Usenet Tributes to Jack Lord

After Jack Lord's death on January 21, 1998, the following messages were posted in the Usenet newsgroup In addition, I received several e-mails about Lord and Hawaii Five-O and there were also tributes posted in my guestbook (see the months with a red star * beside them).

Marty McKee
It just came over the Associated Press wire. Lord died in Hawaii of heart failure at the age of 77. We'll all miss him.
Joya Nappo
I heard about this sad news on FOX News Channel. I ws saddened by this news. At least he's at peace. And he'll be in our hearts forever. R.I.P. Jack Lord!
Just heard on a Hawaii television station broadcast that Jack Lord has passed away in his Kahala, Hawaii (Oahu) home of congestive heart failure. He was 77 years old. His wife was at his side and she said that she will not be having a funeral.
Tony in Hawaii
Jack Lord passed away at about 9:30 PM Hawaiian standard time today, 21 January 1998.
I just heard on the news. Jack Lord has died at the age of 77. There is nothing more to say right now.
I am very saddened by the news of Jack Lord's death. He gave all of the Hawaii Five-O fans much enjoyment and pleasure, which continues today by the wonder of videotape. Aloha, Jack.
Collin Freeman
Like so many of you on this newsgroup, I was stunned when I got up this morning, turned on the news, and found out that Jack Lord had passed away. From what I heard, they said it was heart failure. I am wondering if we could (or should) send Marie Lord a card, letter, flowers, or some other token of our condolences as a collective group of fans who appreciated her late husband's work.
Jai Maharaj
Jack Lord passed on this evening. Aloha, Jack . . . and Mahalo for one of the best television series of this century. Millions of viewers around the world continue to enjoy Hawaii 5-O!
It's 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning. When I got up at 5:00 and turned the radio on I expected the first story to be about the President's latest problem. Instead I heard that very familiar theme -- Hawaii 5-0 -- and I knew immediately he was gone. They say he died of heart failure last night with wife Marie by his side -- no funeral. They even gave his correct age -- 77. As I was getting dressed for work I thought about the last episode I saw, "A Capitol Crime" and how agile, strong and alive he looked. Now I'm never on the computer this early in the morning but I just had to put down my thoughts before the shock wears off. We knew it was coming, we knew he wasn't well, but still ... it's hard to deal with. Of course, we'll keep seeing the episodes -- they will be played over and over but it won't be the same. I wonder if the Family Channel will now say that the shows are a "Tribute" to Jack Lord the way they did with Mother Teresa. Maybe they're right. I'll keep watching and remembering Jack. God bless you Mr. Lord.
Like Nancy said, we all knew this day was coming. I just wish it hadn't come so soon. I have always been a big fan and with Family Channel showing the series again, my interest has not only been renewed, but it is stronger than before. It is amazing how someone you've never met, just watched on tv and read about can affect you .
Michelle & Eugen
Hawaii FIVE-O is alive FOREVER! McGarrett is alive FOREVER! Jack Lord will be alive in our hearts FOREVER! And we will love him FOREVER! ALOHA
Beth A. Fox
I just saw the AP wire story that Jack Lord passed away. I am in total shock. I guess I always knew that he was not well, but still hoped for the best. I am grateful for his life and that he contributed so much. My heart goes out to Marie, who has lost her life's partner and companion of nearly 50 years.
Rod Edgar
Despite his advanced years, and reports of failing health, Jack's death still comes as a blow. As we didn't witness his final years, we have no choice but to remember him as the vital, compassionate, courageous moral icon, Steve McGarrett ... and that's no bad thing. Gone, but never forgotten.
Just heard on the morning news that Jack Lord passed away last night. What a bummer! It was always kinda nice, knowing he was still around. Now the "Five-O" series may get even more popular. He died of heart failure, apparently. A sad story, but one we all knew would have to happen. He was 77 years old. Well, Jack, here's to you,buddy. I loved your show, thought you were the original tough cop with a heart of gold. I will enjoy your show more than ever now. Wish I could've met you in this lifetime, but maybe we'll meet in the next, eh?
Rest in Peace, Bruddah.
Jane Melander
You said it, Chin! We've lost a wonderful, talented fellow. I've been a fan of 5-0 for many, many years. Although I've been lurking in this news group for awhile, my thoughts join the rest of yours in sadness over this news. I'm glad Mr. Lord was able to enjoy life to the fullest, for as long as he could, surrounded by the islands that he loved so well. I only wished he could have stayed with us longer. To Mr. Lord, I wish peace and God's speed. And to the friends and loved ones he leaves behind, I wish comfort and every blessing. P.S. As I'm writing this, I have Conan O'Brien playing on the TV in the other room. They just played the theme from "Hawaii 5-0." And now Conan is talking about Jack Lord's death. (Conan thought Jack Lord's hair was cool, and as a kid he wanted hair just like that! LOL!) Take care!
Barry Konsor
A good guy has passed on to a better place. Aloha
Pete Loerke
I too will miss Jack Lord, I loved him in Hawaii Five-O but also in many other projects. I even remember in 1978 we went to Williamsburg. At that time they showed you a brief movie on the colony. Well, there was good old Jack playing one of the main colonists. It was so fun to hear the whispers throughout the theatre as everybody eventually recognized him. I hope they still use that film there. I will always remember him fondly and admire his work.
Rev. Don McDonald
I have noticed several posters commenting on how we'll always have Jack in the reruns (or on the videotape). Of course, that is very much true. I just have to say that this entire videotape thing strikes me as a very odd, very modern, phenomenon. I just lost one of the great loves of my life in March of last year. She was only 32 years old. Luckily I had been one of the early supporters of 8mm videotape and shelled out what was, at the time, big bucks for a camcorder. Of all the decisions I will ever make in my life, I will never regret that one. Those precious few moments of videotape that I was fortunate enough to capture are all that I will ever have of my precious angel. Lord knows they didn't seem like much at the time but they sure mean the world now. I feel that the reruns of Hawaii Five-O, while obviously not nearly as personal, will have much more meaning now since Jack Lord's passing. God Bless you, Jack. We always loved you more than you ever gave us a chance to let you know.
Mark Holland
So you think it ever crossed their minds during the early years of production that the show would not just be broadcast and watched two times by its fans, but rewatched countless times on videotape and even rebroadcast 30 years later? I don't even think Jack would have believed that would occur.
What a sad morning I had when I heard about Jack Lord. Even though the press never reported any news on him, every week nite on the Family Channel I was able to watch my favorite actor. Fortunately, I've been able to tape almost every episode so far of Hawaii Five-O and will still do so until either the Family Channel takes the show off or until I have all the episodes. Jack, you'll be missed by so many people. Maybe one day if I ever become rich, I'll be have the opportunity to purchase one of your paintings. For now, though, you and Wo Fat (Khigh Deigh) can hang out and talk about old times.
What a sad day. God bless you Jack for the memories! :-(
I'm sorry to hear about Jack Lord's death. His powerful presence gave a real strength to the "Hawaii-Five-O" series, which I'm happily re-watching again on the Family Channel. I had read reports over the last few years that he was in failing health. From what I've read, Lord did very little acting after Hawaii-Five-O went off the air in 1980.
Michael Langer, Jr.
Jack was a great actor, and a stud among men. Who truly knew how to treat the ladies, and the bad guys. In these days of panty waisted, PC shows, Five-O and especially Steve were right on. I will surely miss Jack Lord.
Robert Chao
Does anyone now know what Jack was doing in all the years 1981-1998? He was very seen at all. I had no idea till now that he had a Honolulu home. One of the coolest guys ever.
Grant China
He had been in retirement here in Honolulu here for many years. For the last couple of years, he hardly left his home. The reports were that he was suffering from Alzheimers for a long time, although his widow Marie always denied it.
Robert, I'm sure someone else knows more details but Jack Lord lived a very private life after the show went off the air. He and Marie stayed in Hawaii. In recent years there were rumors of an illness -- the tabloids had stories. But they were never substantiated. I hope that he just wanted to relax with his beloved wife and enjoy life on the islands he had grown to love. In any event I hope he's at peace now.
Jack Lord was a familiar sight around the neighborhood. I frequently saw him shopping for groceries decked out in a straw hat, long sleeved Aloha shirt, white pants and shoes and usually a kukui nut lei. A very striking sight indeed. He was often seen on morning walks along Kahala Beach, near his condo, wearing in a cap, sunglasses, dark blue long-sleeved sweat shirt, blue shorts and athletic shoes. Although he seemed to be a person who enjoyed his anonymity, he was always willing to autograph photos and passed them out to his fans. One one occasion, as I passed him on the beach, I girded up my loins and sang, "da da da da, DAH, da!! He cracked that famous Lord grin and said, "Aloha, Bruddah" and walked down the beach, swatting at the coral pebbles with a driftwood walking stick.
Rev. Don McDonald
If true, you are truly blessed to have brushed shoulders with a television icon. I have always liked the Hawaii Five-O TV show and used to watch it all the time with my dear, departed Dad. Jack Lord's passing does indeed sadden me. I just have to say though that, despite all the tabloid hype, most of us would wish to have spent the last 18 years of our life living in a mansion without a care in the world. Apparently Old Jack put enough cash away to where he never had to work again. On my one week long visit to Hawaii, I asked about him, as tourists are want to do, and I was told, don't expect to bump into him at the mall. While icons like Don Ho and Charo are easy enough to see, Jack Lord wasn't. Say what you will about Jack Lord's aloofness, egotism or whatever you want to call it. No matter what, he still has that certain something that made his fans crave more. Like a wise man once said, 'you don't see Mannix getting that kind of shit'.
["One of the coolest guys ever."] This says it all. Amen and Farewell, Bruddah.
I posted a message this morning, and am surprised by the depth of my sadness. So many of the greats have passed on the past few years--Jimmy Stewart, Robert Mitchum, Lucille Ball. While Jack Lord was (mostly) a television actor, he had terrific presence onscreen, and I enjoyed watching him on "Five-O". I think Collin had a good idea, sending something to Marie to let her know how much we enjoyed her husband's career. I will enjoy the old "Five-O" reruns even more now that he is gone from this world, and when the Columbia House vids come out in March, I'll certainly be buying them up! So aloha, Jack, and though you remained an enigma wrapped in mystery to your fans, we love you, and honor you on your passing to a better, sweeter life. Julie :--( P.S. If anyone hears of a memorial being put up in Hawaii to honor him any time in the future, please let me know. I'm going there next year, and would like to pay my respects to one of my faves.
Does anyone in our group, perhaps any Honolulu residents, know if any kind of memorial is planned, or if donations can be made in his name to anywhere or if flowers are being accepted? The coverage in the Honolulu press must be more extensive than we're getting through the national services. Perhaps anyone there could save the articles to scan in for the rest of us to read! Judy's right that it's amazing how someone you've never met can affect you. Probably because a lot of McGarrett had to be himself and through McGarrett's emotions, etc. we feel we got to know a bit of Jack.
whoa im in shock my deepest regrets i know for me its on in three minutes on wabu but whoa im just shocked those who say don't know those who know don't say
It's hard to believe that he's dead. I can imagine a lot of people are in a state of of shock today. I keep telling myself that as long as Hawaii Five-O is shown on TV, Jack Lord's memory will live forever. I've loved this show for the past 29 years, and can't imagine life without him, but life does go on. Does that sound awful? I apologize to anyone you might feel offended. Maholo, Hawaiipat5
Goodbye Jack and thanks for the memories...
John & Margaret Beach
Mr. Lord touched my life through his TV shows. Especially, "Hawaii Five-O". He was much loved and will be sadly missed. Be there... Aloha
Richard Adelman
As a devoted fan of Combat! I wish to express my sadness at the passing of Mr. Lord. He will be remmbered to Combat fans as Sgt. McClosky in the 4th season episode "The Linesman" I too enjoyed him in Hawaii 5-0 and no matter what role he did play he will be missed deeply by us all REST IN PEACE
"God Of Tapes"
Jack also played "Colonel Gallagher's" (Paul Burke) infantry officer brother in a memorable 12 O'CLOCK HIGH episode (BIG BROTHER), probably one of the best of the show's second season. He returned in a third season episode in a different role, but BIG BROTHER was probably one of the most well-remembered of all the Burke shows.
...I hope you are in your prime again, the way I'll always remember you.
I can see him now ... walking up to St Peter in character as Steve McGarrett and saying: "This is MY rock now and what I say goes." Jack Lord was a fine actor in the best cop show of the 70's -- I will miss him.
A legend has left us, the great Jack Lord has passed on, but let us celebrate his life and legacy for truly Jack Lord was a man for all seasons; Actor, Loving Husband, Artist, Director, he stood tall and walked alone, because he had nothing to prove to anyone or anything, his joy was in his work and his wife, Marie. Mahalo Jack and Aloha you will live on in our hearts and memories
Mark A. Holland
Some of the posts in the newsgroup today have suggested or inquired about sending cards or notes of sympathy to Marie Lord regarding Jack's death. Marie has requested that no cards or flowers be sent, a request I believe should be respected. She has asked instead that those inclined to do so send a charitable contribution to a foundation established for the benefit of several Hawaiian charities:
The Jack and Marie Lord Fund
c/o Hawaiian Community Foundation
900 Fort Street Mall
Honolulu, HI  96813

Like everyone else here, Jack's death saddens me deeply, much more so than have other recent celebrity deaths. But at least he gave us something, something which will be around forever -- Steve McGarret. The man may be gone, but Steve McGarret and Hawaii Five-O are still here, and I do find some comfort in that. We should all be so lucky to leave that kind of legacy. Aloha, Jack, and wiki wiki to that other Paradise....
Michael D. Warren
I just want to say that this is a very sad day in the entertainment industry. You look at shows today that are perverted, vulgar and just a lot of Foul language, and you clamor for shows like the old ones. Where Ellen Degeneres and Rosanne stand for what is wrong on t.v. Jack Lord stood for what is right. Hawaii 5-0 has lasted longer than any t.v. cop show around and Will probably be that way for a long time to come. This show and this man were an American classic and America has really lost a great American hero in Jack Lord. Never in her best days could a show of Ellen top Hawaii 5-0.
Mark A. Holland
How do Ellen Degeneres and Rosanne stand for what is wrong on TV? Just to remind you, during its original run, Hawaii Five-O was considered to be somewhat controversial because of what was then to be considered excessive violence.
While I knew that Jack Lord was ill (remember they said he was too ill to appear in the new unaired pilot) it still came as somewhat of a surprise to me to find out this morning that he had passed away. However, many actors from our favorite tv shows and movies are getting older, we may have to accept this in time. I know this might sound a little rough but I still want to see that unaired pilot.
Jeff Herman
I just wanted to mention how sad I am at the news of Jack Lord's passing. His portrayal of Steve McGarrett in "Hawaii Five-O" has brought numerous hours of entertainment to me over the years since I was a kid, and the show is one of my all-time favorites as a result of the dedication and professionalism he and the rest of the cast and crew brought to the show. Lord's Steve McGarrett was the kind of guy all men would like to be like in some fashion, and the kind of guy all women would like to be with: tough yet tender, physical, stoic, and dedicated to promoting the ideas of justice and personal responsibility; Lord himself lived an amazing life, and packed so much "living" into his years, far more than most people could pack into 10 lifetimes. Even though I never met him, I certainly wish I had......fortunately for all of us, his show lives on forever, reminding future generations of the talent he possessed. I will miss him...
When we are deluged with news reports of actors, celebrities, public figures and politicians getting busted for sex, drug and violence related scandal (people that some regard as role models), we lose track of the truly GOOD and MORAL people that we shold look up to. I fondly remember watching Jack Lord on my TV set telling Danno to "Book 'em -- murder ONE" and I was thankful to have commercial TV. I cannot say the same thing these days. Thanks JACK....for me, you're "DA MAN!!"
I'm breaking my lurker hello again folks. I got up this morning, got my cup of coffee and grabbed the Miami Herald. I was very saddened to read that the actor who play my all- time favorite hero had passed to the great beyond. I've been a Five-O fan since the second season of it's original run. Five-O was my first fandom. I've not felt this saddened by an event such as this since the death of Jon Pertwee of Dr. Who. While the actor is gone, we'll see him in the reruns. Aloha Jack...we'll be there.
Book me Danno, anytime!
Melisa Dillard
Was sad to hear about Mr. Lord's death. At least now he will be free of pain and with the angels.
I was very sad to see the postings yesterday morning. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy watching Hawaii Five-O. He was great and will be missed.
Aloha, Jack. Does any know about how to petition one of the networks to run a Five-O marathon? Perhaps the Iolani Irregulars or the folks who put together these great web pages know how to mobilize such an effort. Mahalo.
Aloha Jack
Aloha and mahalo,Jack KAUA
Mike Granieri
First of all, the Family Channel surprised me and ran a freeze frame photo of JL looking his finest with a caption saying something like "From the Family Channel, in fond memory of Jack Lord (1929-1998)". No hint that they are doing any special programming of episodes to honor him though.
Betty S.
My husband and I had just turned on the TV Thursday morning to catch some news, and what to my surprise were they showing on the screen but scenes from Hawaii Five-O. I immediately said out loud, "He died". I watched and listened, and as it settled in I began to cry. I knew this day was coming but I hoped against hope that it would have taken longer than this. My husband knows how long I've been a fan of Jack's and he said to me, "I'm sorry, Betty". My thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely wife, Marie. She was a very lucky woman to have such a man in her life for such a long time. Jack may be gone physically from this earth, but he will remain in my heart where he has been all these years.
Diana Gannon
[T]he high quality of the writing, the scenery, and the acting (particularly Jack Lord's) were what kept me engrossed for many a season, most of them re-runs at 3 am on a local station here. Like many of the voices here seem to say, it's always too soon for someone like Jack Lord to pass on. Thanks, and Aloha.
Since both Jack and Marie Lord's request for rememberances is to send donations to the Hawaii Community Fund in his memory, I believe we should (and I have) honor this request. From what I have heard and read, I don't think memorials are his style. It is hard to accept, but we need to let him rest in peace.