S012E16 - “Clash of Shadows” - Plot

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Act One

Two men board a ship at Honolulu harbor in the middle of the night. Another man, "Professor" (Bill Fiddler) greets them, calling one "Mr. Palmer" (George Ralph DiCenzo) before springing his trap. Several young men start shooting at the pair forcing them overboard. Professor is ready to finish the men off but a car approaches. The group runs off. 'Palmer' is the only one to survive. He swims to shore dragging his colleague with him.

A woman (Elaine Giftos) puts on a teakettle when there is a knock on the door. It's Palmer, who collapses just inside the door after giving a code word to gain entry. The woman, Anne, runs a safe house and nurses Palmer who tells her, "Yuri ... dead". He also says his name is Joel and the mission goes on after she asks about it.

A forklift driver finds the other body near "Pier 40". McGarrett briefs Kimo who can't believe it's "the Yuri Bloch". McGarrett goes to see the governor about Bloch's death. The governor asks the key question, "And what was Yuri Bloch, one of Israel's top intelligence agents, doing here?" McGarrett isn't sure but Bloch wasn't an Israeli agent, he was more a freelancer with his own people and agency. McGarrett readies to leave to start on the case when the governor tells him he's already on it because he put a call into the Israeli government already. The governor cautions McGarrett that he's in the diplomatic realm now so tread carefully.

McGarrett phones an Israeli secretary (Lloyd Bochner) trying to get help from the government in finding Bloch's killer. Even an eight to ten hour delay could cause the trail to grow cold. The secretary relents, telling McGarrett about Emil Klaus who is believed to be in Honolulu the last three years rather than Argentina, which is where McGarrett thought Klaus was. The secretary also tells him there was another agent working with Bloch but no one has heard from him.

McGarrett and Kimo go see the coroner, Harry (Winston Char) and look over Bloch's personal items found. McGarrett finds a hotel room key from Makani Kai Hotel and a Knight's Cross military medal in Bloch's wallet. Anne watches from the hallway, leaving before being seen. McGarrett orders Kimo to check out the hotel room.

Kimo drives to the Makani Kai Hotel showing his badge to the front desk clerk (Vince Alameida). In the lobby, a blond man (Philip McMorrow) notes Kimo's entrance and calls up to the room. Kimo knocks before opening the door to find the place completely ransacked. Kimo doesn't help with his search methods or that he missed the man, who posed as the "Professor" at the pier, hiding in the closet. The kid hits Kimo over the head, escaping out the window. The kid runs out the fire escape taking a couple of shots at Kimo as he runs. Kimo tries to give chase but loses him.

At an expensive estate, the kid, named 'Turner,' goes to see "Mr. Cassell" (Albert Paulsen). Cassell is on the patio reading the paper about Bloch, "with every step that he took here, he was drawn closer to me". Cassell/Klaus chuckles at the thought. Klaus wants the other man with Bloch found because there's no mention of him in the newspaper. Turner tells Klaus they have Bloch's hotel room under surveillance. Turner also reports what transpired at the hotel believing "one of McGarrett's men" didn't see him. Klaus is happy McGarrett's involvement is limited to finding Bloch's killers. He sends Turner inside to assist packing the house and reemphasizes the library will be packed last under his direct supervision. Klaus surveys a 3-D rendering of a battlefield with toy tanks and soldiers. He picks up a tiny Hitler putting it atop a boulder.

Act Two

At Five-O, Kimo kicks himself for letting Turner hit him on the back of the head. Kimo reports he wasn't about to find anything, "not even a label". Duke walks in with a report of a fire the night before in Pearl City. The business specialized in military memorabilia "like a Knight's Cross". McGarrett wants Kimo to talk to the coroner to double check the report of the owner of the shop, Larry Akaela. There's still nothing on the second man and McGarrett is puzzled why Bloch would have a Knight's Cross in his possessions.

Anne goes to the Makani Kai Hotel to pick up anything for "Andre Palmer" which was the alias Bloch used to check in. This gains the attention of the blond agent. There is a cablegram and she shows the clerk an authorization to pick it up. Anne takes the cablegram and the blond agent runs over several people to follow her out. He isn't subtle about as Anne picks up that he's following her right away. She hurriedly gets into a cab evading him.

Palmer tries to grab a glass of water from his bed but when he hears noise, he goes for his gun. However, it's Anne returning from the hotel. She takes cares of him after telling him the cablegram is for Bloch and it's in code that she can't decipher. The message reads 'Rally among men of good cheer'. When Anne says McGarrett is on the case, Palmer recognizes McGarrett's name but Anne assures him no one knows he's there. Palmer is in and out of consciousness while Anne is left with the message.

Harry calls Kimo to tell him a man (Lou Richards) has arrived to identify Bloch claiming he's a relative. The man rushes out as Harry asks him to fill out a form but Harry gets roughed up instead! Kimo arrives to find Harry and sends out an APB. Kimo pushes forward, asking about the autopsy on Larry Akaela. Harry stands by the initial finding of asphyxiation but he wants more time.

Turner and Klaus discuss an incoming plane of their people, which happens to be 30 minutes ahead of schedule. They also discuss South Africa with Turner wondering what it will be like, but Klaus looks at it as "just a spot on the Earth's surface" where they can start their organization and expand. Klaus isn't happy about not finding the other agent. While they staked out the hotel and the blond agent, Hans, tried to follow Anne she was smart enough to elude him. As well, she had the forethought to give a fake name and address. Klaus' new plan of attack is to have Anne brought to him should she be spotted again.

At the military store, or at least what's left of it after the fire, Kimo speaks to Captain Raymond (Ernest Chan) from HFD. He's a fire damage inspector and tells him there's nothing unusual about the fire. The owner was found in the back with a half-lit cigarette on a couch. Kimo asks if anyone has seen a Knight's Cross, showing what they found in Bloch's wallet. The captain says no "there was a lot of melted stuff all around".

Act Three

Harry calls into McGarrett's office reporting what was found in Larry Akaela. Harry tells McGarrett and Kimo, "it was murder". Harry tells them a drug, paralithium, was found that slowly paralyzes and allows the victim to breathe, but they are unable to do anything to save themselves. McGarrett theorizes Bloch was going to meet with Akaela and Akaela was killed before the meet took place. McGarrett knows there has to be something in the shop so he sends Kimo to retrieve anything scrap he can. Kimo leaves then Luana buzzes in with a call about Bloch. Anne is on the other end, she tells McGarrett about the cablegram: coded message from Vienna. Anne also tells him about Palmer but he's no help because he's delirious and keeps saying "Ship" over and over. However, she has left the cablegram in McGarrett's car in hopes he can figure out what it means. She hangs up before she tells him anything else.

A computer technician (Fred Ball) works on the message in Israel, finally breaking the code. Afterward, the Israeli secretary calls McGarrett with the news. The message: ""First Security of Oahu three four"". The secretary believes this is bank draft information and the money will eventually land in Klaus' lap. The secretary also tells McGarrett there are three dangerous young men on their way to Honolulu before cutting off the help. McGarrett is grateful for the help received. McGarrett orders Duke to get a court order to look at some bank accounts and "tell Carew to put on a shirt and tie. He's gonna be talking to bankers". Duke chuckles at this last part, leaving for his tasks.

Kimo shows up to the back. Anne watches from across the street. Kimo goes inside to speak to the bank manager, Mr. Mohai (Daniel Taba) under the gaze of Christine Martin (Barbara Kelly). Kimo shows the manager the proper paperwork and he has to sign something else. While this happens, Christine sneaks into the Foreign Transactions room placing a group of files and some tape reels into a trashcan topped with a timed bomb. Mohai returns to Kimo and they go to the Foreign Transactions room with Christine walking out the front door just before the bomb explodes. Anne jumps as the alarm goes off and is forced into the passenger seat by Turner and Hans. They take off.

Mohai is patched up in the bank as Kimo asks him about Christine. She's been working at the bank about the same amount of time Klaus has been missing from Argentina. Not all is lost, an APB has been sent out on her and the bank records can be reconstructed in about 48 hours. As well, Kimo was able to find some burned paper at Akaela's shop and it's in the laboratory being worked on.

Anne is held at Klaus' house and he breaks her part into one of two possibilities: "you're either working for one, the Israelis, or two, Yuri Bloch's private little gang of Israelis". Anne isn't cooperative which earns her a slap from Christine. Klaus is smug in his interrogation of Anne but leaves the dirty work to Christine.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, McGarrett, Kimo and Duke take hours to sort through the papers found at Akaela's shop. McGarrett eventually sees a pattern: an R. Shipman (Terrance Knapp) paid cash for several high priced items specific to Nazi Germany. He puts a piece in place from Anne's phone call when she mentioned "Ship," the name Palmer gave her. McGarrett also finds an address for Shipman among the paperwork. McGarrett sends Kimo.

Kimo arrives at Kamahameha University to see Shipman followed by the man who roughed up Harry. Kimo admires Shipman's military collection and Shipman tells him it's for the university. Kimo asks him about Bloch to which Shipman says he knows of him but doesn't know him personally. Kimo asks Shipman if he bought several items as he lays receipts out. Turns out, Shipman was a middleman for collectors and the expensive items in question were "bought on speculation with my own money". Kimo shows him the Knight's Cross and Shipman tells him the collector might be interested in the Cross. Kimo says the case has a missing link and that link is looking more like Shipman all the time. Kimo wonders aloud if the collector is Emil Klaus. Shipman scoffs at the notion but he does give up the name "Adrian Cassell" as the collector and one Shipman has known for years. Kimo puts another piece in place, "about three [years]?" Shipman confirms the timeframe and tells Kimo where Cassell can be found. Kimo leaves with this new information and radios it all to McGarrett.

Klaus and his people continue to question Anne who is still uncooperative. The doorbell rings and Klaus expects it to be their "guests from Vienna" but it's McGarrett. McGarrett it there to inquire about stolen goods to which Klaus knows nothing about but is willing to show McGarrett his library. McGarrett looks around while Christine holds Anne's mouth closed and Turner keeps the door closed. McGarrett asks if Cassell/Klaus knows Shipman and he's says they do a lot of business due to Shipman's eye for the unusual. When McGarrett grabs for a book, Cassell/Klaus redirects him more than once, even offering another book. McGarrett finally leaves but sees the man who was following Kimo and tackles him in the yard cuffing him. He's an Israeli agent; sure Cassell is Emil Klaus and mentions the Knight's Cross. When Cassell approaches, McGarrett says he's leaving for assistance. However, McGarrett really runs back to the house and back into the library to look at the book he wanted to look at before.

Turner comes out of the side room with a gun drawn. McGarrett is somewhat cornered but he has the book that contains, names, countries, an organizational chart and everything else needed to restart the Nazi party. Klaus claims it's only part of his collection but McGarrett asks about Anne in the other room "what about the lady in there? Is she part of your collection?" Klaus believes he's in the clear because only one person knows him by sight: Bloch and he's dead. Palmer appears out of nowhere with a gun in his hand. After confirming everyone's identities and disarming Turner, McGarrett makes Klaus, Turner and Christine sit on the couch. Bloch collapses and Anne helps him. Bloch says he left the Cross in Joel's wallet hoping McGarrett would take the lead and follow it through. The Israeli agent walks in, still cuffed, as well telling how he picked up Bloch at the safe house and followed Kimo who told them about Cassell. He immediately recognized Joel as the dead man and took off as fast as possible.

At the airport, HPD moves in to arrest the three "guests from Vienna". McGarrett orders, "Kimo, book them. Traveling under false passport". McGarrett jabs at them once more before driving off with Duke.

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