S09E14 - “Ready ... Aim ...” - Plot

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Act One

In Tokyo, policeman Kimo Nahashi (Manu Tupou) and his partner follow a man carrying a briefcase. The man turns and shoots Nahashi's partner dead, dropping the suitcase as he escapes. It is full of guns.

In Honolulu, Iso Toguchi (France Nuyen) gets a phone call from Nahashi, who is arriving shortly on a plane.

At the Five-O office, McGarrett is concerned about a sudden rash of thefts from gun shops. Over 150 handguns have been stolen in four robberies. Despite the fact that all of the guns had serial numbers, not one of them has surfaced. McGarrett wonders if there is a underground market for these guns.

At the Hawaiian Gold ice cream company, Benny "Dancer" Dansero (Edward James Olmos) talks to Morrison (Roger Perry) about the impending arrival of Nahashi. They plan to kill him, contacting Robert Makala (Jimmy Borges) to do the job.

After Nahashi arrives, Makala tails him and there is a car chase. Makala blasts Nahashi's car with a shotgun, leaving him wounded, and escapes.

McGarrett and Williams go to talk to Nahashi, who has been admitted to hospital under the name of "Harold Asuna," a Japanese businessman wearing a shoulder holster containing a 9mm handgun. When they arrive at his hospital room, Nahashi is not there.

Nahashi calls Iso at the restaurant where she works, and asks her to meet him at a hamburger stand on Sand Island.

Five-O investigates the shooting of Nahashi, trying to track down the car of the would-be assassin. Duke determines that "Asuna's" company in Japan is bogus.

Nahashi meets Iso and demands to know who she told of his arrival. She tells him that she's "afraid of what they're going to do" but doesn't give specific details. He tells her to meet later at some location where they won't be seen.

At Iso's restaurant, a truckload of frozen food from Moana Frozen Foods arrives. The cook, Ken Tanaki (Brian Fong), is shown handling several handguns.

Act Two

While relaxing in a massage parlor, Dansero takes a call from Makala, who says that he missed Nahashi.

The Five-O investigation continues, with Duke checking out garages which may have worked on Makala's "souped-up" car. Makala has his car repainted from purple to green.

Iso meets Nahashi out in the sticks. She is followed by the police, who are aware that she made plane reservations for Nahashi. At the Five-O office, McGarrett confronts Nahashi with a telex from his police captain in Japan. Nahasi tells McGarrett he is in the Islands investigating a gun-smuggling ring. Guns purchased in Hawaii for $100 can be sold on the black market in Japan for upwards of $2500. He met Iso, a naturalized American citizen, in Tokyo when she came there several years ago to have a baby, the result of an affair which went sour. Nahashi tells McGarrett a large shipment of guns is about to leave for Japan. McGarrett says "we're going to work together."

Danno and Duke get a tip from Jimmy, a deadbeat (Rod Aiu), that a man named "Dancer" is paying big money for guns.

Nahashi phones Iso, and arranges to meet her at the Valley of the Temples. Dansero arrives at her apartment shortly after and calls a number in Japan where Iso's daughter is being held as a hostage. He makes her listen.

Act Three

McGarrett talks to Nahashi, who tells about Iso's phone call. Nahashi sees this as an opportunity to bring the killer into the open, but McGarrett doesn't understand why she is co-operating with the crooks.

Dansero threatens Tanaki who has only obtained 400 guns. Dansero tells of a gun shop where there are at least another 40.

Iso arrives at the Valley of the Temples to meet Nahashi. McGarrett, Five-O and HPD are on the grounds. Makala tries to shoot Nahashi and Iso, but he escapes after being chased by the police. Nahashi finally gets details from Iso about her child being kidnapped. He tells her that he will arrange to have the call from her apartment traced so they can figure out the hideout in Japan.

Dansero arranges to kill Makala, and plans to knock off Iso later.

The owner of an autobody shop identifies Makala through his car. However, when Five-O arrives at Makala's house, he is found shot dead in the front seat.

Act Four

The police uncover weapons at Makala's place which link him to the shooting of Nahashi.

Dansero arrives at Iso's apartment and, after breaking down the door, takes her away with him. Prior to this, she scrawls some information in Japanese on a bulletin board. Nahashi arrives shortly after, and seeing the writing, looks in a bowl which contains a phone number. He calls it -- it's the number of the Hawaii Gold Dairy.

Mr. Hodges (John Stalker), Makala's former boss at Hodges TV Repair, tells Danno that Makala didn't have many friends. He says a "Mr. Smith" phoned him several times. Down at headquarters, Hodges identifies "Smith" as Dansero.

At the ice cream company, Dansero locks Iso in a freezer (with the controls set to "off"). Nahashi arrives and watches Dansero and Morrison. He tries to sneak into the freezer, but is caught by Dansero, who locks both Nahashi and Iso in the freezer and turns down the temperature.

At Five-O, Danno determines that some of Dansero's associates, such as Tanaki, are involved in the gun smuggling. Chin and Duke follow a truck containing guns from the restaurant to the ice cream company.

Nahashi and Iso manage to escape from the freezer through a vent, and he tells her to call McGarrett. Nahashi knocks out a guard and Five-O arrives shortly after. Dansero and Morrison are watching from above as the cops arrest everyone on the main floor. Nahashi tails the escaping Morrison, and is nearly shot from behind by Dansero. However, McGarrett plugs Dansero in the back at the last moment.

Back at the Five-O office, Iso talks to her child in Japan, who is now safe.

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