S012E19 - “Woe To Wo Fat” - Plot

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Act One

At a hotel in Hong Kong, a woman (Pat Crowley) needs a taxi to go to the university. A Rolls Royce pulls up, cutting in line to the dismay of a cab driver (Reggie Ho) who was next in line. The driver of the Rolls Royce (Lloyd Kino) blows him off, taking the woman for a ride. When she realizes they're going in the wrong direction, he flips a switch to flood the back seat, which is separated from the front by a glass, with gas. She ends her objections. The driver asks Dr. Fielding if anything is wrong and she can't necessarily answer him except she smelled something sweet such as flowers or perfume. She asks where they're going and he tells her they're going to meet some "old friends".

Dr. Fielding is flown by private jet to a tropical island. Already on the premises are two men who greet Dr. Fielding when a servant (Tim Hop Pang) informs them of her arrival. When she gets out of the jeep, she immediately recognizes Professor Lindquist (Terence Knapp) and Dr. Schumacher (Henry Niedzielski). They recall the last time seeing one another was at a symposium eight years earlier held by Professor Raintree (Jack Lord). They show her the laboratory built specifically for them. She is amazed and excited to be able to complete her work. Dr. Schumacher and Professor Lindquist explain they have a selfless human, "the world's benefactor" to thank: "Dr. Wo Fat" (Khigh Dheigh).

In the main house, Wo Fat introduces himself to Dr. Fielding. Wo Fat proclaims he's only interested in peace and why he's brought them to "our modest scientific facility".

In Washington, the crisis is clear: three pre-eminent scientists have disappeared during the last five weeks. General Dexter (Lyle Bettger) briefs on the goings on and asks if anyone has any answers. One man (Wayne Ward) tells of one common denominator, the symposium at Princeton eight years before. One part of the symposium was to study a missile-deterrent system. The man explains they could be closing in on answers and only need Raintree to integrate their work. Dexter wants Raintree secured before he is nabbed and the man says he's in Hawaii recovering from throat surgery.

Dexter and McGarrett visit Raintree, telling him about the disappearances. Raintree reminds them he only proposed a theory, however, Dexter believes someone or some government is after the information to build their own deterrent system. McGarrett "has a much better idea" on how to handle Raintree's security.

Arriving at the hospital, Baskin (Vito Scotti) says no way will it work, thinking McGarrett is going to pose as Dexter. In actuality, he will pose as Raintree. He doesn't expect to have to do it for long and plans on listening rather than talk. McGarrett and Raintree answer the problem plaguing Dexter, why are the scientists cooperating? The culprit is likely drugs or injections, "something that would affect their will to resist". Baskin finishes McGarrett as Dexter scoffs at the whole idea. Baskin says one must break eggs to get an omelet.

On the hospital grounds, Dexter catches up with McGarrett who's brushing up on physics. McGarrett thinks he might be in over his head when Dexter gives him a homing signal embedded in a pocket watch. It's a replica of a watch Raintree is never without, as it was a gift from Albert Einstein. Dexter wishes him luck.

On the island, the servant tells Wo Fat they are ready in Honolulu to proceed when he orders. On the hospital grounds, a U.S. Air Force 2nd Lieutenant approaches 'Raintree'. Lee explains 'Raintree' is wanted in Washington and there's an Air Force standing by. 'Raintree' goes with him and the same thing that happened to Dr. Fielding, happens with 'Raintree' being gassed in the car.

Act Two

'Raintree' is flown to the tropical island where the others are staying. Brought to the main house, 'Raintree' is introduced to "Dr. Wo Fat". Of course, this startles McGarrett but he doesn't lose his composure. They enter the house and he will meet his "colleagues" in about an hour. 'Raintree' greets his fellow scientists and calls Dr. Fielding by her title and last name, not her first name, to which she is visibly hurt by this slight. They all sit as Wo Fat explains why they are all there. Bottom line: to complete the work on a missile deterrent system "in a purely defensive mode". McGarrett knows this isn't true simply because he's known Wo Fat far too long to accept this. 'Raintree' points out the system can be reversed so it can be used as an offensive weapon and he's sure that is Wo Fat's true intentions. Wo Fat is slightly skeptical of 'Raintree' wondering if the compliant gas is working on him. No time now, dinner is served. As the scientists leave for dinner, Wo Fat orders a double dose of "compliance ration" for 'Raintree' that night.

Later that night, 'Raintree' hears the hissing, such as that in his car before. McGarrett blocks the vent, snooping around the house. He comes across a sophisticated communications room complete with an operator (Bill Larstead). McGarrett also spots the outdoor antenna so he knows that has to be disconnected before his homing device will work. He hurries back to his room before anyone is wise to his sneaking around.

At breakfast, 'Raintree' joins Wo Fat. Dr. Fielding joins them mentioning she didn't sleep well the night before. Dr. Fielding brings up her concerns such as what 'Raintree' brought up the day before. But her concerns are vanishing as Wo Fat focuses on 'Raintree' asking about their intentions. 'Raintree' says he never had any doubts, "none whatsoever". This last comment gains Wo Fat's attention as 'Raintree' drinks his tea.

Act Three

'Raintree' walks the grounds with Wo Fat. They stop at the communications room, where a second operator (G. Robert Gleason) looks up at them. Wo Fat says the communications can jam anything coming in or going out of the island. Good to know.

Wo Fat leads 'Raintree' to the laboratory, which sits on an isolated part of the island. Entering, Dr. Schumacher excitedly tells them they should have a working model to demonstrate later that day. 'Raintree' wants to be alone to think about his work. He wanders the grounds, finding Dr. Fielding gazing out to the ocean. Dr. Fielding calls him out on the formality, "two people who were on such intimate terms?" McGarrett has no choice but to take her into his confidence. At first she's hesitant to help him. But McGarrett lays it out: they were brought to the island against their will. Their will to resist is being tampered with and the work is not what it appears. McGarrett describes Wo Fat as "an evil, power-hungry, international criminal". The plans for the missile system are anything but peaceful. McGarrett can only hope he's gotten through to her as Dr. Fielding leaves.

Dr. Fielding goes back to the main house, clearly upset. Wo Fat tries to talk to her but only gets a slammed door in the face. 'Raintree' comes to the house next and Wo Fat simply observes.

During the night, McGarrett makes his move. The first thing he does is take out the antenna. The second is to switch on the homing device, which is picked up by the Navy as an officer (James Roach) observes they need a second point to triangulate the signal. McGarrett climbs a tree to give the device a chance for a clear out signal. He's caught by eight militiamen pointing rifles at him.

In the main house, Wo Fat is very unhappy, destroying the homing device. He's even more unhappy when he unmasks McGarrett. Wo Fat orders an execution at dawn so that McGarrett can "ruminate on your sins, McGarrett. And allow me to cherish the inexorable lowering of the final curtain on your sometimes brilliant, but pathetically misguided life". Dr. Fielding watches McGarrett being held under guard from her door.

Act Four

McGarrett thinks of what options he has available. He gets an idea from puppet shadows against the wall. Downstairs, Wo Fat wants McGarrett brought to him. Ho Lee, who was the driver in Singapore and the 2nd Lieutenant, goes to fetch McGarrett but sees McGarrett appears to have hung himself. Not really, McGarrett takes Lee out when he enters the room. A guard with a rifle makes McGarrett stop until Dr. Fielding hits him over the head with a flowerpot. McGarrett instructs her to find Lindquist and Schumacher and to hide. He plans to sabotage the laboratory while he still can.

McGarrett sends Dr. Fielding on her way as Ho Lee wakes up. McGarrett runs for it scaling down the railing from the second floor. Wo Fat assumes, correctly, McGarrett is going for the laboratory. McGarrett takes down the guard patrolling the outside of the laboratory. McGarrett shoots up the place putting bullets wherever and as much as he can. McGarrett runs into the jungle with Ho Lee and six guards behind him but they're taken out by the laboratory exploding!

Wo Fat arrives in a Jeep seeing McGarrett run into the jungle. The pair plays a cat-and-mouse game with Wo Fat taking shots at McGarrett. McGarrett comes up behind and they finally meet face-to-face. They engage in a fistfight where Wo Fat is, finally after 12 long and bloody years, apprehended by Hawaii's top cop. A helicopter is heard coming in to pick up everybody.

As he locks an HPD cell, McGarrett says, "Aloha, Wo Fat". Alas, as McGarrett walks away, Wo Fat pulls a file out of his shoe!

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