S012E01 - “A Lion In The Streets” - Plot

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Act One

A couple arrives at the Ilikai Hotel, where a valet (Ed Fernandez) parks their car. As he is running out of the parking garage, he is stopped by a bunch of thugs in a gold Cadillac. They ask him why he's running against Johnny Mio (Harry Guardino) as Business Agent for the Union. The valet's answer is the union is homegrown and Mio is "haole". They beat him up. Afterward, they convince the valet, Sam, to tell the story as a bunch of haole kids mugged him and he will voluntarily withdraw from the race.

In the governor’s office, McGarrett and the governor discuss the Union situation: the longtime Business Agent resigns, the only candidate left in the race is Mio, “a professional Union man from Boston,” and Tony Alika (Ross Martin) and the kumu. Even though Alika is in jail, he's still calling the shots. He's trying for a power grab through Mio to control the Hawaiian tourist industry and thus the entire state. The Governor is very concerned and wants to know what McGarrett plans to do about these issues. Simple, McGarrett is going to put someone undercover in the Union.

McGarrett arrives at his office to meet the officer he has in mind to go undercover and he's waiting with Duke. Duke introduces Moe Kealoha (Moe Keale) who goes by “Truck". He and McGarrett have admired one another from afar up to this point. Truck isn't entirely convinced the kumu is behind Sam's beating because they have laid low since Alika has been in jail. After handing over the case file to Truck, McGarrett and Duke go to the hospital to visit Sam.

In Sam’s hospital room, chaos is rampant. Several union members, including the lead guy of the thugs, take the news badly that Sam has decided to drop out the race. A nurse tries to quell the situation but to no avail. McGarrett and Duke arrive with Duke going to order an HPD officer at the door. McGarrett makes his way into the room to get Sam’s story, which is that it was dark and three to four haole kids beat him up. One guy riles the crowd as he blurts, "it took a gang to beat up an old man". Finally, a burly guy with a beard named Andy (Paul L. Smith) shoos everyone out of the room. McGarrett then informs Sam there will be an investigation with or without his help. Sam is insistent he will not help with any investigation because he doesn’t know anything. Andy asks McGarrett to step outside with him.

In the hospital corridor, Andy tells McGarrett to leave Sam alone because he isn't going to help. McGarrett counters, “Come on, you're Andy Kamoku. You're supposed to be a leader of your people. I hear you know a lot of things". The stonewalling from both men and the fact that Mio is allowed to run unopposed frustrates McGarrett. At the nurses’ station, McGarrett and Andy spar about the law and how it’s “haole law” and Andy’s expectations are low for a proper resolution. Andy alleges Mio is behind the attack on Sam but McGarrett needs evidence. McGarrett lectures Andy on innocent until proven guilty and unless he can prove Mio was behind the attack, they will go nowhere fast. It works that way for everybody including "union goons".

In a courtroom, Judge Daniel de Silva (Colin de Silva) is presiding over Alika's appeal. McGarrett sits beside the District Attorney (Ross Borden). The charge is Murder One and three witnesses, including a pair of paid assassins testified he ordered the hit. The state greatly objects to the appeal and to bail. However, the judge schedules "a new hearing will be held on the, uh, 23rd at 10 a.m. The accused will meanwhile be released on bail, set at $100,000". Outside the courtroom, McGarrett and Alika spar a bit with McGarrett telling him to not get too comfortable.

In the Union Hall, members gather to vote whether to allow Mio to fulfill the rest of Sam's term on the board. The woman (Varoa Tiki) at the dais says one speaker from each side but Mio wants to talk for himself. As he's go up to speak, he sees a man (William Smith) who is standing off to the side in a suit and tie. Mio tells the Union membership what it wants to hear as Truck picks up on Mio's uneasiness seeing the man. Andy speaks up and while the term is only for a few days, Andy believes the full membership should vote on it. As well, he points out a conflict of interest since Mio is also running for "Business Manager". Andy wonders if the New England mob is behind him now or what Mio really wants. The woman takes the podium to take a vote. "The aye's have it" and Mio is elected to fill out Sam's term. People file out of the meeting as the man stares Mio down.

Act Two

In McGarrett's office, Truck updates on the union vote. McGarrett then asks Duke what they know about Mio: "he was the business agent for two textile union locals in the Boston area. He held one job, six years, and the other, three". Mio was apparently on vacation and the union needed a PR man. Truck says Mio's been good for the union and Duke says the Boston Police claim he's clean. Truck also reports about the mystery man that Mio obviously knew. McGarrett wants to know who he is. McGarrett puts Duke on Andy, "I have a gut feeling we're gonna hear a lot more from big Andy before this is over". Duke and Truck leave for their assignments.

A crowd of reporters gathers outside Alika's house and mobs the car as it pulls in. They ask what the first thing he's going to do and he answers he's going to swim in "my ocean" after he takes "care of some business".

Benny (Bill Valentine) stops Andy and Andy asks if he's thought it over. Benny isn't willing to run for Business Agent even though he can win. Andy points out Benny started the union. Benny still isn't willing and asks Andy if he's asks a couple other guys. Andy has and a few others with no one willing to run. Benny suggests Andy should run but Andy is "no politician" besides, he doesn't have time for Elena (Barbara Luna) and Andy Jr. (Jahan Byrne) the way it is. Benny will support anyone Andy says to, so there's that but not much else.

In a backroom, Mio talks it up with some union members campaigning for their votes. Mio stops, talking to the mystery man, telling him, "I don't know where he is" before his aide grabs him. Mio is paranoid about the mystery man, suspecting he has a tape recorder in his pocket. The man goes to the hotel front desk, asking for his key and the clerk hands him his key. Truck shows the same clerk his badge and finally gets a name: "James Carew, Boston, Massachusetts". Truck 'borrows' Carew's registration card.

At Andy's house, Elena and Andy Jr. play in the yard as Andy pulls up. Andy plans to play ball at the park with Andy Jr. and his friend. Elena apologizes for not being able to give him more kids, but Andy's response is "there couldn't be any more like him or like you". Andy carries her into the house. They talk about the situation with the union and how Benny turned him down. Elena says her father would say yes and Andy is very much aware of that but her father is "too old". Andy's biggest concern: they will lose control of their union if Mio is voted in. He drops the last option on her: running himself; Elena is not thrilled. Benny calls because he's changed his mind: he'll run.

Alika swims in the ocean as Mio and his two guys wait. Alika's man (Jerry Boyd) tells him he didn't have an appointment but offers the bar on the patio. Mio takes him up on that while they wait. Alika meets his aide, Billy when he climbs the steps to his yard. Billy tells him Mio is there waiting and he's upset. Alika sits and talks with Mio wondering why a waiter has him worried. Mio explains it's not Benny but rather Andy who's backing Benny. Alika assures Mio he has the backing of the kumu and that means Benny will be taken care of and Andy too if necessary. Alika notices there's something else and that's when Mio mentions Carew. Alika wants the whole story and Mio tells him.

At the Hawaiian Regent, the cooking staff prepares the next meal. Benny jumps on Moki (Paul Martin) about four chef salads ordered a half-hour before. Moki finishes them as Benny gets some water but two goons 'delivering' meat hurt to the point he has to drop out of the union election.

At the hospital, Andy is ticked off and gets a group riled up. He's certain the mob is going to move in on their union. Andy makes the decision he's going to run. Watching it all go down, Truck smiles as he follows the group out.

Act Three

Duke and Truck wait on a fax/telex as McGarrett talks to the governor. McGarrett points out Alika has a strangle hold on the restaurant supply businesses. The governor can't wrap his head around the fact that Alika is using a Caucasian to be his man in the union with McGarrett countering it's about money and power with Alika and he's willing to use anyone at anytime to meet those ends. McGarrett is doing all he can but he doesn't want Alika under surveillance because he doesn't want to add ammunition to the appeal. Duke and Truck get their information and bring it into McGarrett's office. The information they have is on Carew, who was a cop in Boston. According to Truck, he was in the organized-crime detail "making real progress with the Marioni family. Had a good case against three of them". As he's reading, McGarrett comes across a shocking fact in the file: his wife and child were murdered. Of the three, the first was put in the hospital for six months by Carew and the second turned himself in serving three to five years. The third, Guido Marioni, is missing. Duke suspects this is why Carew is in the islands following Mio. McGarrett theorizes if Mio is tied to the syndicate, he may know where Guido is hiding and thus why Carew is hot on his trail. McGarrett wants to talk to Carew, "unofficially of course".

At the Union Hall, Andy throws his name into the election but Mio objects because the filing time has passed. Andy isn't taking any of Mio's crap, especially the story of Benny's "accident". Mio threatens a lawsuit and Andy is ready, "you wouldn't mind telling us who you're fronting for?" Marge, the woman who ran the earlier meeting, says the membership has a right to a choice and accepts Andy's filing. Mio points at Andy, "You don't know what you're getting into". Andy feels he can handle anything.

That night at his house, Andy calls Moki to make sure they're going to back him. Moki says he can't talk on the phone and Andy slams the phone. Elena walks in with Andy telling her he has to leave early but he'll be back early and they will all go to dinner the next night.

Mio arrives back to his hotel/apartment building, parking in the garage. As he walks to the elevator, a car chases him: it's Carew! Leaving him just enough room to stand between the car and the elevator, Carew wants to know where Marioni is. Mio denies knowing anything, so Carew backs up the car with every intention of smashing Mio. Fortunately, the elevator opens just in time. Truck witnesses all of it and Carew only spots him after Mio literally falls into the elevator. Carew walks over to Truck giving him a tough time about staying in his car. Truck shows Carew his badge, "the next thing you're gonna be telling me is that somebody wants to see me". Trucks nods.

Truck takes Carew to see McGarrett who wants to know what was going on. Carew comes up with some garbage about Boston but McGarrett already knows what happened to Carew's wife and child. McGarrett isn't impressed and neither is Carew. McGarrett warns him to stay away from Mio. Carew answers, "I'm sorry, I can't do that. He's got something I want" then leaves.

Andy and Moki meet in a supply room discussing the attack on Benny. The two guys 'delivering' beef weren't deliverymen; they were Santos (Peter Kalua) and Napali (Jack Hisataki) who are Mio's men in the union and kumu. Moki suggests going to McGarrett but Andy disagrees and has his own idea on how to "take care of our own".

Andy Jr. walks home from school and is snatched by Santos and Napali after they talk him into getting in the car.

Act Four

Mio makes another campaign stop at the Makani Kai Hotel. Duke watches from the dock while Carew is watching from a landing. Truck's there too as Carew notices both of them. A radio call comes in for Duke, Central reports about Andy Jr. missing. McGarrett overhears and makes his way over with Duke doing the same. McGarrett tells Duke to notify the FBI in case it's a kidnapping.

Andy paces as Moki tries to reassure him. McGarrett arrives at the house and a sparring of words ensues between him and Andy. Andy wants Mio arrested for kidnapping but there's no proof but Andy threatens to take matters into his own hands. McGarrett isn't impressed and wants to stop things before they spiral out of control, "all this macho nonsense. If it's a kidnapping, Five-0 and the FBI will handle it. I'll not have a gang of self-styled vigilantes, roaming the streets of Honolulu". McGarrett and Andy continue sparring as Andy Jr. runs into the house. Truck found by Sea Life Park "walking along the highway". Andy Jr. tells them two men picked him up and they gave him a poster of Andy's campaign with a red 'X' over his face. Andy knows Mio is behind it then McGarrett tells him Alika is behind Mio. Alika's appeal is scheduled for tomorrow morning and McGarrett is confident it will be denied and Alika is off to prison. Without Alika, Mio won't get very far by McGarrett's calculations. Andy reluctantly agrees to try it McGarrett's way and will be in court in the morning. McGarrett and Truck leave.

The appeal doesn't go the way McGarrett planned as the judge rules a mistrial due to "certain errors of procedure". The judge rules for a new trial at a date to be determined. Alika is happy to be free of this but no one else is as Andy stares down Alika as Alika leaves the courtroom. McGarrett pleads with Andy to not take the law into his own hands but Andy points out Alika "just beat murder one. If he can get away with that, he can get away with anything". Outside the courtroom, Andy and Moki talk as Andy wants it known he's looking for the men who kidnapped Andy Jr. Moki pledges his support of Andy "all the way". They'll meet later but Andy has to do something first.

Andy sees a kahuna (Edward Larry Akau) and calls himself "unworthy". The kahuna shows reverence "to the blood of Kamehameha" as Andy is a descendent of the royal line. Andy tells the kahuna of his predicament and how he must "don the feathered cloak of the war god, Kuka'ilimoku". The kahuna asks how he can help, knowing "much of the ways of old".

The next morning, the gold Cadillac is on the prowl followed by Andy and his guys. Meanwhile, McGarrett shows up to Five-O with a new secretary as Luana called in sick. Santos and Napali finally pick up that they're being followed and try to outrun Andy. McGarrett looks over some files during an abnormally quiet day and it gets worse as he asks for Duke but Duke, stuck between a rock and a hard place, tells Deborah he's gone out. Andy continues his pursuit of Santos and Napali finally cornering them. Andy gets out of the van to make a citizen's arrest and proceeds to break nearly every window on the Cadillac. The pair break willing to tell Andy everything. McGarrett is losing patience in his office as Deborah buzzes Duke in the cubicle. Realizing he has no choice, Duke walks into McGarrett's office to break the bad news. Before he can, Andy calls in telling Duke they've made a citizen's arrest of the two guys who kidnapped Andy Jr. and they've confessed. Even though on speaker, Andy will not speak to McGarrett directly. Duke finally tells McGarrett he's kapu, which means no Hawaiian can talk to him, even Duke shouldn't be talking to him now! McGarrett knows he's in a corner because many in the office and most of HPD has at least part Hawaiian in them: he is alone.

Act Five

At his beach house, Alika is enjoying the spoils of victory. The phone rings as McGarrett calls Alika but it goes nowhere fast as Alika says, "I'm just a poor Hawaiian boy who comes from a very traditional family and there's nothing more sacred than a kapu". Billy hangs up the phone as they both laugh leaving McGarrett even more frustrated.

McGarrett goes to see the governor telling him what is going. The situation is so serious that even Duke, a college graduate with two degrees, was afraid to talk to McGarrett. McGarrett lays is out: Alika seeks control of the union through Mio but their main obstacle is Andy who is going to stand his ground and the result could be "open warfare" in the streets. To make matters worse, due to the kapu the governor is "without an effective head of Five-O". Another option is McGarrett's resignation but the governor won't hear of it, "there's never been a situation that you couldn't handle". McGarrett may have a way to handle this as well even though it is "unorthodox". He also warns, "there's an angry lion in the streets, governor. I'm afraid he's gonna do some damage before we can control him. I think we should be prepared".

Alika and Mio meet in a jewelry store as Mio is concerned about Santos and Napali. Alika isn't as concerned because he can find guys just like them. Mio is also worried about Andy but Alika isn't worried because Andy is acting as a vigilante and will eventually be caught. Alika gets a vision of grandeur thinking if things become worse, McGarrett and Five-O will wind up working for him! Carew listens in as he continues following Mio.

Andy waits at his house for Moki and the guys to pick him up. Elena wants to know what's going on. Andy is evasive but she has an idea, "if you're going to behave like this, you're no better than they are". Unwilling to go anywhere else, Elena watches him leave.

On Hotel Street, Andy, Moki and a group of men carry baseball bats ready to tear up some kumu establishments. These including illegal gambling dens, book making center, and illegal numbers game. Andy tells them, "it's just the beginning". They're cheered on by people on the street. They return the next morning. Elena is worried because what Andy's doing is dangerous and she's afraid of losing him to this war.

At Five-O, McGarrett speaks to the governor and he's honest about their plight. They know Andy and his guys did it but until someone files a complaint and there's an eyewitness, McGarrett can't make a move. Carew stops by knowing McGarrett is eyeball deep in trouble. He offers an eyewitness to the Alika-Mio connection but only if Mio receives immunity to racketeering charges in Honolulu. Carew lays out what happened and why he's really in Hawaii: vengeance against Guido Marioni. McGarrett can't let him do that and says what he's doing is the same as Andy. Carew doesn't care and leaves.

At his beach house, Alika gets the message and sends two of his guys out to let everyone know he's not standing still for it. He tells Billy to call the Big Island and send more troops. Mio is there, knowing Andy has a lot of backing. Alika is ticked because the kumu is being challenged directly and he refuses to allow that challenge to go unanswered.

At Andy's house, HPD has found a bunch of marijuana in their garage. Elena tells the detective (Don Rockwell) she's never seen it before. Andy arrives home to find the situation in the garage. Tipped that drugs were in the garage, HPD finds a bundle. Andy says it's a setup as he shoves an HPD officer. Elena deescalates the situation. Andy knows he doesn't have a choice and agrees to go but "no cuffs". The detective agrees and they take Andy in without incident.

Andy sits in McGarrett's office not saying a word. McGarrett talks anyway telling him he believes Andy was setup and the only thing Andy cares about is revenge. McGarrett reminds him revenge not only consumes the target but the vengeful as well. The detective walks in; Andy's bail is made. Andy puts on his hat and walks out still silent.

McGarrett seeks out Carew for help. Carew isn't that willing because McGarrett won't budge on his proposal. However, McGarrett gets Carew to listen because McGarrett is desperate to stop the war between Alika and Andy. McGarrett knows Alika is behind the whole mess and he's behind what Carew is after too. McGarrett gives Carew a whole list of information on Alika.

Alika and Billy run on the beach as Carew takes out Billy to run alongside Alika. Turning, Alika is shocked to see Carew right behind him. Carew tells Alika to take "a long vacation" and forget about the union election. Alika refuses, wanting to know if McGarrett sent him. Carew answers, "well, let's just say he knows I'm here". Carew eventually pushes Alika into the ocean, kicking some water to him for good measure before walking away from a screaming Alika.

McGarrett is calling someone when a ruckus in the office prematurely ends the call. Alika shoves his way into McGarrett's office screaming the whole way. Alika demands "that goon" be arrested but McGarrett tells him to go to HPD and file either assault or aggravated assault charges. McGarrett can finally turn the kapu to his favor, threatening to tell Alika's kahuna about their conversation.

On a yacht, Andy and Moki find lots of marijuana bales on board. Moki suggests a fire to "turn on half the city" but Andy has other ideas.

Act Six

McGarrett reads the headline in the newspaper as Carew laughs about it. Andy and Moki dumped the bales overboard and they're washing up on beaches. Kids were taking shopping carts and rolling away with as much as they could, that is until HPD arrested them. Alika reads the same headline and is not amused. However, Andy is very pleased they made the front page. Carew offers to talk to Andy while McGarrett leaves for something else.

Alika is done messing around and wants Andy "wasted". Alika will have Mio call him so there's a place to take Andy out. Meanwhile at Andy's house, he feels the momentum is in their favor for once. Moki raises the concern someone could get hurt. Andy gets it but tells them to stick together and as long as they don't quit, Alika and Mio can't win. Carew arrives breaking up the mini pep rally. Carew knows how serious the situation is with the vigilante mindset. Carew offers to put Alika and Mio together and says he has information on Mio that aren't in the police reports. He warns Andy the war hasn't even started yet and a lot more people are going to get hurt. The phone rings and Elena tells Andy it's Mio wanting to "talk a deal". Andy and Moki leave for the meet as Carew feels he failed to talk any sense into them.

McGarrett goes to see a reverend (Howard Kaohi) about the kapu because the reverend is respected by the kahunas. Meanwhile, Andy and Moki wait in the Union Hall parking lot. A dark sedan drives in with a sniper in the back seat. Taking shots, they miss Andy but hit Moki. McGarrett continues talking to the reverend needing the kapu lifted because it's the only way he can stop Alika. Central radios McGarrett with a patch from Carew who fills him in on what happened. Andy is gone and is suspected of tracking down Mio. The reverend says he'll pray for McGarrett for which McGarrett is grateful. McGarrett takes off.

Act Seven

Alika's goons call in to say they missed. Alika isn't happy but thinks about a better solution. He orders them to let Andy get to Mio because he'll go for him first. After that, they can waste Andy.

Andy scrambles for the gun in the house as Elena desperately asks what's happened. Andy tells her sometimes a man has to do what he doesn't like. Elena grabs the gun from him because it's too out of control for her liking. Andy jumps in the car, taking off followed by Alika's goons.

McGarrett talks to the governor and it looks like Moki will survive. He also tells the governor he spoke with Reverend Akea to intercede but he's not sure how far it went, that is until Duke and Truck walk into the office offering their help. McGarrett wants Truck to pick up Mio and Duke to find Carew.

Carew goes to Andy's house where Elena eventually tells him Andy's gone after Alika. Carew calls in to pass on the information.

Andy arrives at Alika's with the two goons right behind him. Alika readies for a massage from Billy. Andy fights off the goons outside as Billy check out the noise heard. Andy takes out Billy too. Andy takes over Billy's spot to the point where he can snap Alika's neck. McGarrett and Carew arrive on scene with Carew seeing the carnage in the back. McGarrett and Carew break into the room where McGarrett tries to talk Andy out of doing something he will regret for the rest of his life. McGarrett tells Andy he's won with Andy finally releasing Alika. Andy leaves to go home to his family. Out front, McGarrett says, "good work, Kimo, thank you ... That's Hawaiian for Jim. Maybe you should get used to it".

At Five-O, Truck reports Andy took his name off the ballot and the mainland board decided to postpone the election for six months. Truck leaves with the offer to work with Five-O again. McGarrett turns to Kimo, offering a job to him but it's only good for 24 hours.

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