrives. However, it's all a literal smokescreen as the two men rob Oahu National Bank but cutting the vault bars. The patrolman calls in the incident to Central Dispatch. The two accomplices outside wait for their buddies.

HPD sets up roadblocks and scoot out of the way of fast driving Five-O cars en route to the crash site. Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) is already there briefing McGarrett when Five-O arrives that $250,000 was taken. McGarrett greets a major (Robert Harker) who confirms the truck belongs to Fort Ruger along with two jeeps, four uniforms, four gas masks and about six smoke bombs. The items were all stolen two days before along with the dummy canisters. McGarrett doles out assignments: Chin and Ben to interview witnesses and Danno to contact the Coast Guard to put "choppers in the air" as well as contact Dillingham Field to see if any aircraft has taken off in the last hour.

The robbers drive to an out of the way place while Che (Harry Endo) finds something interesting in the vault: the tool used to cut the bars, something new and Che is hopeful he can come up with something in the laboratory. The robbers park with two pretty excited they pulled it off. The first guy isn't keen on their celebrations and reminds them of his alias Tally Corbin versus his real name Tally Green. The second guy tells Joe (Gerald Waialae) and Louie (Frank Liu) to grab the golf bags. He then talks to Tally about being so uptight. Tally knows everything that can go wrong and doesn't want any screw-ups. The second guy Walker knows there's a lot on the line because he is flat out broke, "after the bath I took on my last three albums".

At the scene, Che has found a trigger in the cab for a plastic bomb in the front tire. It was blown on purpose. Fingerprint smudges were also found all over the cab. The robbers, meantime, put their loot into golf bags as a golf ball goes on walkabout from an open pocket. Chin and Ben report back, they don't have anything new to report. Ben says they couldn't have gone far because the roadblocks were set up pretty quickly. Danno reports back there are helicopters airborne and Coast Guard alerted. There are several roads but they dead end in the mountains. McGarrett is sure the robbers are there on the North Shore and no way they could have vanished. The robbers uncover a car from camouflage netting with Walker telling Joe and Louie to give them five minutes before leaving. Joe and Louie then uncover a van for the 'Moku Pineapple Co.' as this is their transportation out.

At the scene, Five-O assesses where they are: the North Shore is covered like a blanket with no large vessels involved and no aircraft out of Dillingham Field since the robbery. McGarrett tells Duke he wants all Fort Ruger personnel records in his office with the book on all of them. He then tells Danno to take over on the North Shore with Chin staying with him and Ben going with McGarrett.

Joe and Louie leave the hideout to make their way to the 'Kahuku Sugar Plantation'. They go inside where a vat holds multiple 8-track tapes. They pack up a bunch discussing how the money is going to be taken off the island inside the cartridges. Joe isn't worried knowing Walker wouldn't betray them.

HPD keeps up its air surveillance, Coast Guard steps up its ocean patrols and HPD checks everything at the roadblocks. Meanwhile, Walker and Tally arrive at the Kuilima Hotel with their fake golf bags as Joe and Louie arrive at the service entrance.

The helicopter reports to Danno they found the jeeps Fresh Air Camp Road prompting him to go there. Meantime in Honolulu, Che identifies the cutting implement used: "Gigli's surgical bone wire saw," used by orthopedic surgeons and by NASA for Skylab missions in case of emergency metal cutting. Che makes short order of a pipe in a vise saying the group also used it to break into Fort Ruger. McGarrett tells Ben to check with hospital supply companies to find out who bought any recently and run a background on the purchasers.

Danno arrives at the hideout where the jeeps were abandoned. Chin and a couple of HPD units are already there with Chin briefing everything is there and a lab crew is on the way. When Danno goes back to the car to call Central, he notices the stray golf ball in the brush: the logo on it s for the Kuilima Hotel, which sits between the roadblocks.

At the hotel, Louie makes a delivery to Walker and Tally. Along with the meal on the cart, there's a toolbox with several tapes in it on the bottom. He leaves the case there along with the meals. Walker and Tally get to work taking apart the tape cases removing the tape and stuffing the money inside them then closing the cases again.

Act Two

In McGarrett's office, Ben briefs on what Duke has found: all the Fort Ruger medical personnel come up clean with no reason for the Gigli bone saw. McGarrett has a list of personnel who work in supply and motor pool handing it to Ben to pass on to Duke. McGarrett is interested in anyone who had access to jeeps, trucks and uniforms. He also has a list of Guardsmen and Reservists who meet there and see if anyone was off-duty at the time of the robbery: basically anyone without an alibi. The phone rings as Ben walks out: Che has something interesting.

Louie returns to the room where Walker and Tally are. They trade out cases with Tally making a snide remark about Joe panicking at the roadblock. Meanwhile, in Che's laboratory, he shows McGarrett the prints pulled from the truck, they match what was found on the jeep and at Fort Ruger. They appear to be smudged from gloves but they are actual fingerprints subject to enzymes over a long period of time. In this case, pineapple enzymes from a current or former worker in a pineapple cannery. Che says the condition is only temporary and there are a lot of pineapple workers. McGarrett likes it because the person knew the pay dates and he knows the area. Ben walks in with a dead end on the saw and McGarrett puts him on another path. He wants Ben to head back to the North Shore and talk with the pineapple workers to find any not working the day of the robbery or who quit recently.

Duke continues his path on the National Guard records and reports what he's found to Danno. Meantime, 8-track tapes keep getting packed, swapped and mailed. Then Chin asks about the golf ball as the hotel as the swapping continues.

Danno takes a call from McGarrett sharing with Chin a local pineapple worker may be involved. Danno asks about the golf ball and Chin has a list of names of people who bought one and charged them either to a card or their rooms. Danno wants him to get a list of the hotel guests and take both to McGarrett to work them through the computer. Danno heads out to speak to the manager.

The roadblocks are still in full swing with the pineapple truck passing through. They check Joe's license out and search the van. Nothing unusual comes up on the license but Joe gets nervous when one of the officers searches the front and opens the case with all the 8-track tapes in it. Pulling one, the officer says, "good group" and Joe lets out a heavy sigh. They send Joe on his way and he goes to the Walker Music Company to pack up the case for mailing to the mainland.

Danno calls out to "quadrant two" to report in: all clear. Danno is frustrated but Ben radios but it's also bad, they can forget about the absentee pineapple workers. Meantime in Honolulu, McGarrett runs the computer through its paces with the operator (Walter Yoshimitsu) typing in the names. All of them come up "No Record". Chin walks in with negative results on the golf ball list. The phone rings: Danno calls in on a possible lead, a Guardsman works at the Kuilima. McGarrett wants him hit straight on to "rattle his cage" hoping to shake the robbers loose. Danno goes downstairs approaching Louie to "ask a few questions" and Louis is visibly nervous.

Act Three

Danno, now with Ben, drills Louie trying to figure out if he had anything to do with the equipment being stolen from Fort Ruger. Danno makes him sweat wanting his story from the very beginning. Meantime, Tally becomes edgier knowing the place is "crawling with cops". Walker tries to stay cool knowing this would be the response. Walker explains he knows Joe and Louie pretty well, sharing a foxhole in Korea with Joe's brother. He tries to tell Tally once they're committed, nothing will back them off. Back in the kitchen, Danno decides to let Louie go but for Ben to keep watch. He wants to gives Louie enough rope to hopefully hang somebody with.

Louie makes his deliveries and as soon as he's on the elevator, Ben walks back to find which rooms he's making his deliveries to: one is a baby bottle and another is a sandwich to Walker and Tally. Once inside their room, Louie tells them about his run in with the police. Tally hits the roof as Walker manages to maintain control. Walker points out it would be strange if the police weren't in the hotel and surmises they're trying to smoke them out with Tally helping them along. Walker tells Louie to go back to his normal hotel job and not to come up to the room anymore because the cops will be watching. He also says they'll let Joe know about the change in plans.

McGarrett keeps going through the registration list with still no success including Walker and Tally. At the same time, Louie continues at his job with Ben repeating going to find who he's delivering to with this time being a 50th wedding anniversary. However, it ends badly for Louie as he's found dead in the elevator. Now Walker hits the roof calling Tally's move "stupid". Apparently when Tally was released, Walker gave him a job and hand up to get back to his feet. Tally doesn't want to mess around and definitely doesn't want to go back to prison but that's all he's focused on. Tally leaves the room to go see Joe ready to strike first rather than wait on Joe to attack him.

Downstairs, Louie's body is taken away. Danno walks back in to call McGarrett about what happened: Louie Pahia, Guardsman from Fort Ruger who caught a "shiv in the back". McGarrett says there are three more out there. McGarrett wants a lid on the Kuilima as much as possible because shutting it down completely is impossible. He'll call back once the autopsy is back on Louie.

At the Walker Music Company, Tally seeks out Joe who is every which way ticked off about Louie being killed. They fight with Joe being garroted with the Gigli bone saw!

Act Four

An HPD officer finds the pineapple truck on one of the dead end roads. When he investigates, he finds Joe's body in the back! Danno, Chin and Ben arrive on the scene as the ambulance and lab technicians are already there. Danno checks out Joe and sees the way he was ended then notices his hands specifically his fingertips: smooth from possibly working in a pineapple cannery! Danno tells the attendants to get him to the morgue, top priority. Danno radios the information to McGarrett then helps Chin and Ben check out the truck. Danno climbs into the front finding an 8-track in the player. He finds the case with multiple tapes to find one labeled 'Walker Music Company' and recalling a guest name being Walker. They verify he is a guest at the hotel in suite 630 and Danno slams the 8-track against the dashboard, splitting it open. Chin says with a lot of empties, no one would be the wiser in a roadblock.

Walker and Tally head out to the mill where there are still some tapes that Walker claims can be traced back to his company and them. Tally just wants to get on the highway and leave.

The Five-O guys check out suite 630 but only run into the cleaning lady with their guns drawn! They head back to their command center with the roadblocks checking in that they haven't run any. McGarrett calls with some interesting news: Joe was killed then moved as there was evidence of brick dust and sugar cane ash on his clothing. He was killed in an old sugar mill and one fits the bill in Kahuku. They take off for the mill.

Walker and Tally open a vat but it's empty. Walker pulls a gun on Tally knowing it's only a matter of time before Tally kills him too. Five-O catches up quick though as Danno, Chin and Ben are below them to intercede. Danno yells for them to "hold it" but Walker shoots three times. Tally takes off in another direction as Five-O gives chase. Danno sends Chin and Ben in one direction while he hangs back. Walker finds a place to hide as Tally keeps running. Chin and Ben overshoot Walker's position while Tally attempts escape out an upper window but makes a noise gaining Danno's attention. When he's told to freeze, Tally shoots at Danno but misses. Danno doesn't miss and Tally falls out the open window. Chin and Ben keep up their search with Walker sneaking in behind them. He's determined to take at least one of them with him but Danno won't budge. It's a game of chicken that Walker loses giving up his weapon and being cuffed.

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