S07E20 - “And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon” - Plot

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Act One

The 'Louise' sails in the Pacific with two guys determining a drop off point for a watertight orange container. Meanwhile, a guy (E.H. Marc Baxley) walks down the streets of Honolulu bent out of sorts. Back on the boat, the main guy keeps an eye on the container in the water as a small plane flies closer. Inside the plane, the pilot (Ed Flanders) maneuvers so the guy in the back (Bruce Boxleitner) drops a grappling hook to snag the container! Once it's grabbed, the plane takes off for a higher altitude and parts unknown.

The guy on the streets flags down Jerry across the street and nearly gets hit a few times crossing over. Jerry pulls him into an alley looking for a fix but Jerry can't help because Five-O has everything locked down. The guys decides what he'll do next running out the back of the alley as the plane hauls in the container still being dragged behind it. The guy in the back open the container and removes the pack inside. Meantime, the junkie makes a phone call to Five-O with Jenny (Margaret Sherman) answering as he asks to speak to McGarrett. Meanwhile, the airplane makes it over land where the guy in the back jumps out skydiving to a drop point! Jenny tells McGarrett about the caller with him picking up Line two but as the junkie is about to talk, he's shot three times with McGarrett hearing everything! McGarrett runs out telling Jenny to get a trace on the line.

As the skydiver free falls, McGarrett and HPD respond to the phone booth with the skydiver deploying his chute. On the ground, the skydiver tosses the pack to a guy in a station wagon while a girl (Jo Ann Harris) drives up ready to celebrate but keeping a wary eye on the station wagon as the driver calls a businessman (Robert Harker) telling him the drop went off without a hitch. The businessman, in turn, makes a call to Rick Corso (Robert Sandia) in Detroit.

McGarrett arrives at the shooting scene where Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) says there was no identification on the guy. McGarrett tells Duke to have Doc (Al Eben) take prints then check them with NCIC and HPD. Frank confirms what Duke briefed and McGarrett heard: "a John Doe with three slugs in him". Frank guesses a .357 with magnum load based on the damage in the phone booth. Chin says there aren't any witnesses but HPD is working the nearby streets and buildings. Danno has a sense this may be bigger than first appears.

The pilot shows up at the skydiver's apartment with the girl inside breaking the news to them that Mark is dead and "Hollander had him burned". The pilot explains Mark, the junkie, was going to tip off Five-O so the girl moved first telling Hollander he was going to blab. The girl has no regrets about what she did but Kevin the skydiver is upset while Bernie the pilot is stoic. Bernie also tells them Hollander has bought them and there's a guy from the mainland flying in to make the buy. He says it'll take about a week to set everything up and will handle Hollander and his friend from the mainland because he "doesn't want to end up like Mark".

McGarrett and Danno are in the morgue looking over Mark's personal items: "less than a buck in cash and no I.D." McGarrett looks over the hotel key with the hotel name rubbed off but it's for room 29-B. Frank walks in with a positive identification from NCIC thanks to service records: Mark Traynor who served in the Air Force as a mechanic and left with an "undesirable discharge". Doc walks in noting needle marks along both arms and legs with his veins in the left arm absolutely useless. After Doc says Mark was probably going into withdrawals, Danno wonders if Mark wasn't trying to score a fix through them. He and Frank discuss how all the agencies have the slammed the doors on everything getting in with the word on the streets all the junkies are hurting. McGarrett brings it back to Mark asking what his record was like post-Air Force. Frank says there's not much except an out of date mainland address.

In the laboratory, Che (Harry Endo) uses acid to try to bring out the hotel name on the tag because it's probably etched into it. There's not much there but McGarrett is happy with the results leaving to follow up on it.

A United Airlines 747 arrives from the mainland with the guy in the station wagon from earlier picking up Corso. The car arrives at Trans Oceanic Lines where Corso immediately enters Hollander's office. Hollander shows him the 'Star of Ceylon' is out of Hong Kong and should be 50 miles off Oahu on the 18th. At a pre-set time, a deckhand will dump the canister overboard then Bernie will fly in to pick it up once the ship is out of sight. Corso isn't keen about the whole scheme because the amount of drugs at stake have a street value of $7 million. Hollander has a way to put Corso's mind at ease: test the Bernie and Kevin.

The hotel key matches the Waikiki Palms Hotel where Danno and Frank go test their matching skills. The manager (Galen Kam) leads them up to the room and opens the door but the girl with Kevin hears the commotion and goes to peek out their door. She isn't happy and calls Bernie while Danno and Frank search the apartment. Danno finds Mark's drug kit behind his dresser.

Act Two

Danno and Frank then go to Dillingham Field where Bernie is working on his airplane. They want to talk to Bernie about Mark discovering that Mark worked for him from the desk clerk at Waikiki Palms Hotel. Bernie tells them he hired Mark because he was mechanic and worked cheap. Problem was Mark didn't show up half the time and the other half he was "spaced out". Bernie goes on about being a one-man outfit and sometimes needs "an extra hand" as Mark was a good mechanic when he wasn't high. Danno asks about friends and enemies then Bernie ask if something happened to Mark, playing along. Danno gives Bernie his card in case he thinks of anything else.

In McGarrett's office, the chalkboard is out as Danno arrived about a year before in Hawaii. Frank walks in with the book on Bernie Ross: "arrested, Chicago, ten years ago. Suspicion of smuggling gold. No conviction. Arrested nine years ago, suspicion of gunrunning. Case dismissed, lack of evidence. Arrested six years ago, San Francisco. Suspicion of involvement in opium trade. Hung jury". This is not Bernie's first rodeo as McGarrett calls him a "smart operator". Looking as Bernie's record and the fact Mark had something to sell, something is afoot. Danno talks about the rumors of a big shipment of horse coming in with Frank adding the junkies want "a snowfall". McGarrett suspects Bernie is the one trying to bring the big shipment in.

Bernie arrives at the Waikiki Palms Hotel just in front of Chin who speaks to the desk clerk about which room Bernie goes to. All the desk clerk knows is the second floor and he visits all the time. Upstairs, Bernie enters the room with just the girl inside. They smooch and get cozy while Chin hangs out downstairs. She laments about having to put up with Kevin but Bernie assures her it won't be too much longer. They leave for his place as Chin buys himself a soda. They walk right past and once they leave, he asks the clerk for her name: Laurie Benedict.

In McGarrett's office, Danno briefs about Laurie: age 21, born in St. Louis but ran away at 14 and again at 16. She has served time for using a stolen credit card and is currently on probation in Indiana but disappeared six months ago. Chin and Frank put the dots together that she's across the hall from "a stoolie" who worked for Bernie and she left with him. The phone buzzes for an international call: Inspector Horbrecht calling McGarrett back on his inquiry about the large drug shipment. Horbrecht tells him to keep surveillance on all ships from Trans Oceanic Lines because one is inbound from Hong Kong with a hefty load of heroin. Danno mentions the line's possible syndicate connections. The Washington dossier being pretty thick and the fact one of the first ships busted in the crackdown belonged to the line. Chin asks why the ships weren't searched before sailing but Interpol wants to know where the line ends due to a new connection. Frank walks in saying one of the first ships due in is the 'Star of Macau' in three days. Danno is perplexed as to why the line would send another ship but McGarrett wonders if that's where Bernie comes in calling Bob Royer (Bob Sevey) at FAA.

The 'Star of Macau' heads toward Hawaii leaving an orange container in the ocean. Hollander then calls Bernie with the coordinates: Latitude 21 degrees, 15 minutes; Longitude 162 degrees, 20 minutes. After the call, Corso leads them out. At the same time, Kevin has his gear in a large pack and leaves for Dillingham Field.

Act Three

Chin watches Bernie from a car at Dillingham Field and everything seems normal as cargo is loaded onto Bernie's plane. Chin radios into McGarrett saying Bernie has finished loading, he's alone and about to take off. McGarrett tells Chin to stay at the airport out of sight leaving the office. Meantime, Bernie takes off with Kevin revealing himself once in the air.

McGarrett arrives at the FAA where they watch Bernie's aircraft fly to Kauai delivering general cargo. McGarrett believes something more than general cargo that will be delivered somewhere. Bernie continues the flight telling Kevin to hide again as he begins his approach into Lihue. To the FAA, it's "a milk run" as Bernie lands in Lihue. As the plane is offloaded, Bernie meets the fueler. At the FAA, McGarrett doesn't buy Bernie pick this morning to fly out to Kauai just because, the 'Star of Macau' is in perfect range today: to him, it's not a coincidence. McGarrett points out if they are carrying heroin, it has to be offloaded prior to Immigration and Customs board the ship. The controller says Lihue is sending Bernie back to Oahu and FAA watches the flight. Kevin deploys the grappling hook as FAA loses the plane on radar because they've dropped too low. McGarrett determines his lat/long to be directly intersecting the wake of the 'Star of Macau'. The airplane reappears once Bernie flies to the proper altitude again and Kevin jumps out. Royer notices Bernie is too far east and there is no place to land. McGarrett calls Danno to go to Dillingham Field to give Chin a hand searching Bernie and his airplane.

Kevin lands as Laurie waits in the jeep and Hollander, Corso and their thug watch by the station wagon. On the ground, Kevin hands over the pack then celebrates with Laurie. Hollander examines the pack noting the seal is unbroken and quite satisfied by the result.

At Dillingham Field, Danno completes the search of Bernie's plane with no results: no heroin to be found. Danno calls McGarrett with the bad news.

Act Four

McGarrett walks into Five-O leading the team into his office sure they had Bernie. Danno shows him pictures of the grappling hook that Bernie claims is for salvage jobs. Franks says they've all been checked out with Laurie's probation report just arriving as Danno says she appears to be the last important of the three. McGarrett looks are her file wanting to see the copies of the Waikiki Palms Hotel registry. He notes she dated a man named Caulder when she hung out at a small airfield in Indiana. When she disappeared so did he. McGarrett keeps reading noting the only phone number Laurie's probation officer had was for a pilot who booked Caulder as a skydiver: their missing piece! McGarrett suspects the organization is planning a permanent way to import heroin and they'll keep trying to import via skydiving. McGarrett plans to follow them every time.

In the apartment, Bernie opens the pack but it's powdered sugar! Kevin isn't happy because there was only supposed to be one jump, not dry runs: he wants out. Laurie wants to talk to Bernie with her own plan when Hollander calls.

Chin watches as Bernie's plane is loaded again at Dillingham Field and Laurie shows up in the background. She boards the plane then Chin radios McGarrett on the turn of events with the cargo being similar to the last trip. They take off with McGarrett keeping Chin at Dillingham Field to keep the bases covered.

McGarrett marks the 'Star of Ceylon' route on the map as it closes in on Oahu. He sends Frank to Trans Oceanic Lines office and tells Jenny to order him a helicopter. McGarrett goes to meet the helicopter and takes off. As Bernie flies, Kevin emerges seeing Laurie sitting beside Bernie.

At FAA, McGarrett and Royer watch Bernie circling rather than his prior milk run route. In Bernie's plane, they explain to Kevin the change of plans: they snag the heroin, land at Honolulu International and take off with $7 million. After much encouragement, Kevin finally readies the grappling hook. At FAA, it's apparent Bernie is circling over the wake of the 'Star of Ceylon' and McGarrett patches to Frank who tells him Hollander, Corso and the thug go to their car to take off. McGarrett tells him not to lose them. The controller says Bernie is descending then he pops up again but rather than heading to Dillingham, he's going toward Honolulu International. On board the plane, Laurie opens the pack and tastes the heroin and offers Bernie a taste too. Kevin is done with the games grabbing the pack and jumping out of the plane!

In the helicopter chasing after Bernie's plane, McGarrett calls Danno in the office telling him to get out to Honolulu International with HPD backup to meet, search and impound Bernie's plane. McGarrett goes after Kevin who is still in his freefall with the pack. Bernie lands at Honolulu International to be met by Danno, Chin and HPD with their guns drawn. McGarrett pinpoints Kevin when he spots the parachute. Kevin wrecks his leg when he lands wrong as McGarrett lands nearby. McGarrett finds the drugs in the pack calling Frank to send somebody to pick up the drugs and to move in on Hollander and Corso. McGarrett arrests Kevin.

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