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Act One

A chauffeur (Ted Hamilton) waits on the street by Eaton Square where there are high-end shops and restaurants including Georgio's Salon. Inside the salon, Mrs. Ames (Tricia O'Neil) is having her hair done by Georgio (Anthony Inneo) and her nails painted by his associate (Andrea Pike). She stares in the mirror, unsure what to make of everything. After being prodded, she tells Georgio and his associate everything is fine.

On the street, Mrs. Ames meets the chauffeur and gets into the limousine. When the scenery isn't what she expects Mrs. Ames asks, "Wilkens, this isn't the way home, is it?" He assures her it's only a shortcut. The engine starts to sputter and Wilkens pulls over so he can check it but in reality he's going to chloroform Mrs. Ames.

At the Ames house, a portrait of Mrs. Ames greets everyone who enters. On the lanai, Dr. Ames (James Olson) tells McGarrett he doesn't need his help and in turn, the help of Five-O. He explains his wife Christine is on the mainland, visiting friends. His lawyer (Lyle Bettger) insists on McGarrett's and Five-O's help because Christine's life is "in jeopardy". McGarrett pledges that her life is Five-O's "top priority". Dr. Ames agrees to their help. Christine has been kidnapped and the ransom demand is $1 million "by the next time they call" which could be any minute. A technician sets up the phones so they can listen in. Kimo reports to McGarrett but he's off somewhere else in his mind. Kimo also up dates on the court order for Wilkens' room: Duke's on it and running a "full check". Due to Wilkens being British, they also had to call Scotland Yard. An APB is out on the limousine with nothing so far. McGarrett wants Duke to check the Ames' background; something made prove helpful. As well, he wants Lori to visit Georgio because it's the last place they know Christine was seen.

McGarrett goes back onto the lanai where Dr. Ames is talking to his lawyer. Dr. Ames is antsy because of the threat against Christine. When asked if he can raise the ransom, he tells McGarrett "not easily" but Christine has it. McGarrett's interest is piqued, "you and your wife keep your money separate from each other, doctor?" Dr. Ames answers Christine wanted that arrangement. McGarrett wonders how Dr. Ames will pay with money that isn't his. The lawyer explains he has power of attorney for Christine and the papers have already been signed. McGarrett probes for facts: the kidnapper's voice was male and there was nothing distinctive about it. The telephone rings and Dr. Ames runs to answer it. The call is about the money and it's on the way.

In a shack on a rocky beach, Christine is tied and gagged. Wilkens steps out acknowledging a woman driving up in a red Mustang. Christine wakes up, still groggy from the chloroform. Wilkens leaves, padlocking the door on the outside.

At Georgio's, Lori asks some questions. Christine had a standing appointment every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. According to Georgio, Christine wasn't happy. As Lori talks to Georgio and he tells her it's "always the same" with her hair and a manicure. Gloria, his associate, interrupts with "Red Door Red" which is the Christine's new nail polish. Georgio also says Christine didn't trust her husband. He invites Lori to a reception and says, "I'll show you something".

The lawyer roams the Ames house, stopping by Christine's portrait. Kimo joins him and they discuss the Ames and why they moved to Hawaii. Christine is the "difficult one" while Ken is "easy going". As to the why for the move: a run of bad luck including a devastating car wreck between Dallas and Fort Worth about 18 months before. It has affected her health, even to now. The lawyer mentions marital problems but nothing specific. Kimo digs for answers, "look, Mr. Di Marco, this really isn't the time to withhold evidence. We need your help and we need it now. You know, it doesn't take very long for a kidnapper's trail to get cold". Di Marco sheds light on part of it, saying they don't talk about the past and Christine is especially sensitive about it. An HPD officer (Bob Silva) interrupts their conversation with a radio call for Kimo: it's Duke with news about the limousine and Wilkens, they've been found.

Kimo arrives on scene as the limousine is found off the road in a ravine with it tail lights to the road. Wilkens story is a group rammed into them and he "panicked a little" as Christine was "screaming her bleeding her head off" and he lost control with the car landing in the ditch. Wilkens says there were two of them, they wore ski masks and "they were mean". He describes their car as a big "bluey-green" American type. It's not much to go on and Kimo isn't buying it, as a chauffeur, Wilkens should have been able to give more. He tells Duke to put out an APB on the guys and car then tail Wilkens. Lori arrives on scene, telling Kimo what she found out from Georgio: the Ames marriage was on shaky ground. This aligns with what Di Marco was trying to tell Kimo. However, Georgio knew Christine hired a private detective to follow her husband because she was sure he was having an affair. The detective is Nick Rossiter (Don Lamond) and Lori gives Kimo the card given to her. Kimo's plan is to talk to Nick and talk to Dr. Ames again because "anything's possible".

Act Two

Kimo talks to Nick in a pool hall where he keeps business. Nick is not surprised or upset Christine has been taken. According to Nick, Christine was "angry" at her husband and was planning to "roast him". She also had the money to do just that. Kimo wants more information then Nick lays it out: Christine knew Dr. Ames was cheating but she had no proof and hired Nick to find out who the other woman was. Nick tells Kimo Christine hired him "to find herself". Nick told off Christine and he hasn't seen her since.

At the shack, Christine is fully awake but pretends she's still out as another woman (Tricia O'Neil) who looks like her walks in. She phones the Ames house where Dr. Ames answers with everyone listening in. She plays a prerecorded message giving further instructions and asking if he has the money. When Dr. Ames answers, "yes," he is told where to look in the back yard. The woman closes up the briefcase and leaves, "relax, Mrs. Ames. This will all be over for you in a little while".

Dr. Ames packs the money into a bag as Di Marco reads the crudely pasted note of the drop off location. Dr. Ames is determined to go alone even though McGarrett is sending over one of his people. Dr. Ames runs for his boat and takes off. Meanwhile, the woman who made the phone call is out in the surf in her scuba gear. Kimo arrives at the Ames house just missing Dr. Ames.

On the boat, Dr. Ames arrives at the drop off point. Lori shows up at the house too with some interesting information: an enlarged photo of Christine's Texas driver's license. Her photo looks nothing like her. When they show it to Di Marco, he shed s light on the past accident. Di Marco knew Christine had been injured badly but had no idea to what degree. Lori gives the details on the wreck happening on a rainy night between Dallas and Fort Worth. Christine was nearly killed but Dr. Ames only had minor injuries. When it was all over, Christine had a new face. Out in the ocean, Dr. Ames rendezvous with the woman who called.

Act Three

Dr. Ames helps her into the boat. Dr. Ames asks Lisa if she "took care of her" and Lisa says she did. She knows the police are watching him and Wilkens at the hospital. Dr. Ames is only interested in being with Lisa and he's worried their plan won't work. He doesn't trust Wilkens. Lisa assures him Wilkens is trustworthy and the plan is going perfectly. She isn't concerned about McGarrett either and feels she can pull off being Christine long enough for them to get away. They kiss multiple times before she puts her diving gear back on and leaps from the boat with the ransom money. Before leaving the scene completely, she plants a bomb on the underside of the boat. Dr. Ames returns to his house and a cadre of policemen including Kimo and Lori. Kimo is direct wanting to know what happened. Dr. Ames comes up with a story about how things happened quickly and there was one man he can't describe because of the scuba mask he was wearing. He knows this because the man spoke when he demanded the money be tossed to him. Di Marco asks if the man said anything about Christine and Dr. Ames clams up saying he's already told them everything. Lori notes he seems nervous.

On a rocky beach, Christine appears out of nowhere yelling for help. Two people run to her aid. A man (Dennis Edenfield) who had been surfing cradles her head as she asks for the police. He runs off to get help.

Christine is brought back to the Ames house where she tells her story. She says she screamed for Wilkens to help her but she knew he was out. She says she saw two pull her from the car. They were armed and "one of them put a handkerchief over my mouth". She claims not to remember anything until she woke up by the highway. Dr. Ames turns her arm, showing bruises and needle marks for injections. She says she doesn't care what it takes; she doesn't want them to get away with what they did to her. Dr, Ames pledges his cooperation too and McGarrett accepts. As McGarrett asks her directly about Nick Rossiter, Christine faints. Dr. Ames becomes surly and tells McGarrett he has to wait to ask more questions. McGarrett leads Kimo and Lori out with Di Marco following them. At the car, McGarrett stops Kimo and Lori speaking his suspicions of Mrs. Ames. "There's more than a simple kidnapping going on here. It's just too cute, especially that fainting spell when I asked about Nick Rossiter". They drive out under the watchful eye of Wilkens.

Once everyone is gone, the truth emerges. It's actually Lisa taking Christine's place! Wilkens proposes they celebrate as he pours drinks with a little something extra for Dr. Ames. He soon succumbs to the drug after asking who Nick Rossiter is. Lisa asks, "I'm just not a very good wife, am I?"

Act Four

McGarrett finds Dr. Ames where Lisa left him. McGarrett is not impressed. Dr. Ames says they ran off with each other after drugging him.

Out on the boat, Wilkens is having a jolly time driving. Lisa encourages him and says they're closing in and she needs to change. As he contently drives, she goes below, setting the remote of the attached bomb. She disappears. Wilkens makes he way below after stopping the engines. Wilkens searches for her with no success as the realization dawns on him that he too has been double-crossed. The boat explodes.

McGarrett breaks the news to Dr. Ames: his wife is dead. They were following the boat and "we had it on the radar screen when it happened". McGarrett lowers the boom: they know the Ames marriage was "in serious trouble" with Christine refusing a divorce. McGarrett accuses Dr. Ames of arranging the accident in Texas and rebuilding her to look like his girlfriend. McGarrett puts the pieces together also accusing Dr. Ames of being a part of the kidnapping and replacing Christine with Lisa away from anyone who would know Christine well. A tape recorder was found beside Dr. Ames, as he was unconscious. It's Lisa leaving a message for him and telling him Christine is alive. McGarrett wants to know where she is.

Kimo, Duke and a few HPD units drive out to the shack where 'Christine' is found still tied up. They take care of her and she's on the ambulance gurney being cared for as McGarrett arrives. Duke also found the chloroform bottle. As McGarrett talks to her, he knows she's Lisa who killed both Christine and Wilkens. Figuring she could swoop in pretending to be Christine, she would take the fortune and never see anyone in Hawaii again. How does he know? Her fingernails are clear. The last nail polish Christine was wearing was "Red Door Red," something new she tried that week.

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