S09E15 - “Elegy In A Rain Forest” - Plot

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Act One

A prison truck drives through Diamond Head Tunnel as two guards sit with a prisoner (William Watson) in the back. The prisoner pulls a fast one knocking one guard (Lee Woodd) back while knocking down the second (Chuck Couch). Somehow, the prisoner is able to grab the riot gun from them and hold them back. He demands the truck pull over and the guard tells the driver Frank (Robert Silva) to pull over because the prisoner is sick. The driver pulls over and heads to the back opening the door, being blasted dead for his efforts!

Chin races to a dock where McGarrett is out sailing but is close to land. Once near the dock, Chin briefs him: Marcus Lucien has escaped, killing a guard in the process. HPD has been notified and they take off.

A group of about six kids drive to the rainforest stopping with one (Francis Kamahele) telling them the Dean is expecting big things from them on this trip. They're in search of "one unclassified species of at least the sesbania or the tomentosa or the amaranths" and they are to meet back at the truck by 2:00 p.m. sharp. One girl, Karen, (Laurie Prange) jokes about bringing back a poinsettia but that would mean a failing grade and wouldn't happen to Karen. As the group splits up, another guy, Rich, (Randy Ruff) suggests he and Karen team up. She leaves him with a book of pictures of what he's looking for wishing him luck as she tromps into the forest.

As the drive to the search area, McGarrett gripes to Danno about all their efforts: "two years of dogged work to find that butcher. Another year of delays, postponements and appeals. We finally get a conviction and we can't even deliver him to prison". Danno asks about the rumor they picked up about an accomplice who is going to help Lucien off the island with McGarrett vehemently saying there's no way Lucien is going to escape Oahu. McGarrett and Danno arrive at the search area meeting with multiple HPD officers as Danno grabs his AR-15 from the car. McGarrett gives them a brief overview as a witness saw Lucien escaping toward the mountains and McGarrett expects him to emerge near Waipi'o or Haleiwa. There are HPD teams in those areas moving toward them and they will squeeze Lucien but everyone must stay on their respective coordinates. They move out.

In downtown Honolulu, Chin and Duke track down Sancho (Harry Williams) who hides from them in a dumpster. Sancho is a little off but Chin says they'll forget they saw him if he gives them some straight answers. However, if he doesn't help them, Sancho is looking at going back to prison "for a long time". They want to know about Lucien's accomplice who is going to help him off the island. Sancho says he might have heard something but it can't lead back to him with Duke giving his assurances they've already forgotten the source. Sancho tells them Homer Wamano (Beau Vanden Ecker) is the accomplice that's supposed to help Lucien.

Lucien slowly makes his way through the brush sticking out in his prison uniform against the green. At the same time, McGarrett, Danno and HPD make their ways into the rainforest. Meanwhile, Karen walks through the forest collecting her samples under the watchful eyes of a young man (Edward Gallardo). Karen finds another flower she's looking for but it's on the edge of a tree root system. When she reaches for it, she tumbles down the hill and the young man goes after her. He reaches her and she's knocked herself out due to a head injury.

In the middle of the rainforest, a couple has made a home out an abandoned bunker listening to music on the radio and smoking marijuana. Lucien walks upon the place, throwing a shovel to make noise gaining their attention. The couple steps out with Lucien laughing saying they're under arrest. He turns serious, "let's have a party".

Act Two

The group meets back at the truck with Rich and another guy going off to try to find Karen. One of the women (Lauren Levian) is worried they're not going to find Karen and that soon comes to fruition as Rich and the other guy return to the truck. They tell Jerry there is no sign of her and he decides they need to go to the Coast Guard relay station to report her missing. Before they take off, a news bulletin airs over the radio reporting Lucien's escape and subsequent manhunt. They rush off for the relay station.

McGarrett and Danno find the abandoned bunker as country music plays over the radio. Inside, they find the couple has been brutally murdered and McGarrett recognizes Lucien's handiwork right away. He radios Dispatch to report the dead couple.

In another part of the rainforest, Karen comes to as the young man shows her she has a nasty goose egg on her head. The young man has quite a place eked out of the rainforest. He doesn't speak but know how to write as he writes 'David' when Karen asks him his name. While he doesn't speak, David is able to communicate that his mother died when he was a baby and his father was a firefighter as he has toy fire engine on a twine wrapped around his neck. He also shows her his father died while fighting a fire.

Lucien keeps moving through the rainforest as a helicopter flies to the search area. McGarrett and Danno watch it come in but McGarrett can't connect the dots: he didn't order a helicopter. At the relay station, Manicote (Glenn Cannon) talks to Rich who tells them they looked all over the place with no trace of Karen. McGarrett and Danno walk up with McGarrett asking Manicote what he's doing there. Manicote explains Karen has disappeared and been missing for several hours. He begs to go along on the search but McGarrett turns him down saying they'll keep an eye out for her but Manicote insists on going along because Karen is his only child. McGarrett relents, taking Manicote with them.

At David's shelter, Karen and David eat some fruit and she talks enough for the both of them! She goes over his story again: the people he was staying with teased him about not talking so he ran away into the rainforest. Karen then realizes it's getting late but she's disoriented as to where she is. She asks David to lead her to the road to the relay station because she's sure she can make it the rest of the way alone. David reluctantly agrees.

The police teams continue their search including McGarrett, Danno and Manicote. Meanwhile in Honolulu, Chin and Duke track down Wamano, finding his car parked at a dumpy apartment building. He escapes out a back window and a car chase ensues. As Wamano takes them through various terrain such as asphalt and dirt, he eventually loses the pair as he speeds by a bus! Chin radios Dispatch to be on the look out for Wamano's car.

Act Three

Lucien keeps running through the rainforest talking to his crazy self. Meantime, as they hike, Karen blabs away about a boyfriend she had when she was ten! They keep hiking and she nearly trips twice. At the same time, McGarrett, Danno and Manicote stay on their route into the rainforest as the other HPD teams keep up their searches. David and Karen come upon a small lake and take a break in their hiking.

Back in town, Chin and Duke keep up trying to find Wamano cruising the boat docks. Meanwhile in the rainforest, Karen tells David she's been thinking about him and his situation. She wants him to return to town with her to find a more suitable living arrangement but David won't hear of it. He stands up to make her hike some more but Lucien finds them as he runs up on an opposite bank. Lucien makes his way to them asking why they're there. Karen tells him she was on a field trip and got separated from her group while David ran away about a year before to live in the rainforest. Lucien figures out David knows his way around and plans to take David to show him the fastest route across the mountains and Karen is going along for the ride since the police won't shoot at her! Lucien knows the police are looking for him and he's running out of time. He gives Karen a pair of handcuffs making her put them on herself and David.

Lucien makes them hike at a pretty brisk pace but Karen gets dizzy again. She tells Lucien if he shoots the gun, the police will hear. Lucien makes a creepy move on Karen telling her there's more than one way to die.

In town, Wamano's car is found in a junkyard and as Chin and Duke fan out, they find him near the office. A foot chase ensues this time through the junkyard as Wamano evades them again but they corner him. Wamano pulls a martial arts move on them as they go to cuff him and takes off running. But the next time they catch up, Duke takes him out with a chop!

McGarrett, Danno and Manicote tromp their way through the rainforest with still no signs of Lucien or Karen. However, a call from Search Control gives them some news, as it's a message from Chin: "Steve, have in custody Lucien's accomplice, Homer Wamano. Meet set for Waipi'o then to boat at Makaha. Advise, Chin. End message". McGarrett passes on he wants Wamano held until further notice and they know which way to go.

David goes a full out run handcuffed to Karen as Lucien tells him to slow down. They try to make a break from Lucien but tumble down a rough hill. Lucien is not amused, grabbing Karen by her pack causing her to scream. Manicote freaks out hearing her scream through the valley. McGarrett pulls him back as they have to be strategic about how they approach Lucien. At least they know Karen is still alive. McGarrett tells Manicote to go with Danno and they'll pinch Lucien.

At the top of the cliffs, the ocean can be seen below and Lucien realizes he won't be needing David any longer. He recognizes where he is and proves how sadistic he is. Lucien makes Karen unhook her cuff and forces David to cuff himself to a tree! Karen is sick about leaving David attached to a tree at the top of the cliffs. Lucien thanks David, laughing as he continues down the trail. David immediately starts trying to figure out how to get loose as Lucien forces Karen to hike in front of him. Meantime, McGarrett and Danno approach from either side of the out. David continues to struggle causing his wrist to bleed. During his struggles, he sees McGarrett and tries to get his attention by shaking the tree but McGarrett is looking in the opposite direction and the wind is so fierce, he can't hear the noise. McGarrett walks down the trail as Danno and Manicote enter another part of the trail. Lucien spots McGarrett and hides with Karen under some brush. McGarrett nearly passes them by before Lucien calls out to him, aiming the riot gun at him.

Act Four

Lucien goads McGarrett into moving but McGarrett doesn't take the bait. Danno and Manicote look up and down the trail but don't see anyone but keep running down it as David continues his struggle for freedom. Lucien is even more unstable than before, putting on an innocence act, even weeping. McGarrett even offers a deal to call off the police search teams if Lucien gives up Karen but Lucien will take his chances with her. However, his attitude shifts gears as if he turned on a light. He becomes deadly serious taking McGarrett's gun and throwing it over the mountain. When Lucien goads him into going after it, they struggle for the shotgun as Lucien tumbles down the mountain.

David keeps up his fight for freedom as McGarrett grabs Karen making a run for it toward the highway. Lucien isn't far behind as he manages to get back to the trail. McGarrett tells Karen he's going to draw his fire and when he does, he wants her to run as fast as she can toward the highway. Danno and Manicote hear the shooting. Danno tells Manicote to stay put and to let them handle the situation. Danno runs down the trail leaving Manicote behind, or so he thought. Manicote pulls his own gun and takes off down the trail. McGarrett keeps drawing Lucien's fire until Manicote gets between McGarrett and Lucien who shoots Manicote! Karen moves out of her hiding spot to go to her father even as Lucien threatens to kill her. McGarrett negotiates her release as she moves down the mountain in a quick manner taking her father with her.

David still struggles against the cuffs but manages to get free. Lucien stands atop the mountain telling McGarrett to come out of hiding but McGarrett sees a gun on his way toward Lucien. David stands behind Lucien removing the toy fire truck from his neck throwing it at Lucien's back! Lucien turns to fire allowing McGarrett to shoot him! McGarrett makes his way up to Lucien who is now dead with Danno joining him. Danno retrieves the shotgun as McGarrett finds the fire truck. They return to Manicote and Karen as Manicote will be okay as several HPD units arrive at the highway turnout. A pair of officers helps Manicote down to their cars. McGarrett shows Karen the truck and she says it belongs to David and she's willing to tell McGarrett all about him. As McGarrett, Danno and Karen hike to the turnout, David watches from the cliffs; turning to re-enter the rainforest.

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