S09E10 - “Yes, My Deadly Daughter” - Plot

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Act One

Ray Vincent (Carl Botefuhr), financial bagman in the employ of Island gangster Chang Liu (Kwan Hi Lim) arrives by helicopter in an out-of-the-way location, and is met by Lou Benson (Len Ross). A gang of thugs led by Jerry Quan (Clyde Kusatsu) kills both men and the helicopter pilot. Quan takes Vincent's two suitcases, containing four million dollars in laundered money, and hides them in a nearby water tower.

At his office, Chang is predictably furious, chewing out his right hand man Varna (Paul Hecht). Their meeting is interrupted by Chang's daughter Lee Mei Liu (Irene Ya-Ling Sun).

As the gang leaves the scene of the massacre, they are spotted by Bobby Kalani (Remi Abellira). Shortly after, Bobby finds the men's bodies and contacts the police. Steve McGarrett is curious as to why Vincent was not returning to Hawaii in the normal manner, and why his passport has stamps from several European countries.

At a warehouse, Jerry pays off members of the gang and tells them not to see or talk to each other for two weeks. One of them, Tony (Reggie Ho), gives Jerry some mouth after the latter refuses to reveal the location of the money.

McGarrett visits Chang and raises questions about Vincent -- Lee Mei again barges in at an inappropriate moment.

Later, Lee Mei meets Jerry at her house, where he shows her the keys to Vincent's suitcases.

Act Two

Lee Mei assures Jerry that her father doesn't suspect her involvement in the scheme. She is worried that the members of his gang -- the Wo Ching -- may spill the beans, but he assures her that they have all taken a loyalty oath. When he tells her that she only cares about "how many points you can score against your old man," she slaps him and he leaves -- they soon make up. Varna is watching the two of them outside.

Information from Interpol reveals that Vincent was seen in several European financial centers fraternizing with people connected with a front for Chang's money laundering.

Bobby Kalani is beaten up by members of the Wo Ching gang who track him down after Bobby gives an interview to the newspaper about finding the bodies.

Chang tells Varna he wants the money recovered soon. Varna says he thinks its disappearance is an "internal job," but Chang can't believe this.

Varna talks to Lee Mei at her house. He says that he's been watching her and her boyfriend and he knows that she's involved with the disappearance of the money. He tells her he wants half of the four million.

Act Three

With Varna close by, Lee Mei calls Jerry and says that she will meet him at the warehouse.

In the hospital, Bobby Kalani finally identifies a mug shot of one of his attackers as Jerry.

When Jerry arrives at the warehouse to meet Lee Mei, Varna kills him. The police arrive shortly after, and Varna flees the scene on foot. Lee Mei escapes in her car, almost running over Duke in the process.

McGarrett orders all the members of the Wo Ching gang picked up. Danno, Chin and Duke have little luck in trying to extract a confession out of the gang members, especially Tony.

Varna is upset at Lee Mei for leaving him behind. He tells Chang he still doesn't know where the money is.

Act Four

McGarrett visits Chang again, saying Five-O now knows about the money. As McGarrett leaves, Lee Mei grabs a ride with him, suggesting that her father already knows where the money is and that he is "putting on an act" for McGarrett's benefit. McGarrett questions her motives in telling him this.

Tony finally breaks down and confesses as Danno is about to release him back onto the street, dropping hints about how Chang's men will come after him.

Lee Mei burns a map Jerry gave her showing the way to the water tower. As she is about to leave, Varna arrives and forces her to take him to the money. When Danno and Chin show up after their departure, all that is left are fragments of the burned map. Che Fong is able to reconstruct them.

McGarrett in a helicopter and the rest of Five-O and members of HPD in cars follow Varna and Lee Mei on their way to the water tower. After the money is recovered, Chang appears, having been tipped off by the loyal Varna. Following a gun battle, Chang, Lee Mei and Varna attempt to escape, but are caught by Duke, Danno and Chin Ho respectively.

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