S05E17 - “Here Today, Gone Tonight” - Plot

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Act One

A man (Monte Markham) walks to a cab asking the driver (Sam Peters) if he goes downtown. The driver is listening to a ballgame on the radio and the man asks who's leading. The man is in a bar later on, asking for a specific drink and the radio to be turned down, he doesn't like sports. He continues walking around town in different clothes with different habits, seeming to have split personalities: smoking versus not smoking, drinking versus not drinking.

The man eventually takes an elevator up to business suite and runs through a complicated security system. He greets one of the guards, Charlie (Clarence Garcia) when he enters. Passing the first part of the security, he walks to the next part greeting Dave (Doug Mossman). Passing that part, he finally enters the main office of his boss (Douglas Kennedy) who doesn't understand how Barry manages to arrive on time every time. After the pleasantries, Mr. Fleming asks Barry to cover the governor's party for him that afternoon, which Barry already planned to. Fleming also wants Barry to take his wife (Madlyn Rhue) and Barry happily agrees. Fleming wants to know where the governor stands on a highway project because he wants the contract even willing to offer a package deal: everything to complete a highway through a forest preserve rather than separate contractors for each step. Mrs. Fleming steps into the office told Barry will take her to the governor's party. She is less than enthused about the news.

At the governor's party, McGarrett stands beside the governor as he tells a lively story prior to moving on to his Commissioner of Markets. McGarrett excuses himself from the group before heading in another direction. Barry catches him after seeking him out. Barry explains Fleming Industries controls over 200 corporations around the world and a lot of facts have been buried. Barry says there are multiple crimes that have been committed including stock fraud, tax evasion and bribery of public officials. McGarrett asks if he has any proof. Barry tells him he has ledgers and interoffice memos about what's been going on. Suddenly, Barry starts feeling chest pains sitting down and taking a pill. He tells McGarrett it's chronic angina. Barry has the evidence and wants to hand it over but on his terms because men at Fleming have been murdered for less. Barry plans to send a representative to set up the meeting. McGarrett wants to know who is behind all the crime and Barry answers, his boss: Peter Fleming.

Mr. Whitelaw (Lawrence Montaigne) shows up in McGarrett's office unsure if he can speak with Danno in the office but McGarrett assures him he can. Whitelaw is representing Barry Dean who is now in hiding. Whitelaw tells them about an attempt on Barry's life that very morning when a car tried to run off a cliff on the Pali Highway. McGarrett will have it checked no necessarily wanting to believe it. Whitelaw continues with the terms of the meeting: McGarrett will fly by helicopter that night to meet Barry and they need an answer: yes or no. McGarrett will give them one in an hour.

Meeting with the governor, McGarrett is stonewalled by the governor who refuses to budge on letting him meet Dean on "a dubious adventure" unarmed. McGarrett tries to persuade the governor to change his mind because Fleming has nearly 20 contracts with the state and it could turn into a political scandal if they don't crack it first. The governor still won't budge reminding McGarrett of the upcoming Presidential visit, which they're already prepped for but the governor wants McGarrett to follow through, personally. McGarrett feels cornered: they have to meet Barry's term or nothing at all. The governor understands suggesting someone else.

Danno sits in the passenger seat of the Park Lane as he and McGarrett wait on the answer from Barry if he'll accept Danno. Whitelaw walks over telling them Danno is acceptable handing over a map of where the helicopter will pick him up. McGarrett briefs Danno on what's going on and takes his gun. Danno reluctantly turns it over.

Later, Danno meets the helicopter at the Ala Wai Heliport and boards. They fly out as the sun sets.

Act Two

The helicopter lands at Barry's house as Barry calls for Nathaniel (George Oshiro) who meets Danno at the door giving him a pat down. The pilot (Dick Brady) hands him his briefcase and waits in the helicopter. Barry introduces himself and they get started after Danno starts up the tape recorder. While Barry is telling his story from the beginning, he has an angina attack and Nathaniel insists on a cardiogram right then and there. They go upstairs leaving Danno to his own devices just before 9:00 p.m.

At 9:10 p.m. Barry arrives at Fleming Industries due to information from New York with some guy backing out of a merger. Passing through the security systems, he enters the inner office handing Fleming the memo. Fleming thinks it's a ploy to get a better deal and asks Barry his opinion but only gets three silent bullets! Fleming is hit before he can hit the alarm system collapsing onto the floor. Barry wipes the gun, leaving it on the desk before walking out. As he leaves, Barry tells the security guards that Fleming doesn't want to be disturbed until in the morning. It's 9:12 p.m. when Barry walks out.

At 9:25 p.m. Barry walks back downstairs to restart his discussion with Danno. Several hours later, Danno returns to Honolulu and to Five-O with everything Barry promised. He briefs Barry's hideaway is on the northwest corner of Maui as he hands the material over to McGarrett who tells Ben to secure it and sends Danno home for some sleep.

The next morning, McGarrett and Chin arrive at Fleming Industries with several HPD officers. McGarrett knows the two guards and he walks right through the deactivated security systems. He and Chin meet Doc (Al Eben) in the inner office where Doc briefs Fleming has been dead eight to 12 hours taking three bullets into his chest cavity. The gun was fired at least six feet away because there's no powder burns. Ben walks over the gun in a bag and McGarrett theorizes the gun was already inside and not needed to get past the "a million bucks worth of screening devices". Mrs. Fleming is currently in England and has been notified via cable. An HPD officer tells McGarrett an insurance investigator is on scene with a Five-O courtesy card. When the officer tells him it's "not a him," McGarrett smiles wanting to see Miss Morgan (Sandra Smith). Bella Morgan is trying to figure out if the $5 million payout is legitimate. She's about to check out the body but McGarrett wants some ground rules first. She agrees to turn over any information she finds out and vice versa. McGarrett tells Chin to share with her "within reason".

McGarrett steps out to talk to Charlie who tells him Fleming was deathly afraid of guns and not only didn't have a permit, but wouldn't let them carry guns. McGarrett tests the sensors and it does goes off when someone tries to pass with a gun. McGarrett also asks about Mrs. Fleming with Charlie telling him she left the morning before, very early. Then something weird: Barry was the last person to see Fleming! Dave turns on the computer and it spits out a paper showing the time Barry was there: 9:11 p.m. McGarrett shows Ben and they're both dumbstruck: it's impossible.

In McGarrett's office, Danno is adamant about being at Barry's house and there is no way he could have been at Fleming Industries. Danno does admit he was out of the room for 20-25 minutes while Nathaniel gave him a cardiogram. McGarrett is trying to figure what the missing 25 minutes have to do with the case because that's not enough time to get from Maui to Honolulu and back. McGarrett pulls out a map and has Danno retrace his flight. He kept checking his watch, they flew south for 12 minutes then flew southeast for nearly an hour and he saw the coastal lights naming them as he retraces his flight. About 30 seconds after the last light, Haleiwa Point, they landed at Barry's house. McGarrett wants to see the house for himself telling Benn to order a chopper and notify Che (Harry Endo) because he wants him along.

The three take off for Maui watching several sailing boats beneath them. The helicopter flies over the surf and lands in a clearing just off the beach. They run to the house with Barry answering the door and not happy one bit they are there. He figures his entire security plan is blown against Fleming but McGarrett tells him Fleming was murdered the night before at his office. They want to dust for prints and Barry wonders why. McGarrett says they want to establish where everyone was. Barry agrees. Che begins by asking what all Danno touched and lists off several items even finding the completed crossword puzzle in his handwriting.

In McGarrett's office, the team is perplexed. Danno's prints were everywhere in the room and Chin says Nathaniel's statement backs up what Danno said. McGarrett put two identical statues together on his bookcase theorizing about what's really going on: a double of Barry running around. After all, Danno didn't know what he looked like. Che suggests using the tapes to establish for certain Barry was in Maui. McGarrett orders Barry picked up.

In the laboratory, Barry is fingerprinted and compared to his service record and they match. Then they want one more test: for him to repeat the words said on the tape. The voiceprints are also a match; Barry was in Maui the night before. Barry leaves and McGarrett wants Danno to copy off some photos of Barry and spread them around to see if they can find a double who was roaming Honolulu the night before. Chin walks in too saying Mrs. Fleming has returned from England about 30 minutes ago.

Mrs. Fleming goes to the main office where she meets Barry. He tells her they did it and they smooch.

Act Three

The pair leaves Fleming Industries as the guard watch the monitor from the elevator. Barry tells her the plan: they have to have no contact with each other for five months. Then they'll meet up at a party given by a mutual friend, then date and become engaged. All respectable and "natural".

In McGarrett's office, Bella give the run down on Mrs. Fleming: June Fleming, 32, nee Mills, born in Chicago. She went into show business finally landing a part in a play backed by Fleming, which she was determined to get even though both of them were married at the time. After each of them divorced, they married six months later. Bella doesn't buy it but she has no proof because both the airlines and Scotland Yard back up Mrs. Fleming being in London at the time of the murder. Getting back to their double theory, Chin reports a guy who looked like Barry was spotted but all his traits are the exact opposites of Barry's. McGarrett wonders if it's a phony plant because the identity of the man seen is fake. When Danno says they're chasing imaginary people, McGarrett looks at who is real: Mrs. Fleming. McGarrett theorizes she wouldn't be above cheating on her second husband and could plant the gun ahead of time because she doesn't go through the screening. Then the guy comes in to shoot Fleming. Ben says it doesn't work because the only person that could be was Barry who was on Maui with Danno! McGarrett orders tails for Barry and Mrs. Fleming.

Later, outside, McGarrett is nearly accosted by a man claiming he's getting into the wrong car. While they are the same color and same model, the door handles are different! But it gives McGarrett an idea; maybe they're chasing the wrong double. They really should be looking for a double house. McGarrett, Ben and Che check out a probable lot but only find a piece of glass and splinters of wood.

McGarrett and Danno meet Che at a warehouse where Che has set up a simulator recreating the flight Danno took. Their theory is Barry and his people took Danno for some loops over the water and brought him to a house that sat within 10 minutes of the "Fleming Building". When Barry faked his heart condition all he had to do was jump in a car, go kill Fleming and come back. If he had the money to build a second house, he had enough to fake the navigation lights. As they figure out what Barry did due to money being no object, it now comes time to prove it. McGarrett has just the thing: a Five-O courtesy card.

In McGarrett's office, Bella calls Mrs. Fleming and rattles her cage good. Mrs. Fleming calls Barry who cuts her off before she can tell him what the woman said. Mrs. Fleming nears a nervous breakdown.

Act Four

Bella calls Mrs. Fleming again this time to set up a meeting for 8:30 that night demanding $500,000 in payment in order to stay quiet. Mrs. Fleming meets Bella but instead of pulling out checks, she pulls out her gun. Bella tells her that her lawyer has everything locked in a safe and Mrs. Fleming tosses the gun onto the couch. Bella plays on Mrs. Fleming's fears telling her she's the other woman Barry has been seeing in Maui from his real house, "two houses, two women". Forced into a corner, Mrs. Fleming removes the checks from her purse but rips them up. She threatens Bella's life because she has the "money to move mountains" and houses. She confesses to having her husband killed and Five-O has it all on tape. McGarrett and Danno were in the back room the whole time! She tries to run but Ben blocks the door. Going for the gun, McGarrett stops her, ordering Ben to "book her".

McGarrett and Danno show up to arrest Barry at Fleming's office. It's all over and the only direction Barry is going is "down".

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