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Act One

Early morning a car pulls up to a residence with two men exiting, the babysitter (Josie Over) sits up looking at the clock: 6:00 a.m. when she hears footsteps. The men enter into a bedroom with the first man (Jackie Coogan) saying, "take her". The second man (Ronald Feinberg) picks up the sleeping girl Debbie (Brook Graham) who wakes up enough to recognize the second man, Luther. They wrap a blanket around her and put her slippers on before leaving. They walk out of the house as the babysitter watches but does nothing. They take off in the car.

As they drive near Diamond Head, an HPD car follows them with the officer (Larry Shiraishi) noticing the back plate is about to fall off. He turns on his lights and pulls over the trio making Luther very nervous asking Frank, the first man, what he should do. When they finally pull over the officer informs them about the rear plate but things go south fast as Luther hits the officer with the door eventually strangling him. Getting back into their car, they're unable to escape because Luther flooded the engine. Frank tries to wave down a car, which takes off and looks around for a solution: there's a bunker on the side of the mountain and they hike for it but no before taking the AR-15 from the squad car, the service revolver and a bunch of ammunition. A witness (Jimmy Borges) watches it all go down leaving to notify the police once he knows where they're going. Frank has to stop part way up because of heart issues. They arrive at the bunker but Frank collapses just before it. Luther puts Debbie down before helping Frank inside.

The witness returns directing arriving police to where they're located. Meantime, Debbie is oblivious sleeping through it all as part of the plan. Luther takes a look down as two HPD units arrive with four officers including Duke (Herman Wedemeyer). They check on Larry, the officer who pulled the car over but he's dead. They plan to clear the public and take the hill with Duke ordering to hold their fire because of the child. Their plan goes south because Luther opens fire hitting one of the officers, Tommy (Arte McCollough) who manages to scramble across the road to get out of range. Duke calls in backup including Five-O.

McGarrett and Danno arrive on scene in front of the ambulance. McGarrett tells Danno to get a helicopter and he tells Duke to get some men to retrieve Tommy. Two officers put flak gear on head to toe and make their way across the road to Tommy and Larry. They place both in the back seat and drive the car back as Luther keeps firing taking out a tire. They make it to the ambulance where Danno reports the helicopter is on the way. Tommy is taken away in an ambulance as McGarrett tries to talk them down. Frank tells Luther to quiet McGarrett taking several shots at them breaking windows, headlights, tires and a strobe light.

Act Two

The helicopter arrives to pick up Danno with McGarrett warning him to stay out of range of the rifle. As the helicopter takes off, Duke and several other officers surround the car the men used with Duke writing down the plate number and handing it to McGarrett by the Park Lane. McGarrett wants any blueprints and specs of the bunker and Duke sets off to get them as McGarrett calls in the plate number to the dispatcher (Wiona Collins).

Danno begins his survey but can't see them because he figures they're in the back of the bunker. Because the roof juts out, Danno isn't sure about a blind side to approach. He tells the pilot to circle around and see if they can find anything. Meanwhile, McGarrett contacts Chin to run down the license plate, see if HPD has any reports of a missing child and a status from the hospital. Chin begins his phone calls starting with the Identification Section. HPD runs the computer to find information on the car.

The helicopter flies back around over the stopped traffic near Diamond Head. McGarrett runs to meet it as it lands but Danno doesn't have good news: there's no approach they can't cover and there is no way to "pull the net tight enough" to prevent an escape after dark. The kicker is to get them out before dark without hurting Debbie.

In the bunker, Debbie wants to go home and Luther tells her, "pretty soon". Sirens wail in the background as the communications van and the mobile Command Post arrive on scene. McGarrett directs them to park across the road out of range. Once the van is set up, Chin reports to Danno he has a make on the car and is about to check out the information. Danno briefs McGarrett: the car is registered to Frank Denton living in a "fleabag on Hotel Street" with a roommate Luther Shepp who stands about six feet seven inches, which matches the witness' description. Central calls in about Frank and Luther: two previous arrests and they work together. The arrests were for shoplifting and petty larceny but the sentence was suspended for Luther who was remanded at Tripler Hospital due to brain damage from war wounds. Frank served 30 days for the second offense. Neither has been married and neither has any children of record. McGarrett tells Danno to contact Tripler to find out what they're dealing with.

At 10:00 a.m. the babysitter calls the police to report Debbie missing. Meantime, Danno finds out some interesting information: the psychiatrist doesn't believe Frank and Luther are in the bunker. Danno explains Luther was an Army officer and came out of surgery physically intact but "with the mind of a child" making him incapable of anything besides petty stuff. Frank was an orderly at the hospital where they met and has a "severe heart condition". McGarrett begins putting pieces together: could be why they stopped at the bunker. Duke takes over the van as Ben calls for McGarrett: Debbie's grandmother (Nina Foch) has been located and being flown to the scene. As well, Debbie's mother (Tisha Sterling) was found on Maui and she's being flown in. They have identified the grandmother as Mrs. Hubbard Scott of "Scott fortune". Ben goes on to say that it was probably an inside job because the door was left unlocked and traces of a drug were found in the cup Debbie drank hot chocolate from before going to bed. As McGarrett wraps up, another helicopter flies in carrying Mrs. Scott. Before completely hanging up, McGarrett tells Ben to pick up the babysitter for "complicity in kidnapping".

As Mrs. Scott is brought over to the Command Post, she opens a letter she received and McGarrett asks for a letter kit. Mrs. Scott drops the letter into a folder as requested before McGarrett looks at the postmark: yesterday from Waikiki. He finds it strange the letter was mailed before the kidnapping. McGarrett hands the entire package to Duke so "a man on a bike" can run it to Che Fong's (Harry Endo) laboratory. McGarrett shows Mrs. Scott the mug shots of Luther and Frank and she immediately recognizes them. She says Eadie visits the VA Hospital befriending Luther and asked Mrs. Scott to give Luther odd jobs around the house. She claims Frank showed up with Luther one day. He asks if she knew about their records and she says she found out the hard way when things began to disappear. She asks if Eadie knows about this with McGarrett answering she's being flown in from Maui. He asks when did Eadie leave Honolulu but she never answers the question because she isn't privy to Eadie's private life. Mrs. Scott explains Debbie was born out of wedlock and wonders if it wouldn't have been better if she wasn't born at all. Mrs. Scott says Eadie is always doing something to shame her including changing her mind about giving Debbie up for adoption. Mrs. Scott believes Eadie is unfit to be a mother, which raises suspicions for McGarrett wondering if Eadie isn't the inside person on the kidnapping because she was conveniently on Maui when the kidnapping took place. McGarrett grills her more with Mrs. Scott becoming more flustered before Danno interrupts.

Danno leads McGarrett to the communications van with Ben on the other end: Anna, the babysitter is nowhere to be found but there is an APB on her. Meanwhile, bulletproof equipment is laid out for officers and Danno reports they have grenades and tear gas ready but as long as Debbie is up there, the ammunition and gas can't be used.

Another helicopter flies in, this time it's Eadie Scott and is immediately bombarded by her mother offering her money in order to get Debbie off the mountain. Eadie goes off screaming at her to leave her alone and tries to run across the road to get Debbie herself. McGarrett holds a screaming Eadie preventing her from going any further.

Act Three

Eadie talks to McGarrett saying Luther wouldn't hurt anyone and he especially loves Debbie. McGarrett breaks the bad news: he's killed two police officers. Eadie wants to talk to them certain Luther will listen to her. Duke runs over telling McGarrett Che is on the phone for him. Che reports the letters on the note were from "a European offset coded stock" cutouts making them easy to trace. The cutouts came from a magazine called "London Fashions," which only has five local subscribers. McGarrett returns to Eadie and is furious: she's one of the subscribers! Eadie denies setting up the kidnapping and knows her mother told McGarrett she's capable of doing that. McGarrett doesn't who's lying but he's going to find out. He takes Eadie over to talk to Luther.

When they cross the road, Eadie refuses to talk through the bullhorn. She explains Luther is more of a child than Debbie and she must talk to him naturally, which means getting closer. She's certain Luther won't shoot at her. McGarrett is skeptical but puts Danno on point leading her up and six rifles as backup. When she gets close enough Eadie calls out to Luther and Frank with Debbie hearing her voice as well. Frank has the great idea to show them Debbie but collapses and dies of a massive coronary. Debbie wants to go to her mom and Luther is now lost without Frank guiding him. Luther walks a bit from the bunker with Debbie held above his head. Eadie throws a fit as McGarrett struggles to hang on to her. Luther demands they all go back down the hill. He returns to the bunker to try to rouse Frank and Debbie makes a break for it running down the mountain to her mom. McGarrett grabs her as Danno leads Eadie down. Luther emerges from the bunker with the rifle as HPD officers follow the group down the mountain. They all make it down without a shot fired with mother and daughter reunited. Eadie carries Debbie to a patrol car.

Mrs. Scott walks over not realizing the love Eadie has for Debbie. McGarrett assesses the situation asking Debbie what happened. She says she was afraid with Luther acting funny and Frank falling asleep. McGarrett tells Danno to the Command Post truck where they can rest. As Danno walks away with them, including Mrs. Scott, McGarrett calls over Duke: they're taking the hill.

Act Four

HPD and Five-O are geared up and ready to take the hill. Danno readies his rifle as Chin and Ben arrive on scene with McGarrett calling the helicopter. Danno takes one group on one side while Ben takes another on the other side. McGarrett wants to give Luther one more chance before opening fire. McGarrett allows them to get into position before ordering the helicopter to drop tear gas. McGarrett tries one last time with the bullhorn and leads a third group up. Meanwhile, Luther has flashbacks to combat in Korea and begins firing. When the tear gas becomes too much, Luther leaves the bunker making his way to McGarrett where he tells everyone to hold their fire. Luther then identifies McGarrett as "Sergeant" with McGarrett falling into the roll seamlessly. McGarrett is able to disarm him without any further issues and they make their way down the mountain.

McGarrett tells Duke to get a stretcher to bring down Frank's body and to bring the Scott women over. McGarrett knows the answers are with Luther as he brings him to a patrol car to sit. Luther tells him it was him and Frank who kidnapped Debbie and "she" promised to pay them to take Debbie for a picnic. McGarrett doesn't know who she is but Luther walks over to Eadie to apologize and to tell Mrs. Scott he doesn't want her money. He didn't want to do it in the first place! McGarrett tells Danno to read Mrs. Scott her rights and "book her". Duke arrests Luther as McGarrett leads Eadie and Debbie to the Park Lane.

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