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Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

"The Iolani Palace... the only royal palace on American soil." (I recall ol' Yankee Chang - in character as some Trade Wind Tours bus guide - saying thie several times in the first season or two... including as the first bit of post-main title dialogue in the pilot "Cocoon".)

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 22:25:42 MST

Submitted by: Jeff
From: Denver

"Suppose....just suppose..."

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 20:20:45 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

"Exactly! Exactly!"

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 19:59:20 MST

Submitted by: Michael T.
From: Palatine, IL

"What have we got, gentlemen?"

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 18:21:49 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211

Mike, I agree with you on throwing the box with the evidence (pictures and the guns) into the sea. I thought it was customary to burn evidence. Not throw it into a raging ocean which can spit it back out onto the beach not 10 seconds later. So yeah, that part was really sloppy.

But I have no clue why you're so hung up on how Mauritaney found out about tunneling into the bank. Obviously someone squealed. No need for the writers to spell out everything for us. For all I know one of the tunnel diggers was drunk one night and was shooting his mouth of, someone heard this, and word got to Mauritaney. Simple as that. That part never bothered me.

As for the whole elaborate plot yes it's far-fetched. But I think I mentioned before that I'm rather fond of these overly elaborate plots. Like "While You're At It, Bring in the Moon" - a remote-controlled gun perched on a tree? Ridiculous! But hey I love it. That's also why I love season 5's "Here Today... Gone Tonight" which I know you despise. Overly elaborate? Unbelievable? Sure! But dang it if I don't find it cool! :)

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 14:42:21 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

"Central, Williams, patch me thru to McGarrett." What other lines were said by characters over and over besides the obvious book em Dano?

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 13:42:32 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

McGarrett was already thinking long before the end. He was suspicious of Chang, especially when he saw the ex-con working for him. That was when he had Chin doing the surveillance. Seeing Frank Wellman go into Chang's place and come out, then later kill himself, and finding those burnt photos in this bathroom sink were the clinchers. It was not too hard to figure out why the others were involved. That the carpet store was behind the bank made for an obvious conclusion. These mobsters aren't interested in robbing one of the stores nearby if there is a bank around.

Also, Chang had Frank, Bonnie, and Clem in the palm of his hand. Frank committed no crimes, but his secret lifestyle would be enough to ruin him if word of it got out. Bonnie and Clem had committed crimes and somehow, Change had evidence of it which he could bring to light if they refused to go along with his plot. What evidence he had or how he found out is not made clear - or I don't remember if it was.

It had to something unbeatable enough that these three could not walk away. Though all the details are not given, it can't be assumed that Chang is just going blindly and doesn't have concrete proof he can dangle over their heads.

Frank, Bonnie, and Clem also did not know each other prior to the murder, nor were they supposed to have any contact afterwards. It made the whole setup easier for Chang and the case harder to solve, if not for Steve's suspicions of Chang. Also, the background check into Mauritany inevitably led Five-O to Chang and the building sale, which was something Chang could not stop.

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 13:27:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I'll tell you why I didn't give it more than three stars...

There is a chicken-and-egg logic that escapes me with this episode. How does Mauritany know about the scheme to tunnel into the bank? The bank itself is not established as having any special significance, i.e., there is a LOT of money in there. When he meets with McGarrett, Chang tells him that his company leases the building. The owner of the building died the month before and it was put up for sale by the estate. Chang's company bid on the building, but they were outbid by Mauritany. Chang says "the building is not worth very much" and they have withdrawn their bid. I doubt if Mauritany knew about Chang's scheme in advance, unless Charlie told him about this (I think this is very unlikely). Maybe when Mauritany bid so much, Chang and Charlie clued in that there had to be a reason for this, and made the connection with the bank next door?

I agree that the more people you have involved in a complicated scheme like the one to murder Mauritany, the more chance there is something will go wrong. Chang already makes mistakes when he allows Wellman to come to the company to pick up the photos they were using to blackmail him, and later Clem comes there with his truck to participate in the "diversionary" scheme with the dirt. Didn't he think that Five-O might be keeping tabs on both of these guys? The scene on the cliffs above the ocean doesn't make any sense at all. Chang takes the guns out of Clem's toolbox, puts them in another box (same one he was seen using at the beginning of the show WHICH HAS THE PICTURES OF ALL THE KILLERS IN IT), and throws the box over the cliff into the water below. While you might expect that the box will be lost forever, who knows where it will end up. This a very sloppy move on Chang's part if he wants to commit the "perfect crime." If any of the three are caught, you can bet that they will cut a deal with McGarrett to reveal that Chang was the mastermind behind the whole scheme.

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 13:14:38 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Nice re-analysis, Mike. It definitely deserves at least 3 stars. I'm actually thinking maybe 3 1/2 stars. It probably even edges out "Good Night Baby" for me. The plot is brilliant and the way McG and Co. unravel it is very interesting. Also love the frantic editing just before Mauritaney gets shot - he gets a barrage of questions from the 3 killers as he begins to get disoriented just before getting plugged. Bonnie asks him something about his drink or the hors d'oeuvres, Clem about the TV, Wellman about the business association - all of them talking over each other. It's a brilliant scene!

I do have to admit that there must be an easier way to kill Mauritaney rather than go through the trouble of finding 3 individuals who are hiding something. Even if you find those 3 individuals how do you know they'll go through with it? Maybe they'll get cold feet and jump on the next plane out of Honolulu. Or maybe they'll just blow the whistle on you and take their chances. But hey - this is TV, not real life. And we like it this way. :)

For what it is it's a superb plot and an intriguing story. Probably would have been better as a 2-parter since McG does seem to grow a brain really quickly towards the end where everything seems a bit too rushed. Still, an excellent episode.

As for those screenshots of the surveillance building from which Chin is "surveilling" yes it looks like the same building. Minus the modern highrise in the background.

Hey Mike, now you need to re-analyze "R&R&R". No way that's a 2 star episode. 3 stars at least! A psycho soldier from Nam? Grizzly murders of soldiers' wives? McG grabbing a blade with his bare hand? Ouch!!! Kono having "photogenic" memory? :D I haven't seen this one in a few years but I remember this always being a superior episode. Great season finale! In fact out of the first 4 seasons this was the best season finale. I will check this one out next and report back...

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 12:16:09 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

These links will show you the Call Director and Dimension consoles:

Call Director

Dimension Telephone Console

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 11:37:01 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 10:23:44 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

ROFL. McGarrett had no idea how to use a telephone. He couldn't even get the receiver back onto its cradle on more than one occasion.

It occurs to me that the red extension button may have been his hotline to Jonathan Kaye, rather than a hold button. Several times, McGarrett asked his secretary to get Jonathan Kaye for him. Did she use the red extension button? Do we know?

As for asking the secretary to get someone on the phone for him, that applied only to outside calls. "Get me John Manicote." To reach someone in his own office, he would simply dial a two-digit extension. But, then, McGarrett didn't seem to worry about such things as extension numbers, so who knows? If he made a habit of asking his secretary to reach someone in the office, that could explain why May became Jenny, who became Lani, who became Luana... Lazy boss!

I have a question: When the governor or McGarrett said, "Put it on the scrambler," what was involved? Does anyone know how a scrambler works(ed)? I'd like to know.

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 10:11:42 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Thanks for the further anal-ysis of McGarrett's phone, H50F. This phone is seen in closeup in other shows as well

(Just to repeat what I said about Didn't We Meet: A closeup of McGarrett's phone shows the usual 732-5577 phone number, with extensions from 2368 to 2379. McGarrett talks to Chin on extension 2369, and Danno (presumably in his office nearby) on 2376. Extension 2374 is red in color.)

In The Second Shot, season 3, episode #51, we get a quick closeup of McGarrett's desk phone, which has two vertical rows of extensions, both on the right side. The left row of numbers go from local 22 to 26, with "Hold" on the bottom; the right row goes from 27 to 31 with what looks like "Conf. Call" on the bottom. Interestingly, when McGarrett calls Lemira to warn him that Braeden is not who he seems to be, McGarrett punches seven buttons (as if dialing a local number) on the right side of the phone, but the actual keypad for dialing is on the left side of the phone.

In Fools Die Twice, season 5, episode #102, we get a close peek at the "batphone" on McGarrett's desk which has the number 311-555-2368, where "311" was sometimes used as a fictitious area code in "former times," according to Wikipedia. The pushbuttons range from 2368 to 2379, with 2373 being red in color. Gulley phones on local 2371.

I can understand what you are saying about a "line" where Chin's call comes in, but then McGarrett phones Danno using 2369. He just pushes the button, and doesn't go through the receptionist, saying "Give me Danno, please." Isn't this what should correctly happen?

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 08:51:07 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


I don't want to get into this too much, because this is a Five-O page and I don't want to get into James Bond too much. The offer was extended by the Academy. They are denying it because it's good PR and their job is to make the movie industry look good and everybody in the industry. Brosnan has no love for the Bond producers. What he may say publicly is a lot different than what they say privately. Of course none of the actors or anyone involved are going to say it didn't happen, because no one wants their dirty laundry aired in public.

So yeah it never happened -wink, wink, but guess what, as I said someone who should know at the Academy Awards who is in the position to know if it did, told me that Connery and Brosnan shot down the idea when it was presented to them. They love to cover up by saying "media gossip." For Mike's sake, let's drop it, as this isn't a James Bond board.

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 08:11:54 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Good re-analysis, Mike.

Re: "Extension 2374 is red in color." - - Five-0 didn't get that one right, did they? In actual fact, the red button was the hold line and bore the word "HOLD" rather than a number. Those numbers were not extension numbers, but line numbers. Whereas, a home usually had one line, a business could have many lines. Five-0 appears to have had 10-12 lines (odd for an office with only four detectives). The extensions were different numbers, usually just one or two digits.

Here's how it worked: A call came in. The secretary answered it and learned who the caller wanted to talk to.

CALLER: "This is John Doe. Let me talk to Joe Blow" or (all too often) "Yeah. Lemme talk to Joe."
SECRETARY: "May I tell him who is calling?"
CALLER: John Doe.

The secretary put the caller on hold, then dialed Joe Blow's extension.

SECRETARY: Mr. Blow, Mr. Doe is on line 2348 for you.
JOE BLOW: Thanks, Luana. I'll take it.

Mr. Blow then pressed the button for line 2348 and began speaking to Mr. Doe.

The hold line also was used to ensure privacy during a break in the conversation.

JOE BLOW: "Hold on while I get that file."

He depressed the hold button, went to retrieve the file, then returned to the call by pressing the button for the line the other party was on.

Alas! They just don't make 'em like they used to. This system was much easier to use than the Dimension system that followed. Then, you couldn't tell where calls were, whether they had gone through, etc. Madness for the secretary, who got chewed out if a call didn't make it through. But, then, there are no secretaries, anymore. They went the way of the hold button.

Added: Thursday 28 February 2013 06:51:23 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Regarding Kam Fong's voice in Did We Meet at a Murder, I think this is Fong's voice, but it is stretched out, because when he originally dubbed this, it was not long enough to fill the same time frame as what he originally said.

Anyway, I have re-anal-yzed this episode, finding a LOT more trivia:


Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 21:32:57 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

>>>...downtown street gunfight. One of the participants ducked behind the nearest car, which happened to be a Lotus Europa...<<<

There was a Lotus Europa in PIG IN A BLANKET but it was on a highway outside of town if I recall correctly.

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 19:47:38 MST

Submitted by: Tony

From: Ringfire I totally agree on Michael O'Herlihy's camera work, I also LOVE when he, or anyone, does a fast zoom in on an actor's face for dramatic effect, usually at the end of a scene.

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 18:02:30 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I just re-watched Didn't We Meet at a Murder? It is worth more than the 2 stars I gave this show, which was about 15 years ago or more.

This episode has a very complicated plot, similar to those seen on a certain other TV show.

There are some questions with this show.

For example, how does McGarrett figure out that Wellman is a homosexual/transvestite? Is it the theatrical shower curtain, the Greek statue or picture in the bathroom or what?

I thought Rick, the stud "servicing" Bonnie Soames, was the same guy who was in Draw Me a Killer (the boyfriend of the old rich bag played by 1940's screen bombshell Audrey Totter), but he is not. But I think I have seen the actor playing Rick somewhere else on the show, though.

How did Mauritany (Simon Oakland) "figure out" that Chang was digging his way into the bank so he then tried to buy the property? How did McGarrett know that Bonnie was on her way out of town with her boyfriend (no supercomputer in those days to check airline passengers, etc.!). McGarrett is far too smart in this show, figuring out the entire "scheme."

The building where Chin Ho is doing his surveillance (from the main titles) is still there in Google maps, though the carpet store building is not. See here:


The guy playing the ex-P.I. who works at the carpet store is not credited at all. I think he is Herb Jeffries, who plays the gas station owner in Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise.

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 17:27:00 MST

Submitted by: Eric Ward
From: Florida

I seem to remember a scene from the original series with a downtown street gunfight. One of the participants ducked behind the nearest car, which happened to be a Lotus Europa (a very low, fiberglass car). I realize that this is very obscure, but if anyone could identify what episode this occurred in would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, EW

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 15:46:21 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"Excellent montage, but where's our boy, Felix?"

I think they're saving him for the Felix 50 Tribute montage. ;)

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 13:41:42 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Excellent montage, but where's our boy, Felix?

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 13:04:11 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"so they "looped" it with someone else's voice. I've noticed this happen a few times during the first four years of the old show's run."

Yep, this has definitely happened lots of times on the show. I clearly have an image of Kono speaking while driving in season 2's "Nightmare Road" and the voice sounded absolutely nothing like Zulu.

Hey! Looks like we're on the same page! :) I just watched "White Brick Road" yesterday as well. I remember when I first saw this episode many moons ago I didn't care for it - found it dull and slow. But since rewatching it a few years ago I've grown to like it. It's not a top episode of the season (surely not as good as a few of the preceding ones) but still involving enough - especially the way they smuggle that "junk" in the fire extinguishers. Loved those surveillance scenes with Danno and Kono watching an empty hallway on their TV monitors to see who will pick up the stuff. Also well-done was the performance by Mark Jenkins (who played the bomber in "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney" ) as Arte Salton, the strung-out sailor who agrees to take Danno's exemption option. But the way Dillon (David Birney) pulled him back in with that "beautiful needle" was a powerful moment. Very sad.

But what I really loved was the opening teaser with that sailor stumbling around the streets and Michael O'Herlihy's brilliant tilted camera angles. Nobody does it better than O'Herlihy! Really puts you into the state of mind that the sailor must be in during those moments. Heck, I just love whenever he uses those "wild" camera angles. In any episode! Adds a certain cinematic quality to it. You feel like you're not just watching some generic TV show.

As for the Bond 50 tribute from what I understand the idea to get all the 6 actors on the stage was nothing but media gossip. The Academy apparently never even extended any such invitation to any of the actors. The actors themselves confirmed this. So I think it was just media buzz. Brosnan I'm sure would show up - I think he buried the hatchet against the producers. Connery is the problematic one. He seems to be a hermit these days. The only 2 things that can get him out of his hole are either golf or money. Still, even without the actors they could have made the tribute a bit more meaningful. Here - check this out. How it should have been: http://slate.me/YVUUSR

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 11:56:55 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Thanks Virginia. I didn't know any of that. Really great information. That's why you're the queen! :)

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 09:58:30 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

The interest in "Follow the White Brick Road" is the ship. It is the USS "Whipple" (FF-1062), which had just joined USN inventory when the episode was filmed. In fact, Five-0 was its first exercise after it reached Pearl Harbor. Fact! Information provided by a charter crew member. This explains why it was given the pseudonym of John Haskell in the show.

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 09:07:32 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


Yes, I noticed that about Chin's voice last week when I watched that show. It does seem to be dubbed. Since it was an outdoor scene they probably had the original dialogue spoken by Kam unintelligible due to wind or some other natural sound, so they "looped" it with someone else's voice. I've noticed this happen a few times during the first four years of the old show's run.

I will say this about that episode. I thought the music in "Didn't we meet..." was outstanding and above average. They had some different themes going on in that show which really impressed me and caught my ear. I said this last week, that I really liked "Didn't we Meet at a Murder" very much, and the way they constructed the show was very involving, but I felt the ending was rushed and was disappointed that it didn't have the big payoff of other shows like "While your at it, Bring in the Moon" and "Goodnight Baby....Time to Die!" I didn't care for the long shot ending at the airport.

I just watched "Follow the White Brick Road" yesterday and while I liked it, and thought it a good show, once I thought too hard about it, it really didn't have much of a story. They put a lot of effort into filming aboard the naval ship and Danny going undercover, but it seemed just to camouflage a very slight story that wasn't that complicated and easy to figure out. I knew the tattoo parlor guy was the guilty party in his first scene in the show. What rescued this episode was the terrific ending of Steve McG. slamming the money down on the table covered with smack, when he hears the news of the sailors death from OD.

Now, finally to your James Bond tribute criticism from the Oscars. I know someone who works for the Academy Awards, and this can be revealed now that it has been published in media reports. Every living actor who plays James Bond was supposed to be out on stage to introduce the tribute and it was supposed to be longer, but Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan nixed it and refused to do it. Connery and Brosnan *hate* the producers of the Bond films and want nothing to do with them or the Bond franchise, so they said no to the idea of all the living Bond actors being on stage together at one time to introduce the tribute, so that is why the tribute was shorter than what they planned. They had to get Halle Berry to introduce the tribute. Connery is very difficult to deal with especially now that he is retired, and you'll find that most things in show business that do not come off well, or the way we want are because of the petty personality problems that everyone in Hollywood has with each other. To them it's just a job, and they hate some of their co-workers just as much as ordinary people hate some of theirs at whatever career they work in. They had a great idea planned, but couldn't get the egos to work together.

Added: Wednesday 27 February 2013 08:09:19 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Watched "Didn't We Meet at a Murder?" last night. Fantastic show!!

But I have a question about the scene where Chin is doing his surveillance of the carpet company via binoculars and walkie-talkie. Actually this is Chin's second surveillance scene - the one towards the end when he notices Clem Brown pull up to the place with his TV repair van. Chin's voice seems to be dubbed in that scene. Anyone notice this? It sounds much deeper. Doesn't sound like Kam Fong at all. I noticed that Mr. Mike didn't mention this in his anal-ysis. So just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed this.

Added: Tuesday 26 February 2013 11:24:26 MST

Submitted by: Don
From: Calif.

Why do the writers of this show insists on having the two main stars of this show arguing for 10 -15 minutes per episode. Its really annoying much like commercials and I find my self changing channels until the predictible bikering is done . It was cute in the begining but now its just a pain to watch.......

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 22:27:53 MST

Submitted by: Ron Tutor sr
From: Oak Forest, Ill.

Question, Whos the boss It seems like Caan is the star. And the more Mc Coughlin is around Caan hes starting to copy his mannerisms. Also the show is getting silly and that will spell trouble, cause theres a fine line between silly and serious, and alot of good shows crossed that line, got silly, got canceled!!!!!!!

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 21:38:28 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Type-o: I included Gene Raymond in the list of actors who were not in the Oscars tribute, when he was and I included him in that list.

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 18:47:23 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

"Was that really more important than a Bond tribute? Also let's not forget that they totally forgot Andy Griffith in their IN MEMORIAM segment. Really????? They included some production designer named J. Michael Riva but excluded screen and TV legend Andy Griffith?! Unbelievable!!"

What I have read is that when the Academy compiles those "In Memorium" segments, they have to get permission from the families of the deceased in order to use their images, so if they didn't get permission from Andy's family, that is why he wasn't included. Jack was also not mentioned in the tribute segment at 71st Annual Academy Awards in 1998, and neither was James in at the 83rd one.

There was some flap over that year's segment from Corey Haim's fans because he (Haim) was not included in it, but if they go by getting release forms signed to feature all these people, then that cancels out any notion of snubbing or favoritism on the part of the producers.

I should note, in 1999 when they did that tribute to all the people who died in the past year, Frank Sinatra, Stanley Kubrick, Gene Siskel, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers all got special tributes done for them outside the regular tribute segment, and the regular one featured actors Dane Clark, Vincent Winter, Dick O'Neill, Norman Fell, E.G. Marshall, Jeanette Nolan, Jean Arthur, Susan Strasberg, John Derek, Richard Kiley, Maureen O'Sullivan, Phil Hartman, Esther Rolle, Jean Marais, Binnie Barnes, Valerie Hobson, Gene Raymond, Huntz Hall, Alice Faye, Robert Young, and Roddy McDowall, along with people who worked behind the cameras.

With the exceptions of Fell, O'Neill, and Rolle - who were all better known for television roles - the rest were movie actors and actresses who better known for film roles than television ones, if they did television at all.

Many other well-known actors and actresses who died in 1998 were not included. Apart from our Jack and Richard Denning, there was Lloyd Bridges, J.T Walsh (A Few Good Men, Dark Skies), Persis Khambatta (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Michelle Thomas (Hangin' With Mr. Cooper), Mary Frann (Newhart), Mary Millar (The Birthday, Keeping Up Appearances), Doris Nolan (Holiday), Sonny Bono, Joan Hickson, Daniel Massey, Peter Lind Hayes, Douglas Fowley (Singn' in the Rain), Valerie Hobson, Theresa Merritt (Billy Madison), Wade Dominguez (Dangerous Minds), Flip Wilson, Hurd Hatfield, Walter Barnes, Henny Youngman, Gene Raymond, Donald Woods (True Grit), Gene Evans, Philip Abbott, Linda McCartney, James Villiers (For Your Eyes Only), Shari Lewis (Lambchop's Playhouse), Leonid Kinsky (Casablanca and the pilot for Hogan's Heroes), and soap opera actors Sylvia Field (Search for Tomorrow), Liam Sullivan (General Hospital), and Hugh Riley (Edge of Night), plus hundreds of others who worked in front of the camera alone.

The "In Memorium" segment would be as long as the Oscars itself if they were to include everybody, though they should have done some kind of tribute for all of them.

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 18:07:13 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Here is a video of people who were NOT shown in the "In Memoriam" tribute on the Oscars last night:


Added: Monday 25 February 2013 17:45:03 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Bye-bye to Ma McGarrett?


Added: Monday 25 February 2013 17:38:28 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"You must have been happy with last night's Oscar show for the James Bond tribute, "The Goldfinger" song and the two awards that "SkyFall" won."

I was actually disappointed with the Bond 50 tribute. It was so brief that if you stepped out to the bathroom for a minute or two you'd have missed it. This is no way to treat such a legendary and long-running franchise! Instead we got a half hour of William Shatner Star Trek nonsense and crass songs like "We saw her boobs". :!thinking: Was that really more important than a Bond tribute? Also let's not forget that they totally forgot Andy Griffith in their IN MEMORIAM segment. Really????? They included some production designer named J. Michael Riva but excluded screen and TV legend Andy Griffith?! Unbelievable!!

But yes it was nice to see SKYFALL win 2 Oscars. I think Adele's song is the best since the 80s songs. I love it!! Plus Shirley Bassey at 76 belting out that GOLDFINGER number?? Wow!!! She got the biggest standing ovation of the night. She still has the pipes!!

By the way, the last time a Bond film was nominated for anything was back in 1981 - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY for best song by Sheena Easton. One of my absolute favorites!!

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 14:16:16 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

The green car being recycled all the time must have been a budget move. I guess they could not or didn't want to spring for several different-colored cars for the bad guys to drive.

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 11:25:53 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


Yes, Beth Brickell's performance in "Goodnight Baby..." is first rate and key to the show. I forgot that she was in "No Bottles"

You must have been happy with last night's Oscar show for the James Bond tribute, "The Goldfinger" song and the two awards that "SkyFall" won.

Ah, the things I could have done with the script for a Hawaii Five-O feature film!..Damn new show putting it on hold!

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 08:44:31 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Wish I could comment, Mike, but I don't watch the new show, give or take a few hopeful episodes, like the attempt to remake "Hookman."

I think someone already noted the green Mustang that the modern-day hookman drove, a modern-day version of what Jay J. Armes' Kurt Stoner drove in the original. That was good attention to detail.

In the original, it seemed like quite a few of the suspects drove green cars. Has anyone else noticed that? One of the Five-0 cars, an LTD, was green, too. Apparently the state transportation office didn't get the word that green was reserved for suspects. LOL

Added: Monday 25 February 2013 06:12:57 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Some guy e-mailed me to point out in the last episode, there are continuity errors reminiscent of the old show. At the beginning, McGarrett is wearing a blue shirt over what looks like a blue T-shirt ... but some times this blue T-shirt looks like it is black, maybe because they didn't do color correction or whatever. Also, Danno starts out wearing a blue striped shirt, but when he is seen with McGarrett in the car going to Holly's, which presumably happens the next day, because when Kono talks to them about Holly it is approaching night time, Danno is wearing a purple shirt (again, a color correction issue?). When they get to her place, Danno's shirt color changes to solid light blue and stays that way until the end of the show.

More stuff: Kono determines that the height of the "Jihad guy" who kills Davis is 6 feet tall, but the guy is crouching! Does the computer software that determines his height take this into consideration?

Also -- at the end of the show, when Redding escorts Holly at gun point, she tells him "I took a look at what was on that drive -- I know what you're trying to hide." How would she know this? She is not a computer geek, is she? Some of the files on the hard drive, including those relating to "Failed Tests," as revealed on the computer screen at Holly's sister's place, date back to 2002!

Added: Sunday 24 February 2013 18:45:28 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Last episode finally reviewed:


I should not have watched this one twice!

Added: Saturday 23 February 2013 18:46:37 MST

Submitted by: L.B.
From: U.S.A.

With regards to female villains, there were several great ones, but I would vote for Sharon Farrell in "A Capitol Crime", with honorable mention to Suesie Elene in "The Capsule Kidnapping" and Patricia Hindy in "A Woman's Work Is With A Gun".

Farrell was downright maniacal in that episode. I have to wonder if this episode is the one that caused Jack Lord to offer her the Lori role in Season 12. Her other two appearances prior to Season 12, "A Short Walk On The Longshore" (S10) and "Why Won't Linda Die?" (S11), were below average episodes that wouldn't have caught Lord's eye in terms of her acting ability. The scene where she rushes the stage to take the gadget away from Palmer had to be the one of the greatest commercial wave lead-ins in the show's history. What made her part so effective is that she made you totally hate her almost from the start.

Incidentally, these episodes all showed how great the original series was in that the storylines were very unique and original. "A Woman's Work..." was Thelma & Louise before Thelma & Louise. Placing a kidnapping victim in a container with a limited oxygen supply adds a suspenseful element to an otherwise regular kidnapping
case. Allowing Farrell's character to essentially take over a standoff was also a different twist. You didn't usually see twists like this on other shows of the time. I also believe that the commercial waves added an element of suspense that other shows have not been able to match before or since.

Added: Saturday 23 February 2013 14:53:35 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Ok, saw "Good Night, Baby - Time to Die!" last night.

In addition to being a very well-written episode with an awesome twist at the end, you gotta give props to Beth Brickell's performance of Carol Rhodes. She start off fairly normal but as L.B. Barker gets closer (in her eyes/mind) and as McG begins to get deeper into those case files with her she begins to grow more and more paranoid and unhinged. In one scene she's freaking out because L.B. is getting closer and in the next she's coming onto McG like a sex kitten - practically licking his fingers. Then at the end when L.B. gets into the room you can just see her coming apart as she begins to confess everything and trying everything to butter up to L.B. Brilliant performance!!

She also played the role of Sally Hodges earlier in the season - in "No Bottles... No Cans... No People". She goes gunning for Johnny Oporta for having her boyfriend killed and then she herself winds up in the incinerator. Her death ends up being Oporta's undoing.

Added: Friday 22 February 2013 10:36:51 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Helo, you're thinking of "To Hell With Babe Ruth" (Season 2). Although the episode takes hits from those who do not care for Mark Lenard's portrayal of Yoshio Nagata, it is an excellent episode in several respects. The historical aspects, certainly, but the lines that are delivered, especially by Kono, who says if Nagata blows up Sand Hill, "it'll be Mele Kalikimaka to all," alluding to the closeness of December 7th to Christmas. The presentation of Japanese martial arts adds a great deal to the story, as well. All in all, it was a very good episode that could only have been better if one of Hawai'i's Japanese actors had portrayed Nagata. Tommy Fujiwara comes to mind.

Added: Thursday 21 February 2013 09:13:53 MST

Submitted by: Helotours
From: Virginia

Hi, Does anyone remember which original Hawaii Five 0 episode included Jack Lord holding a bomb with a timer on it, located on top of a large, fuel storage tank?

I bought a tie from the estate and I think it's the same tie (blue with white dots) that he was wearing on the episode (or one that looks exactly like it). I have a still picture of Jack wearing a suit with the tie, looking down at the bomb. But, I don't know which episode it's from.


Added: Thursday 21 February 2013 08:29:36 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Hey Big Chicken and Ringfire:

You're not going to believe this but last night's "CSI" the one set in Las Vegas with Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue( The only one worth watching in my opinion)had the same basic plot and the same exact ending as "Goodnight Baby. Time to Die!' I was caught aback and then got a call from someone who said "that was the same ending in Goodnight Baby. Time to Die!" It's another CBS show going back into it's rich history to redo a Five-O story line. See if you can check it out online and you'll see what I mean.

Ringfire: No, I never saw that ending coming when I watched it back in the 1980's in reruns. It blew my mind :!surprised:

Now this is directed at all. I just watched "Didn't We Meet at a murder?" I loved it until the ending. They invested so much time in good story development, character development, suspense, great visuals, a real riddle, and then they kind of wrapped it up too quickly with no great payoff. It reminded me of "Air Cargo" as they get all wrapped up in the story and then look at the show running time and said 'let's wrap this up quick, because we're running out of time." This was the third episode in season four that I felt like that, with the other being "For a Million, Why Not?" These three shows marred what has been otherwise a brilliant, taut, well crafted season four. I agree with Mike on "Didn't We" being a two star show just because of the ending.

Added: Thursday 21 February 2013 07:59:46 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

Speaking of Jack Lord guest appearances, I posted his appearance on "The Millionaire" from 1959 on YouTube. Just type in "The Lee Randolph Story" and you'lll find it. Talk about showing range. Jakc nailed it in that show.

Added: Thursday 21 February 2013 00:59:35 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Jack Lord Country

Aloha Rainbow Warrior,

I always dug the way "Nite Baby, Time to Die!" messed with the viewers heads same way that McGarrett messes with Carol’s. Showing you events from Carol’s mental POV is most interesting from a narrative perspective, and Will Watson be a 1st class menace. The ep memorable too for the info Steve-O imparts bout his early Five-O days. Important pieces from the McGarrett dossier.

Hey Ringfire, thanks for the added suggestions of Jack Lord viewing. Will look to take those in as well. So much more we need to see, indeed!

Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013 19:38:38 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Hey Rainbow,

"Good Night Baby" is next on my season 4 watch list. Indeed it's a very suspenseful episode. And if anyone tells me they saw that twist coming then I'll call 'em a liar!

Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013 12:09:18 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"An excellent performance was as attorney/mob boss John Trask in "Ironside:Dead Man's Tale.""

Yep, I remember that episode. Also Jack played an evil THRUSH agent (wearing some cool shades) in an episode of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. alongside Nehemiah Persoff.

Then there is the 1st season of BONANZA episode "The Outcast" - really good performance by Jack of a bad guy who can sweet-talk a girl into doing anything for him.

Also Jack guested in the very first episode of HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL - "Three Bells to Perdido". Again as a baddie.

Big Chick, most of these I'm sure you can find either on YouTube or on Hulu.

There is so much more of Jack's guest work that I need to see.

Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013 10:54:30 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

I just read the Grace Park interview and she sounds like she is difficult to work with. Comments on the printed page can be misinterpreted, but she sounds like a unhappy camper with the show and sounds like she is high maintenance. I don't really care for her personally although she is a good actress. It seems like she can be a bit of a prima donna or diva. I wonder if that is part of the problem on the new show. She and Scott Caan are always complaining and moaning and the show runners have to do things all the time to just please them. I think they may need to start over with the casting of the show. They should let Caan and Grace go if they are that unhappy, and find actors and actresses that want to live in Hawaii, have an understanding of the old show, and want to do it. I am turned off by her and Caan's unhappiness with the show.

About a year ago, I did some research on her and came across her Maxim magazine photo shoot and she doesn't seem to have a problem taking all her clothes off and showing us her- ahem- wares. :!inlove: So, I don't understand where this "I want to be doing Shakespeare and this aint Shakespeare." attitude comes from. She's good on the show and a pretty lady, but she seems like she's really hard to like in a professional sense, and every time I read an interview with her I'm turned off and rolling my eyes.

Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013 08:50:08 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Main themes from all seasons:


Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 21:19:58 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Grace Park talks to Entertainment Weekly:


Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 17:46:43 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

Woo hooo! Has this ever happened to anyone??? So I went thru all seasons about 2 years ago (well except for 10,11 and 12, I had to skipp MANY in those 3 seasons) Anyway I started to rewatch some seasons out of order this time and to my surprise I had missed at least one entire DVD form several different seasons.

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 16:55:27 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

When they give us something good to say about it, we'll gladly say it.

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 14:31:21 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: It's true Mr. Mike. Everything in this fourm talks bad about the reboot and the reboot is bad.

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 13:23:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

What an honor!

On Twitter, after I asked them to post here, someone said "I won't participate on a site I feel has a pervasively negative opinion of the reboot."



Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 12:24:22 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Speaking of actors playing trumpeters, there is a Peter Gunn show of interest (PG, like Five-O, has played on MeTV, usually at some ridiculous hour in the early morning). I have done anal-ysis of ALL the Peter Gunn shows here: http://www.mjq.net/petergunn

SEASON 2, EPISODE 26: The Murder Clause

Written by Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed; Directed by Boris Sagal
Original Air Date - 4 April 1960


James Coburn gives an outstanding performance as Bud Bailey, a temperamental jazz trumpet player who can't deal with the fame that he has achieved. Bailey's wife Helen (Cece Whitney) meets Gunn at Mother's. She tells him that she thinks her husband is going to kill her, based on a phone conversation she overheard where Bud seemed to be buying a $150,000 life insurance policy on her. Describing Bud as intense and withdrawn, she asks Gunn to have a talk with her husband. Gunn goes to Bud's apartment where Bud basically tells Gunn to get lost, saying that his wife is nuts and complaining that people want a piece of him. When Gunn talks to the insurance company, he finds out that the policy was not on Helen at all, but on Bud, with his wife as the beneficiary. Helen's brother Clay Summers (Bob Hoskins) tells Gunn that Bud treats people badly, and threatens to kill him if Bud harms his sister. Finally, Gunn talks to Andy (Sam Edwards), clarinet player with Bud's combo. Andy tells him that Bud was different before he became so famous. Now he doesn't show up for work frequently, doesn't sign the band's checks, and Helen no longer hangs out at the club to see her husband perform. When Gunn goes to a cabin where Andy figures Helen is hiding out, he finds the place burned down and a body nearby which is seemingly Bud's. Evidence suggests that Helen murdered her husband, and Jacoby holds her on suspicion, but a fingerprint taken from the burned corpse is from some skid row bum known to the police. When Gunn and Jacoby go to the bum's flophouse room, they find Bud dressed in the bum's clothes, ready to leave town. Bud tells Gunn that he "wanted to be free" and to "get away from all of them." Aside from murdering the bum and making the cops think it was him, Bud created an elaborate scam, writing incriminating letters and putting dirt from the crime scene on his wife's shoe, which would have left her on the ropes for his murder. Bud is led away by Jacoby.

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 10:03:47 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I thought last night's show was pretty boring, because most of it was concerned with U.S. football, which I have no interest in whatsoever (I have no interest in football from any other country as well). The end of the show which took place in the stadium, which went ON AND ON, was painful to watch.

The crime of the week was very formulaic as usual, accompanied by the usual music tracks. I was thinking about the original show, which also used a LOT of music tracks over and over, and they never annoyed me as much as those on the new show, maybe because those on the new show are TOTAL CRAP?

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 10:00:12 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Seattle

Thanks for the recommendations, H50 FOREVER. Will check those out. Haven’t seen "Doomsday Flight” in years and other than DF & Dr No, only seen Jack in "Walk Like a Dragon.” Route 66: ‘Play It Glissando’ is the first I seen a Jack’s bad guy portrayals. And I agree, he really show the method-man/act studio chops.

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 08:58:19 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Big Chicken,

Good to hear from you brother!..I just viewed twice in the last couple of weeks "Good Night Baby, Time to Die!" It's one of my all time favorites, because of the sculpted and meticulously crafted plot with that great payoff that really makes you rethink everything you had seen for the last hour. It's so well acted and another one of those great "set piece" Five-O episodes that they did so well that took place primarily in one location like a stage play.

In regards, to the new five-O, I like Michelle Borth, but the romance with Steve has run it's course and it's not working for me anymore. It seems to be strained, or they are looking for places to put it in. I liked it at first and now it is blasé. Also, the ending again has me just wincing. Steve separates his shoulder, and then immediately goes to the football stadium and lets fly a long bomb with the Peyton Manning signed football without even thinking "hey maybe I shouldn't do this, I just separated my throwing shoulder." He then throws a perfect pass without a hitch, and then minutes later goes "Oh, my shoulder, I need to go back to the hospital.' I mean who writes this stuff, 2 year olds? Who are they writing for?...The young toddlers who watch Sesame Street and the Electric Company?

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 08:18:11 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Chicken, if you like JL in "Route 66: Play It Glissando," you'll like him in the full-length movie, "Man of the West" with Gary Cooper; as the shell-shocked air base commander in "12 O'Clock High: Big Brother" with Paul Burke; and as the alcoholic air base commander in "12 O'Clock High: Face of a Shadow" also with Paul Burke.

The suits liked to cast JL in the roles of mentally ill or criminal characters. The movie magazines said it was because, as Joshua Logan said, his "face was...lived in," but I say it was because he played them so well. Jack did not want to continue playing them and stopped accepting them. Fear of type-casting? Probably.

I did not like Jack Lord until he began playing characters my sheltered psyche could relate to; e.g., FBI SAIC Frank Thompson in "The Doomsday Flight" and, of course, H50 chief investigator Steve McGarrett. It is only as I have matured and come to appreciate Jack's acting skills in his latter-day work that I have been able to view his insane/criminal performances with appreciation. Thank goodness I did, because there's some genuine talent residing in those works.

An excellent performance was as attorney/mob boss John Trask in "Ironside:Dead Man's Tale." You can view it on Hulu. Interestingly, Jack's innate strength nearly overwhelmed Raymond Burr's, whose wheelchair did not help. Just the sort of man McGarrett would love to whop in (clench fist).

Added: Tuesday 19 February 2013 05:02:29 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Jack Lord Country

Hey friends, happened to catch our man Jack guestin on an ole ep of "Route 66” as volatile bopper Gabe Johnson. And, man, Jack is cracklin n poppin as the unstable, borderline psychotic trumpeter. His performance really be a revelation. And should be necessary viewing for all those who inaccurately claim JL’s actin is 1-dimensional or lackin in range

Unlike the controlled, targeted intensity he bring to Steve McGarrett, here he portray someone driven by need and unhealthy obsession, and rapidly unraveling as the episode progresses. Funny thing is Gabe Johnson the exact kinda deranged public menace that Lord’s McGarrett could be counted on to put away every week. And after hundreds of hours of Five-O viewing, its both surreal and hilarious to watch Jack run from the cops.

In addition to Jazzy Jack, you get to take in the adorable Honey West - as his almost as equally disturbed and co-dependent lady - and Jack is busted by none other than Bobby George’s ole man D.J. Georgiade!

Kinda makes you wish Jack had more opportunity to show the range, especially as dark characters such as this. I’ve seen limted Lord outside of Five-O - but Mr. Mike, H50 1.0 FOREVER - you both must be hip to this great JL peformance. Chicken realize he behind you both in his Jack Lord studies.

And Rainbow Warrior, shout outs to you, man. I’ll keep those cards and letters comin!

Added: Monday 18 February 2013 21:53:30 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

From today's Star-Advetiser:

'Magnum' actor Manetti sings for his 'Five-0' supper

By Mike Gordon

The cast of "Magnum P.I.," from left, Roger E. Mosley, Tom Selleck, and Larry Manetti are seen backstage at the 2009 TV Land Awards in Universal City, Calif. Manetti played Rick during the eight-season run and was back in Hawaii to film a guest spot on "Hawaii Five-0."
Of all the gin joints in town, the "Hawaii Five-0" crew finds Nick's place, and if Nick reminds you of a club manager named Rick, well, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

That's Larry Manetti, one of the stars of "Magnum, P.I.," doing a guest gig Monday night as lounge act Nicky "The Kid" Demarco.

Manetti played Rick during the eight-season run of "Magnum," which CBS shot in Hawaii. Rick managed the fictious King Kamehameha Club and served as the well-connected sidekick to the show's main character, Thomas Magnum, who was played with charm and humor by Tom Selleck.

After the end of the original "Five-0," the show kept Hawaii front and center on TV sets from 1980 to 1988.

The 65-year-old Manetti was thrilled to be back in Hawaii last month.

"It was like old home week," he said in a phone call from his home in Los Angeles. "I saw a lot of the Teamsters I worked with on ‘Magnum.' It was like coming home. Everything I did was a memory."

Manetti's new character is a tuxedo-wearing lounge singer who owns a place called the Tiki Lounge, which was created at La Mariana, the real-life tiki bar on Sand Island. "The Kid" was a favorite of Steve McGarrett's father and has connections. He ends up helping the "Five-0" team. (The show airs 9 p.m Mondays on CBS/KGMB.)

Of course, he sings, which is something Manetti had never done in front of a camera. Manetti croons the Frank Sinatra standard "I Got You Under My Skin."

"I spent a ton of money on singing lessons, voice coaching and it came off decently," Manetti said.

The actor's singing coach initially balked at the song choice, explaining that even professional singers have trouble with its many keys.

"It was a lot of work and if I come back, which I am sure I will, I am sure they will have me sing more songs," Manetti said. "Look, if an actor doesn't stretch and take chances and do different things, he is not a real actor."

MANETTI has had a variety of television roles since his time on "Magnum": the Hawaii shows "Raven" and "Marker," the long-running series "Quantum Leap" and "Walker, Texas Ranger," and a host of other episodic appearances.

"Five-0" executive producer Peter Lenkov wanted Manetti to guest star from the very beginning of the rebooted version in 2010 but it just didn't work out. Manetti said the "Five-0" showrunner promised him it would happen some day.

When Lenkov approached Manetti this season, the actor's response was beyond enthusiastic. He said he would swim to Hawaii if he had to.

"It is something I wanted to do," he said. "I'm very particular and I turn down a lot of stuff. But the way this was written, it was just marvelous … and it's a great character."

The other night, Selleck called Manetti to ask how it went. The two men have remained friends since their days on the "Magnum" set. They talked for an hour, Manetti said.

"He's very happy and proud," he said. "He asked me about the character and what I did and he was laughing continuously. He kept saying, ‘Larry, you sang.'"

Selleck has a starring role on the CBS police drama "Blue Bloods." Manetti said his friend would love to play Magnum again — "Tom Selleck and Magnum are one" — and so would the show's other main stars, Roger E. Mosley (T.C.) and John Hillerman (Higgins).

"There are so many ‘Magnum' fans and Selleck and I have talked about it," Manetti said. "All of us are alive and well and all of us would love to do ‘Magnum.' But nobody has ever come up with something."

Manetti doesn't view "Magnum" as a show that died and he doesn't think it ever will. But whether or not it comes back, he was grateful for the experience.

"Out of all the things I have done, that is the show that made me," Manetti said. "When they put us all together it was like making one of the greatest potions ever. The chemistry just popped off the screen."

AND that's a wrap …

Added: Sunday 17 February 2013 22:51:05 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

Sorry guys, been out with the new job and was sick too to boot. Feeling a bit better now and Mike! I was about to say the same thing about Indy Jones! Harrison Ford in an interview years ago said he was very sick when he was about to shoot the scene with the turbaned bad guy.

He told Spielberg, he wanted something simple and quick. Ford had no energy and was sick as a dog and the day was brutally hot, so the answer? One shot for the bad guy and that scene was history. So AOL was sick here and perhaps , hey, end it quick with one shot! BLAM to the knee. If he was better, maybe AOL could get into some hand to hand combat with the baddie.

If Jack Lord were alive today and young, he woulda grabbed the fella and pounded him a la MAN IN THE STEEL FRAME/YOUNG ASSASSINS. Good episode I must say , great job by Kamekona. AOL getting better with the last 2 shoes by the way. Loved the last scenes with him, Mom and Treat. Notice AOL's mouth and chin twist a bit. He's not happy!

Added: Saturday 16 February 2013 15:05:43 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Oh, come on, Dee. I like Doc. His speech perfectly reflects his eccentric personality. We're talking about a medical examiner who plays the piano in his office, after all. He's what the original Doc Bergman would have been like if they'd given him more than one line per episode.

Added: Friday 15 February 2013 19:26:12 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


TV Couples We Want to Break Up

Steve and Catherine (Alex O'Loughlin and Michelle Borth), Hawaii Five-0

We'll admit that their common interests and similar line of work make them a good match. But we just can't get past the fact that Catherine is keeping Doris' secret from McGarrett. Relationships are built on honesty, after all.Does he really need another woman in his life that he can't fully trust? We think not.

[read the comments]

Added: Friday 15 February 2013 17:29:40 MST

Submitted by: Dee
From: NY

That "coroner" has the MOST artifical, exaggerated, annoying intonation and speech. Who is his dialog/.dialect coach? I can't stand it. I change the channel every tie he does his impression of English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!mad:

Added: Friday 15 February 2013 12:47:15 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

My vote for the nastiest Five-O villainess is a tie between Marni Howard from "A Gun for McGarrett," and Lee Mei Liu from "Yes, My Deadly Daughter." Those were two cold cookies.

Added: Friday 15 February 2013 08:45:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Hawaii Five-O TV Tropes:


Added: Wednesday 13 February 2013 18:03:09 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

>We do not think this has helped your show ratings...

This site is not officially authorized by or affiliated with CBS or the producers of the new Five-0 (this should be pretty obvious if you read my opinions on the show).

If you want to complain, please do so to CBS on places like Facebook or Twitter (@plenkov, Executive Producer of the show).

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 20:14:13 MST

Submitted by: SGC
From: Florida

My wife and I have been watching Hawaii Five-0 since the beginning of the show. However, we don't intend to watch it any more because Scott Caans character has become a whining child. Caan originally was not a whiner!! We do not think this has helped your show ratings and request he get his backbone back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause we can't take it anymore!

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 19:27:20 MST

Submitted by: Fred
From: Chatsworth, CA

In the intro, there are snippets from the original intro, including Lady Columbia from the National Cemetery. I thought their inclusion in the intro was special for the new Hookman episode, but I now think it was included at the beginning of the 3rd season.

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 15:04:21 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

>And no mention by Mr. Mike about the original opening scenes used in the opening of this episode. I find that lack of mention interesting.


From my review (click on season 3 above and go to bottom of the page):

Much of the show, including dialogue based on the original script by Rod Baker and Glenn Olson, was the same or very similar to the older show, as were numerous locations, including the opening sequence where Hookman walks through a cemetery and climbs a hill to murder HPD officer Keoki with a long-range rifle.

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 14:33:10 MST

Submitted by: Fred
From: Chatsworth, CA

My Nastiest Villianess candidate: Irene Yah-Ling Sun as
Lee Mei Liu is "Yes, My Deadly Daughter".

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 14:32:27 MST

Submitted by: Fred
From: Chatsworth, CA

A couple of other comments about the new "Hookman" episode.

At the end of the original, McGarrett and Dano are pinned down and McGarrett uses Ben as a diversion to get to his car's trunk and get the sniper rifle for Dano and then drives away allowing Dano to shoot Stoner since everyone is only shooting with pistols. In this episode, there are numerous people using assault weapons against Stoner when McGarrett runs to his car trunk to get the rifle. Does it make any sense to risk your life to get some rifle vs. the assault weapons they were using? Very lame if you ask me.

Also at the end, Dano keeps prodding McGarrett to leave with him. These guys just killed someone. Don't they have to stick around for hours to fill out on-scene reports?

And no mention by Mr. Mike about the original opening scenes used in the opening of this episode. I find that lack of mention interesting.

Added: Tuesday 12 February 2013 13:31:27 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

LOL, not from me!

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 22:44:01 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: Another 3 star episode

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 22:00:38 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: The beginning was ugh

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 21:05:55 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

"Nastiest villainess"? How about that little :!swear: from Season 10's "Tsunami"?

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 21:02:20 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

Well, (in keeping with all the Hawai'ian name given to the episodes in the new series) according to an online English/Hawai'ian translator, "Hook Man" translates to "Loulou Kanaka". :!shake:

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 20:39:24 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Another formulaic show, which had some absolutely gorgeous scenery. Kamekona gets a lot to do. McGarrett's mother is less obnoxious than usual, but still a matter of taste. The crime of the week sort of rehashes stuff from the mixed martial arts show and the one with Hawaiian warriors. O'Loughlin's voice is much gruffer than usual -- he reportedly was "sick as a dog" during filming, but he sounds good!

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 20:30:42 MST

Submitted by: OTTO
From: New York

Ringfire: Proper title for episode: "The Result of a Desperate Attempt by Intellectually Challenged TV Show to Remake What is Widely Considered to Be the All-time Best Episode of Hawaii Five-O: Hookman"

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 14:43:32 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

So what would have been a good title for the new episode? Obviously "Hookman" doesn't apply here. Maybe Prostheticman? Bionicman? Fingerman? Roboticman? Amputeeman?

Added: Monday 11 February 2013 10:43:21 MST

Submitted by: andy Bieber
From: Lancaster, PA

your review of te show was great. I almost wish the show title would have been changed. He has hands not hooks. That was the reason for the original shows title. But overall good episode except for the Danny rantings.

Added: Sunday 10 February 2013 17:11:59 MST

Submitted by: Connie
From: Boston

"The lack of a gun has never slowed anyone killing" you don't really believe that do you? Talk about asinine.

Added: Sunday 10 February 2013 15:51:39 MST

Submitted by: Scooch
From: Oklahoma

I like many think the Daniel Williams character is an idiot. His comments to the gun dealer truly portrayed his feeble grasp on reality. He is offended by the admittedly shop worn phase "Guns don’t kill people kill.” Worse yet was his response "People kill with guns. No guns no killing.” How asinine. The lack of a gun has never slowed anyone killing. A slight departure, the signs at some shops "No firearms allowed”. Hilarious, only a legal carry person would consider abiding. Can’t you hear a would-be criminal. "I could have robbed them if they didn’t have a sign. RATS!”

Added: Sunday 10 February 2013 14:38:51 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Helen Kuoha-Torco, who played the Hawaiian dancer in the pilot episode and whose hips were seen at the beginning of every show, posted the following on Facebook:

Hey everybody!!! I am on tonight's episode of Hawaii Five O, "Hookman". I am driving in a funeral procession. The car that is behind of the family's car behind of the hearse. Yes, it is my Mary Kay car, and they covered the Mary Kay signs on it with black tape, and glued on another license plate. My license plate says "MARYK1". it IS pretty fast, so tape it and you can see it in slow motion.

This was the most fun episode that I have ever done in the new episodes. Loved it!!!

Added: Sunday 10 February 2013 12:13:22 MST

Submitted by: Frank
From: Wisconsin

I wish all you people ranting about gun control would knock it off. This discussion is about Hawaii 5-0. I agree with alot of you, the new "Danno" can get irrating and I wish the writers would tune it down. And that show will never match the original, but it is 2013, so just go with it. I love the original, watch when I can. I loved that they remade "Hookman",and I hope they do it again. As far as METV running on the same day, that was great. DVR'd them both and watched them one after the other. Excellant. I

Added: Saturday 09 February 2013 15:12:58 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

How about "Diary of a Gun" ?. That episode was anti-gun all the way.

Added: Saturday 09 February 2013 00:23:02 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

"You are making a emotional argument not an intellectual one".

That is not really fair. And I wish that pro gun people would stop throwing around the "liberals" thing as if that is a dirty word and as if anyone who is for any kind of gun control/regulation etc can only be a liberal.

There are scores of people on the right and left and in the middles who agree that SOMETHING needs to be done.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 16:24:02 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Haha!! This review on the IMDB "Hookman" page (for the new FIVE-ZERO) cracks me up.

"Routine episode where a man who lost his arms and blamed the police during a bank robbery, returns from jail years later and starts blowing away the police he blamed for the incident.

What's really good about this episode is that it shows the contentious behavior that exists between Steve and Danny. Danny is forever criticizing Steve's methodology in the handling of these particular cases. No matter what, this really never seems to affect their personal relationship as they both regard each other with very high esteem.

Technology certainly played a big role in the eventual apprehension of the killer."

See? I think this is the disconnect between fans of the original Five-0 and fans of the new Five-Zero. This reviewer refers to the whole business about a revenge-seeking ex-con with prosthetic hands who kills cops as "routine". While for us that is the actual appeal and the main draw. That's the beauty of the whole thing. That's what made the original 1973 episode such a classic. And the main reason to catch the remake.

On the other hand what really appealed to this reviewer about the episode was the "contentious behavior that exists between Steve and Danny" (as he put it). While for us that's the absolute nadir of the episode. The thing that we loathe with a passion. :!mad: This so-called "contentious behavior" is just another word for mindless juvenile rants which serve absolutely no purpose to the story. And that's why we lovers of the old Five-0 can't understand the lovers of the new Five-0. And vice versa. I guess it's a generation thing.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 16:13:56 MST

Submitted by: Otto Mannix
From: New York

This fake Danno anti-gun rant has really sparked some dialogue here! The comment that MJQ copied from IMDB and posted earlier is still making me laugh my head off:

"...the most dangerous people with guns are the police; they are 80-IQ, roid raging, insecure, unstable, narcissistic, tax-collecting societal rejects. I can't possibly imagine anyone less mentally compatible with carrying firearms but they march around with them all day every day shooting sh*t they shouldn't and nobody says anything about disarming them."

I agree completely. Here in NYC, the pigs are out of control. Back when they gunned down Amadou Diallo in a 'roid raging' hysteria, 88 bullets were found in the elevator and in the body. Diallo turned out to be unarmed. Last year, in my neighborhood, two cops escorted an inebriated woman to her apartment, where they proceeded to double-team her, you know what i mean. Now in our local news there is a story of a 'cannibal cop'!!! I won't bore you with the hundreds of similar stories of law enforcement hi-jinx here in the Rotten Apple!

This brings us to the LAPD officer who recently wrote his manifesto, and is out to kill cops. The media is portraying him as crazy. He seems to be, but if you read the manifesto, it doesn't sound like he's lying. He was discharged for telling on a fellow officer who had kicked a suspect in the chest and face. And as a black guy, he wasn't pleased with the department's allowance of the constant use of the N-word in its ranks.

So as all these topics reflect back on Five-O, maybe there should be an episode where Danno goes rogue, starts killing innocent people, the Five-O team turns out to be corrupt, shielding Danno from proper justice, and a group of native Hawaiians takes matters into its own hands and exacts vigilante justice on Danno's ass. Now THAT would be an episode i would watch!!!

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 14:34:57 MST

Submitted by: Harold
From: Signal Hill

Mr. Mike, another exception is


But it's easier to get an AR-15 than Sarin gas.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 14:19:28 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Rainbow, you're one of my favorite posters too.

But sometimes you flip me, man! :!cool: Dig? For every O.J. and Unabomber and Boston Strangler I'll find you 50 others that used guns. The last non-gun death here in Philly was about a month ago where a guy strangled a woman with a rope. But every night when I turn on my local news it's another shooting, another death by gun. Not another death by rope or death by kitchen knife. This gun violence really is an epidemic. We don't get too many Unabombers, do we? Or serial stranglers? Certainly not on a daily basis. At least not where I live.

Peace! I'm with Jack Lord on the gun issue all the way, bay-beeee!!

Oh and speaking of anti-gun episodes you folks somehow forgot "Diary of a Gun" which is basically the original "Use a Gun, go to Hell". The latter was just a rehash.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 12:58:48 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

All of you people who don't like guns want to penalize the people who use them with care because you don't like them. I don't like facebook and twitter, because I think it's making people shallow thinkers, so should I ban those things that other people like because I have a fear of them. You need to come to grips with certain things in life. Life ends for all of us one way or another, no matter what steps you take there will always be danger. There will always be crazy people that will kill, taking away one weapon, they will just find another, and if you think that taking away guns will stop killing I have one answer for you. Go back to ancient times before guns were invented. How many wars were there when the Roman Empire was around? Enough said... no guns around. You know the battle of Troy? Any guns. Oh I know, how about all the murders that happened in Rome like when they killed Julius Ceaser with nothing but knives. I mean there were no murders in ancient Rome back then because there were no guns right? It doesn't wash. You guys don't like guns fine, that's understandable, but I'm telling you now, if everybody mobilized to treat mental illness, these massacres would go down. You can't take total risk out of life. No matter how safe you try to make the world, bad things happen

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 12:28:59 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Good list, Sunrack, but you omitted one essential item: Must throw a hubcap with each sharp turn. :D

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 11:51:50 MST

Submitted by: Sunrack
From: Virginia

Mr. Mike - really like your comments.

Also please send a memo to the new Five-0 team.
Five-0 In-Vehicle Scenes, Etiquette & Top 3 General Rules:

#1. No wimpy 'process' driving scenes. For goodness sake take a cue from the original show. They were pioneers in this regard.

#3. When arriving anywhere always double park.

#2. All side windows shall be completely retracted. If a working front quarter window is in place (rare these days), open it half way. This is Hawaii and for us on the mainland it's always 72 degrees and beautiful weather. This is why the old show loved to use pillarless 'hardtops' and frameless windows to enhance visibility for the shot. None of this letter-box Camero and Traverse window garbage. Although a black c.2004 Mercury Marauder would be nice.

#3. Jack-Lord-rabbit starts and starts (with tire chirps) are a must. The door should be open with the driver halfway out before the car stops lurching. Oh - and forget the seat belts and never remove the rear-view mirror!

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 10:45:47 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

To me, the problem with "people with mental issues using guns" (meaning we should focus on people who have mental issues as opposed to banning guns) is "how nutty does someone have to be to cause problems with a gun?"

A friend of mine owns guns, and he goes to the rifle range to practise shooting. Rifle ranges have always struck me as weird. Look at it this way. You are at a place where people are shooting guns, that could be used to kill you. What is to stop the guy next to you from suddenly becoming "nutty" and turning around and shooting you dead!

I guess it all depends on how "civilized" people, especially gun owners, are. But I am sure there are a lot of murders which take place because someone is not particularly nutty, but they just got pissed off and grabbed a gun which was handy and shot someone (as in the case of domestic violence). How can you predict or deal with this kind of "mental issue"? I guess the person could also grab a hammer or a knife and commit mayhem, but I think they would probably grab a gun (assuming they can afford one and it is available) because it is a lot more efficient.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, like this one:


No guns were involved.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 09:45:16 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Big Chicken, Good to see you posting more often baby! Keep those cards and letters coming!

I thought that JMac's portrayal of Danny Williams was perfect in the old show. Without him, the old show isn't the classic it was. I just watched "Cloth of Gold" which I thought was a classic episode, and Danny is really the lead Five-O member throughout the show with great lines and a terrific presence. That Danny Williams was a professional as compared to the new one who is well you know. "Cloth of Gold" is really Danny's show and it's a solid episode because of Jmac's acting skill and talent.


You're one of my favorite's on this board, but you're out in left field on the gun debate. Did OJ Simpson use a gun to kill his wife and Ron Goldman? NO. Ever hear of the Boston Strangler?...Elaine can tell you the history of all the women he killed with his bare hands without using a gun. Did the Unabomber ever use a gun when he went on his rampage?. NO. He used bombs. In "Skin Head" did the girl get raped and beaten by men with guns? NO. If you look at my post well below that Big Chicken referenced, I sadly have experience with life and death without guns being involved. Thinking that if you take guns away and all this disappears is naive and living in fantasy land. You need to treat the problems of the human mind to reduce violence. I have more experience with that that emotional responses like "Ban guns"

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 09:34:16 MST

Submitted by: Theresa
From: Western New York

@ AJ,
Add Melveen Leed "Sally" to the list. She is still performing and is still fabulous.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 07:59:08 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Following in JL's very big footsteps is Daniel Dae Kim, who is producing a play, "Hold These Truths," with the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. The production is being presented in memory of the late Senator Daniel Inouye. Bravo, Chin Ho! Way to go!

Read about it: http://bit.ly/XsHGuL

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 07:25:32 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.


In response to the anti-gun episodes, I also count two - "I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots" and "Use a Gin, Go to Hell." Maybe "The Gunrunner," but no one was touting any anti-gun statements, but when the wife at the end said she was going to dump all the guns in the ocean, I though that was a reference to her hatred of guns and the damage they cause.

Added: Friday 08 February 2013 03:37:34 MST

Submitted by: Otto Mannix
From: Manhattan

"A Woman's Work is with a Gun," definitely. I love that bitch. But i'd give a close second to the spoiled brat chick in "The Joker's Wild Man, Wild"

But the question is: How many villainesses have there been? I'm trying to figure that one out.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 23:58:26 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

Just off the top of my head:
James Shigeta. Nehemiah Persoff. Malachi Throne. Jimmy Borges. Henry Darrow. Barbara Luna. Amanda McBroom.
All still alive and well. Haul some of them in as guest stars!

Oh, and the best of all... Joe Sirola, the quintessential 'Jonathan Kaye'... he's still doing commercial voiceovers, most often for Boar's Head delicatessen products. Fly him in on a C130! I can hear the pseudo-military music already!

(Maybe he can bring an Ovengold Turkey Breast platter, too.) :!clap:

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 22:43:15 MST

Submitted by: Tony D.
From: NJ

My wife just loves the new show. The scenery, the characters and especially McGarret. The stories sometimes are difficult to follow. We thought the last episode was well done and putting the old timers up front was a nice touch. Those complaining about Dano's anti-gun rant need to get a life. Apparently, his boss disagreed and it showed that there are two sides to this discussion. Don't take TV shows too seriously. They're supposed to be fun and entertaining.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 20:31:49 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Here's an article about the upcoming Grammy Awards. CBS is broadcasting the ceremony and has issued what they call a "wardrobe advisory." In addition to banning skimpy attire, they are also banning attire that advertises merchandise OR political opinions! Do you think it's possible they've heard our complaints about Danno's ravings??? Check it out.


Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 19:56:10 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Asuko Sunada (Suesie Elene) in The Capsule Kidnapping is very bad. She is a member of the Japanese Red Army who has infiltrated the kidnappers' group and who murders Paul Colburn (Bruce Boxleitner) in cold blood when she is finished with his services.

Irene Yah-Ling Sun in Yes, My Deadly Daughter plays the daughter of Lee Mei (Kwan Hi Lim). She is pretty nasty too. She totally sucks up to her father in a pouty manner and arranges for her boyfriend Jerry Quan (Clyde Kusatsu), leader of the Wo Chings, "one of the most powerful street gangs in Honolulu," to steal four million dollars of her father's laundered money. Later she has Jerry murdered by her father's "main man" Varna (Paul Hecht).

Both of these shows feature very cool driving sequences WITHOUT process shots.

The biggest bitch in all of Five-O is probably the mother of Billy Shem, the psycho sniper of And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots, played by Jeanne Cooper. She describes Oahu as a "pesthole" and Shem's wife (Annette O'Toole) as a "tramp."

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 19:47:49 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I'll go along with the "A Woman's Work is With a Gun" villainess - the one that drove the van and was so nasty.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 18:20:46 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

OK so who was the nastiest vilainess? I am going with the episoide A Women's Work is with A Gun. This is the one where the 3 women rob tourists out on the site seeing bus tours.

Patricia Hindy plays the nasty junkie trying to get the money for her next fix and she is pretty damned diabolical in her pursuit of that goal.

I wonder why they didn't go for a name guest star in this role, I would think that a lot of actresses would have loved playing such a fem fatale. Patty Duke would have been a nice choice.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 15:48:42 MST

Submitted by: PAF
From: Phoenix

First of all let me just go on record as saying MeTV did this show no favors last Monday by airing the original Hookman the exact same day. Anyone like myself who has this channel and chose to watch the original saw the flaws in this remake. I only watched fifteen minutes of it before I had enough I was like sorry doesn't even begin to measure up, like I said MeTV did them no favors.

Yes, because I didn't watch the whole thing I missed the notorious Danno scenes with him getting on a soap box about gun control. To be honest here in the new Five-O this is the character that irritates me the most. Say what you want about James MacCarther's Danno but at least he was a consummate professional who IMO was a believable second in command of Five-O.

In the remake I am so with Mike why would this new Steve McGarret keep this guy on his pay roll. It seems to me as if the new production company wanted to give an edge to this character, because well as some say here the old Danno seemed spineless to some. Not that I viewed him that way, to me he was someone who respected his bosses authority and yes believe it or not he had moments where he questioned his authority such as in Full Fathom or Time and Memories. But in those moments he didn't turn into a raging banshee who yelled the place down. Seriously, I think the problem here is that with the Danno character they went from one extreme with a man totally complacent to his boss to another with a man who is totally insubordinate. Too bad no one could figure out how to find some middle ground with this character.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 14:45:43 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"And Ringfire, remember that we're Five-O friends"

Right oooon, bay-bee!! Right ooon!! :!cool: Like, dig??

Five-0 is MY Second Amendment!! Dig?? Faaar out!!! :!cool:

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 14:22:52 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"and maybe they can bring in Sabrina Scharf, this time to play the old woman spy with the knitting set at poolside."

:D Awesome idea!! A hot granny!

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 13:44:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The person who owns the 16mm print that this projected-on-a-wall-and-filmed-with-a-camcorder version was made from had it properly telecined more recently. The quality of the print is pretty bad, because the colors have faded, but at least the epilepsy-inducing flicker is not there.

I don't know whether CBS still has a good copy of this show. The quality of Six Kilos, which was missing from syndication versions for years, is not as good as other shows in the first season, but it's still miles ahead of this bootleg Bored.

As I indicated in my "bore"-ing anal-ysis, there is something fishy about this new bootleg, which first surfaced in 2010.

There are two cards for Viacom at the end as follows:


According to Wikipedia, Viacom was founded May 3, 1971. But Bored was originally aired on January 7, 1970, over a year before. So you have to wonder when did this controversy over the show which resulted in it being banned arise ... assuming that these end cards (which suggest the print was going to be used for syndication) are really supposed to be there and weren't just edited on from another print.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 13:34:20 MST

Submitted by: John
From: Montreal

I have a copy of "bored" on a DVD that I bought years ago as part of a complete collection (this was before the official DVDs). Unfortunately it is the same copy with that shaky blue light (I guess someone used a camcorder to film a projection screen, you can hear the sound of an old 16mm projector).

I can understand why it was dropped from syndication at the time to avoid more bad publicity but not including it in the DVD set 35 years later makes no sense. Maybe they don't have a good quality master to work with.

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 12:31:07 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


See comment:

"The original Hawaii Five-0 was just as anti-gun, thanks to Jack Lord, who would have banned them all, had he had his way."

Attention, Vrinda!

I count only 2 episodes out of 278, were there others?

Added: Thursday 07 February 2013 11:14:50 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

Mike, I was thinking the same thing about what you posted >>>You really have to wonder why has McGarrett continued to let Danno work for him, and why did he choose him in the first place, aside from the fact that Danno was the first person he ran into while investigating his father's murder.<<< Good point.

NO GUY is going to listen to that little doosh nag them 24/7. It NEVER stops. In the car, in front of others, in the middle of a SHOOT OUT! If they do a fake F.O.B. HONOLULU the dude would make an excellent Tony Madrid.

I got sucked into the fake five zero for fake HOOKMAN but then I got back out.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 21:02:22 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

Otto, much mahalo to you for the heads up on BORED...

I could only recall bits and pieces of it and yes terrible quality. Had to watch it on small screen. It's kind of surreal to see an ep where I don't know what they're gonna say next. I thought it was excellent.

William Smithers was impressive. Not many actors can go head to head with JL in a scene without being overpowered. He can.

IMDB call the hanging a "yoga technique" ...like Otto says, see it before it's gone again.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 20:31:05 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

This outburst of Danno's in the gun shop has really touched a raw nerve, judging by comments here and elsewhere. You really have to wonder why has McGarrett continued to let Danno work for him, and why did he choose him in the first place, aside from the fact that Danno was the first person he ran into while investigating his father's murder.

McGarrett should have just asked Danno to step outside of the gun shop if he couldn't keep his mouth in check (you can see how embarrassed McGarrett is in the show), but then, of course, the whole business with Stoner shooting at them wouldn't have worked. Danno would be dead! (Was Danno’s presence required as a witness or something?)

Think about it: if Danno was not a member of Five-0 with its "taking the law into its own hands" and "abusing authority" attitude, and he was at a gun shop with a superior officer, would he also act like this? I really doubt it. I'm talking specifically about when he called the gun shop owner, Norm, a "delusional gun nut." This comment was extremely unprofessional, to put it mildly. Norm IS running a legitimate business.

By the way, I have some questions about Hookman’s guns. Is the gun he was selling to McKinney, the crazy black guy, the same one he used to knock off Keoki? It is hard to tell this by looking at them, because the camera angles don't show them all that well. The gun sold to McKinney seems really MASSIVE. In either case, the guns seem a LOT bigger than would fit in the metal attaché case, though I think not only are the unassembled gun parts in the bottom of the case, but also inside the styrofoam-like black stuff in the TOP of the case as well.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 20:23:31 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Revised review of Hookman, a little less harsh than before - LOL.


Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 20:12:27 MST

Submitted by: LLOYD BARNES

We won't be watching Hawaii Five-O anymore. CBS should not inject their personal, liberalistic gun control policy opinions in their Hawaii Five O Episodes. What Danno said contadicts the whole idea of the show that guns can also be used to save lives. CBS should learn something from the Dixie Chix comments a couple years ago.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 19:39:39 MST

Submitted by: Dale scott
From: St. Cloud mn

We are done watching 5-0 after the anti gun rant last shod

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 19:05:47 MST

Submitted by: otto the haole
From: NYC

Currently working on my review of "Bored She Hung Herself", the infamous episode STILL available on yootoob. Catch it before they pull it! There is much to say about this episode.

But i've been thinking about the gun issue which has been heating up this forum. I personally agree with the previous commenter who is disgusted by Hollywood's excessive, to the point of fetishistic, brandishing of scary, sexy firearms in the hands of swarthy men and beautiful women, when they are the first to jump into the laps of those who would eliminate the second amendment of the US Constitution. I'm an NRA member, because they fight for your civil rights. They are not an organization which condones murder. And Ringfire, remember that we're Five-O friends, and not political enemies! I will never post anything remotely political henceforth.

This episode, with fake Danno lecturing about guns, is cracking me up, not because of the politics of it, but because this show seems to be constantly, desperately reaching for anything it can grasp to become a legitimate show; in this case, shamelessly leaping onto the hot-button topic of the day. My only knowledge of the show has come from reading this site. I will not watch a single minute of it, and never have, but from nearly all accounts on this forum, even from MJQ himself, it appears to bobble the ball on every play. They seem to have no real plan of attack.

And for the last time, anyone interested in completing their Five-O studies should check out the BANNED episode. It's required viewing!

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 18:34:11 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

No, rather than remake an old show, they should make a show with all the hot-button issues, i.e., the main character will be a black lesbian, gun-owning abortion doctor who believes in evolution and came to the US many years ago illegally. :D

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 18:32:59 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

"F.O.B Honolulu" would be a good candidate for a modernized re-make... they could go to town with all the technology available for counterfeiters today... and maybe they can bring in Sabrina Scharf, this time to play the old woman spy with the knitting set at poolside.

¿ǝɹǝɥ ǝslǝ ǝuoʎuɐ ʎɐs ʇɐɥʍ

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 17:54:40 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

" Is there something else going on? We need to find out and do something about it or else we'll simply cause those committing the acts to find a different weapon to use without eliminating the deaths."

Yeah, that's what we keep hearing - if you take away the guns they'll use other means. Except I can't see someone entering a school and committing mass murder with a knife. Or a baseball bat. Seriously, folks. Come on! Almost every crime you hear about a gun is used. Why? Because it's the easiest thing to do - just point and pull the trigger. You can do it from a distance. Don't even need to get close to the victim or get into a scuffle with him.

A knife has many uses. A gun has only one - to kill. End of. That's why folks use it for that very reason.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 17:44:11 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"Guns is why we are safe and free. Dumbass"

No, guns is why we have school shootings like nowhere else on Earth. Safe and free, eh? Let's not be naive and blind about these things. And yes, I did think his anti-gun rant was stupid and moronic. But that has more to do with Caan's character and the writing than anything else.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 17:13:18 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

Whew! Hookman i give a , well B-. RoboCop was very good but his facial expressions give me nitemares like the strangling bit with the painter. the gun shop scene was badly done and the owner looked as if this was a rehearsal. the way he said "call, what call?"

hey the old guy in the gold shop: "CAWL! I DIDN'T MAKE ANY CAWL!!!"

woulda love to see AOL in the beige suit talking to Ookala and asking "did ben have any money troubles?" (flipping the hand motion).

ending with the phone ring--dull. and hey! no---stoner! STONER!!!!!! :!mad: ???

nice end bit with McG and dad.

hey, why not remake YEAR OF THE HORSE with scott caan looking bored?

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 16:10:19 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Thanks for the compliment, Rainbow. As for the writing contest to oust the modern-day Danno, I'm afraid I'll have to pass. I only do 1.0.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 10:01:50 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: let the good times roll

Hey Rainbow Warrior, RingFire, Otto. Thanks for the greetings and salutations, bruddas.

Yeah, Charlie B got my vote for top villian of Season 2, bestin Sgt Simms, Da Beast, and even Wo Fat. Bombay beat out some major league heavies.

Great to see Terry Plunkett on Monday, but Dano 2.0 be a poor substitute for Big Jack's speechifyin McGarrett. McG's anti-gun rhetoric in S12's "Use a Gun, Go to hell" is an uber, epic rant. And whether you agree of not, you can dig it cause it somethin Jack felt strongly about personally.

And speakin of Danno, John Hall say "After being put in his place by Steve in Full Fathom Five Danno became the Waylon Smithers of crime drama for the next 12 years."

Danno did return the fava in "Time&Memories" when he basically tell Steve-O to step off and let him, Chin and Kono work the case. Steve-O jus glare back at em.

Man, I thought J-Mac was essential to the show and some a Jack's best scenes be made better by J-Mac playin off him (the way he looks at Steve after he vows to get them kidnappas if these hurt Kono in S3s"Ransom" for instance. One a the most intense McGarrett moments)

In the mid-seasons when the show really grooved, Steve n Danno developed that mentor/apprentice relationship and were almost like partners. Though it the latter years, Danno was reduced to a Smithers like lackey. Another weakness of the late season downturn.

Rainbow, appreciated your heavy post on mental health matters. And Elaine, great words on JL's legacy.

And Ringfire, keep swingin babee. Like Joe Matz sez "no body gonna nail anybody why you and me are swingin, Harry."

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 09:46:39 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I think we've already had this discussion about "what's the point of repeating an old episode if you know the ending." Using this kind of logic, you shouldn't ever do some TV show or movie based on an older show. There are numerous examples of where a remake was just as good as, if not better than, the original (probably more in the world of movies than TV shows, that's for sure.)

This would have been a four-star show if the music wasn't so bad (of course, the original had very high standards to compare it to) and Danno's ridiculous rants were toned down or eliminated.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 09:34:39 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

"His worth as an individual should be measured in the body of work he did as an actor but more importantly on the content of his character and his actions with respect to Hawaii and her people."

With regards to Hawaii Five-O original series, I would not make too much of this. The image of Hawaii that the series portrayed to the rest of the world was not a good image for Hawaii. I was growing up when the series was on the air on CBS, and all I ever thought of Hawaii was that is was just an extension of US mainland crime and violence, and it saddened me to see this because I thought Hawaii was really a unique and special place, and was sad to see it reduced to western, Amercan ways by shows like this.

The current series is even much worse in this regard--much worse.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 09:33:20 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

While I was watching the show a second time, I kept noticing that Caan has this acting style where he does not look people in the eye most of the time. Sometimes this is effective, like at the beginning of the new Hookman, where he realizes that Keoki was a family friend of McGarrett's, and his looking away suggests, "Geez, I don't know what to say in this situation." But in other situations, where the team is brainstorming in the Five-O offices, for example, this avoidance of eye contact suggests to me that his character is either lost in thought trying to come up with his own solution as to how to do things, or Caan, the actor, doesn't care. What do you think?

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 09:25:42 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I have not seen the original episode to comapre, but from the forum it sounds like the writers again screwed up even trying to make a decent remake of the original episode--like they just can't do it.

And besides, what the point of repeating an old episode. You know the ending, there's nothing really new or interesting, and more than anything it shows that the writers can't come up with good new stuff on their own.

It is amazing at how many people are so disatisfied with this series

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 09:16:27 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Listen, here's the thing about this guns debate, and Mike, I promise to make it quick so as not to get off topic. The three tragic shootings in Colorado, Connecticut, and over the weekend in Texas all had one thing in common. The shooter was seriously mentally ill and was not getting treatment. You can't get these people in mental institutions unless they try and hurt someone first, so they are out in society and not being treated. If you don't get them the help they need it spirals out of control. I have a family member that is mentally ill, and a long time ago, he tried to kill me and just about did with his BARE HANDS. He didn't have a gun. I was tough with him, got him the help he needed under the law, and now he wouldn't hurt a fly. It's not guns, it's helping and treating the mentally ill. No one wants to talk about that because it's a complicated subject, deals with privacy rights, and requires serious thought. So most people, take the simplistic route, the easy knee jerk route and blame guns. You need to treat and solve mental illness, and these gun massacres will go down. People with mental illness should not be able to get their hands on guns, that's what you focus on, not penalizing the people who use guns with respect and care, and who like their fellow man. Enough with the simplistic ant-gun arguments that people like Piers Morgan are only using to get ratings to save their dying shows. My problem with Caan on Monday wasn't the gun rant, it was his character, it's awful.

Okay, now Virginia, great post and please come up with a writing contest to get rid of the new Danny Williams, and find his replacement. Hopefully a woman, which will even it out with two men and two women.

Happy Wednesday!

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 08:56:57 MST

Submitted by: Elaine
From: Watertown, MA

Thought I'd toss a few thoughts into the ring this morning. First about the remake of Hookman. I thought it wasn't half-bad, which is not to say that it was great. But compared with some of the few other episodes I've watched, it was much improved, primarily because they stayed pretty close to the original script. I missed the first 20 minutes because I dozed off...but what I saw was okay. I still detest Danno's insolence and the carguments HAVE to go....it was totally inappropriate for Danno to lecture Steve on not passing on the right when in pursuit because his banter has to distract McGarrett from actually drving! I mean, how can someone chase a villain while paying attention to such chronic verbal vomit? McGarrett should have stopped the car, thrown Danno out and continued on in pursuit of Stoner...no two ways about it...the whole chase lacked realism because of the stupid cargument.

I was glad to see that Chevy gave Ford a little billing. That green Mustang was a beauty. I was glad to see that they hung in there with the Mustang.

Peter Weller's directing was pretty decent, I thought. As far as the comments about being able to swim with prosthetics, there's a quadraplegic amputee (no arms and no legs) that completed a 2-mile swim for charity this past summer and made history. Regrettably, I can't recall his name, but he is certainly a star!

So, overall, I think the show was okay, a good improvement over their regular episodes, primarily because they stayed so close to the original. So Kudus for that.

Now a comment about the Eddie Sherman book which I have not read. From what I've read in Karen Rhodes "Booking Hawaii Five-O", Sherman and Lord were pretty friendly. I believe Rhodes stated that Marie and Jack would often socialize with Sherman and his wife Peggy, who played Jenny on the show. In Emme Tominbangs,"Island Memories" included in Season 1, Disc 7, she interviewed Sherman and I seem to recall that what he said about Jack and the show was very favorable. I'm going back to watch it again to see if my memory is correct, but I have a hard time believeing some of the things that have been reported in the book (as reported here on the guestbook).

I have only one thing to say about Jack Lord. Whatever he may have done, said or been, his legacy lives on, both in the role of McGarret, which he owns, and also in his true love of Hawaii and her people. Marie and Jack Lord left a 40 million dollar endowment upon their death to be used for cultural and charitable organizations in support of the people of Hawaii. And that, my friends, is JL's true legacy. His worth as an individual should be measured in the body of work he did as an actor but more importantly on the content of his character and his actions with respect to Hawaii and her people. From what I have read, the people of Hawaii thought very highly of Jack. His charitable gifts to the people and culture of the islands will live on. 'Nuff said.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 08:54:31 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I agree that Danno's anti-gun statements were out of order. There's a time and a place for everything. When you're trying to get the owner of a gun shop to help with your investigation, you should not criticize his line of work.

As Vrinda said, the original Five-0 solved the problem by having episodes that dealt with the dangers of guns. They did not fault those who sell guns or those who use guns in legitimate ways. They just showed the dangers, such as the little boy who nearly killed his sister when he found a revolver while they played hide-and-seek. Each example cited made the point without going on a protracted political campaign.

As for the statement "Guns don't kill people, people do," that makes as much sense as asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. True, someone must pull the trigger for a gun to kill, but there are other ways to kill than firing a gun, and one method is no less the commission of a murder than another.

In that light, one might explore reasons why people kill, rather than focusing on the means. What possesses a child to take a gun to school and start firing it? What possesses a former military sniper to turn on a friend and kill him? Is it mental illness? Is it drugs? Is there something else going on? We need to find out and do something about it or else we'll simply cause those committing the acts to find a different weapon to use without eliminating the deaths.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 06:28:07 MST

Submitted by: ADKJack
From: Lake Placid, NY

Well I guess I'm done with Hawaii 5O. Dano was getting kind of whiney and repetitious.
But with the anti-gun comment, I think that pretty much did it for me. That whole scene was over the top. Someone had a blatant agenda. I'm done with the show. Which ever side of the fence you choose, I don't need to be told what liberal Hollywood thinks. I get enough of that from the rest of the media.

Added: Wednesday 06 February 2013 00:51:14 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

It sounds like either one of the writers, Lenkov, or one of the other producers and directors, or more than one of them, is on some anti-gun kick and thought that little speech from Danno was making a statement. When characters on a TV show tout some kind of political or moral stance, the writers are treading on thin ice by writing such material. It will offend a lot of people while meeting with others' approval, so they have to be careful to write this material in such a manner so that it sounds constructive and practical.

People criticized Jack Lord's McGarrett for being arrogant and preachy, when he was hardly that. He preached a few times, like in "Use a Gun ..." and there were some little philosophical lines like the one he says at the end of "Just Lucky, I Guess" and "When Does a War End?" but they were firey, straight from the pulpit rants.

He had to tell that business in "Just Lucky" to help them solve that girl's murder by telling them what he saw, and that he was not helping matters by being silent. What was Steve supposed to do? Are the audience members criticizing him for such lines thinking that it's okay for someone to commit murder and for the witness to it to remain silent? That they cannot even grasp the meaning of Steve's words and to label him as arrogant and preachy because of it shows how little they pay attention and how much they're in need of the same kind of lecturing that Steve gave those characters in those episodes.

People praised the new show for showing Danno as having "opinions" and for emphasizing the team work and "ohana" aspect. As Thelma Harper on "Mama's Family" would say, horsepucky! Steve is nothing more than action hero with little to no feelings for anyone or anything, except Mary Ann. Danno is arrogant, cocky, hot-headed, rude, disrespectful, ignorant, self-absorbed, and unintelligent. All Chin and Kono do is question the victims and look up information on the super computer. Only when the storyline centers on them, like in the one where Chin is kidnapped and put in prison, do they get any attention.

The comment from one stupid poster on the IMDb that "all the actors gel together and none of them act like the show wouldn't last without them" is garbage. They don't get together and whatever they are thinking of their place in the show and whether or not it will last without them is known to only them and no one else can make a comment there, unless these people said things in interviews to that effect.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 22:55:40 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

Hey, remember... Scott Caan's dad James' character in "The Godfather" (Santo Corleone) got turned into a big block of Swiss cheese with guns.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 20:44:51 MST

Submitted by: DeliWaiter
From: SpamLand

Why do all these gun lovers want to subject the rest of us to their insanity? Don't they know guns are only made for killing? In Texas, just over the weekend some top sniper dude took a army vet out to a practice range as a morale booster and was shot to death as gratitude. The Newton shooter got his guns from his Mother, who must have really loved guns and thought her son sitting in a dark basement playing simulated combat war games on the TV was just all right. So when he shot her in the face she must have been half-expecting it. I'm in the elder McG camp on the gun issue. Use a gun, go to hell.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 20:43:35 MST

Submitted by: Oscar van Hemel
From: Seattle, WA

Sounds like someone with a serious inability to differentiate between a character on a TV show saying words written for them and an actor saying something which he personally believes in. Is Caan on record as being anti-gun? Did he write the script?

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 20:32:26 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

'Nick' from Magnum P.I. = actor Larry ":!cool:" Manetti.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 20:29:40 MST

Submitted by: Danny Bryan
From: Liberal views on guns from a cop show

I will NEVER watch another H5O show or any show with Scot Caan again after watching his liberal ass views of guns! Frick'n sissy! 2-5-13 episode. Quit cramming your liberal views down our throats. Guns is why we are safe and free. Dumbass

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 19:57:56 MST

Submitted by: John
From: Bronx, NY

Does the ending of Hookman now make Steve a jedi knight?

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 19:57:15 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Sample of type faces from old and new shows:

1973 - main title
1973 - writing credit
2013 - main title
2013 - writing credit

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 19:51:38 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

"Hookman" i am seeing 1st 20 mins of it. pretty good so far.

i saw those yellow titles, i nearly fell outta my chair.

why can't the titles be put on since the beginning?

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 17:43:13 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"But i just don't like the characters in the new H50...Danny is always wisecracking, and guy who plays the Che Fong character is beyond annoying..."

Yep, that's pretty much what it boils down to. While you're watching Peter Weller doing his Hookman thing and looking at the various shots homaging the original episode... you're in the moment and the suspense is there. But once you return to someone like Masi Oka or Caan you are taken completely out of the story because you're instantly reminded of these moronic characters. Masi Oka plays his Che Fong character like he's Rain Man or something and Caan as Danno is, well, his usual idiotic self. So it doesn't matter how good the stories are because at its core the show has some seriously stupid main characters. And they immediately take you out of the story. Yes, Danno needs to get shot!! Multiple times!! In the head!!!

Agreed with whoever said Terry Plunkett looks like he hasn't aged a bit. Heck, I thought he died a long time ago. Last night he still looked like a spring chicken. Wow!!

Also someone mentioned PERSON OF INTEREST some time back. I actually caught an episode two weeks ago (about this serial killer/kidnapper lady named "Root") and an episode last week and it is indeed a much better show. Of course it all boils down to your main characters - do you care about them? Jim Caviezel is perfect leading man material and a fine actor to boot! He definitely could have played a solid McGarrett in the remake, though he does tend to whisper too much - reminds of Tony Almeida on 24. But I guess whispering is IN right now. Still, beats idiotic banter and stupid carguments and raftguments and what have you. At least the folks in POI act like professionals.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 17:21:35 MST

Submitted by: MarvinWelch
From: Columbus, OH

Re the Hookman episode, I agree completely with the comments about the loud, intrusive music that at times totally drowned out the dialog. Unfortunately, I could make the same comment regarding just about every episode from the current show's inception.

I also agree with the comments about Danno's annoying patter, never more so than during the car chase. His childish bickering was senseless within the context of a car chase aimed at capturing a maniacal killer. It seems the writers use his by now really silly weekly rants as a way of reducing their need for creative writing.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 15:54:54 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Pittsburgh

Reply to Mr. Mike's post (where he talked about IMDB person who didn't like it):

"Look you hippie, liberal retards - it's the second amendment in the Bill of Rights"..

WHY, do some people have to make everything a blue state/red state, liberal/conservative thing....I'm a hardcore Demccrat probably to the left of Howard Dean, but i don't like or dislike H50 based on which candiate Alex Kingston or Scott Cann voted for in the 2012 presidential election..I don't like the new H50 because i just think its more like an action/comedy movie wannabe, and falls way short in all aspects to the original....Some people just have to inject politics in EVERYTHING...

BTW, the scene i think the guy is screaming about was actually represented equally - the gun store owner took a strong pro-gun position while Dan took the gun control position...

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 14:15:13 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I seriously don't understand this comment on Twitter:

"I think the gun shop scene was awesome! I didn't see any bashing, both sides represented equally no siding one way or the other!"

Why does this have to be a debate? This is just a TV show!

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 12:18:28 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Nope, not the same font. The one used last night was more condensed than the original.

You are correct about the titles being centered in the old show. The main title in the old show is always in upper and lower case.

The only show where the episode title is in a different font in the old show is Death Mask. As well, in that show, the title disappears into the background.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 11:56:20 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

This guy on IMDB really didn't like the show:

Posted by iflafilm Tue Feb 5 2013 00:55:38

Hawaii 5-0 was already one of the dumbest shows on TV. Usually I watch it last on Mondays as background noise while I drift off to sleep. Tonight they crossed the line. Look you hippie, liberal retards - it's the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. You might as well had McGarret go on a tirade against free speech and black people voting. Most of the people watching your pro-cop tripe agree with the Bill of Rights, as have most Americans for the last 225 years.

You've spit in the face of your target demo. Hopefully this is the end of your moronic drivel.

For the record; the most dangerous people with guns are the police; they are 80-IQ, roid raging, insecure, unstable, narcissistic, tax-collecting societal rejects. I can't possibly imagine anyone less mentally compatible with carrying firearms but they march around with them all day every day shooting sh*t they shouldn't and nobody says anything about disarming them. The only time cops really help anybody is when it's fictional and on TV. In real life they usually show up in time to draw a chalk outline around the body and fill out paperwork - that is if they're not too busy writing tickets for window tint and ignoring illegal aliens.

Seriously. Whoever was in charge of tonights show was probably the same person who told Felicity to cut her hair.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 11:44:31 MST

Submitted by: Bill K.
From: Detroit area

Minor, minor point.I think the Feb. 4 episode actually used the same font (I believe it's called impact) as used in the credits of the original show. But there was a difference (I think).

In the original, the credit would be centered, with the name of the people in a larger size:

Written by

Glen Olson


Rod Baker

On the Feb. 4 show, the size was smaller and (I believe) the names were ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, and flush left

Story by

Also, wasn't the Hookman title in ALL CAPS while the original was just "Hookman"?

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 11:35:44 MST

Submitted by: Mr. MIke
From: OK, here it comes...

[I have only watched the show once so far, there will be amendments to this...]

There were so many potential GOOD things about this show, and they were largely negated by the music and Danno's idiotic rants, which were very similar to the "adrift in a raft" show earlier this season.

The opening music, by the way, was this:


The music was the usual, which means BAD. This is one thing that people remember from the earlier show, so the moral of the story should be "if you're going to do a tribute to the old Hookman, then don't fuck around with the music"! As usual, the background score could NOT SHUT UP. The one moment of the show when I really paid attention to the music was in the scene where the Mustang went flying off the dock. There was no music, no sound effects, NOTHING! Talk about effective!

Peter Weller was indeed very good, and very scary. At one point, I think when he was strangling the painter, his face got so horribly contorted it looked like some Star Wars character. This Hookman is one very tortured dude. Just wondering though, why didn't the amputee guy playing his hands get a credit anywhere (did he?)?

Lenkov said that they followed the old show letter-for-letter, but they left out the business of cop Larry Thompson being shot. I was waiting for the woman in the hearse screaming after the coffin flew out of it -- didn't happen. And what's with Duke Lukela suddenly getting shot near the end? This was really stupid ... they should NOT start messing around with a "beloved character." It's almost as if they had this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink attitude as the show wound to a close.

Too bad that the big car chase was not as exciting as it could have been, but they already duplicated the most exciting part of that last season with the NCIS show: http://www.mjq.net/fiveo/season6/hookman-chase/ And by the way, John, the explanation as to how Hookman survived underwater in last night's show was just as mysterious as the original. They were exactly the same, with Hookman resurfacing in his fleabag room, totally enraged.

Danno's rant in the gun shop was beyond ridiculous. His motormouthing during the car chase was also painful to listen to. You have to ask yourself, "What kind of yuppie disease can this guy have?" You know, one of those diseases with a long name that they would use to explain a character's actions on a show like House or some forensic cop show. I think maybe Danno suffers from "Totally Annoying and Inconsistent Television Character Syndrome."

I didn't get the business with the whacked-out black guy. It looked like Hookman somehow found out the guy wanted a gun, and then sold him the gun that he used to kill Ookala (whose name everyone kept pronouncing differently), so if the cops found this guy, they would connect the him with the first killing. So what did Hookman do after this, did he call the cops and said something like "there is this crazy nigger with a gun at such and such address," resulting in the firefight? In order to set this up, they had to construct this elaborate and typical far-fetched Five-0 (zero) scenario.

With the confrontation at the end of the show, once again Danno showed us he can't hit the side of a barn door. The ghosts at the very end didn't bother me that much. It was kind of cute, and at least it wasn't another beers-on-the-beach finale.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 10:10:44 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

H50F, this >is< music from the original Hookman, from the beginning of the show. The reason that I didn't use the music from the very beginning where Hookman is walking through the cemetery (which, according to Mike Gordon's Star-Advertiser article, was filmed in Long Beach (presumably California), by the way) is because there is a difference of almost two minutes between the two, so something had to be removed.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 10:06:03 MST

Submitted by: John Hall
From: Montreal

I was on the website of my second favorite Hawaiian TV show, Magnum PI and there was a update mentioning that the actor who played Rick (don't recall his name) has a role in an upcoming episode of H50. Anyone hear about this?

As for last nights episode it was a great example of all that is good and bad about the new show;

Cinematography was great as usual with all that lush HD scenery and 40 year improvement in cameras

The mix of the original scenes and the new elements really highlight how crappy the writing is! Just awful

However I will give credit to them with the engraved bullets, that was actually an improvement over the original.

As for the danno rant you have to give credit to the producers for being good politicians; danno pleases the left leaning audience just like the old show did. But to satisfy the right side of the audience (the US is far more to the right now than in the seventies) you have McGarrett being the hung ho gun guy...smart.

In terms of the new versus old 5O team all I can say is that they are a reflection of their time just like the old team. I really dislike the new gang but my kids love the show.

Danno, as others have mentioned, is driving me nuts. I was never a fan of the first Danno either, After being put in his place by Steve in Full Fathom Five he became the Waylon Smithers of crime drama for the next 12 years.

Last point, Pluckett has aged amazingly well, he didn't look 43 years older than in his first 5O appearance!

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 09:59:37 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Mike, although your video shows how much difference good music makes, it did not use the music that was used at the beginning of the original "Hookman." That music makes an even bigger difference, for it has an eerie quality that perfectly matches the scenes of a man walking through a cemetery and a funeral procession. We knew right off that "something wicked this way comes."

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 09:48:40 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Last night was the night, that I grew to despise the new show. Alex gave his best performance, but Scott Caan has to go, as his character is one of the most unlikeable characters that I have ever seen in a major network television show that you are suppose to LIKE. I didn't care for the gun rant like everybody else, but that wasn't my main problem although it was bad. The show was obviously done during the period when the shooting in Newtown, Ct, happened and the writers let their emotions get the better of them and "had to put that in." to make themselves feel better. The thing for me is that the nagging of McG by Caan is out of place and just tiresome, and I was hoping Weller would kill Caan's character so we could get him off the show.

I think that Alex has been respectful to the original in his treatment of the character, he just lacks great acting skills, but I don't have a problem with him. Caan doesn't like Hawaii, doesn't like the show, obviously ahs no respect for the character, so I wish they would kill of the character, hire another woman, preferably Asian or Hawaiian actress that can really act, and start the show over from there. James McArthur was Danny Willims, and this new Danny Williams and his lousy portrayal of the character have to go.

The ending was just plain bad last night. Good intentions, but the people on this show don't have a clue about making a good episode. I've tried to be positive about this new show, but their lost, and Caan is killing any good things they are trying to accomplish.

Sorry for the negativity, but I can't take it anymore.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 08:10:52 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Pittsburgh

While I'm not a fan of the NEW H5O, i did watch the remake of the "Hookman" episode, which was among the best in the original series...

First, i found it somewhat amusing that Hookman was played by the "Robocop" Peter Weller...He was effective as Stoner, and overall the new episode was good IMO..

But i just don't like the characters in the new H50...Danny is always wisecracking, and guy who plays the Che Fong character is beyond annoying...Steve is highly unlikeable and seems like a brutal, dishonest cop..A rather far cry from Lord's MacGarret - tough, but honest and admirable...The good guys make you root for the bad guys in this show....The new H5O is more like a action/comedy movie ie (48 Hrs., Bad Boys, etc.)...

I'll stick to Netflix and watch the original - minus the last 3 seasons (1978-1980) as the show slipped considerably from there....

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 07:54:54 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N.J.

I can't comment on the new Hookman yet as I have not seen the episode, and won't be able to until the end of this month. I'm out of the country and can't see the full episode on CBS's website. I will say this, though: based on some of the comments here referring to the storyline following that of the original, I think that the way the original was written made it out of the question for the writers to pepper the story with the usual plot elements they employ each week - though they managed to sneak in the arguing between Steve and Danno as ringfire said, as well as give Danno a monologue where he can be his hot-headed self.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 03:25:22 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Mike Gordon's excellent Star-Advertiser story on Hookman (without having to login/pay). ;)


Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 02:06:36 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Try this on for size:


Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 01:37:03 MST

Submitted by: John Stockton
From: Chicago

I have not seen the orignal episode in many years, so this following comment probably applies to it as well...but Steve and Danno were right there on the scene when the car went into the water, so how did the guy escape from the car without surfacing for air, which Stave/Danno would have seen?? And can you even swim with just 1 arm?? if so, very pooly and slowly thus making capture easy

The dialogue and relationship between Steve and Danno just is not very believable.

There is just something about this series--I mean there is really nothing that really grabs you and holds you. It moves too fast and just is not "real life" -- it is fantasyland make believe at so many levels

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 01:00:54 MST

Submitted by: Fred
From: Chatsworth, CA

As far as new show episodes, it was pretty good and straight forward. No red herring suspects was nice. I did think the 5-O team's figuring out right away that the first killing was to be one of several police killings was not believable. And a shout out to my wife for catching that the opening titles included still shots from the original show opening.

Added: Tuesday 05 February 2013 00:09:28 MST

Submitted by: Rick
From: Newport Beach

...next episode could they remake A DEATH IN THE FAMILY but with Danno getting smoked instead of Chin? Please?

"It's written on the wind, it's everywhere I go..." R.I.P Reg Presley

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 23:56:58 MST

Submitted by: Jeff
From: Denver

I'm probably going against the flow here, but I really enjoyed tonight's episode. I went into it not expecting it to be as good as or better than the original, but wanting it to captivate me and give me chills like the original. This one succeeded for me on a number of levels:

*Weller made for a very creepy Hookman, even though he talked more. His creepy grin, his creepy hands and that crazy hook at the end, some of his dialogue...it all worked for me. Good choice, plus I thought his directing was a cut above the usual paint by numbers bullshit. He allowed a number of scenes to breathe instead of cutting to the next scene too quickly. The scene where he kills the painter was especially chilling, btw.

*AOL gave us a grim, more serious, driven and intense performance this time around, a series best in my opinion. Some may think the scene at the end was cheesy and hammy with the 'ghosts', but it worked for me. It helped show the audience what he was feeling and drove some extra emotion into the story. Nice to see his dad back.

*The meth addict guy was actually rather entertaining. Loved some of his nutty dialogue, especially "Time to make the doughnuts, bitch!"

*A large number of shots were copied from the original, as well as locations, which was a nice touch and made it more fun for me to watch as a devoted fan of the original.

There were some weaknesses too...

*Danno got a little obnoxious in this show, particularly in the last half and especially with his gun shop rant, which made no sense and seemed simply like he was a mouthpiece for the teleplay writer and producers to espouse their anti-gun views. The gun shop owner was a charicature, so it wasn't a fair and balanced argument (and I am by no means a gun lover).

*Car chase wasn't as intense and exciting as the original. A little disappointing.

*Music was for the most part the usual relentless ham-handed garbage, but I actually found myself enjoying it in a few scenes, particularly in scenes with Stoner setting up his targets. They seemed to be trying to create a new "Hookman" theme in a few instances where you hear the pounding of the drums..."bum BUM...bum BUM...bum BUM". So not a total loss like most episodes, but still disappointing that they didn't try to emulate or re-use Stevens' original score in places.

Overall, I liked it a lot, and it's probably the highlight of the season for me so far. I would go so far as to give it 3.5 stars, a B-plus. I was very entertained by it, sufficiently creeped out in places, and even felt some emotion for Steve, which rarely ever happens with this show.

I hope they try this again sometime. Next week's show looks like a return to the usual crapfest.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 22:36:56 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Yeah, personally I'm anti-guns but that Danno anti-gun rant in the gun shop was really weird. Mostly because Danno is just a wise-acre who you can never take seriously. So here the writers go "Hmmm... we want to say something important about guns so let's write this into one of Danno's usual gibberish spiels". Ummm... yeah. Am I supposed to laugh at this or take it seriously? It's just weird. As is everything that comes out of Caan's mouth.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 21:30:51 MST

Submitted by: J D
From: NY

As I watched the current episode 2/4/13 I was amazed and dissapointed, that Dano, a supposed police officer, would make the claim to a gunshop owner "If there were no guns ,then there would be no murders" what poppycock !!!! the lib view somehow inappropriately being pushed by hollywood (,the originator of violence in our daily lives TV ,movies) ,they all get rich off it ,ang glorify the Badasses Then they blame murder on the implement ,not the "mentally misunderstood victim of society", they failed to reabilitate in the psych ward
Guess What murder has been around lots longer than guns (cities with strictist gun laws have highest murder rates!!)
Lets keep liberal bull out of what used to be a fun show

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 21:18:56 MST

Submitted by: Blake Long
From: Atlanta

The 4 February show is the most hypocritical Hollywood writing I have seen to date. Five 0 is one of the most gun prominent and physically violent programs on the air and its owners and producers financially profit from it. The five minute anti-gun scene in the gun shop broadcast tonight was crass leftist politics and nothing more. You want to make money glorifying gun fighting and then turn around and rant against guns? Give me a break.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 21:16:09 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Re: "Hookman" remake - - -

Strongest point - updated technology, from prosthetics to weaponry
Stronger points - inclusion of Dennis Chun and Terry Plunkett
Strong point - followed original reasonably well
Weak points - speech too fast to be understood without captioning, action too fast to get into the story and "feel" it
Weaker points - Danno's unprofessional attitude, lackluster car chase
Weakest point - The absence of Morton Stevens' Emmy Award-winning music

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 21:15:12 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Well, that was a decent enough episode. But then what can you expect from a replicate of the original classic? But even this one couldn't hold up to the original.

Why? Besides the obvious (that it's a remake)...

1. The music is the same crappy noise.
2. The carguments and idiotic banter continue.
3. Peter Weller did not hold the same mystery to his character that Jay J. Armes (a non-actor) managed to. Armes was a complete silent enigma. Weller smiles, laughs, talks to the druggie McKinney, seems more animated.
4. The car chase was too flashy, too many quicks cuts, too shaky - you know, the usual "TV Bruckheimer" stuff as per this show. Every 2 seconds there's a cut. Geez, slow down!! No breathing room.

Nice to see Terry Plunkett at the end as the owner of the flophouse that Hookman is staying at.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 21:08:44 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine

In fairness to Mr. Sherman, this could be the case with Jack being behind the wheel. Each patient is different when it comes to Alzheimer's. Each person diagnosed with Alzheimer's declines at their own rate. Mild cognitive impairment, a person can feed, dress and do many activities of daily living...they just can't remember small items, like what they ate for breakfast or if they took their medication, and as the disease progresses it gets worse until the person needs 24/7 care. It can be slow or it can happen real fast. I believe Marie was still pretty sharp as Jack declined. She was his caregiver until the end. And yes, dangerous as it is, he could have still driven. Believe me it happens, I work in the rehab field.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 19:34:22 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

me, homework? what's that?
i attended Fordham Univ. and i have an alumni pass. i don't have home computer so, i use the computer labs in the library.

won't see HOOKMAN tonite, hitting bed early....i shall see on demand this week

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 17:24:50 MST

Submitted by: L.B.
From: U.S.A.

I read once that Lord’s Cadillac was a 1970 model. If Mr. Sherman’s comment is correct, this would have placed this conversation between the two around 1995 or 1996 (or possibly 1994). Lord likely had already disappeared from public view by the time. President Reagan lived about ten years or so after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but was not seen in public for almost that entire period. My guess is that Lord had a similarly slow progression of the disease given that he was never seen locally in Hawaii for most (if not all) of the 1990s.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 17:04:21 MST

Submitted by: Theresa
From: Western New York

I've been following the discussion about whether Jack had dementia or not. Mr. Mike mentioned that he'd like to read the Eddie Sherman quote. Here it is from his book Frank, Sammy, Marlon & Me, p 106. Excuse the typos:
"In his last days, Jack would occasionally be seen walking along the beach near his home, or shopping at Kahala Mall's Star Market. My last conversation with jack was while he sat behind the wheel of his twenty-five year old Cadillac parked outside the shopping center. His car was showing signs of rust. He favored Cadillacs because he once was a car salesman for the company in New York during his days as a struggling actor. Jack was waiting for Marie, who was doing a grocery run inside the market.
Jack kept asking me the same questions over and over, interspersed with various statistics about Five-0. It was very sad and disturbing to see his obvious mental deterioration.Not long after that, on January 21, 1998, Jack Lord died of congestive heart failure. he was seventy-seven."

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 14:06:24 MST

Submitted by: otto
From: NYC

HEY! BREAKING NEWS!!! I just checked on Yootoob to see if "Bored, She Hung Herself" had been posted yet. Two weeks ago someone posted the whole episode! I've always wanted to see it, so i'm pretty excited. The quality is horrendous, but what choice do i have? I'm one minute into it, and have to get back to it now.

For those of you who, like me, need to see it, do it soon before YT pulls it for copyright violation! And do your best to ignore the poor quality of the image. Go to YT and type in the title without the comma.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 12:28:05 MST

Submitted by: Skippy
From: Frisco, TX

Seeing as how the biggest audience of the year was at CBS' fingertips last night..... I only saw ONE Five-0 commercial and that was after the game was over. It was the typical "Catch Hawaii Five-0 tomorrow on CBS" - nothing about the 'special' episode; just generic.

I believe I saw commercials for the Monday night comedy shows at least three times.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 12:21:46 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Considering JL's state of dementia "before his death," as well as the fact that (as far as I know) Marie Lord didn't drive at all, this alleged statement of Sherman's is somewhat suspect. It would be nice if people who pass comments like this along cited exactly where they are from. I doubt Lord would have driven anywhere in his own car at this stage of his life; he would probably have taken a cab or have been driven by someone else. Did Sherman suggest that Lord was >driving< the car? Was Lord sitting in the driver's seat? Did Sherman say that Lord was the only person in the car? Etc., etc.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 12:13:21 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Re: "Question about Alzheimers and JL. Sherman said shortly before death of JL he spoke with him whille JL was waiting for Marie in front of a store in his car. People with advanced Alzheimers are not left alone in a car, nor are they able to drive safely."

Bravo! How delightful it is to see a little common sense coming to light. Of course, you don't leave someone alone in a car who might get out and wander off. Just ask anyone who works for an Alzheimer's care center about security measures used to ensure that no one wanders off. It is serious business.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 11:35:41 MST

Submitted by: Elaine
From: Watertown, MA

METV just ran Hookman today. Coincidence or are they playing the old against the new to be run tonight? Anyway, having just watched the original Hookman for the umpteenth time and marveling at just how good it was in every respect, plot, acting, score, etc.... The remake on the HF-Zero tonight will have to be something really good to compare with the old. Just saying. I will try very hard to stay awake tonight to watch the remake.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 11:32:08 MST

Submitted by: otto
From: NYC

Ringfire, i knew i recognized David Canary, but forgot to look him up to see his other work. In "3,000" he plays a great heavy, and has some good lines.

Rainbow, yes "While You're At It..." is a classic. Barry Sullivan is perfect in his Howard Hughes style character. I always like it when powerful, arrogant people think they're above the law. McG is usually patient in these situations but eventually lowers the boom. (Just watched S-8's The Defector, which has a similar situation, even down to McGarrett's having to go out to a boat to deal with an arrogant physicist.) Flanders and Selzer always make for good characters. I like when they are listening to the tape and acting out the supposed situation.

Big Chick: always good to have your input. Welcome back.

It's nice to see some banter going on about the real Five-O for a change. MJQ seems to be re-viewing some classic eps, so maybe that's the reason.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 11:04:35 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Yeah, "Run Paradise" is another very good episode. Always liked it. I especially love how it starts fairly innocent - like the smokestack lid and dumping garbage outside the State Capitol - but quickly escalates to being deadly. And yes a suspension of disbelief is required to accept that Nephi Hanneman could haul that thing (which looks like an extra large manhole cover) up that high - using presumably just one hand. He'd need the other hand to hold on to the ladder.

Let's also not forget McG's sudden interest in ornithology - telling that pretty ornithologist/professor that one of these days he'll take up bird watching. ;) Steve-0 be a player there!!

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 10:54:35 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Rainbow, as I said in my re-anal-ysis of 3,000 Crooked Miles, McGarrett's comments at the end, including "Aloha, suckers" are like sitting through an incomprehensible opera and getting a show-stopping aria at the end.

I just watched Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise again. This show is much better than I remembered. But there are a couple of problems. Nephi Hanneman, who is a school metal shop instructor, has the tools to create the cap for the smokestack, but I don't get the impression that he is some kind of muscleman who could haul the thing, which weighs 125 pounds (it seems as if it should weigh much more) up the smokestack almost 150 feet. Another problem is Richard Morrison who plays the Chinese developer Lai Han in this show, not particularly well. Interestingly, in the previous season's show The Last Eden, which was also about ecological issues, Morrison starred as a professor.

On the plus side, the show has a nice balance between investigating inside and outside the Five-O office (of course with those great non-process driving shots), a LOT of local actors, a topical subject (ecology) and Kono gets plenty to do...

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 10:05:16 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Five-0 producer Peter Lenkov is on CBS Connect this afternoon doing a live chat at 3 pm PT and 6 pm ET. Info about this is on the CBS.com Five-O page.

I have screen capture of the announcement here if you can't access this:


Here is the page where you presumably type questions for Lenkov (I think "chat" means typing, not talking):


[Are you supposed to send the questions via Twitter with the hashtag #askPeter? Maybe someone can clarify...]

Hopefully this conversation will be accessible by people other than just in the USA.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 10:01:21 MST

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

"The other dude is like a bargain basement Kris Kristofferson."

That was David Canary - famous soap star of ALL MY CHILDREN fame. He's like the other Eric Braeden of soaps. Of course I know Canary better for playing "Candy" on BONANZA - a sort-of replacement for Pernell Roberts when he left the show.

Welcome back, Big Chick! Where you been? Must have been swinging, eh?? Outta sight, bay-beee!!! Good times comin' so let 'em roll. Albert Paulsen gets my vote as best baddie of the second season. His Charley Bombay was faaar out!!! "This joker, this Mr. Punk here".

Can't wait to see "Hook'emane'e" tonight. That's Hookman in Hawaiian by the way. :D

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 09:17:52 MST

Submitted by: drol
From: texas

Question about Alzheimers and JL. Sherman said shortly before death of JL he spoke with him whille JL was waiting for Marie in front of a store in his car. People with advanced Alzheimers are not left alone in a car, nor are they able to drive safely.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 08:46:05 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Most criminal plots have weaknesses, which is how the police catch them. There's no such thing as the perfect crime, as they say.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 08:40:03 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY

Hi Big Chicken,

Good to hear from you!!...how's life treating you in the coop???...Thanks for the post and the compliment. Yes, "Just Lucky" is a great show. Very true about what you said about the power of the old show. Don't disappear, keep posting!

When I saw "3,000 Miles..." a few months ago, I had a hard time making sense of the scheme as well, so I did see what you were talking about below, which was my one negative about what is a classic episode. You're dead on, the plot doesn't work if you think too hard about it.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 08:23:43 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

I didn't recognize him. LOL Good picture! Definitely one for the old scrapbook.

Added: Monday 04 February 2013 03:14:51 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Is this Dennis Chun (in Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise, fourth season episode, uncredited)?


[This is confirmed by Dennis himself that this was his first Five-O appearance. - MQ]

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 18:19:51 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine

Remake suggestion...Rest in Peace Somebody. Dynamite episode!

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 14:16:37 MST

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Bombay, all the way

The Rainbow Warrior write: "When I first saw "Skinhead" when I was 14 that last dressing down of Kenner by Steve formed my moral code. "A Man! Do you even know what that word means? You haven't got a clue do you?" That scene told me what a man was, how I was supposed to act, how I would conduct myself in the real world, and what I should stand for. Today when I think of all the women who have complimented me on how I treat them, when people thank me for how I conduct myself, I trace it back to the power of that episode to educate and teach me right from wrong, to teach me about life. That's great television.”

Right on, brudda. That’s the power of the show. It had a depth and scope beyond jus the weekly cops & robbas. For Chicken, the scene that made it for me be Steve-O’s speech to Marty Sloan at the conclude of "Just Lucky.” Thought it go beyond jus implorin Sloan to testify ‘gainst Bombay, to be a call for personal involvement in society and the world. MG’s speech bout standin up and doin what’s right - no matter how difficult - for the greater good, and your fellow peeps. Great TV, indeed, my friend.

Thought your post was a great example of the impact Five-O made on a lot of us and whys we keep watchin.

Lastly, thanks for the shout out. I know I been off the grid for a while and appreciate the invite back.

Cause you wanna talk to Big Chicken, alls you gotta do is ask. And here I am.

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 13:57:24 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Remake suggestion:

The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild! with Heather Locklear as rich bitch Jo Louise Mailer.

To overcome the 18-or-so-year difference between the two actresses when playing the part, make Locklear into a harsh cougar type who has a couple of "pineapple picker" studs for boyfriends!

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 08:13:57 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Excerpt (approx. 1:30) from Hookman remake.

Based on this, it doesn't sound like they are using any of the Emmy-award-winning score by Stevens:


Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 07:35:38 MST

Submitted by: Barbara

Thanks for the video of the tour, Mike. Brought back memories of when I was there 2 years ago. Just wish James MacArthur would have still been alive.

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 06:56:32 MST

Submitted by: ArchiesBoy
From: Los Angeles

About the "Hookman" remake: What would be really great from my standpoint is using the background music from the old show, which was ALWAYS so much more musically interesting and imaginative than the crap they use in today's H50.

Added: Sunday 03 February 2013 05:32:38 MST

Submitted by: Otto
From: NYC

Watched "3,000..." with my kid the other day. The last line is definitely classic (i even have it in my itunes folder!). The nurse is totally hot in an unexpected way. There is one other great thing about the episode, though. The heated dynamic between Ebson and his right hand man. They both give good performances. The other dude is like a bargain basement Kris Kristofferson.

I suppose the plot is pretty outlandish, but i don't pick my favorites for their realism, but rather their entertainment value. I don't find any episode very realistic, but you're right that this one is particularly far-fetched.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 21:38:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I found this video taken at the 1996 Five-O Convention when I was looking around my WWW site for something else. I didn't even know this was there! You might enjoy this.


Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 21:30:40 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Back to 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu -- still thinking about the plot, which is very convoluted.

For example, at the beginning, the two bad guys take out the truck carrying the traveler's checks with a bazooka, which results in the two drivers "burned up like a piece of toast," according to Chin Ho. But how do the checks survive the fire? Also, how much physical space would $750,000 of traveler's checks take up?

When Professor Pierce is seen doling out the checks to some of the band of crooks, he is giving $7,500 to each of them. There are 119 crooks, so that works out to an average of about $6300 each. They have to spend all of this money in a period of two days, and the majority of the checks seen as people pay for things are $20 denominations. Considering the gang is only in Hawaii for 48 hours, this works out to about $150 an hour, and the idea is to buy things which are as inexpensive as possible, so the change left over will total a lot. At an average of $100 per transaction, that works out to a total of 7500 transactions in two days for all the crooks to accomplish. It is no wonder that two cheques with one serial number after the other turn up in the restaurant, which gives the whole scheme away. Surely there are a limit to the number of establishments in Honolulu where this money can be spent.

The two things I like best about this episode are the final line by McGarrett, which is an all-time classic, and Judi Meredith, Nurse Patricia Higgins, who is very hot!

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 20:20:55 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Are you doing your homework?

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 19:58:45 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

Well, the kid is still there. I just passed him again and it seems now he is doing his homework, something on MS Excel. Oh well

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 14:56:55 MST

Submitted by: Tony
From: SF

Just my 2 cents but there is no way I believe that anyone, but esp JL, would fall at someone's feet and cry hysterically and beg unless they were perhaps pleading for thier life.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 14:51:25 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Mebbe he was doing his homework? There's homework, and then, there's homework, after all. ROFL :D

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 14:28:04 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver


Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 14:08:30 MST

Submitted by: Mr Hiram
From: NYC

@Anne , I was gonna say the same thing! Coulda changed the title to , um, "Prosthetic Hands-Man"?
I dunno.

So here I am in the Fordham University Library when I notice a student looking at a clip on computer of Scott Caan. Upon further peeking, ooh, he's watching 5-0! I dunno which episode but it was the McG-Danno cargument.

Do yer homework, kid!

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 14:03:58 MST

Submitted by: Anne
From: Tangerine

In looking at the comparison pictures of Hookman Mr. Mike posted...I know, we haven't seen the whole episode...but how can it be called Hookman when the remake picture clearly show a prosthetic hand? I only watched the nuH50 first half of the 1st season. I couldn't take the awful photography and lousy music. I might break my absence just to see what Lenkov produces. :!nod:

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 13:22:21 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

In "3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu," I assumed the 100+ members of the faculty travel club (check cashers) were working independently and probably did not know each other. This is evinced by the fact that the two members who cashed successively numbered checks had not been sitting together in the restaurant where they cashed them. No doubt, the members were being paid a handsome percentage of the take for their cooperation. Too, they had a large number of checks to cash in a short period of time. Those two factors could prevent them from turning against the crooked professor or otherwise causing the scheme to fail.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 13:09:48 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

How many people are in the check-cashing gang in 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu? Is it the entire planeload of people? This is really ridiculous. How many times have we seen a "gang" of people on Five-O, consisting of two, three, or four people, and even they can't get along? What are the chances that several dozen people can't get along (i.e., someone will have second thoughts, someone will fink on the others, etc.)? Pretty darn small, I think!

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 12:04:20 MST

Submitted by: KD MCG
From: i am back..hello Vrinda et. al..

Hookman being remade? Homage? Hmm.. They may as well since the original shows storylines were much better. Problem is they will add the bromance banter and spoil the show. I can just imagine the scene where they fish out the car and McG sees the hooked arm. McG will recreate the dialog about knowing who the culprit is. Danno will quip as he always does. "Captain Hook in Hawai'i? I thought the crocs got him!" And, spoil the tone of the show. I hope not because cops being killed should be a serious matter. I have enjoyed the last two episodes of the show (AOL did a few good scenes) except the banter, BUT AOL does not have the intensity or steely penetrating stare Lord brought to the dance. But, I think he will do a good job within his limitations although lets be honest he does not have the towering presence of Lord's portrayal and that has been an issue. That said, I will DVR and watch as usual. I hope they do not ruin what looks like a good repisode reboot with good casting.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 11:18:54 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Just because MacArthur never said anything while he or Lord was alive that was negative about Lord doesn't mean that he really didn't feel that way. Lots of people act like this, especially politicians. Politicians are famous for saying horrible things about each other (in many cases, this is because they are the "opposition" and are paid to do so), but once the people they are vilifying pass away, they suddenly change their tune, saying words to the effect "Oh s/he was a great person, they gave over and above what was expected of them, they were devoted public servants," etc., etc.

For example, my friend also told me the following (this is my friend's interpretation of what MacArthur said, not MacArthur's exact words):

The entire time I knew him, Jim got more and more annoyed at the "St. Jack" crap that went around. He always got irritated when people talked about the show as "Jack's show" and he often pooh-poohed all the stuff about Jack running everything and having control over everything. I know others have written that Jack had a financial stake in the show, but Jim always denied that. Jim always said that CBS let Jack have his way just because it was easier than fighting with him.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 10:54:43 MST

Submitted by: PAF
From: Phoenix

All right, these rumors about Jack Lord can be pretty out there but this one literally takes the cake. Seriously I have a very hard time swallowing this one. Why, because there is no way any Executive Producer in television would let any actor even the star their show treat them in such a manner. Even if Jack Lord had a stake in the show, I have no doubt if something like this went down Leonard Freeman would of figured out a way to show him the door. The man wasn't that powerful that he had that much hold over Freeman. I love this whole someone who knew James McArther, backs this story. Who is this person, and funny thing is I never heard McArther himself give this story or any of the other stuff about Jack any credence in the past while he was alive. Some said it proves what a great man he was, maybe it has more to do with the fact that he wasn't the type to want to give vicious rumors anymore basis then they were given. I'm not saying Jack didn't have his issues, heck ask some Star Trek stars about William Shatner and you'd get a mouth full. But some of this stuff goes too far and is malicious, funny how all of it came about once the man was dead and couldn't defend himself or get these people for defamation of character. Some of this stuff, deserves just that. Like I said lets get serious here, Leonard Freeman was obviously a no nonsense man just like all executive producers are. He wouldn't have taken that from Jack and this whole well he did want someone else in the role. If that was the case it would of happened, Jack would of been out the door no doubt about it. Even if Leonard ended up in court with the guy, it still would of been curtains for him, don't think it wouldn't have. So, I don't buy this whole huge falling out between them. Maybe they had a disagreement over something, and from hearsay was blown out of proportion but find it hard to believe it was more then that, no matter what Sherman wants to say in some book. He probably only did that to add controversy to his book knowing that Jack already had such a reputation whether it was earned or not.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 10:03:24 MST

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: N. J.

This issue of Jack trying to get Lenny fired is a touchy one at best, but tracing the chain of who told him whom doesn't confirm it. I was never convinced of it. There should be physical evidence of it - like the letter that states that Lenny owned stock in the studio, and the retroactive letter he had the Japanese businessman write. Where are they? Jack didn't need to do Five-O anymore for the sake of the paycheck, so if he got fired, he wouldn't starve. As early as 1972 and 1973, he and the crew thought the show would be canceled, and he wasn't so concerned about finances, indicative of comments he made in interviews at the time.

In 1975, one year after Lenny's death, Jack stated he didn't need to remain on the show for the sake of keeping a job, so the groveling bit, which sounds like Jack needed to keep doing the show or he would be out on the streets, doesn't make sense. Moreover, Jack and Lenny were friends and partners who went way back. Rose Freeman always talked about their friendship in glowing terms, something she would not do if Jack tried to get Lenny fired.

All the parties involved are dead (Sherman's book was published in 2006), and James did not publicly talk about this incident, which would put him up to further scrutiny, so it is all a matter of one person's word against the other. Given the lack of the evidence that played such a crucial part, the history of the relationship between Jack and Lenny, Sherman's penchant for blabbing and causing trouble, Jack's position financially at the time - according to his own comments, his thoughts on the future of the show - again, according to him, and that all this is being told years later, it all sounds very fishy.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 07:28:43 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

There are a lot of holes in that account; e.g., Sherman said he remained at the Kahala Hilton while LF went next door to talk to JL. Therefore, Sherman was no witness, at all. Everything he knew came secondhand from LF. Secondhand does not a witness make. Secondhand, a gossiper make.

Added: Saturday 02 February 2013 04:45:33 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Well, from what my friend told me based on what MacArthur said, one reason this got into the "public domain" was because Freeman got Sherman involved as follows (and Freeman should have known Sherman was a blabbermouth because of his job on the newspaper):

Lenny wanted a witness. He knew what Jack had been up to (in fact, I think Sherman had been instrumental in helping Lenny learn what Jack was trying to pull). Lenny now had all the goods on just what Jack was up to, and he called Jack in for a meeting to see how Jack would try to weasel out of it. CBS had already decided Jack was history, as you know. They told Lenny to do whatever he wanted; his choice. So Lenny set up the meeting with Jack and then asked Sherman to be there to see how it went down.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 21:58:00 MST

Submitted by: Joekido

From: WTF? Jack Lord actually did that? I thought he's suppose to be tougher then that.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 21:54:10 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Not everything that happens needs to be broadcast. It was, as stated, a misunderstanding between JL and LF. There, it should have remained.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 21:05:58 MST

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Alas, H50F, this story is true. An acquaintance of mine, who was a close friend of James MacArthur for several years, told me that MacArthur heard this story from both Freeman and Sherman.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 20:27:07 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Ed, when I read that story by Eddie Sherman, I lost all respect I might have had for him. In the first place, it wreaked of improbabilities. In the second place, it was not the sort of story that needed to be made public (for what purpose?). Together, it made for some of the shabbiest, most self-serving journalism imaginable.

Franklin Roosevelt served four terms with the voters being only mildly aware that he was severely crippled from polio. The press did not make ribald jokes about him the way they made about Gerald Ford when he slipped on the steps while disembarking from Air Force One. There was no need to make jokes or to even make the incident public. But by the 1970s, journalism had jumped the shark, and it still hasn't found its way back.

IMHO, Eddie Sherman definitely did not help their cause.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 19:56:06 MST

Submitted by: AJ
From: NY

I watched "Use a Gun, Go to Hell" (Season 12) last night... McGarrett's preaching against guns makes hime sound like he would fit in perfectly with today's anti-gun cabal... but boy, Richard Dmitri's character, Tanami - or whatever the name was - was probably the biggest oaf of the whole run of the original series. I was glad to see him accidentally offed, just so he would finally shut the [ahem] up.

:!party: :!clap: :!rock: :!rofl:

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 19:14:24 MST

Submitted by: Ed
From: Honolulu

From today's Star-Advertiser:

Longtime Honolulu Advertiser columnist Eddie Sherman died last week. He was 88. He was friends with and wrote about many celebrities, such as Bette Midler, Don Ho, Kui Lee, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando.

In remembrance, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Eddie Sherman stories from his book, "Frank, Sammy, Marlon, & Me." The first is about how Jack Lord was almost fired from "Hawaii Five-0."

It began with a misunderstanding.

When the Diamond Head Film Studio was built, Sherman and a few others gave "Hawaii Five-0" producer Leonard Freeman some stock in the new studio in appreciation for his being a new tenant.

Freeman was unaware they had done it, however, when Lord came across the stock certificate and offhandedly mentioned it to CBS executives, who thought it was a conflict of interest. Freeman traveled to Los Angeles and was able to explain it to them but was furious with Lord.

He told them "his first order of business upon landing would be to visit Jack Lord and fire him. I don't need the star of my show stabbing me in the back!"

Back in Hawaii, Freeman and Sherman had breakfast at the Kahala Hilton. Freeman said he was going to walk next door to Lord's apartment and fire him. Lord's replacement would be Lloyd Bridges from the show "Sea Hunt."

Twenty minutes later he returned. "Have you ever seen a grown man cry?" Freeman asked Sherman. "I just couldn't fire him."

What had happened?

Freeman said that Lord became hysterical. He explained he didn't intend to get him in trouble. Lord then got on the floor and grabbed Freeman around the ankles and begged for forgiveness.

"He's a hard worker," Freeman said. "He's dedicated to the show and does a first-class job. But I told him to just stick to his work and mind his own business — that one more stunt like this would be cause for dismissal!"

Frankly, it's hard for me to imagine Lord crying and hugging Freeman's ankles, but then I remember — Lord was an actor.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 18:49:06 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

Ringfire, the new show has put me to sleep more than once. Now, that's ba-a-d!

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 14:03:47 MST

Submitted by: Rainbow Warrior
From: New York, NY


I watched 'While you're at it bring in the Moon.' yesterday and it's a classic. One of the all time best Five-O episodes. I can see why you love it!

Otto and Big Chicken: This episode had that great "bang" of an ending I always talk about, and that last great scene gave me the "Five-O rush" that always left me exhilarated! Big Chicken I want to speak with you!

You know Vrinda and Virgina the old show gave me endings that sent a "thrill up my leg" to quote a crazy loon, but the new show just gives me Bud Light commercials for endings.

The two other people I watched this episode really liked this show, it's well done on so many different levels.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 12:29:49 MST

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Here and there

In anticipation of the remake of "Hookman" on Monday night, ME-TV is showing the original "Hookman" on Monday morning.

Added: Friday 01 February 2013 11:00:18 MST

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