(2 hours, total time is actually 1:38:12)


The show starts with a 30-second teaser (excerpts of the show to come, mostly from its second half) as follows: 


After being kidnapped in Hong Kong, McGarrett encounters Wo Fat on top of Victoria Peak. The scene begins after he climbs up stairs. There is a view of Hong Kong inserted which looks kind of crude. Most of the dialogue from this section is cut out; Wo says "You will do it, McGarrett, one way or another."


Wo says, "Mr. McGarrett's reconditioning will begin." Scenes of McGarrett being tortured follow, with Wo cackling maniacally.


Brief shot of McGarrett and Suzie running through market area.


Danno, Chin, Blake and Waring are walking down the street; Danno is talking about the toxin.


Thugs are pursuing McGarrett and Suzie through the market.


McGarrett confesses, "I call upon world conscience to condemn my government for this act of mass murder." (This is in color, in the show it is in black and white)


Blake's office conference with his men: "We have decided to abandon the search for McGarrett."


This last excerpt is intercut with a shot of McGarrett diving into water and ends with another of the same.


Main titles (wave, stars of the show)


Act One:


Show begins, "HONG KONG" title, followed by opening credits (writer, director, etc.) over establishing shots of city from above and of the harbor.

McGarrett escapes from captivity on boat, diving into the ocean, and is rescued by Suzie and her uncle. He wants Suzie to take him to the police station. On the way there, he sees a newspaper with his picture on the front page. He is pursued by thugs, but escapes into a market place area. As he is running in slow motion (without Suzie), he says, "Steve McGarrett. Hawaii Five-O. How did I get here, and why? What is it that I've got to stop by 4:00? Gotta clear my head. Gotta think. Got to think."


This is followed by McGarrett voice-over as military plane lands in Honolulu: "It all began two weeks earlier at Hickam Field in Honolulu." This does not make sense, because McGarrett was unsure about who he was in the previous scene.


Act ends after Wo Fat arrives at Honolulu Airport and is driven away by his men.


Act Two:


Begin: Wo is on the way into town; he talks to Mr. Chong.


End: Blake phones McGarrett to tell him the real Professor Chang has been found dead, floating in the harbor.


Act Three:


Begin: Professor Shimoto and his students are going to do an experiment with the toxins.


End: Wo tells his thugs that McGarrett's reconditioning will begin.


Act Four:


Begin: Plane lands at Hong Kong airport, but McGarrett is not on it. Blake and Waring are waiting.


End: McGarrett's "work" is finished, he picks up bowl of rice that Wo left him and hurls it at the screen.


Act Five:


Begin: Wo delivers the toxins to Chinese general who he is in cahoots with.


End: Blake asks for surveillance to follow Waring, who is suspected of being the mole in the department.


Act Six:


Begin: Waring calls Wo from a public phone booth; Wo knows that Waring has been followed.


End: Waring, hacked up by Wo's men, tells McGarrett that Wo is on Victoria Peak.


Act Seven:


Begin: Cops raid the hideout on Victoria Peak.


End: McGarrett, Danno and Chin return to Hawaii; McGarrett speculates that Wo escaped.


Prior to the end credits, there is a bit of extra music not normally heard.




(2 hours)


This is presumably the same as the 2-hour broadcast version, but I don't totally trust it, because there were slight discrepancies between some Columbia House tapes and the actual broadcast shows.



(2 part syndicated – tape from when the show was broadcast, not edited)


KONG was celebrated for running Five-O episodes VERY complete.


Show begins with Ferris wheel wave bumper (6 seconds)


Show begins, "HONG KONG" title, followed by opening credits with "Part 1" added below the main title in different font, as if superimposed with video


McGarrett escapes from captivity on boat, is rescued, escapes from pursuers, has a flashback to Hawaii


Main titles (wave, stars of the show) appears at 13:00, after Wo Fat gets in car at Honolulu airport; after the main titles, show continues with Wo in car.


End of part one is after McGarrett wakes up, climbs steps and meets Wo. There is a final credit -- Executive Producer Philip Leacock -- in a different font


End titles for part one are the same as end titles from the 2-hour version


Part two begins with Ferris wheel wave bumper (6 seconds)


There is a lengthy recap of part one, ending with McGarrett climbing steps and confronting Wo.


Opening credits at approx. 3:36: Nine Dragons Part 2, plus writer, director, etc. start just after the end of Part One's sequence where McGarrett climbs steps and meets Wo. These titles are in a different font


The scene continues with McGarrett ripping up confession paper and Wo telling his henchmen, "Let Mr. McGarrett's reconditioning begin."


Main titles (wave, stars of the show), approx. 6:25 to 7:20


View of Hong Kong airport with HONG KONG superimposed, Blake waits for McGarrett. When McGarrett doesn't show, he calls Danno.


Both parts one and parts two had one "Hawaii Five-O will continue" commercial bumper in the middle of the show.




(2 part syndicated – may have been edited by the person who sent it to me)


Begins with same 30-second teaser as Columbia House version (see above)


Main titles (wave, stars of the show),


Opening credits (same as Columbia House), McGarrett escapes, has flashback to Honolulu


Part one ends when McGarrett is shot with tranquilizer dart in car, he pitches forward, and there is a freeze frame with “Executive Producer Philip Leacock” in a different font


Prior to end titles, in the brief space where there is extra music in the Columbia House version, there is a superimposed title in different font -- "To be continued"


End titles for part one are the same as at end of 2-hour version.


Part two begins with same teaser as part one, followed by main titles and same opening credits as at beginning of part one (not in a different font).


First scene is when McGarrett wakes up from the effects of the tranquilizer at Wo Fat's.