S12E05 - “Good Help Is Hard To Find” - Plot

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Act One

Kimo, Truck and HPD raid a warehouse at the docks in the middle of the night. Shortly after breaking in, the lights go out and a one-way shootout ensues. Truck throws a switch to bring back the lights and they realize they've been shooting at cutouts and dummies. A tape recorder plays the gunfire with Kimo and Truck finding it and trying it off. A jack in the box trips and Kimo and Truck aim their guns at it.

Truck visits his cousin Joey (Dave Lancaster) after the botched raid. Turns out, it was a tip from Joey that led to the raid. They're looking for a cookery of angel dust and Joey was sure he sent them to the right place. Truck tells him to go back to bed but Joey is too excited: he's been studying to take the entrance exam for the HPD police academy. Joey is making Truck stick to his promise of getting McGarrett's recommendation.

Kimo talks to McGarrett long distance from the Five-O offices as Truck walks in and the cleaning lady (Josie Over) does her job. Truck confirms it was a "solid tip" sending Kimo into a tizzy. Truck suggests Five-O is bugged and while Kimo doesn't buy it, he agrees to have the sweep team in tomorrow. As Kimo and Truck leave, the cleaning lady moves in: she removes the bug! The next morning the sweep team finds nothing. When they leave, the cleaning lady replaces the bug.

Kimo and Duke visit Alika (Ross Martin) who is enjoying his breakfast with the photo of Kimo, Truck and the jack in the box. Billy Swan (Jerry Boyd) tries to stop to no avail. Kimo spars with Alika because it is ultimately, Alika's warehouse that was raided the night before. As this goes on, a man (John P. Ryan) walks through the back to meet with Alika but it stopped cold upon recognizing Kimo. Kimo accuses Alika of finding another source of angel dust but Alika denies it. Meantime, the man takes off. Kimo tells him straight, "now, McGarrett sent me over here to tell you he's not gonna tolerate it." Alika makes a wise crack to which Kimo knocks Alika enough to spill coffee on himself. Alika starts screaming assault but Duke calmly answers, "strange, Alika, but I just can't seem to hear you". They leave and Alika wants to talk to Guido Marioni, who was the man in the back. Billy tells him he was there already.

Alika and his two goons track down Guido in his hotel room at the Hawaiian Regent. Guido is furiously packing because he's certain Carew was asking about him. Alika says he wasn't but puts two and two together, "you mean he's that Carew, the one that killed your brother Vince?" Guido explains they only went to his house to tell Carew to back off but his wife and daughter got into the line of fire. Alika puts Guido between a rock and a hard place because Alika won't let him leave. "You're my supplier". Guido is panicked, knowing Kimo won't rest until Guido's dead. Alika comes up with an idea to help them both: frame Kimo, so that way Guido doesn't have to run and he can remain Alika's supplier. As they talk, the cleaning lady pulls Kimo's file and makes a copy.

At the governor's office, an Internal Affairs Lieutenant Dexter (Jason Evers) lays it out to McGarrett's face: there is someone corrupt in Five-O. McGarrett isn't happy at the accusation and the governor steps in telling McGarrett he requested the investigation from an impartial third party. Surprisingly, McGarrett welcomes the investigation because there is no one corrupt in Five-O and tells Dexter he will fully cooperate. First thing Dexter requests are the personnel records of Wilson and Carew since they are the latest hires and "without a thorough perusal of their backgrounds". McGarrett bristles because he personally hired them both. McGarrett and Dexter argue about Carew and his past with the Boston PD. The governor tires of the back and forth bickering and they're all interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Sing Li, the owner of the warehouse that was raided, saying they need to watch the news on KLB-TV. The governor wants to understand the contentious relationship between McGarrett and Mark Maynard (Les Keiter), a reporter with KLB-TV. McGarrett explains he tried to get Maynard "drummed out of the Honolulu press corps for exposing confidential evidence in the Jericho kidnap case" and Maynard has been after McGarrett since. Maynard insults McGarrett and the current Five-O unit even showing the same photo Alika was gloating over at breakfast. McGarrett is cornered.

Act Two

A nicely dressed lady who's the cleaning lady from the office stops Kimo to ask directions to the Wananoalili Hotel using one of their envelopes. Kimo handles the envelope while giving her directions.

At the docks, Joey meets Truck with another hot tip. This time it's from a trucker named Billy Kahana who says the angel dust operation is being moved to Hilo Point. Joey continues to pester Truck for McGarrett's recommendation.

In McGarrett's office, McGarrett talks about their next move to Kimo, Lori and Truck. Outside, an older gentleman listens in and phones Alika. Meanwhile, an imposter practices Kimo's signature. Alika is pleased everything is falling into place, "Hawaii Five-O is about to ride again. And have I got a reception waiting for them this time".

Kimo, Lori and Truck make their move to Hilo Point followed by a pair of HPD units. When they arrive, there isn't a drug operation but a group of children playing ukuleles for them. As the song ends, Maynard and KLB shows up after being tipped there was going to be a reception for Five-O. The bandleader (Madeline Hayashida) explains a "very nice man" put this together as a salute to McGarrett and his officers. Another group of kids unfurl a banner reading 'Welcome McGarrett and his Keystone Cops'. They all know they're going to look foolish.

Act Three

In the governor's office, he asks McGarrett what is going on. The governor says, "there have been many attempts in the past to discredit Five-O, but this is the first time anyone has tried to laugh us out of existence". McGarrett confirms the governor's suspicions that Alika is behind it. McGarrett wonders why he would jeopardize his big angel dust operation just to embarrass McGarrett and Five-O. The governor points out, "that thug would endanger a billion-dollar operation if he could cut your throat". Dexter shows up and the governor says he wants everyone in the raiding party to go through lie-detector tests. McGarrett pushes back against "the waste of time" saying no one knew about it. Dexter focuses in on Kimo who was one that knew where they were going. Before things escalate out of control, the governor realizes they have run out of time. The governor wants to know what's going on behind the recent Five-O disasters. He allows McGarrett to try to find the leak or the source of the bad information.

Alika is smug looking over his handiwork in the newspaper. He shows Guido as Johnny walks in. Alika hands him the envelope wrapped in plastic. Johnny opens a safety deposit box at Kimo and places the envelope inside.

On the street, Truck talks to an older man in the course of his work. Joey walks around the corner and Joey tells Truck about Billy Kahana babbling about Makua Beach. Truck wonders if a new supply will come in there since "the pushers are getting real hard up for angel dust". Joey also tells him about a pair of guys following him around. Truck doesn't like it so he puts Joey into protective custody.

In McGarrett's office, Truck gives McGarrett an update including Joey is at the Kana Hotel in Pearl City. McGarrett wants them to pick up Joey so that he can figure out if the leads are from a plant. The bug is in the pencils and the old man is listening in. Kimo also tells McGarrett about an appointment in 20 minutes to see Dexter and take a polygraph. McGarrett is not happy, "well, you can tell Lieutenant Dexter you'll take that test at your convenience, not theirs. Call him and tell him I said so". Kimo's grateful and leaves to do just that.

In the outer office, Truck waits on Kimo to make his call as the old man calls Alika. Kimo takes awhile because he had a hard time getting Dexter. They leave to go get Joey but when they arrive at the hotel, there's no answer. They open the unlocked door only to find Joey has been stabbed to death. As Kimo comforts Truck, they find one of Joey's cards labeled 'suspect' changed to 'fink!'. As the coroner's wagon pulls away, McGarrett arrives. Truck sits on a stonewall blaming himself because he wanted the tips Joey gave him as badly as Joey wanted to give them.

Dexter and a couple of men from Internal Affairs arrive. Dexter smugly shows McGarrett the evidence piece by piece: an envelope containing $20,000 and the form opening the safety deposit box, all this from a tip to Internal Affairs. Dexter asks for Kimo gun and badge, which he hands over willingly. Truck loses it on Kimo, as the frame is complete. Kimo remains silent throughout as he goes with Dexter and his men. Truck breaks down as they get in the car.

Act Four

At Alika's house, he discusses the deal with Guido. Alika laments the more time passes, the more money he has lost. Guido tells him the yacht has run into rough weather.

Kimo is released at HPD with Truck waiting for him in the hall. Kimo is hesitant at first but he's been where Truck is: lost a loved one. Truck offers him a ride home but Kimo has another idea. They take the equipment from Truck's car and sniff out McGarrett's office, this time finding the bug. While they look, Kimo talks about getting a lawyer and the fact he can't touch the $20,000 because it's evidence. They know the bug in with the pencils and pens, leaving everything the way they found it. They leave and Kimo recognizes the necklace and the fact that her hands are manicured: she's the same lady who asked for directions. Downstairs talking over coffee, Truck mentions the tips Joey gave being detailed except for Makua Beach.

At HPD, Dexter returns Kimo's gun and badge leaving with the understanding that officially Kimo is still suspended. McGarrett formulates a plan for Makua Beach.

At Alika's beach house, Guido has good news: the stuff will be on Makua Beach tomorrow morning. Alika is extremely pleased because he also feels he has McGarrett on the ropes.

In McGarrett's office, the team gives off the trail information based on a tip from the DEA. Giving the wrong beach name, the old man calls so Alika feels he's in the clear. Meanwhile, the boat comes ashore at Makua Beach with McGarrett, Kimo and Truck laying in wait with several HPD officers. Kimo watches through binoculars and snaps when he sees Guido. Kimo goes after Guido as McGarrett orders all weapons dropped and HPD opens fire. A couple of guys are hit while more surrender. As Kimo chases Guido, a goon chases Kimo and is taken down by McGarrett who then chases after Kimo before he does something he regrets. Guido winds up dangling off the cliff and Kimo tries to hang on to him but it's no use as Guido falls to his death.

Up at the road, McGarrett orders the chemicals to the HPD property office. KLB-TV is on scene and Maynard wants a quote but Truck tells him to shove off after McGarrett directly spars with him.

McGarrett and Kimo go to Alika's house. Alika is watching Maynard's broadcast watching his angel dust supply go to HPD. McGarrett tells Alika Guido is dead and the drug shipment is lost. The Marionis are going to want some to pay for that and that would be Alika who made the deal with Guido and a rumor someone double-crossed Guido. Supposedly, a contract is already out on Alika. McGarrett has had enough of Alika and arrests him on "murder one".

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