The Walter Omori Page


As I watched Hawaii Five-O over the years, I began to be aware of an extra who appeared in many episodes, but was never credited, because he never had a speaking part. (Strictly speaking, this is not true, there are at least two shows where he does say something.)

This fellow became known as "the mysterious Asian actor." I finally made some inquiries and someone tipped me off as to his name, which is Walter Omori. He has run a sound and karaoke business in Honolulu.


The Singapore File (S02E09)

The Double Wall (S03E14)

No Bottles...No Cans...No People (S04E02)

A Matter Of Mutual Concern (S04E11)

Didn't We Meet At A Murder?(S04E22)

Journey Out Of Limbo (S05E08)

V For Vashon: The Father (S05E10)

The Clock Struck Twelve (S05E12)

The Odd Lot Caper (S05E18)

The Diamond That Nobody Stole (S05E23)

Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies? (S06E08)

Anybody Can Build A Bomb (S06E12)

Murder With A Golden Touch (S06E20)

Right Grave, Wrong Body (S07E06) *

The Horse Jumped Over The Moon (S07E20)

Murder -- Eyes Only (S08E01)

Anatomy Of A Bribe (S08E18)

Nine Dragons (S09E01) * UPDATED!

The Ninth Step (S10E06)

Who Says Cops Don't Cry? (S12E02)

A Shallow Grave (S12E09)

Woe to Wo Fat (S12E19)

* Shows in which Walter says something.