S07E01 - “The Young Assassins” - Plot

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Act One

A couple is enjoying their long awaited Hawaiian vacation with the wife (Jo Pruden) taking video of her husband (David Palmer) surfing in the water. Once on the beach, he sits for a few minutes before considering going out again and trying to talk her into trying surfing as well. A young man named Mike (Larry Wilcox) walks up to Chuck, shoots him, tossing a silver coin on him then takes off running! As people run toward Chuck, Mike runs to a car parked by the beach and takes off once he's inside. A girl (Ruth Ann Seal) in the back seat asks Mike if he did it as the driver (Donald Roessler Jr.) keeps going down the street as she becomes super excited about the whole adventure.

Danno and several HPD units are one the scene as Chuck's body is taken to an ambulance. Danno radios McGarrett reporting "another killing with a P.A.G. medallion," this time on Queen's Surf Beach. McGarrett isn't happy because this is the third killing in ten days. Danno briefs that according to the wife, the killer was 19 to 21, blonde using "the same chrome-plated automatic" saying he was with the People's Attack Group.

At the group's house, Mike sits as the leader (Scott Marlowe) paces in front of him. When Mike stands up, the leader tells him he's proven himself with his courage and he now belongs. Foxer (James A. Simpson) grabs some celebratory beers then they consider the next move. Mike is super excited on whatever comes next telling Army, the leader, as much. Vera (Genevieve Ann Nelson) walks in the door after picking up a bunch of pamphlets. Army is pleased with what he sees after kissing Vera saying they can now distribute their "order of battle" to the people. When Vera suggests sending one to the newspapers, Army has a better idea: put one on their next target! Army asks Victor (Will Seltzer) if he's ready and he is bursting at the seams to make it happen. Army hands the gun, the pamphlet and a medallion to Victor.

In Five-O, Danno goes over a book and articles written by Kurt Metzger, PhD. (Wright Esser) as Jenny (Margaret Sherman) buzzes in with Kurt on the line. Danno tells Kurt about the latest killing and they're interested in knowing how he can be so specific in his personality profiles of the terrorists. Danno sets a lunch date with Kurt so he can pick his brain. Meantime, in McGarrett's office, Che (Harry Endo) briefs all the slugs match: same gun killed the three victims. The medallion isn't much help as it's common grade aluminum "etched by an electric pencil" with no fingerprints. McGarrett knows they have their hands full if "the professor's theories are even halfway accurate" as the trademarks aren't just part of "masculinity rites" but a promise of future violence and death.

At a shopping center, the driver and Victor arrive where Victor tells him to park near the main entrance as there is a large arcade and fountain with lots of people so he can find a target easily. An HPD unit patrols nearby as they park because Victor figures if Mike can do it, he can too. Once out of the car, Victor runs into a man (Wallace Landford) knocking his shopping bag out of his hand. When the man gives Victor a bunch of grief, Victor pulls out the gun gaining the attention of the HPD officer (Chuck Couch) patrolling. The driver yells at Victor they need to go with Victor telling the man, "you're lucky, man". Giving chase, other HPD units join in finally cornering the pair and arresting them when they try to run on foot.

At HPD, McGarrett and Manicote (Glenn Cannon) see Nick (Daniel Kamekona) before speaking to the suspects. When McGarrett asks if they've been read their rights, Nick tells them the suspects recited them to him! There is an awkward silence as Victor seems nervous but the driver sits back and plays it tough. McGarrett lays it out for them: if the gun and car match to the three killings, the suspects are going to jail for a long time. How long depends on them with Victor about to speak but the driver shuts it all down with their "right" to remain silent. Manicote tells them they can deal now but once the rest of the gang is nabbed, it will be too late. McGarrett realizes they won't get anywhere with these two and tells Manicote it's time to go. Outside the interrogation room, they meet Danno who tells them the car is at the lab with Che going over it with a fine-tooth comb. McGarrett wants Danno to check with the gunsmiths around town because the nickel-plating may have been done locally.

At lunch the next day, Danno wraps up with Kurt who explains how these type of terrorist groups work. There is also an underlying fear of retaliation plus the members don't normally know that much about each other often using new names and leaving the past behind: something of a new start. Danno asks about criminal records with Kurt telling him the leader most definitely has one as he has "an expertise in calculated violence" and could be seen as a father figure by the members. The other members may have minor offenses such as disrupting the peace or narcotics, as it seems to be a pre-requisite to be a "modern militant". Danno wonders what comes next: "more terror tactics". Kurt explains the more terror, the more publicity and it becomes a way to get their message to the masses and a way to feed their egos. Kurt equates it to being a heroin addict and they'll go to whatever lengths to get the next fix. Danno asks if they would resort to skyjacking or bombing but Kurt isn't optimistic: is it so different from slaughtering innocent people? As they get into the car, Mike and the girl pop up from the back seat with a gun: Danno and Kurt are now in the P.A.G.'s hands!

Act Two

Danno and Kurt are taken to P.A.G.'s house where they are forced to sit and are tied up. Vera yells at them saying they are prisoners of war and have no rights except what the gang wants to give them. She continues saying they will be able to "eat, sleep and breathe" as long as they cooperate. Blindfolded when they brought in, these are removed after their wallets are taken. Army is not impressed by either of his prisoners and reads one of Kurt's articles about P.A.G. with Army telling him he has it all wrong, especially about them being "ignorant of history". Army tries to bait Kurt asking why does he think they use the gun they have. Danno answers that General Patton had one like it along with his pearl handled revolvers. Army then turns his attention to Danno calling him a "bank guard" and working for "the rich who own the government". Army returns to Kurt's assessment of the P.A.G.: inferiority complexes and often having sexual issues.

In the laboratory, Che reports the gun is from World War II era handing the gun to McGarrett as Chin and Ben listen. Che also says the nickel-plating is almost as old as the gun and doesn't have the same factory quality alloy if it were put on at the time it was made but it's still too old to trace. McGarrett moves on to the car: Che says it has had a cheap paint job with tan on gray with a few prints on the gas cap and rear fender. However, the prints may lead to a gas station attendant. Chin says the prints on the steering wheel and the doors led to nowhere. McGarrett tells Ben to find where the car was painted and then wants Chin to follow up on any prints that don't lead to the suspects and fast. McGarrett expects the group to hit back and to hit back hard after they've busted a pair of their boys. McGarrett plans to be there like a brick wall because this group has declared war on society.

Ben follows up on the car with a gas station attendant (Yankee Chang) who tells Ben the paint on the fender isn't too good. He goes on saying a good looking haole wahine sometimes drove the car and there's another one she drives too: a white four-door sedan. She tends to stop by once or twice a week.

McGarrett enters Five-O as the telex prints off and he rips off the paper then asks Jenny if she's heard form Danno. Jenny does stop him with information HPD pulled up on the two guys in custody: the driver is Joseph Palusky, age 24 and did a year in Leavenworth for smuggling arms. He also had a drug bust previously at Missouri University. The second guy is Victor Bonner with no record thus far. After reading their information, she tells McGarrett a cab driver dropped a package for him and she's already had it x-rayed at the lab. McGarrett opens the package to find a cassette tape, a driver's license and a badge: Danno's badge!

McGarrett plays the tape in the Governor's office with Army informing them they have taken "a chronic liar" and a "storm trooper". Army lays it out: the penalty is death as enemies against the people! Manicote is present too as Army goes on proposing a prisoner swap: Danno and Kurt for Joseph and Victor. What's worse, Army says no one is safe until their men are released because after they kill Danno and Kurt, they will take more prisoners and "execute them". Army says future contact will be over Citizens Band (CB) radio channel eight. The governor isn't really surprised bringing up the aftermath of 1972 Munich Olympics and Germany releasing the commandos responsible. Unfortunately, McGarrett isn't a lot of help because he doesn't know very much about P.A.G. and there is little to no defense against their "irrational terror". However, he is resolute in that he will not bargain with them and absolutely refuses the option of a prisoner swap regardless of the personal cost, even though they pulled Kurt into the middle of it. As McGarrett points out: with terrorists, there is no such thing as an innocent bystander. The governor isn't happy about the heavy decision he has to make, "comparable to signing a death sentence" but McGarrett tells him it must be done. To give in would give P.A.G. free reign to do as they please and worse: prompt others to use the same tactic to win their freedom. McGarrett will contact Civil Defense and gain the use of their direction-finding trucks as well as visit Elizabeth Metzger (Patricia Lee Herman). The governor plans to rearrange his schedule so that he's available should McGarrett need him.

At the gas station, Vera pulls up for $1 worth of gas as the attendant tries to tip off Ben who is watching across the street. The problem is Vera can see him out of her side view mirror and she asks him what's going on! She pays him quickly and races out of the station. Ben radios Nick about Vera's whereabouts. Nick sees her and commences following her. Ben then calls Central for a readout on the license plates: "5-Alpha-7819" and a patch to McGarrett. Vera stops at a phone booth near a fountain as Ben briefs McGarrett and patches to Nick who tells them she's making a phone call along with her description. Meanwhile, Central comes back with the plates: registered to Vera Marie Strickler, 4759 Kolohala with Nick saying they're about two blocks from the address! McGarrett tells Ben to go to the address and standby but not to show himself.

Vera is on the phone with Army telling him about what's going on. Army tries to have her calm down then has her look around and that's when she notices Nick. She tells Army who wants her to "go for a ride" and if the guy follows, "take him on a tour". He hangs up the phone calling a "condition: red" while Vera takes off again with Nick right behind her.

McGarrett is en route to Vera's address as Nick informs him they're on the "scenic route". McGarrett radios Chin who at the house next door with two HPD units and a sharpshooter across the street. Ben is in the back with two HPD officers waiting for the word to go in. When he arrives, McGarrett leads Chin and HPD to the front door noticing the Five-O car parked in the yard! McGarrett wants to hit hard and fast but to hold the gunfire and they finally strike but the house is empty! Chin finds an empty mug on the table and it's still warm, which mean they just missed them. McGarrett tells Nick to pick up Vera because now she' the only link.

On the road, Nick pulls alongside identifying himself but Vera pulls a gun and shoots! She speeds off with Nick in pursuit and as she tries to escape, Vera runs into a trailer being pulled by a dump truck at a construction site causing her car to blow up in flames!

Act Three

The gang drives up to a group of abandoned bunkers at 'Battery Harlow' with their hostages. They lead Danno and Kurt to an underground bunker then to a rear ammunition storage room where their hands are untied but are shoved in with the blindfolds still on! The door is secured with a rusty bolt from the outside so there's no escape for them.

McGarrett goes to visit Elizabeth to break the bad news of the kidnapping. Elizabeth is upset over the entire situation wondering if the governor couldn't be flexible this one time but deep down both she and McGarrett know there is no flexibility with this. As they talk, she finally breaks down with McGarrett comforting her the best he can, assuring her they will catch them.

In the storage room, Danno notices the remnants of "an old gun emplacement" on the floor. The place was used for a powder magazine during some of the wars. Kurt asks if the governor would consider negotiating an exchange but he knows it would be futile: "opening Pandora's Box". Kurt becomes philosophical: "how the reality of fear can twist itself into an illusion of hope?" then serious because the gang has nothing to gain by keeping Danno and Kurt alive.

In Five-O, an HPD officer (Walter Yoshimitsu) calls out to keep the channel clear as Nick walks in with information on the gang members, especially their leader: Richard Stanwood, a.k.a. Army and several other names. He's served time for several offenses including manslaughter and rape with an escape from Joliet, Illinois 18 months ago. McGarrett wants APBs and photos on all of them and enough copies "to paper the islands".

Foxer returns from an errand and rigging the antenna for the van. After some prompting by Army, he eventually gives the gang the horrible news about Vera being killed with details about how she was chased and burned alive. Army loses it making a decision to take the gun to the back room. Unlocking the door, he points the gun to Danno and Kurt, firing. They later dump Kurt's body at the governor's residence!

McGarrett gets the bad news via a phone call from Nick. McGarrett tenses with no outlet for his anger as the Civil Defense trucks move into their positions around Honolulu. Chin directs the work at Five-O to try to triangulate where the group is as Army begins transmitting so he can speak to the governor. Chin goes to McGarrett's office waking him for the radio calls. McGarrett answers the radio using Army's real name with the back-and-forth commencing. Army gives McGarrett three hours or Danno is dead and one hour to put the governor on the radio. The trucks were able to narrow the position down to ten square blocks but couldn't do any better because the conversation wasn't long enough. McGarrett believes they're using a "mobile transceiver". Meanwhile, Jenny calls the governor for McGarrett.

In the lab, Che discovers something interesting and calls McGarrett: a fungus that grows with minimal light such as in caves was found on Kurt's clothes. Che also found large grains of gunpowder, possibly a propellant charge. Che is awaiting the results as McGarrett informs him of the deadline: less than three hours.

Not quite an hour later, the governor enters Five-O. McGarrett asks him not to speak until it's absolutely necessary telling Army the governor is flying in from Maui to talk to him. McGarrett also brings up the possibility of allowing Joseph, the driver, out on bail but as he's talking the trucks are doing their thing to nail down where Army is. Army doesn't buy the "good faith" gesture telling McGarrett he can basically shove it after what happened to Vera. McGarrett explains she panicked and no one wanted to see her killed. Army threatens to burn Danno alive unless he talks to the governor in 25 minutes. The second conversation allowed them to verify Army is using a mobile radio as they're now in the middle of town.

At 8:02 a.m., the governor answers Army's call. The governor tries to get the conversation going asking who he's talking to, what group. Army answers the People's Attack Group is aiming for everyone's freedom and begins ranting as the triangulation process continues. Army demands for the release of Joseph and Victor then they're to meet the rest of the group at "combat position D". The governor asks if Army understands the seriousness of the crimes with Army countering, "do you understand there's gonna be an execution?" The governor tells Army these things take time but Army doesn't buy in the least stating they're done talking and Danno is dead.

Act Four

Che finishes his analysis in the lab, calling McGarrett: the gunpowder found is from a propellant charge used in artillery shells and they're old, maybe even as far back as Word War I! Along with the fungus, Che believes they're from a military storage area. The problem they have now if figuring out where: there are old storage bunkers all over Oahu. When McGarrett and the governor talk about the combat position, McGarrett suggests he asks Army for verification of D or B. Army answers D but warns they'll be listening but not talking anymore. Chin notices they're heading to the windward side of the island and the signal is getting weaker. McGarrett, Chin and the governor narrow down the possibility to Diamond Head as there are lots of gun emplacements and it's a high vantage point for radio reception. McGarrett tells Chin to contact Fort Shafter for maps of every tunnel and bunker, then to contact HPD for a full squad issued automatic weapons and combat gear: a SWAT team. McGarrett then speaks to the governor asking him to wait until the deadline is up before calling Army about his men's release. Chances are they will have to wait at the gun emplacement until they can be reunited. The governor asks if they're not at the gun emplacement and McGarrett doesn't want to consider that scenario.

At the bunker, Army tosses Danno some food telling him to cheer up; the governor is going through with the prisoner swap. Army taunts him saying he'll know for sure the next time the door opens. Outside the bunker, McGarrett talks to a colonel (Alan H. Birdsall) about the layout of the tunnels and bunkers as HPD readies to move in. McGarrett is specifically interested in an area marked blue on the map with the colonel answering his questions: an old mortar battery with ammo storage, gun emplacements and old crew quarters. The tunnel they're about to enter will lead them straight there. McGarrett wants the place surrounded quickly and quietly because time is running short: 20 minutes left.

At the bunker, the girl relieves Foxer for lunch as HPD sets up a perimeter while McGarrett, the colonel and two HPD officers run through the tunnel. The governor looks at the time and makes his broadcast, which prompts the girl to turn up the radio. When she exits the van, Ben grabs her from behind! Army, Mike and Foxer celebrate with Foxer going to the van to tell Natalie to turn down the radio but he's nabbed too! When Army sticks his head out the door, a volley of gunfire begins from HPD causing Danno to stand up and figure out his next move. Army ducks back inside with Mike trying to hold them off. Army hands Mike the keys to the door for the tunnel so he can escape as Army goes to the back room to shoot Danno. When Army opens the door, Danno forces it open and puts Army off-balance! They two struggle with Danno getting bashed in the head with Army's gun butt. While that happens, Mike unlocks the door with McGarrett on the other side! McGarrett forces Mike to call Army where McGarrett pummels the crap out Army. Only after Army is subdued does Danno emerge from the back happy to see his boss and vice versa.

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