S012E02 - “Who Says Cops Don't Cry” - Plot

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Act One

A couple drives down the street in their red Mustang talking about "the Irish cop". The man (Frankie Stevens) is being hired into Five-O with an extra $70 per week in pay. She (Sharon Farrell) asks if she gets a new dress every week with this pay raise. He's supposed to be at the Palace by 4:00 p.m. They park near Windjammer Market next to a harbor where he's going to pick up the cleaning and she'll get the groceries.

A blue van drives in with three guys with guns in the back. A woman (Leeanah Roberts) is driving and they case a check-cashing booth but still drive around. She tells Lloyd (Darrell Fetty) she cased the place "a dozen times" and yes, there is only one guard. Meantime, the woman from the Mustang buys a bottle of champagne for the couple's celebration that night. The checker (Sandi Shirai) observes, "looks like somebody's gonna have a big night". The blue van continues its circling of the check-cashing booth before parking in front of it. The woman from the Mustang checks out some fresh fish in a guy's truck. The woman from the van walks past the single guard at the check-cashing booth as the man from the Mustang returns to it with the cleaning.

The woman from the van makes her move holding the guard at gunpoint. The three guys burst out of the van holding up the check-cashing booth. The man at the Mustang identifies himself as a police officer and he starts firing. At the same time, his wife tells the man at the truck she's also a police officer and fires at the robbers from across the street. The wife hits the woman in the back and Lloyd in the leg. Unfortunately, her husband is hit and falls beside the Mustang. Chaos ensues with the alarm blaring. The two guys (Reggie Ho, Johnny Walker) that are able to move gets Lloyd in the van and ask about Terry, the woman who drove them there. Lloyd says, "she's good as dead" and they leave her behind screeching away from the scene. The wife sees her fallen husband, Kevin, on the pavement and runs to him. She screams for help.

In McGarrett's office, Kimo talks to McGarrett about becoming a police officer again. He's not sure if he wants to jump back into the pool yet, "still a little lost maybe". McGarrett says he's been wanting to expand the Five-O team for some time and considers Kimo and Kevin Wilson good additions. He asks Kimo to take his time to think about it. Kimo promises to have an answer by "the end of the week". Duke barges in with the bad news: Kevin Wilson has been killed. Duke reports Kevin and his wife Lori "walked right into it". Lori's alive and at home. McGarrett makes the case Five-O's number one priority and wants everything about the case on his desk when he returns from seeing Lori. Kimo asks to go along and McGarrett agrees. They all leave.

The two able-bodied robbers help Lloyd into a house. Lloyd wants one of them to get his brother (Alan Fudge) and the robber points out his brother isn't a doctor. Lloyd counters that he was a medic in Vietnam and that's good enough.

Lori runs near a fountain when McGarrett and Kimo catch up with her. She's in tears when McGarrett stops her screaming about the robbers being on the street with "guns in their hands". McGarrett tries to calm her down but nothing works. "Please, let me help you," McGarrett begs her. Lori isn't having any of it and takes off running in a different direction. Kimo gets out of the car, "running's not gonna do it". Watching her run away, Kimo wants to help and McGarrett accepts.

Lloyd's brother, Ben, patches him up and he's unimpressed by Lloyd's crap. "You said you were through with all this and with people like them." Ben paces the room as an argument starts. Lloyd sends his guys out before it escalates further. Lloyd claims this was his last job and Ben isn't buying a word of it. Ben chews out his brother because he has caused two deaths, one being a policeman: Kevin Wilson. Ben says he's an accessory now because he's treated him. Lloyd asks him what choice he had because if he were to "pull up to the emergency entrance of Honolulu General" he might as well drive to jail. Ben yells, "You're going straight to hell!" Lloyd just wants to know if Ben is willing to make sure his leg doesn't get infected and Ben says he has to think about it then leaves.

At Kevin's funeral, the minister (Bob Carson) speaks before a marine plays 'Taps'. McGarrett, Kimo and Duke are in attendance. McGarrett walks Lori to her car and she wants in on the case, she specifically asks to take Kevin's place on the team. McGarrett wants to talk about that after the case is resolved. Lori's determined to find the men who killed her husband, within or outside of Five-O and HPD.

Act Two

In his office, McGarrett packs his briefcase with files and a tape recorder. Duke and Kimo walk in with Duke handing McGarrett his ticket for San Francisco. Kimo identifies the woman as Terry Pryor who lived in Modesto, California but that's all they have after a week. With one of the men wounded there should be more, "whoever fixed him up isn't talking about it". McGarrett recalls a telex with a gang who had a similar M.O. using an M16 on the mainland and feels the automatic rifle left behind is their best chance at a lead. Is it the same bunch? Maybe, maybe not. Duke leaves to start digging to find out. McGarrett wants Kimo to look after Lori. She hasn't reported for work and she's not home. Kimo has an idea where she is.

At the pistol range, Lori practices her shooting especially with her left hand. Kimo introduces himself but Lori already knows who he is. Lori is kicking herself because she could have fired a round if she was able to shoot with her left hand. A shopper was in the line of fire and froze, thus blocking her. She's sure if she was able to fire, Kevin would still be alive. Kimo tells her McGarrett is worried about her emotional state. However, Kimo has an unfortunate ace up his sleeve: he relates to her what he went through. "You see I went through all those "if' things just like you did. If I had only been at home, if my wife and child had gone to their mother's. If a hundred things had been different, why, I'd still have them, alive and with me. But I haven't. They're gone. And all the ifs in the world are not gonna bring them back". Kimo tells her to reach out to help someone feeling the "same agony," it's the only way to really heal. The last tip he gives her is to shoot with both hands. Once he leaves, she does just that landing in the '10 ring'.

At the beach house, Ben tells Lloyd he has to stay off his leg but there is no infection. Full recovery could take months and Lloyd isn't happy about it, calling himself a "'gimp". Ben tells Lloyd he's made his last house call and leaves, walking past Lloyd's two guys. The three get together with a new spot cased out and they're working on replacing the rifle left behind. Lloyd is pleased.

Lori is at HPD going through Terry's personal effects. Kimo meets up with her again, enough for Lori to ask if Kimo is "tracking" her. She looks over Terry's file as Kimo says there isn't much there but Terry had a sister, Julie, still living in Modesto and had not seen Terry in three years. Lori finds three arrests for prostitution in Las Vegas and asks if the sisters wrote each other. Kimo answers the only time Julie heard from Terry "when she was broke or she fell in love". Kimo adds Julie couldn't believe Terry was one of the robbers. He asks Lori to let Five-O handle it but Lori refuses. Kimo leaves as Lori continues through the box. Pulling out Terry's shirt, Lori recognizes the tag "Benedetto's".

At a boutique, Lori confirms with a clerk (Carole Kai) they're the only ones who carry the label. Lori assumes Julie Pryor's identity to try to find Terry's address. The clerk tells Lori the shop runs fashion shows during lunch at several restaurants when Terry saw the blouse she bought right away with cash. The clerk continues to tell Lori Terry was with "a couple of guys" and while she didn't know one, the other owns a place called "Quinton's Wharf". Lori thanks her for the information and leaves.

McGarrett calls from California with Duke answering the phone. There's still nothing on the case, even when he talks to Kimo. The conversation shifts to Lori and Kimo still can't get through. McGarrett encourages him to keep trying before he walks back into court.

Lori, still pretending to be Julie, shows up at Quinton's Wharf looking for the owner and it's Ben Dawson, Lloyd's brother!

Act Three

Lori and Ben talk about Terry but Ben doesn't know her except that she was killed in the robbery. Lori tells him Terry told him she met a great guy and it might be him but it's not. Ben takes her to a table and he to get her name and number but she comes up with a story to get his number. She leaves.

Lloyd's two guys buy groceries at Island Shopper's Market as part of their casing the check-cashing booth.

Ben calls Lloyd telling him about 'Julie'. Lloyd knows nothing about her because Terry never talked about her sister. Lloyd's idea is when Julie/Lori calls to have her come by the restaurant and Lloyd can talk to her himself "to put her mind at ease". Ben reluctantly agrees. The two guys return to the beach house informing Lloyd the booth is no more than ten feet from the door.

McGarrett talks to Kimo again from California; he'll be back at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. Duke walks into the cubicle about a rumor someone wants to buy an automatic gun. The phone rings, it's Truck for Duke that Lori didn't answer roll call at HPD.

Lori shows up at Ben's restaurant again after calling. Ben set up the meeting between 'Julie' and Lloyd. She goes to the table and Lloyd tells her he was a friend of Terry's. Lloyd asks about the "letter" whether Terry mentioned any names or anything else about "this great guy". Lloyd is wondering why 'Julie' wants to find him and she just wants to know what really happened to her during the robbery. Lloyd is sorry he can't help her and Lori leaves. After she does, Lloyd limps out of the restaurant but his luck runs out because Lori spots him from her car as she's pulling away. They make eye contact before Lloyd gets into the car with his two guys intent on following her. Ben watches it all go down and runs inside to call the police.

Lori drives home going inside, taking her blouse and skirt off. She puts on a bathrobe. Lloyd and his two guys are outside but not for long as the pair cuts the screen and unlocks the door to break in. Lori hears the door, grabbing her gun. Duke and Kimo arrive to check on her but they kick in the door when they hear gunfire. Lori shoots first to the one guy who takes off running out through the kitchen. Kimo forces her into the bedroom as Duke checks out the house. Kimo and Lori have an emotional conversation as she says she's alone but Kimo assures her she's not. Lori begins sobbing when she reveals Kevin was killed on their third anniversary. Kimo begs her to let them help but she only wants to be left alone.

Act Four

McGarrett walks into his office expecting to see Lori but she bolted on Duke who was stuck in traffic. McGarrett orders an APB on Lori because he suspects she's withholding information "vital to a murder investigation," he's done taking chances on her. Kimo pleads she's going through a lot but McGarrett doesn't want to hear about it. Duke verifies the robbers have acquired another automatic gun through a snitch. Now they know the robbers are going to "hit again".

Lori goes to talk with Ben again and she comes clean: she wants the men who pulled off the robbery, she's a cop and Kevin was her husband. Ben realizes how deep he and Lloyd are in it now. She also tells him someone tried to kill her yesterday. Ben becomes ticked and tells Lori his brother was the "wounded holdup man" and he's the one who patched him up. Ben gives her the address where Lloyd and his two guys are "holed up". Lori runs out.

Lori arrives at the beach house, taking a look around. She finds the bag for Island Shopper's Market just before the maid (Jorie Remus) walks in asking if she can help. The maid only works on Fridays "and by the time I get here, he's gone". Lori gives a story she's from the real-estate company and Lloyd hasn't paid his rent. Lori finds a phone, calling the market to confirm they have a check-cashing booth. She leaves.

Lori takes a cab to the market stopping long enough to call McGarrett. She tells him where the next hit is going to be made. McGarrett wants her in but she refuses, "I'm gonna be there" and it doesn't matter what McGarrett says, she's not changing her mind. McGarrett and Kimo leave his office for the market.

Lloyd and his two guys are sitting in the parking lot waiting for the right time to make their move. Lori watches from a phone booth as Duke and Kimo are in the store backing up the plain-clothes officers inside the booth. The armored truck arrives dropping the cash and takes off. Lloyd and his pals drive around the parking lot, scoping out the one guard. McGarrett tells Kimo they've arrived and Kimo clears the civilians from the checkout stands. The robbers park near the front door and unload the back. Kimo moves to the front and Lori leaves the phone booth. McGarrett yells for them to drop their weapons and the gunfight ensues. Duke hits both of Lloyd's guys and Kimo finishes off the first guy hit. Lloyd is left alone in the driver's seat as Lori pops up from the backseat holding her gun on him. McGarrett yells at her to not do what she's thinking. She demands Lloyd drop his gun, which he does. McGarrett orders Duke to arrest him. Lori shakily puts her gun down. McGarrett helps her out of the car and says he needs to watch what he says "from now on". He offers her Kevin's spot on Five-O and she accepts. Kimo accepts a position as well.

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