S09E09 - “Double Exposure” - Plot

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Act One

In the middle of nowhere spot, two guys meet Mr. Lamii (Michael Palmere) who tells them he'll speak to Mr. Weston (Thayer David) because they "deserve a leg up". As they are all about to get into the car, the passenger (John Gracciano) knocks Lamii out as the driver (George Wyner) rushes to get behind the wheel. Lamii comes to in time for them to take off and start chasing him with their red Lincoln Continental! The more he runs, the more they pursue and he makes it to Diamond Head Tunnel still running to get away. They eventually crash into him.

Elsewhere in Honolulu, a woman (Meg Foster) drives around taking photographs. She's oblivious to the fact that the 'Kiholo' cabin cruiser is making its way into port. The two guys who ran down Lamii meet the boat as it docks. On deck, a man (Danny Kamekona) tosses the thugs the mooring lines as the other man (Seth Sakai) who watched from below decks with him earlier readies to disembark. The driver says, "welcome home Vince. It's all taken care of". The passenger tells Vince he's staying at an old pineapple plantation with the boat captain adding it's near Waipi'o and a place no one goes to. Satisfied, Vince agrees and is about to step off the boat when the woman photographer snaps a picture. Vince tells the thugs to et the film but there's to be "no mess". The thugs take off after her as she's still oblivious. The passenger pulls his gun but the driver holds him back, they just can't shoot her there. The driver then recognizes her as Anne Waring and she drives off.

McGarrett answers his phone as Duke reports something interesting. McGarrett tells him to stay with it but he's not happy with the news. He steps out telling Chin HPD just found a body in Diamond Head Tunnel with all the markings of a "messy" gangland execution. When McGarrett tells him it was Lamii, Chin says someone is setting their sights pretty high. Since Lamii answered to Doyle Weston, McGarrett figures someone is out to shake up Weston or it's a power play. McGarrett tells Chin to take a lab crew with him and go "over every inch of that tunnel".

A photo exhibit happens at Kapiolani Park and Danno strolls through looking at them. He comes up on Anne's photographs and gives them a cursory glance before moving on. She stops him, thinking he hasn't given her work a fair shake. He gives her an honest assessment: they're not as good as what she could be taking. He shows her true life in the islands: the people, the streets. She says he sounds like a native and he is! He recognizes her right away and they introduce themselves as he tells her he's a police officer in a special unit. She would love to do a study of a hardened criminal and wants to know if she can follow him on his beat. First, he doesn't have one; second, if he did, he wouldn't be pounding it because three, he's on a couple of days off! She's up for whatever and he invites her on a picnic. They walk from the exhibit.

At a house, Weston takes a call from Sammy (Beau Vanden Ecker) who tells him the bad news on Lamii: he was hit, taken out a Diamond Head Tunnel. Unfortunately, they don't do who completed the deed. Weston wants it out on the streets that he wants the men responsible. Weston tells Lou (Samuel Hiona) to find Sherick and Okima.

Back at the park, Danno and Anne get to know one another in more ways than one. She does tell him she chose to walk away from Hollywood as she "didn't want to do it anymore". She asks Danno if she'll ever be successful in her "new ambition". She certainly has the energy and the talent can be developed. He seduces her and she's willing!

At the hotel front desk, the driver hands the clerk (Rose Marie Alvaro) a pair of sunglasses claiming they belong to Anne. He tells her he found them at her table. She takes them and places them in her box as the passenger stands behind noting Anne's room number of 759. Once they have that the driver tells the passenger to "do your thing" as he checks in before people begin missing them.

As the driver takes off from the front of the hotel, a pedicab delivers Danno and Anne to the front of her hotel. She climbs out with them confirming plans for the next day. The pedicab takes off as the passenger searches Anne's room tearing it apart! She returns to the room to hear a bunch of noise inside. She opens the door and takes off running as the thug chases her!

Act Two

Back at Weston's place, the weirdness continues as a man plays a koto as various people lie around in various comatose states. Sherick the driver arrives with Lou warning him to tread carefully as Weston is "breathing fire". Sherick steps in to speak to Weston who wants to know where he's been and he wants to know where Okima is too. Sherick plays it cool knowing Weston is on an opium high saying he'll find Okima. Weston tells Sherick someone took Lamii apart and he wants those responsible dead. He sends Sherick to do his bidding.

The next morning at the hotel, Danno finds Anne's door ajar. He opens the door finding the place ransacked and no sign of her. He calls hotel security showing them his badge as well as to the desk clerk. He wants to know if Anne left any messages for him but she didn't. There is an envelope with a bunch of photographs in them and the sunglasses. Danno suspects whoever dropped them off figured out her room number by watching the clerk. He takes the items and leaves.

Danno barges into Five-O nearly running over Duke! Duke gives him a hard time about not being able to stay away even on his days off! He gives Duke the sunglasses so if there are any prints on them they can figure out who dropped them off. He then runs into McGarrett's office wondering if they heard anything about Anne yet. McGarrett says HPD is working on it but is confused as to what she has to do with them. Danno explains the happenings from the day before and McGarrett gets it. The phone buzzes: it's Anne! Danno is relieved to hear from her and she's okay explaining she hid in a linen closet from the creep in her room. She's as confused about the ransacking as he is. She at the beach near Hawaii Kai and asks if he can gather her things. She wants to meet at 1:00 p.m. at her friend Edith Ward's (Luelle Costello) house because she won't be home until then. Anne also doesn't want to go back to the hotel and Danno says he'll take care of the press and HPD for her. She gives him the address of 112 Ahila Street. Danno agrees, finally hanging up but getting strongly teased by McGarrett.

Sherick's partner drives out to see Vince telling him Anne got past him. Vince has news of his own: Sammy goes down in five minutes. Vince isn't happy that the film hasn't been found and tells the partner to go back to the hotel and wait for Anne to go back for her belongings.

In another part of Honolulu, Sherick waits to make his move as Sammy walks out of a building with two other guys. Sherick squeals into action running Sammy down with a car, knocking him through a lei stand and dumping him into a canal!

Act Three

Later at the hotel, Danno opens the door to Anne's hotel room ready to gather her stuff. He enters noticing everything is tidy and Anne's suitcase is nowhere to be seen. He double-checks with the room clerk to make sure no one from the hotel has her stuff. He then calls McGarrett and as he's talking, someone hits Danno from behind! McGarrett is instantly worried as Danno stopped mid-sentence! McGarrett wants to see Chin right away.

Sherick and his partner now have the address as the partner was the one who hit Danno. They stake out the place looking for Anne. Meanwhile, Danno comes to racing to Edith's house radioing McGarrett on what happened. McGarrett cautions him to be careful.

The bus stops and Anne steps off immediately seeing the guy from her room and now another with him! She runs into traffic being tapped by a car! Edith sees what happens and immediately goes to Anne's side making her way through the crowd that's gathered. Danno is still on track to get there as the ambulance drives away with Anne inside. Once Danno arrives on the scene, Edith fills him in on what happened and that they're taking Anne to Queen's Hospital for a check up. She also tells him that Anne said something about two men being after her and they were the same men fro her hotel room. Danno thanks her for the information and radios Central to send an officer to Queen's for protective security for Anne.

At Five-O, Chin escorts Weston into McGarrett's office to have a chat. Weston is in a hurry to get it over with but McGarrett takes his time acknowledging Weston. Weston goads him for being after him for years but has nothing to show for it. McGarrett isn't worried as he's shaking the tree "and sooner or later something has to fall out". Weston threatens to sue for false arrest but McGarrett looks it as protective custody especially in light of Lamii's death. Weston says that has nothing to do with him. McGarrett tells Weston what he already knows, sort of: Lamii handled the gambling and prostitution while Sammy took care of the "drugs and porno". Both are now dead with Sammy being picked up in a basket about an hour ago. This last fact is what Weston was unaware of. McGarrett wants to know if someone is getting ambitious or were Lamii and Sammy taken out because they were becoming too ambitious? Weston refuses to answer and hobbles out of McGarrett's office. McGarrett warns him he could be the next on the list and Weston leaves without a word. Duke walks in on the report of the car used to kill Sammy: stolen and found abandoned a few blocks from the killing. The lab crew is working on it. McGarrett is hopeful that there's light at the end of the tunnel with Weston.

Sherick and his partner chase the ambulance as it goes to Queen's making it stop on the road and nearly crashing! Sherick and his partner kidnap Anne from the back of the ambulance! They take off as the ambulance attendants are helpless to stop them.

In Five-O, Danno finally goes through the pictures and finds the problem: Vince Kauoli. Danno recognizes him immediately and runs into McGarrett's office with the new information. Suddenly everything makes sense, it's not Anne they're after, they're after that specific photograph! McGarrett says it could explain the murders of Lamii and Sammy. Vince was supposed to have died in a plane crash at sea where the probability of finding his body was slim. McGarrett wonders now if it wasn't a smokescreen for everyone so Vince wouldn't have to stand trial. A year later, he returns to find his organization taken over. McGarrett sends Duke to the lab to have the picture blown up and to find out what boat Vince came in on and who owns it. The phone buzzes with a call for Danno: HPD tells him about the ambulance and that Anne was taken.

Act Four

Sherick and his partner take Anne to Vince who asks her about the film. She tells him what she told them, she took the film to a development shop and they're supposed to drop it off at the hotel. There isn't anything at either place. She muses that it's not delivered yet but it has been. Vince is not pleased, snapping his fingers to get a bowl of fruit. He stabs at it mercilessly Vince stares her down at first but becomes really ticked off when she asks what's going on. Vince orders her inside and Sherick's partner takes care of it. Vince is really ticked off about their error: she can now identify him! No matter what, Vince wants Anne dead but he tells Sherick to take care of Weston first.

At Weston's house, he receives a phone call with still no idea who killed Lamii or Sammy. Lou show Sherick and his partner in to see Weston. Sherick tells Weston they're ready to deliver the killers: themselves. Sherick tells Weston he and Angelo took out Lamii and Sammy for Vince. But they're willing to deal with Weston after Sherick explains they set up Vince's plane crash. While Vince paid them big to kill Weston, they're wondering how much Weston is willing to pay to take out Vince. Sherick is willing to take Vince out for $100,000 and the top two vacancies in his organization. They'll even take him to Vince. Weston agrees telling Lou to go get the money.

In McGarrett's office, the ambiance is moody as they sweat the captain for information on Vince. The captain tries to weasel his way out of it by trying to deny it's his boat in the photograph. The captain tries to make a run for it but Chin and Duke block the doorway. McGarrett tells him to sit down tossing him a folder showing a stack of evidence showing the captain tied to Vince's organization a year ago when Vince was supposedly dead. The captain tries to play dumb asking what he can be charged with. Harboring a fugitive is one but then he can also be charged as accessory to murder in the deaths of Lamii and Sammy because they have enough to prove criminal conspiracy. When the captain realizes this is his one way out, he talks. About a month ago he got a call from Vince while he was in Brazil wanting to pick him up at sea. The captain is an accessory.

Sherick and Angelo take Weston and Lou to the plantation as Weston's men follow. Lou helps Weston out of the car and clears the house prior to Weston's entrance. Weston sits on the table where Vince sits as Vince tells him he wasn't to flip on Weston but Weston counters that he couldn't take the chance. The two then argue about Sherick and Angelo's loyalty: is to Vince or to Weston? Sherick pulls a gun on Weston saying if they double-crossed Vince like they did to him, no one would trust them anymore. Weston tells Vince his tactics won't work as he has the house surrounded but Vince is one step ahead telling Weston to look outside. Weston's men are being rounded up. "I'm having them dumped in the nearest sewer". Weston wants to talk but Vince doesn't want to, it's a year too late! Vince kicks him out as Sherick and Angelo open the doors for him but it's Vince who shoots Weston in the back through closed doors! Anne runs to the window when she hears the shots watching Weston fall in the Porte Cochere. She then sees the Five-O car pull up with Danno, Chin and Duke and an HPD unit behind them. the police close in with Danno taking the front and everyone else spreading out.

In the entryway, Angelo makes sure Weston is dead when Sherick spots Danno and fires at him. Vince tells Angelo to grab Anne and they bring her out threatening to kill her if the police don't drop their weapons. Vince then forces them to line up and bring the cars up to the house. Danno doesn't want to do anything to provoke them and they comply. The four then move to the Continental and as they're about to put Anne into the back seat, Angelo flattens three of the eight tires on the cars. However, a helicopter closes in: it's McGarrett armed with an Uzi! He shoots between the gangsters and the police making everybody scatter. Danno pulls out his tiny .22 caliber as Anne runs behind the HPD car. As he fires back, Danno checks on Anne who's okay.

Sherick, Angelo and Vince race off with the helicopter in close pursuit! Chin and Duke manage to get their guns back firing at the car as it speeds past them. Sherick tries to fire back and they race done the road as the sun begins to set. McGarrett won't give up, he's like a dog with a bone! The car continues to race through the cane fields finally taking an explosive header down a ravine! Vince may have faked his death a year ago but he's not getting away this time. McGarrett finally takes off as they fly above the road in time to see Danno and Anne walk ahead of the Five-O and HPD cars. McGarrett tells him through the bullhorn Danno can take those couple of days off now.

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