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Act One

At Aki Noa Marina, a security guard keeps watch as a couple of kids swim in the harbor to sneak on board boats. They proceed to steal different items, bagging them until they hear footsteps. The boys hide as a security guard (Lee Stetson) boards to plant a bomb!

The next morning the boat owner (William Bigelow) gripes about all the things stolen to a detective (Doug Mossman). The boat owner's brother (Fred Ball) approaches asking if Charlie had a break-in. Charlie tells the detective he'll hook him up at Christmas if he finds his stuff. The detective says he'll do his job without the extra incentive! As the detective leaves, the boat owner readies to go out with his brother casting off the lines. As soon as the engine starts, the bomb's timer begins to countdown until the inevitable explosion. Detective Poheni is on the phone with Dispatch at the time.

The two boys who stole the merchandise from the boat are at HPD with McGarrett. The first kid (Remi Abelliro) admits they were on the boat. The second kid (Lewis Hayden) tells them they didn't do anything but they saw who did: a guy in a uniform, a guard.

In McGarrett's office, Danno briefs the coroner has ruled Charlie Privit's death accidental based on the wreckage, which there isn't much of. Danno also tells him the kids' story doesn't lead anywhere because they were unable to pick the man out of a line up including the guard who was on duty. Danno also checked out the guard: "15 years on the job, perfect record". McGarrett is leaning toward believing the kids and wants a run down on Charlie, especially anyone who would want to kill him including heirs.

Danno and Chin go to the dock to speak to the brother who tells them what happened. He goes on to tell them he was next in line for the inheritance and Charlie hated him for it. The issue is that he's already spent it because the inheritance was managed for him.

McGarrett and Ben pay a visit to Reversions, Inc. meeting Zachary Talbot (Murray Matheson). McGarrett wants to know about Reversions, Inc.: how it's structured and what services it provides. Talbot says he's already provided that information to Manicote (Glenn Cannon). McGarrett reminds him he's not the D.A. and he'll need the information. Talbot leads them into the board of directors explaining the company is an inheritance discount firm providing heirs their inheritance before their benefactors die. There is the profit margin of course and the fact they have to cushion for losses: they take some of the money for themselves while receiving the actual inheritance when the benefactor passes. A director (Roman Bill Winkleman) explains the person can disappear but they have branches in 11 countries in order to find the heir. McGarrett wants a list of their recent clients but Talbot is reluctant because the files are not in order in preparation for a move to Zurich, Switzerland. When McGarrett tells Talbot he can get court order, Talbot calls the secretary to get a list.

Ben speaks to a woman who explains she took a portion of her inheritance to travel but then her father died in an accident two weeks ago. She was in Paris when it happened. Meantime, Danno talks to babe on a boat who tells him she took part of her inheritance but two months later Albert died in a racing car accident. At the same time, Chin walks with a guitar playing hippie who tells him about his grandfather: he died about a month after he was paid in a hit and run.

In McGarrett's office, the corkboard is full of the pattern: five wealthy men whose heirs were paid in advance and each die in an accident within six months of each other. When Manicote wonders if McGarrett is suggesting mass murder, he says the only ones to profit from the deaths is Reversions, Inc. Manicote says he's checked them every which way and they're legal with McGarrett agreeing, "35 years without problems". However, Manicote tells them Talbot and his board of directors are new, about nine months before. The other odd thing is Reversions has recruited the heirs knowing about the wills long before they go to probate. Manicote is floored because there is no way each lawyer's office has a leak. They don't: Ala Moana Bank has been listed on each will as co-trustee and executor. McGarrett has a plan to create a millionaire with numbers larger than anything they've seen before. He wants to snag them before they move and possibly prove five murders, or five accidents.

Privit's brother gets ready to board a helicopter to get out of Dodge. But shortly after takeoff, it explodes as the fake security guard from the boat watches.

Act Two

McGarrett and Ben see Manicote to tell him about victim number six: the brother Jeremy Privit. According to Ben, Charlie cut him off in his will leaving Jeremy owing Reversions $500,000 that he was paid in advance. McGarrett believes Jeremy was an example to keep others in line but he won't know until someone is sent undercover but they can't use anyone there, too easily checked. They need someone new to the islands, who can function like a cop and think on his feet. Manicote may have the man for them: Calvin Cutler (Lawrence Pressman) who is an assistant DA from the mainland and has "an unusual personality".

McGarrett and Danno find Cutler lounging on the beach listening to crappy music while his wine cools in the surf. They talk to him about the assignment: long hours, clandestine with a bit of danger.

Later, they brief him on his background: Edgar Anthony Baines. McGarrett tells him he has education, position and breeding as he looks at Cutler's bare feet on Manicote's desk. McGarrett tosses him the file to memorize everything in it including his super rich, super stingy and invalid Uncle Kevin Baines. In the computer briefing room, McGarrett and the Five-O team go over Baines' history with slides quizzing as they go: college, homes, parents, pets, Uncle Kevin, his worth, his illness and his home. He identifies Frank Mualana (Thomas Fujiwara) as Uncle Kevin's attorney who has been called in to draw up a new will. McGarrett feels he's ready but there are some changes to be made such as switching his glasses for contacts. On the way out, Cutler slips up volunteering information and McGarrett corrects him. They leave for a major haircut among other things.

Mualana arrives at the Ala Moana Bank to file Uncle Kevin's will. When Mualana is done in the bank, he calls McGarrett telling him exactly who touched the will. He tells McGarrett that Henjo Tokada and "a girl by the name of Harper, Natalie Harper" had access to the will beside the bank president.

Natalie leaves the bank with Ben on her tail. A man follows her out with Chin following him. Ben calls in reporting her direction of travel. Chin reports the man's movements as they continue to follow. Ben parks across the street watching her. Natalie gets up from the table with a man who likes planting bombs picking up what she left behind: "bull's-eye!"

Act Three

Cutler makes a splash at the bar he's hanging out at talking loudly about getting the rest of his capital to a girl. He settles his bar tab of three drinks but argues it's supposed to be one drink for him with the bartender (Terry Plunkett). He moves on to a clothing store keeping up his obnoxious ruse with the store manager (William Thompson). There's also a run-in with an apartment manager. He then goes to a loan company and later back to the bar. The bartender is back but won't take credit from Baines. However, a man sitting beside him will be happy to help. He's the same one who planted the bombs to kill the Privit brothers. The man introduces himself as Luke Foster saying he's in inheritances and estates once he finds out Baines is in investments and promotions. Foster gives him his card and tells him to come see them; they're in the Shea Trust Building.

Baines returns to his apartment making a call and it's being recorded by Reversions. However, it's not what they expect: he calls "Larry" asking for $5000 with $3000 interest. Larry refuses, slamming the phone down. In reality, it's Cutler letting McGarrett know Reversions has made contact!

Baines arrives at the Shea Trust Building meeting with Talbot through Foster. They discuss his predicament and his Uncle Kevin being a recluse. Talbot cuts the meeting short with Baines leaving in short order. Talbot tells Foster to keep up surveillance of Baines as he orders the secretary to inquire at their mainland branches about Kevin Baines and his nephew Edgar. Baines goes to the Diamond Head house in full view of Foster.

A telex is received at Reversions with the biographies fully researched. The newspaper coverage is "scant". Talbot decides to check local sources. At the newspaper, a clerk (Winston Char) assists in finding articles on Kevin Baines. The clerk later calls McGarrett informing him of the inquiry. Both he and Danno hope the articles were enough.

At Chez Michel, Talbot and Foster take Baines to lunch discussing his inheritance. Talbot tells him he's going to inherit $12 million and gives him an offer he can't refuse, "why wait until Uncle Kevin dies?"

Act Four

At Reversions, Baines signs his life away to gain his inheritance early. One final piece of paperwork is an Application for Accident Insurance. Talbot ensures Foster is ready for "event number seven" set for tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. After Foster phones them, they will meet at the airport and take off for Switzerland "before an inquest can be made". He adds local attorneys will collect the inheritance for them. Because it's after 5:00 p.m., Baines can't deposit the check and it gives them time to figure out if it's a trap. By tomorrow morning they can take care of Baines and the check.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with a note that arrived at the beach house. Cutler writes as Baines about an insurance policy taken out or the amount of his advanced inheritance. McGarrett realizes this is how they recoup the money if the heir is written out of the will. Danno says it's why Jeremy Privit was killed and Chin adds Cutler is in danger too. McGarrett knows they'll be watching him close. Danno wonders what happens to Cutler if they stop the hit on Uncle Kevin.

At the Diamond Head house, Foster calls Talbot saying number seven is about to begin. Meanwhile, Baines answers the door to find a huge thug (David Jasper) at his door. Foster moves into position pretending to deliver propane asking the guard (Sam Peters) who signs for it. The guard directs him to the housekeeper who wonders why they're getting an early delivery. Foster grabs two cylinders and is frisked by the guard before being allowed inside. The housekeeper directs Foster to where he needs to go as a nurse walks by pushing a wheelchair with the patient covered from head to toe. As Foster works on the cylinders setting a bomb, the kitchen door closes, as does an alternative way out. Foster starts the timer ready to walk away only to find himself trapped! He's desperate searching for a way out trying to break down the doors to no avail. Another door closes behind forcing him into the bedroom with no way out. Finding Uncle Kevin in bed, he turns him over to find a mannequin! He starts yelling to let him out when McGarrett talks to him through the bullhorn to pick up the phone by the window. He admits to the six murders, they were ordered by Talbot and Reversions. He's willing to testify to that effect. He freaks out until Chin walks up behind him saying the bomb was neutralized a long time ago.

At Reversions, Inc., Talbot says if Foster has become entrapped it can be handled with one phone call and he makes it. He calls Baines' apartment to signal the thug to take out Baines. The thug tells cutler to get up near the window and is about to pull his gun when Danno breaks in the door with two HPD officers behind him. Back at Reversions, Inc. Talbot and the board make their moves to leave for the airport only to be stopped by Chin and Ben with multiple HPD officers. As Ben searches him, Talbot recites a quote, which McGarrett finishes for him but McGarrett indeed has the last word, "book them!"

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