S012E04 - “Sign of the Ram” - Plot

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Act One

In a boxing training center, several men practice their latest moves. A man, Ed (Antony Ponzini) walks around, looking for his star Pete Shore (Joe Moore). He pep talks Pete, telling him the next three contenders, Fiddler (Sonny Westbrook), Larkin (Dana Goodson) and 'the champ' will go down thanks to him. Offering a ride home, Pete declines because Toby will pick him up.

Outside, Toby pulls up to the gym near a construction zone. Toby honks the horn and Pete acknowledges him. Finishing with his bag, Pete runs out to Toby because he's collapsed onto the car's horn. The construction crew even stops. Pete is in shock, "Mars is in my 8th house".

Kimo takes a call from Truck who's at the scene. He and Lori brief McGarrett on the latest because Five-O is trying to prevent gambling infiltrating the sports scene on the islands. The case is of interest because of Pete Shore being a high-profile boxer. Kimo tells McGarrett Toby was clean, no kumu or syndicate connections, but HPD is still digging. McGarrett sums up why Five-O is interested, "Several major league franchises could come our way soon and would welcome them. But we don't want any hoods, gamblers, muscle men or mafia running them". Kimo stays on the case briefing one of the hardhats who stopped told HPD Pete said something weird bringing up the "Mars in the 8th house" quote. McGarrett informs them he's been down this road before with astrology.

Pete visits another astrologer, Ms. Humboldt (Jayne Meadows) telling her about Toby and that it was murder. Pete wonders if this is the bad event in his chart but Ms. Humboldt assures him this would have been a bad event in Toby's chart. Pete is sure he's going lose his fight to Fiddler and she tells him to "stop jumping to dark conclusions". Pete doesn't feel right about the fight and she encourages him to obey it to give up fighting. Pete isn't willing to give up fighting because it's part of his identity. Pete does give Ms. Humboldt the birthdates of a whole bunch of people: Eddie Marco, his manager who saw him in the gym earlier; Avery Banning (Douglas Day), Eddie's friend; Joe Donovan (Eddie Firestone); Mike Turpin; and Lee Ting (Galen Kam) who all want a piece of him. Pete wants to know more because he doesn't know them well. Pete wonders if they aren't influencing his bad signs. He gives Ms. Humboldt a ticket to the fight but she doesn't want the fight but he does. She'll be there.

At the crime scene, HPD is trying to figure out the angle of the bullet that killed Toby. Kimo and Lori help out with Lori trying a couple of things and Kimo taking Toby's place because the initial assessment puts the origin to one of four balconies, all belonging to permanent residents and they were either home or the apartments were locked with no break-ins. There's two other apartments to inspect.

In McGarrett's office, they brief him on what they found. A 'Theodore Jones' rented one of the rooms but the bathroom and the bed weren't used. HPD is dusting for prints. Things add up though: a maid saw him with a "golf bag" and he took the back stairs on the way out.

Luana (Laura Sode) buzzes in for Jessica Humboldt, the astrologer. Before McGarrett can have Luana stop her, Jessica barges in. She's an associate of Agnes DuBois who McGarrett tangled with before. Jessica explains she and Agnes traded practices "for the season". McGarrett can only get enough words out to introduce Kimo and Lori. Jessica is worried about Pete; she clears off a table in the office handing the boat model to Kimo. She rattles off all the names Pete gave her including Joe Donovan, who Kimo knows about: "he's a part-time gambler, prizefight owner, uh, but full-time and vigorous [working the odds] in the Jersey circles". Rambling off some astrological gibberish, the bottom line for Jessica is that Pete's fight with Fiddler shouldn't take place. The bottom line for McGarrett is that the issue is in the prevue of the boxing commission and not Five-O's jurisdiction. What they would be more interested in is the "recent influx of criminal sports figures into the islands" which they are investigating. Jessica leaves saying Agnes was right about McGarrett. Once she's gone, McGarrett calls her a "ding-a-ling". Kimo passes the model to McGarrett, who passes it to Lori who places it back on the table. Kimo suggests they check out the fight and McGarrett agrees and orders the star charts into the "oval file".

Act Two

In the office above the gym, Eddie tells Donovan that no part of Pete is for sale. Donovan offers $100,000 for 30 percent. Donnie (Douglas Day), Eddie's cohort, answers for Donovan to come back some time ... "some time at the turn of the century". Jessica phones the office wanting to talk to Pete but Eddie cuts her off at the pass, mocking her profession. Jessica insists the fight be postponed to "avert a disaster". Eddie won't hear of it and tells to stop bothering them, especially Pete because she's taking him off his game. Eddie slams the phone down leaving Donovan chuckling. He leaves after telling Eddie he wants a piece of Pete, "he's going all the way". On the gym floor, Eddie goes to Pete who is half-heartedly punching the bag. Eddie gives him a pep talk, snapping Pete out of his funk.

The Fiddler fight goes on as planned. McGarrett and Kimo watch with Jessica while Donovan is in another part of the stands. Eddie and his cohort also watch from ringside. The announcer (Les Keiter) calls the fight as the crowd yells around him. Pete is winning, as Fiddler is "tiring". Round Eight begins then Pete puts Fiddler against the ropes before knocking him out. One problem: Fiddler isn't waking up and Pete is beside himself. Jessica has an 'I told you so' moment with McGarrett before leaving.

Eddie practices his golf swing at his house when Kimo stops by. Kimo asks him about Toby such as the last time Eddie saw him. Eddie tells him about Toby's widow who has $65,000 to her name because Eddie bought Toby's share in Pete. Kimo asks for the paperwork on the transaction. Eddie gives it up as Kimo asks about Donovan. Eddie claims to not know him personally. Kimo also asks about Lucky Tran (E. Kerrigan Prescott), Eddie denies knowing Lucky. Kimo reiterates Five-O's desire to "keep professional sports clean here". Eddie says he agrees. Kimo asks if he can make copies of the paperwork and where to find Toby's widow. Eddie corrects him; she's Toby's girlfriend, Licia Nibley (Barbara Kelly) and gives Kimo the address.

Kimo drives to visit Licia and when he arrives, Jessica is already there. Licia is at a loss as to who would want to kill Toby and his only problem was gambling. She says they were going to get married. No one can understand why Toby would sell before the Fiddler fight. Licia confirms what everyone knows: Toby knew Pete was "going all the way". Jessica stands by her reading there is a calamity waiting for Pete.

Pete and Jessica talk on a path outside the hospital. Fiddler is in a coma and Pete feels like Fiddler was off his game that night. He explains to Jessica he felt the knockout was too easy. Pete feels horrible asking, "what if he dies?" Jessica tells him the "negative phase" he's in will last for months. Specifically, the night of the Larkin fight she sees "the potential for extreme danger".

Act Three

Jessica visits McGarrett's office informing him, Kimo and Lori she completed a chart on Fiddler. According to Jessica's information, Fiddler should have won the fight. McGarrett is as skeptic as ever especially when Jessica tells him Pete told her he felt Fiddler was amiss. Jessica is still concerned about Pete but when McGarrett tells Kimo and Lori he'll be with them shortly, Jessica loses it. "Mr. McGarrett, has nothing I've said made any impression on you?" McGarrett is taken aback as Jessica mumbles about him being a 'Taurus". She leaves pushing Kimo and Lori aside. Refocusing, McGarrett keyed in on Fiddler not fighting to his full capacity. Kimo suggests he was "doped" and McGarrett tasks Lori with finding if anything was in Fiddler's blood tests the night he was admitted. When Lori leaves, Kimo shows McGarrett the receipt for $65,000 Eddie paid Toby/Licia for the share in Pete. Kimo also tells him what Jessica said at Licia's about Toby being under a beneficial sign. McGarrett also finds it weird Toby would sell his share of Pete just before the fight against Fiddler.

Eddie returns to the office above the gym to find Donovan waiting with his associate, Kawika (Jake Hoopai). Donovan's new offer is $200,000 for 40 percent and they have the cash with them. Donovan is sure Pete will beat Larkin. They leave the cash with Eddie and remind him, "40 percent". Eddie is secretly thrilled and once they leave, he starts calling. First, it's Lucky: $125,000 for 25 percent. Second is Lee Ting: $100,000 for 20 percent.

In a park, Larkin has a practice bout. Donovan and Kawika scout as Jessica works her magic while on a blanket. Donovan stops to chat with Jessica but he doesn't buy what she's selling concerning a "natal horoscope". Out of curiosity, Donovan asks her what it tells her about Larkin. Meanwhile, Kawika spots Kimo on the opposite side of the ring. Donovan recognizes him as a "mainland cop" when Jessica verifies his identity. Donovan asks if he'll beat Pete but she's not sure. Donovan is sure: Pete will knock him out. Donovan walks away after mocking Jessica. Jessica is horrified as Kimo walks up asking what Donovan wanted. She tells him Donovan owns a piece of Pete and there shouldn't be a fight.

A man, Al calls Eddie wanting a cut of Pete. Eddie offers 40 percent for $200,000 and Al agrees. Eddie has $1.2 million for 240 percent of Pete. Eddie smirks, "put it all on Larkin". Jessica barges in telling Eddie he has to stop the fight. She has completed charts on the last six fighters Pete has met and at least three should have won. Eddie is unimpressed, "here we go into space again". Jessica suspects a fix of some kind and accuses Eddie of putting Pete into a position where he could be hurt or killed. She even mentions the use of drugs, which makes Donnie very nervous. Eddie isn't concerned.

Lori calls back to Five-O, "Kimo, I just got the results of Fiddler's blood test. No trace of dope".

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, Lori reads a letter on McGarrett's desk from Jessica. It seems there's a "big buildup" because Pete knocked out the boxers Jessica mentions. Lori mentions a phone call from Truck that several other high rollers are buying shares of Pete. McGarrett wants her to call Washington because they need a match to the bullet that killed Toby. He also wants her to stay on top of any new buyers for Pete coming into Hawaii.

That night, there's lots of activity around Pete's fight with Larkin. In Round 2, Pete loses some ground as Larkin tries to take control of the fight. The investors are not happy as McGarrett and Kimo observe everybody. Jessica takes a seat in front of McGarrett. In Round 3, Larkin continues his domination. Rounds 4, 5 and 6 are the same, "this fight is Gunner Larkin all the way". Pete fights back though, stunning Larkin against the ropes. McGarrett notes Donovan and Eddie as the fight resumes. Lori shows up, taking Kimo's seat with a telex form Washington. The bullet matches one from a guard shot during a robbery five years prior. A man named Eagleton was convicted of the crime and paroled two years ago but he didn't report to his parole officers. McGarrett isn't surprised. Lori did stop by the hospital too and Fiddler should be okay since he's out of his coma. Lori also confirms Fiddler was drugged. The round ends with Pete improving his standing.

McGarrett puts several pieces together such as the previous boxers Pete beat. He throws a theory to Kimo, "suppose you managed a fighter and built him up to be a contender, what would you do when you finally had a match against a real fighter? And knew in your heart that he would lose?" Kimo would sell him before the fight. McGarrett says it's possible Toby refused to go along and threatened to talk about the scheme. Lori remembers the photo they've received of Eagleton and it's none other than Donnie, Eddie's cohort! When they look toward them again, Eagleton is gone who has retrieved a rifle from a car trunk.

The fight keeps going as Eagleton makes his way to the rafters above the ring. McGarrett and Kimo figure out that's where he's going and leave Lori to keep an eye on Eddie. Eagleton tries to find a good position so he can take a shot. McGarrett and Kimo search the catwalks before it's too late. Just as he finds a place and he's able to aim, Kimo finds him then McGarrett threatens to kill unless Eagleton complies. Smartly, he puts the rifle down and Kimo cuffs him.

The fight keeps going with Pete's investors getting happier by the minute especially when Pete knocks out Larkin. It all comes crashing down when Lori along with an HPD officer arrest Eddie.

McGarrett and Kimo arrive in Five-O putting together Eddie's scheme. In McGarrett's office, Lori and Jessica drink tea while waiting on them. McGarrett and Jessica tangle again but this time she gets his sign right: Capricorn.

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