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Act One

A Hawaiian show goes on for various tourists hosted by Jimmy Borges (Jimmy Borges) including hula dancers, fire dancers and the band "Tihati Spectacular". As the show goes on, an older man (Barnard Hughes) gets off the bus and crosses the street. As the man keeps walking, Jimmy gets to his favorite part of the show: the hula contest! A pair of tourists is the first volunteers with a serviceman and his wife being the others. Jimmy gives them quick lessons as the man enters the show. As he moves through the crowd, Jimmy mistakes him for a volunteer for the hula contest but the man isn't interested. He introduces himself as Clinton Palmer and things go south fast as he handcuffs Jimmy! The man in the sound booth (Harry Chang) can't believe what's going on especially when Palmer says he's wearing a bomb! When Palmer opens his jacket, panic ensues as the crowd rushes for the door and the music stops. Palmer wants to talk to the governor and Jimmy tells George in the booth to call the governor but he calls hotel security.

At the courthouse, a judge (Sutton Roley) tells McGarrett the warrant is in order and the prisoner (Richard Davalos) "can be extradited at any time". McGarrett says he'll be turned over at Honolulu International Airport. The prisoner, Hawley, has lots to say warning everyone in the room he won't stand trial in Chicago or anywhere else. He demands to know when he's going to be transferred but McGarrett wont' tell him. As Danno leads Hawley out, most everyone follows except McGarrett who has a phone call from Captain Matthews (Edward Fernandez) of HPD. He doesn't like what he hears telling the judge he has a "walking bomb" to deal with.

Outside the courthouse, it is absolute chaos as one woman (Sharon Farrell) stands aside by herself. As Danno pulls Hawley through the crush of reporters, he catches a glimpse of the woman. She watches the prisoner truck and the Five-O car drive away.

McGarrett rushes to the Palm Plaza Hotel where Palmer has taken hostages and demanded to see the governor. The police keep a growing crowd back as an ambulance and fire truck sit ready. McGarrett runs in getting a brief from Captain Matthews as Kirsten, the hotel manager (Bill Bigelow) tries to wedge himself into the conversation. McGarrett shuts down the manager pretty fast especially when Captain Matthews mentions positioning a sharpshooter. McGarrett tells Captain Matthews that option is a last resort and no one takes a shot without his approval.

McGarrett then goes to the booth where Chin, Duke and George are watching the stage. McGarrett opens a dialogue with Palmer promising him no tricks and they are trying to contact the governor as they talk. Palmer says the governor was supposed to be at the show but McGarrett tells him the governor had to cancel and go to the North Shore. McGarrett keeps going asking if there is anything he can do or to get Palmer to tell him what's bugging him. He offers Five-O to look into whatever is bothering him and to work with the governor's staff but Palmer isn't buying it. He tried to talk to the staff 33 times but they don't want to talk to him because he's "old people". McGarrett asks if he wants money and Palmer says no, "I'm not holding these people for hostage and for ransom. I'm not a common criminal". Palmer then spots a sharpshooter trying to get into position but McGarrett assures him they'll stop him. Chin and Duke practically tackle the guy who turns out to be a hotel security guard! Chin berates him, "what are you doing? Almost got us killed".

Once the scene is cleared up, it's several anxious moments as Palmer explains the dangers of taking a shot at him. McGarrett says no one is going to shoot at him as the wife who first volunteered for the hula contest and wound up a hostage faints. Palmer isn't interested in stressing a bunch of people out and lets the couple go apologizing to the husband (Wayne Oxford). As they leave, Chin says the governor has been contacted and he's on his way back to Honolulu but so far there's nothing on Palmer. McGarrett tells Chin to have them stay on it so that he knows who he's dealing with. He tells Palmer the governor is on his way to hopefully calm the situation. McGarrett compliments Palmer on letting the people go and offers something to eat or drink but Palmer doesn't budge on that but appreciates the gesture. McGarrett is able to talk him into handcuffing Jimmy to a chair so that an accidental blast doesn't happen if Jimmy were to faint. As Palmer cuffs Jimmy to the chair, Captain Matthews introduces Sergeant Asaki (Daniel Taba), a bomb expert. When Palmer notices the action in the sound booth, he starts to freak a little but McGarrett calms him down trying to figure out if the bomb he has is real. Palmer agrees to give them a sample to test, handing off a bit to a uniformed officer. Sergeant Asaki lights it and says it's C-4 military explosive. When they know it's real, Palmer tells them plainly he is ready to die at 71 years of age. He doesn't want to see 72 unless he can talk to the governor on the stage today. He gives them 15 minutes more before he presses the button.

Act Two

In the sound booth, Duke takes a call as Kirsten makes another stink about massive cancellations. Duke hangs up as Kirsten leaves the booth suggesting a gas be administered but McGarrett has had it to his ears with the manager. Duke says there's a hypnotist that will put Palmer in a trance for $10,000 and McGarrett isn't completely opposed to the idea! Chin says he has to be a nut but McGarrett just wants to know what his grievance is. Duke takes a call from the hotel who is talking to an Amy Nichols (Elsie Russell) claiming to be a friend of Palmer's and wants to bring him something to eat. She also told them Palmer isn't the type to blow people up. Duke tells them no for now and to get her phone number. Meanwhile, Chin who has been holding the line gets a patch from Danno: U.S. Marshals have Hawley booked on a flight for the mainland that leaves in two hours. McGarrett leaves it Danno's hands because he can't leave the hotel. Palmer then speaks up reminding McGarrett of the time limit with McGarrett assuring him the governor is en route.

The woman from the courthouse sits in a van parked in a cemetery listening to the hostage crisis unfold on the radio. Richard Wallenbeck (Don Rockwell) reports live from the hotel saying the explosive is military grade and the exact grievance isn't known with the governor expected on scene at any minute. However, what she is really doing is keeping her eyes open for when Hawley is being transferred. Hawley is put into a car and driven to the airport and she gets into the van to take off.

The governor makes his way to the Palm Plaza Hotel under a tight police escort. Wallenbeck is beyond obnoxious trying to get the governor to speak a few words but he's summarily pushed aside as the governor enters the hotel with "no comment". Captain Matthews informs McGarrett of the governor's arrival. McGarrett tells Palmer about the governor's arrival and steps out telling Chin to talk to Palmer if he gets anxious. McGarrett greets the governor saying he knows as much as they do. He also warns the governor they don't know how stable Palmer is the plan is to placate him as much as possible. The governor and Palmer start talking with Palmer not wanting to be kicked around so much because he's old but there is a specific issue he has: the house he lives in is being torn down to make way for a new youth center. Palmer feels he's being trampled on to bring his issue to the governor reminding everyone they're going to be in the same position some day: older citizens who can't get around too well and there is no cure for it. The governor tells Palmer he'll look into the housing situation but it's going to take a bit. Palmer hopes something can be done.

Outside the hotel, the crowd grows as the woman who was watching Hawley joins in. She pushes her way through the crowd asking an officer, "is the old guy with the bomb still in business?" he confirms Palmer is still in business.

Act Three

As the crowd continues to grow but remains behaved, the governor verifies Palmer's story. It's the same thing over and over: "old people, poor people, getting in the way of something new, and getting hurt". McGarrett is only concerned with Palmer who has his finger on a switch to a bomb that could take out an entire wing of the hotel. The boarding house has been there since 1900 and was condemned by the city but there is no way to stop the youth center because it's already been funded. Palmer gets antsy as McGarrett tells him they're still working on it as the governor calls Judge Kincaid.

Outside, an older car crashes through the police barricade, it's Amy Nichols! She's brought soup saying Palmer never asks for favors. One officer goes to grab McGarrett as two others escort her to the front of the crowd. The woman following Hawley sweet-talks Amy saying it's not fair how Palmer and his friends have been treated then claims to be his daughter! Wallenbeck forces himself into the conversation again talking to Amy and Palmer's supposed daughter. The report is played in the car as Hawley is transported to the airport. Wallenbeck focuses on the daughter: Mary Beth Palmer Rogers who Hawley recognizes right away! She also gives a shout out to her brother George telling him she's there and "not to worry". In the car, Hawley wants to wager Danno on whether he'll be on the plane for the mainland.

In the sound booth, the governor gets some bad news from Judge Kincaid: there have already been two stays of eviction and all the judge can do is add another seven days. The governor gives the news to Palmer who doesn't like it one bit. As the governor tells him a week will give them time to come up with a better solution, McGarrett tells Duke that Amy is out front and to go get her. The governor is willing to work with Palmer and his friends so they don't wind up on the street. McGarrett shares his thoughts too as he says he doesn't believe Palmer is the kind of person to blow people up but it's taken smacking the city upside the head with a 2x4 to get everyone's attention because of the frustration involved. A phone call has come in for McGarrett: "the J. William Hayes Construction Company has offered to move your house to a residential lot of your choice, free of charge".

As the alternative solution comes in, Duke escorts Amy and Mary Beth to go speak to McGarrett. When Palmer realizes he's accomplished what he's wanted, he's relieved. McGarrett asks him to put down the detonator and to release Jimmy, which he does but only gets as far as putting the detonator down as Mary Beth storms the stage! She picks up the detonator shoving Palmer aside. Mary Beth loses her mind screaming into the microphone as McGarrett has no idea who he's dealing with now and Jimmy just wants the day to be over.

Act Four

Mary Beth takes control holding a gun and the detonator telling McGarrett she's George Hawley's girl. She wants Hawley brought back immediately but McGarrett tells her he may be in the hands of the U.S. Marshals and out of their jurisdiction. She doesn't care and McGarrett makes the call to Danno to bring Hawley to the Palm Plaza Hotel. they turn the car around and Hawley a list of demands of his own: "a jumbo jet out at the airport ready to go in an hour, $100,000 in cash, unmarked, with serial numbers out of sequence". McGarrett tells him they’ll have issues finding a flight crew but Hawley doesn't care and to tell Mary Beth she's "a moonchild".

Mary Beth becomes twitchy as McGarrett tells Chin to have Captain Matthews set up his best marksman to take a shot. McGarrett cannot let Hawley escape with hostages as the demands would never end but if the sniper misses, it would be the end for a lot of people. A patch comes through from Hawley telling McGarrett he better be nice to Mary Beth because "she can be mean". McGarrett has no patience for the pair as he wants a progress report on the marksman. As the officer is about in position, Mary Beth sees him and starts shooting. She demands McGarrett be on the stage and shoots at the sound booth becoming more unglued by the minute! She forces McGarrett to give up his gun and Palmer keels over from a heart attack. McGarrett jumps Mary Beth who winds up with the detonator and presses the button but nothing happens! She tries to run for it but McGarrett catches her mid-air. Jimmy goes to check on Palmer who faked a heart attack but pulled the detonator wires! McGarrett tells Chin to call Danno to "proceed to the airport" and to book both Mary Beth and Palmer. He apologizes to Palmer who actually expected it but it's now in the hands of a jury.

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