Tributes to Jack Lord

After Jack Lord's death on January 21, 1998, I received several comments in e-mail in addition to those posted in my guestbook (see the months with a red star * beside them). Following are a selection of these.

Charles D. Scott
You have provided an appreciated social service. I grew up with Jack Lord and his FIVE-O crew. THOSE GUYS WERE ROLE MODELS for me. They vividly portraid the object lessons of the necessary struggle of good against evil. I visited the Islands with my wife in July 1997. We saw some of the sites were Five O was shot. We reverred those sites as a sought of paradise. We hope that Jack Lord's spirit resides in superlative to that temporal paradise. We send our condolencies sympathies to his wife and family. And please maintain your efforts. I think with a little effort and some updating, Five-O could run again, and with great acceptance. This is an idea that all the Islands should promote, Great indirect advertisement for visitors.
The Millers
I heard on the news this morning that Jack Lord passed away. I would like to extend my sincere sympathies to Marie. Jack Lord brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years on Five-O and I'll never forget him. May he rest in peace. And one more time.
Great page; brought back alot of memories of a great TV show.
Karen Rhodes
To say I'm saddened is accurate but always sounds so trite. Of all actors I've admired over the years, Jack Lord always seemed the most steadfast -- certainly his almost 50-year marriage to Marie was a rarity among Hollywood's celebrities. He seemed to have a solid moral grounding that other actors, unfortunately, seem to have lacked. To say the least. No funeral. Almost as if he's saying, "God, what a lousy way to go." Or perhaps it's more, "Oh, don't make any fuss over me." No fuss, Jack, but I'll always remember you.
I guess I'm a little numb right now - Jack Lord has been such a part of my life for so long - it's hard to believe. But I think he's keeping in character - no funeral because he has always wanted his privacy and it's maybe one last moment for he and Marie to share - alone. The way they've always been, just the two of them. I feel for her right now, she's taken care of him for so long and it will be hard for her. Should we respect their privacy and not send cards - I would like to do something, but maybe as fans we have already done enough. Guess I'll go have a good cry and go to work - I really feel like I have lost a good friend.
Michael Feigler
I have been checking out your sight for some time now and really like it. Of course I have just heard the news of Jack Lord passing away and I am deeply saddened by it. He has given us so much with his acting and will continue to do so for a very long time. Jack will be missed even tho he wasn't in the public eye. Goodbye Jack, and thanks. You were one of my heros.
Mark Murray
Thanks for the Page. Jack will be missed.
He was a rarity. I'm glad Hawaii got to claim him at the end, as he so loved it there. At the convention this year, somebody please put a lei on his grave for me. I am hoping A&E Biography will see fit to profile him soon. He truly was an icon among actors.
How sad. I only became interested in Jack Lord this summer, and I hate to have this happen, even though it's not unexpected. From everything I've learned about Jack, he was an exceptional man - a man of integrity and decency, always gracious to his fans, incredibly loyal and loving to his wife. He had a remarkable life - he made the most of it. Usually when you find out more about your favorite actors, you become disillusioned; the more I find out about Jack, the more intriguing he is. There's more to him than meets the eye - and that's saying a lot, considering what an eyeful he is! So many romantic contradictions: The football player who painted. The student who went to college on a football scholarship but also won the St. Gauden's Award for his art. The young man who spent his summers at sea but also memorized poetry. The handsome actor who might have had a half dozen wives but who married Marie in 1948 and remained loyal after he hit the jackpot, and always spoke of her in the most loving and devoted way. I feel bad for Marie. The two of them seemed inseparable, as though their world was complete just having each other, and now she's lost her best friend of 50 years. It happens to all of us eventually, and having lived to age 77, one can't say he was cheated. But that doesn't make it any less sad. In the past 6 months, Jack has had an incredible "George Bailey" effect on my life - I've met new people, made new friends, had adventures - all things that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for him. I was looking at some pictures of him this morning, and of course it was bittersweet, but he was as handsome as he was yesterday, and all the things that make me like him so much had not changed. That's the way it is with TV and movies - you fall in love with what you see on the screen, and you hate to see the people age in real life. But his real life was better than most, and he will always be just as appealing on screen.
Paul Hoffman
Just read about Mr. Lord's death as reported on the MSNBC web site. As a lifelong fan of "The Show" I will remember him not only as Steve McGarrett but a role model and father figure as well. Keep up the great work on your site and hope to see your tribute to Jack Lord. Aloha Mister McGarrett!
I feel so awful. I heard at 6:15 this morning. I knew it was probably just a matter of time before we would hear of Jack's passing, but it still isn't any easier to take. We will miss him so much.
Here's a poem by ee cummings called "Buffalo Bill." Jack mentioned it in an article once. It seems especially appropriate today.
        Buffalo Bill's
               who used to
               ride a watersmooth-silver
        and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
        he was a handsome man
                             and what i want to know is
        how do you like your blueeyed boy
        Mister Death

Eduardo Cidade
I've always enjoyed watching Hawaii Five-O and will continue to do so. I'm a retired Coast Guard Warrant Officer and always took a special pride in watching the USCG in the episodes.
When Rita put together the Hawaii Five-O convention a couple of years ago, she did it so we could show our appreciation to stars while we still had them. Now we don't have Jack anymore. My thanks to Rita, wherever she is, because although Jack was too ill to attend, I'm sure he knew we were there and we helped him smile a little! This is for Marie ...(by Edgar A. Guest)
There is no time that we could set for parting.
We who must remain
Are never ready for such pain.
Ever our prayer would be: “Not yet!”
Not yet, dear God - another day.
With us let our loved one stay.”
We must believe, when falls the blow
That wisely, God has willed it so.

I had just finished watching the "Hawaii Five-O" episode, "The Reunion" last night, when I came to check my emails, and found the message regarding Jack's death. I was greatly saddened, but then I realised that so long as one person, somewhere in the world, has a single episode of "Hawaii Five-O", or one of Jack's movies, on tape, then he will not really be dead.
Michael Maben
Incredible web site! I particularly enjoyed the review of the shows. It brought back a lot of memories. I found your web site from checking CNN concerning the death of Jack Lord. I will be a frequent visitor to your web site in the future. Thanks for bringing back all the great memories!
There are no words to say something now, after the sad news came! But I will try!
A big ALOHA for you, Jack!
Yes, ALOHA means also GOOD-BYE!
Rest in peace, under the blue sky of Hawaii!
Rest in peace, among the wonderful flowers of Hawaii!
Rest in peace, and the wawes of the ocean will sing for you a song of love.

You will be alive in our hearts FOREVER!

Nice tribute to the man in your site. Reached here by way of CNN Interactive, looking for news on his passing. One thing that always bothered me were the jokes made at his expense in the last few years, - especially when all those hypocrites were the ones who kept it on the air for so long. And don't you think it interesting that it went off the air in 1980, just as the New Age cop of Magnum and the Hill Street Blues team were coming into their own? Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett was the last of his kind in the TV Universe, I guess. (At least among the cop shows that everybody watched week after week - I always thought cops like 'Hunter' were pale copies.) I hope he finds the after-life to be as much a paradise as the one he kept watch over on his show.
Many thanks on your prompt posting on the death of Jack Lord. My husband told me about it this morning (Thursday) and I couldn't wait until I got home to see the news on TV. Unfortunately all the TV News stations had to offer was stories about Clinton's sex life. I still didn't believe want my husband told me until I looked up your web site and saw the news for myself. I cried so much last year at the passing of Princess Diana and since then have been unable to do so again. But I am very very sad to say Aloha to Jack. I will always remember he fondly as will my 13 year old daughter who came to like him as well. Many thanks for your great web site.
There were also tributes posted in the Usenet newsgroup