S012E17 - “The Golden Noose” - Plot

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Act One

In Baradak, Southeast Asia; Jimmy (Joe Moore) returns from a three-week survey of mineral deposits. His girlfriend (Irene Yah Ling Sun) surprises him with a homecoming. Jimmy is meeting with Jonas Halloran (Ed Lauter) and going on the capital to brief the premier (Colin de Silva) on his findings. Jimmy tells his girlfriend, "your country is going to be rich". He gives her a present and tells her to open it later at the hotel where they will "toast it with champagne". The girlfriend leaves for the hospital where she works then Jimmy cleans up waiting on Halloran.

Halloran's limousine pulls up driven by Le Doc (Kimo Hugho) and also carrying the finance minister, Sandifer (Ed Fernandez). Jimmy gets in and they head off toward the capital, sort of. Jimmy tells them he's found uranium and Baradak is about to become "the biggest little rich country in the Far East". Halloran is the first to know because Jimmy hasn't even told his home office yet. Le Doc pulls over in the middle of the jungle. Forcing Jimmy out, Le Doc takes him into some brush and shoots him. Halloran's plan is to inform the premier that Jimmy's survey failed to find anything. Halloran's ultimate goal is to take over the country and claim all the riches for himself.

In the governor's office, McGarrett, the governor and another man (John Stalker) watch a news report on Baradak and how they've struggled for peace. The man is a Secretary from Washington conveying the President's message that he's "interested in the stability and security of Baradak". He discusses the bullion, $150 million worth; McGarrett's job is to provide security when they pick it up. It wouldn't be an issue but McGarrett is "bothered" by Halloran, the kind of person to not be trusted.

Premier Lon Tho, Halloran and Sandifer arrive in Honolulu via Air Niugini. The governor and McGarrett, who doesn't hide his contempt for Halloran but keeps up the professional front, meet them. The governor has planned a private dinner for that evening, keeping it "non-political". As they walk from the airplane, Jimmy's girlfriend calls out to Halloran behind the security rope. She crosses the line but is stopped by Kimo and a security guard. Asking for identification, Kimo finds a knife in her purse.

In McGarrett's office, she states her case that she only wanted to talk to Halloran. She tried to talk to Halloran in Baradak but he refused to see her. She's trying to find out what happened to Jimmy since he never met her at the hotel as planned. She tells them he never "made his report" and everything he had is gone. The report gets McGarrett's attention and she tells him it was "about minerals in the north mountains," specifically uranium. She's tried asking anyone and everyone but it's as if Jimmy "just disappeared". McGarrett asks, "is it possible that your friend left the country without telling you, Nadira?" Nadira's evidence that he didn't is the gift Jimmy gave her, a carved box with an engagement ring inside.

At the governor's dinner, the premier and governor talk about Baradak's efforts to draft a constitution. As well, McGarrett, Halloran and Sandifer wrap up their own conversation. McGarrett and Halloran are left on their own when Sandifer walks away. McGarrett get to the point, asking about Jim Weaver right away. Halloran says the survey was negative but McGarrett understands the deposits were confirmed and Nadira told him so. McGarrett retells her story to Halloran. McGarrett goes toe to toe with Halloran, not taking any of his gruff.

Act Two

McGarrett and Kimo case the bank for their upcoming security detail. The manager (Jim Doney) talks about the security systems in place. As well, his associate (Harry Chang) tells them about the timing mechanism before walking to the vault door. McGarrett hits on any bypasses in the system when the manager shows him the mesh throughout the vault. The gold bars are in plain view as the door is opened.

Somewhere underground, Halloran and Sandifer are witnesses to a demonstration of a drilling laser by a technician, Wriggins (Bill Bigelow). Now they have the laser, they only need a plan. Island Refrigeration Inc. has a truck being readied and Halloran stops in to check the progress.

At his hotel, Halloran answers a call from the Dutchman (John A. Hunt). "The shopping list is complete" including all the automatic rifles and "lightweight rocket launchers". The Dutchman is in no mood to play; he's owed money from a previous deal with Halloran that went South as well as for the current hardware. Halloran tells him he'll be paid in gold bullion on Saturday. Halloran is about to say more when he notices Nadira's feet under a screen in his hotel room. She only wants to know what happened to Jimmy but Halloran denies knowing anything. However, Nadira catches him in a lie when she mentions the sign she put up saying 'Happy Birthday Jimmy' when it actually said 'Welcome Home Jimmy'. Halloran tells her to go home and "forget the whole thing". She leaves. Halloran orders Le Doc to take care of her and to make it look like an accident. Le Doc leaves.

Nadira walks on the street in Honolulu pondering her next move. She notices Le Doc right away but keeps walking. She walks faster until she gets to the road with car traffic. Fidgeting, she's trying to figure out where to go now, as she seems to be boxed in. Le Doc goes to push her in front of a truck but he's hit instead while Nadira takes off running.

Halloran identifies Le Doc at the coroner's office. McGarrett tells Halloran what they know based on eyewitnesses that she pushed him and took off. McGarrett wonders if it wasn't Nadira based on the descriptions given. McGarrett still doesn't trust Halloran, showing him the automatic pistol found on Le Doc. McGarrett wants to know where the gun came from, "I've seen only one like it before, taken from an international terrorist". Halloran takes offense at this and never answers the question. McGarrett doesn't like Halloran but why? Kimo says, "everything."

McGarrett talks to Tom (Bob Turnbull) about the weapon found on Le Doc, "RR4, caliber .380. It's the smallest automatic weapon made". He turns McGarrett to two possible dealers: Polifax (James Hutchison) and Jan Shyler, aka "The Dutchman". Unfortunately, he isn't completely sure if either is active in the black market currently. McGarrett returns to his office.

Nadira calls McGarrett claiming Le Doc tried to kill her. As well, she informs him of the phone call Halloran had with the Dutchman talking weapons, rocket launchers and payment in gold bullion on Saturday. McGarrett wants her to turn herself in but she wants to finish what she started, finding the truth. Hanging up, McGarrett and Kimo run out of the office.

Act Three

Nadira checks out the Dutchman's business: a junkyard. She slips into the open gate but is spotted by the Dutchman. He quickly catches up with her, forcing her to walk with him. Shortly after, McGarrett and Kimo arrive finding the main gate locked. When Kimo rattles the padlock, it distracts Dutchman enough for Nadira to run for it. Dutchman fires at her but misses. McGarrett has had enough; he backs up the Five-O LTD to run up into the main gate, forcing it open. Dutchman fires at the car while Nadira hides. McGarrett drives through the junkyard, finally cornering Dutchman. Nadira runs out of hiding but before Dutchman can really talk, he is sniped by Halloran. Nadira takes off after the sniper shot as McGarrett and Kimo scan the horizon.

McGarrett goes to see the Governor but Halloran is already there. McGarrett and Halloran tangle again with Halloran accusing McGarrett of undermining the governor's every move to create friendly relations with Hawaii and in turn, the United States. Halloran evades all questions McGarrett asks. Halloran becomes an utter jerk, withdrawing from any security arrangements for the gold. Halloran puts all the responsibility for the gold on the State of Hawaii. He storms out of the governor's office.

Act Four

Wriggins and Halloran arrive to an old World War II tunnel that goes under the bank. After two helpers clear the brush, Wriggins drives the truck in. Once in place, Wriggins has everything set up; only the piping has to be put into place. Up top, Five-O positions themselves at the bank. Wriggins commences the drilling. He'll need two holes and they have a grand total about 10 hours to get everything done but in reality three hours to get the gold melted and moved.

Up top, McGarrett, Kimo and Duke keep their eyes open for Halloran. The temperature gauge reads '76'. At 11:30, Wriggins breaks through. At 3:10, the laser drills a complete second hole. They put the ceramic tubing in place so the gold will be directed into new molds. At 3:40, the temperature gauge goes up from '69' to '71'. McGarrett apprises the governor but everything is quiet. McGarrett notices the gauge going up rather than staying steady or going down. The gauge continues to climb as the gold begins to melt and pour into the new molds. The gauge reads '80' at 4:20. The radio says the temperature is 64 at 5:35 but the gauge reads '86'. McGarrett sets Kimo to trace where the actual sensor is and if it's anywhere near the vault. Below, Halloran keeps track of time. Kimo finds the sensor and touches the wall, it's hot. Reporting back to McGarrett, this new information sets events in motion: McGarrett wants a map of the downtown area from the city engineer putting Duke on that task. Halloran is pleased with the progress but knows time is of the essence.

In the bank, McGarrett goes over the map with the city engineer (Harold Iseke). McGarrett notices the tunnel, specifically the 'Wainwright Tunnel'. Shortly before 6am, the gold drips its last into the truck. The four men pile into the truck and take off. In the bank, the vault door opens with a lot of smoke and one gold bar left. McGarrett orders Duke to the tunnel with HPD backup as he and Kimo take off in another direction.

Arriving at the tunnel, Duke and HPD look around. Duke reports to McGarrett they were there but they got out before they arrived. McGarrett and Kimo are at Polifax's coffin manufacturing business. McGarrett surmises with only two dealers on the island with what Halloran needs, Polifax is left because the Dutchman's dead.

Inside Polifax tells Sandifer everything can go in one shipment because he's gutted the coffins to make up for the weight. Polifax is jumpy because Halloran is late. They all run for cover when McGarrett shoots the lock on the door. McGarrett sends Kimo to the upper level while he tries to take everybody out. They're successful in subduing everyone before the truck arrives. Wriggins backs in then Halloran opens the doors only Sandifer and Polifax are less than enthused. McGarrett holds Halloran at gunpoint from the upper level. He orders, "okay, Kimo, book him, murder one. And God knows what else".

At the airport, Nadira thanks McGarrett for the help and she can go on knowing Jimmy loved her. The premier also thanks McGarrett and offers Nadira a post in the government. McGarrett gives Nadira a plumeria lei as a fond farewell.

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