S05E12 - “The Clock Struck Twelve” - Plot

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Act One

A man exits a cab carrying a briefcase walking past protestors demanding freedom for 'the seven'. The man walks into a second floor courtroom at 11:55 a.m. setting the briefcase on bench before leaving. A maintenance man walks upstairs with his toolbox while others carry their own bags throughout the courthouse. The man with the toolbox, places what looks like a bomb into a balcony wall. Another man plants a device into a towel dispenser in a bathroom. Yet another device is placed in a trashcan with one placed in a storage room and another in a water fountain.

In McGarrett's office, the Five-O team with Duke (Herman Wedemeyer) watch the clock: 11:59:50. When the clock clicks onto 12:00:00, McGarrett simply says, "boom".

Later, McGarrett rides with the governor and Manicote (Glenn Cannon) in the governor's car with a two-motorcycle escort. McGarrett shows off the "Honolulu Judiciary Building" as hypothetical rubble. Manicote isn't convinced as the building, of course, is fine. The car pulls up and the men move throughout the building at about 12:40 p.m. where each device was planted and each shining their own penlights simulating explosions. McGarrett explains the danger of the devices because anyone can gain access to the blueprints from City Planning and realize where they critical places are. Not only could offices be destroyed, the entire building could be compromised when the supports are compromised. The governor says someone may have gotten blueprints and shows McGarrett a letter he received, which is the fifth one received on the issue: a last warning to free the seven otherwise the courthouse will be destroyed. Manicote offers the person or persons behind the letters is bluffing, but they can't take the chance. The problem is time, they donŐt' have a lot. With it being Friday, the preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday at 9:00 a.m. The governor is adamant; the hearing must go on as scheduled. The governor orders Five-O to set up maximum security for the courthouse and McGarrett attempts to push back because the governor's order is unrealistic due to the age of their courthouse. It simply wasn't built with security in mind. The governor won't take no for an answer. Being left in the dust, McGarrett eventually walks out right through the protestors as the lady (Elizabeth Smith) sits at a table taking signatures for their petition.

In the laboratory, Danno talks to Che Fong (Harry Endo) about the latest note: the same typewriter was used. Danno believes it's an "old standard" possibly an Underwood going as far back as 1930.

At the hospital, McGarrett shows up at a room where the doctor says the patient asked for McGarrett right away, he's followed by a court reporter and Manicote. McGarrett speaks to Mary Ann (Cris Callow) quietly as she lies in her hospital bed with burns over most of her body. She's been in the hospital for four days and while she's in horrible shape, her baby is okay. Mary Ann slowly tells him she saw the men who burned everything at the commune and they were the same ones who left the notes telling them to "get out". It takes her a bit but she names names: Aiko (Jaudon Kanealii) and Billy Thomas. She knows them as they work at the gas station up the road. Mary Ann then dies in front of McGarrett despite the doctor's efforts to save her. McGarrett tries to comfort her friend but in the end, there is nothing they can do except go forward with the case.

In the HPD holding cells, McGarrett tells "the seven" they are now facing a murder one charge along with arson and rape. McGarrett is downright pissed at all of them but Aiko maintains his innocence but isn't shedding tears the commune was attacked. However, the evidence is overwhelming against them. Aiko goes on about the hippies taking over Hawaii and the islands are theirs! McGarrett counters no one would condone drug use but in the end, no one is above the law and "does not permit self-appointed vigilantes". McGarrett wants to know who is behind the bomb threats but none of "the seven" are talking. This reaction incenses McGarrett and he becomes even more determined to see "due process of law" take place.

Outside the courthouse, a peaceful demonstration takes place demanding "justice for the seven". The undercurrent is the perception the seven will be judged prior to setting foot in court. The leader of demonstration wants the seven to know people are behind them and to do so by "passive resistance". Among the crowd are three guys who eventually walk away.

Later, two of the guys make their way into a warehouse where the first one (Manu Tupou) has a key. The first guy leads the second guy (Henry Bal) to an area partitioned for 'high explosives'. They break into a wooden crate of dynamite and start stealing sticks!

Act Two

The third guy (Patrick Adiarte) from the group heads to a hardware store to buy wire, tape and digital clocks with cash. Meanwhile, the first two continue stealing dynamite placing a brick in place of the stolen dynamite!

In McGarrett's office, a blueprint of the courthouse is tacked to the corkboard. McGarrett briefs all entrances and exits will be closed and people admitted to the courthouse will be subject to search including everything hand carried such as briefcases and purses. As he briefs the team, the trio begins their bomb building with the dynamite and the clocks. McGarrett wants any unused doors to be closed with steel bolts along with all ground level windows. McGarrett also wants watch points with officers armed with riot guns and eight hour shifts for around the clock coverage. Danno suggests guard dogs with McGarrett agreeing "from dawn till dusk, all entrances". Chin says they're going to tie up a lot of manpower and Ben points out there is no other way. McGarrett agrees noting the city is on the verge of exploding until the hearing is over.

The trio finish up packing their bombs into boxes and the first guy grabs a rifle off the wall, just in case. An older man (David Lippy Espinda) raking the yard asks the guys where they are going with the first guy claiming they're going to a "bowling match". The first guy says bye to his father as he drives away.

McGarrett goes to see the governor to update him on the courthouse security, which the governor calls "impervious". McGarrett disagrees with "impervious" as he can only do so much and everything that can be done has been done. The governor wants a test run done against the security system, as he would rather have Five-O find the holes rather than a bomber. The governor orders the holes to plugged now and McGarrett leaves to fulfill the order against his better judgment.

In McGarrett's office, a plan is put together for an officer (Beau Van Den Ecker) to crash into the system at 1:15 a.m. and come out alive. At 1:15, officers patrol the courthouse as a car barrels around the corner and crashes into a booth of some sort. The driver sits in the seat laughing as a hook is thrown into the courthouse to allow entry by climbing up. Four officers remove him from the car as Danno and Ben make their way into a third floor window. Danno and Ben split up ready to place their fake bombs throughout the courthouse: Ben on the third floor and Danno in the basement.

Ben enters an office as Danno goes down several flights of stairs avoiding HPD officers. When an HPD officer gets close to the office, Ben makes fast order of what he's doing but stops and hides taking all his gear with him. The officer looks in, finds nothing and moves on. Ben gets back to what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Danno makes it to the basement but has to hide fast as a pair of HPD officers close in. They talk about the car crash with the first officer (Clarence Rags Scanlan) asking if the guy was drunk. The second officer (Charles Melim) answers the guy is okay, didn't feel anything totaling the car and taking out the traffic control booth! They decide to check the building again, starting at the tower and working their way down. When they leave, Danno emerges from the boxes where he took shelter moving to a spot where he wants to plant his fake device only there's a problem when he surveys the pipes: there's already a real bomb in place!

Act Three

In the courthouse foyer, McGarrett talks to several HPD officers on the multiple levels. If one bomb has been found, there are probably others. It's 1:45 a.m. and they have just over six hours to clear the courthouse. McGarrett instructs the officers to work steadily and contact Chin via walkie-talkie if they find one. As Chin passes by, McGarrett asks if Danno has everything and Chin can only tell him he doesn't know what he needs yet.

In the basement, Danno and Che assess the "very professional" bomb as McGarrett and Duke walk down to help. The clock gains their attention: it's a calendar clock, the type sometimes used by the Army, and can be set to go off "a week in advance," which would explain how the bomb was planted without their knowledge and in advance of the security system being set up. As they continue their assessment, there are several factors against them: the insulated wire around the brace could be a secondary trigger, a spring mechanism is yet another backup and it's shove into a very tiny space. Even "watering it down" won't do any good because the circuit could complete setting off the bomb. McGarrett notices the wire is new and wants hardware stores checked out for recent purchases as well as the clock. McGarrett also finds numbers on the dynamite: '86 F 94'. Duke writes it down so it can be track down.

The HPD computer munches on the numbers as the third guy from the group sneaks around a darkened house. He reaches the phone to call the police but Abe, the first guy in the group, catches him calling him a "fink". Abe says to David he's not saying anything to anyone. Abe forces David outside at about 2:40 a.m. as the HPD computer finds churns out some information.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with information on the dynamite: two manufacturers, one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the other in Camden, New Jersey. McGarrett wants to know if either sent a recent shipment to Honolulu and of course, to whom and how much. Duke walks in as Chin goes out with 11 companies who do "demolition construction work" with about 100 with the know-how to build a bomb like they're dealing with. He tells Duke he wants inventories and every man who had access. Ben reports on the slow slog of tracking down the hardware store owners: 22 stores with three guys working on it and some of the stores have branches. So far, four stores donŐt carry the clocks but they're still pushing the best they can. McGarrett offers some slight encouragement to stay on it.

In the courthouse, Danno is talking to Che through a headset and being recorded as he works meticulously to defuse the bomb. He's confirmed "secondary fuse wires" are in place and believes there's a "release of pressure detonator" under the bomb as its placement is keeping it from exploding. He also sees the large spring in the back and begins telling Che what he needs: a piece of cardboard four inches by four inches at a quarter-inch thick, a piece of wood six inches long quarter-inch by quarter-inch with all the sides sanded smooth and a "v" notch at one end. The clock reads 3:35 a.m.

Chin reports back in McGarrett's office all inventories accounted for. Ben then walks in stating they found the manufacturer: The Cramer Explosive Corporation in Camden, New Jersey. Last month, Cramer shipped 22 cases of dynamite to Benton Construction Company in Honolulu. McGarrett is confused double-checking with Chin about the inventories ensuring Benton was among those counted. They leave to check the Benton Company.

In the courthouse, the clock on the bomb shows 4:33 a.m. and Danno is ready to put the cardboard in place. He puts it in as far as it will go as it bumps into something, probably the trigger device. His next step is to jam the spring: as he inches in, Danno finally puts the wood piece in place. At 5:10 a.m., he's ready to tackle the lead wires.

At the Benton Company, McGarrett makes the superintendant (J.E. Jim McInerny) open the caged storage for the dynamite. Chin and Ben go in to look over the crates as the superintendant and McGarrett argue about all the dynamite being there. The superintendant insists nothing has been touched but Ben finds a crate where the bottom has been opened. Opening the crate, McGarrett digs through to find the brick put in place of the stolen dynamite. Rushing out, he asks who has access to the locker; the superintendant says the only other person is their demolition man, Abraham Maleha who happened to call in sick that day! The superintendant gives them his address as Ben stays behind and the other two race to the address of 3610 Hiber Avenue.

The police arrive at the courthouse with Abe and the second guy watching from a rooftop across the street. The bomb van backs up to the door with the second guy saying they found them. The second guy becomes really twitchy as he wonders if the police have been able to disarm the bombs but Abe says it's impossible the way he rigged them. Abe readies himself "on the outside chance" the police are able to disarm the bombs by climbing up another level to grab his rifle. Abe explains the bombs have to be brought out through the door to be loaded in the van. With one shot, he takes everyone and everything out. When the second guy asks what happens to them if he should carry out his shot, Abe is oblivious until the second guy gets his attention. Abe asks him about being in with him. The second guy says he wants out and Abe allows him to leave concentrating on the street below.

In the basement, Danno cuts the main wires moving on to the clock wires. At 5:13 a.m., the bomb is disarmed. Danno tells the officer to wait, as Che will send down a pair of guys to take it out. As Danno starts breathing again, an HPD officer runs up to him, "brace yourself," there's another bomb! The time is 5:16 a.m.

Act Four

McGarrett and Chin race to Abraham's address with HPD backup. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Danno sets to work on the second bomb. It's 6:19 a.m. as Che provides backup and support as Danno disables the spring. McGarrett and Chin arrive at Abraham's house immediately speaking to the couple on the front porch. The mother (Javer Bowden) confirms he lives there but he's not home at the moment. McGarrett tries to figure out where Abraham is but the parents don't know explaining he's 34 and he doesn't always tell them where he goes. They verify he has a workshop and McGarrett is through stalling as time is running out. He runs out to find Abraham's workshop and comes to the garage where his mother unlocks the padlock after McGarrett threatens to break it down. Inside, he finds the left over wire, the same used on the bomb he saw in the courthouse and the left over boxes for the clocks used. When he hears a noise behind him, McGarrett investigates to find David tied up and gagged in a back room. Once ungagged, David tells McGarrett he doesn't know where Abe is but he is armed with a rifle. McGarrett runs out pointing to the back room where David's parents go to release him. McGarrett runs out to the Park Lane ordering a helicopter and to have Benny get with Duke to check all vantage points around the Judiciary Building for "a man with a rifle".

In the courthouse, Danno struggles to defuse the bomb with time running out. He's finally able to disable the spring and start clipping wires. He removes the blasting cap from the dynamite and the second bomb is defused.

McGarrett and Chin drive up to an awaiting helicopter as McGarrett boards, Chin waves. The helicopter heads straight for the Judiciary Building to see what they can find. Meanwhile, Abe is ready with his scope and rifle aiming directly for the courthouse doors. ItŐs 7:28 a.m. when the second bomb is removed and headed for the door. McGarrett keeps up his search, as he is able to get an urgent message to Danno to keep the bombs inside for now. They aren't to be exposed until McGarrett gives the all clear. His search eventually finds Abe on the rooftop across the street. McGarrett grabs the bullhorn to try to talk Abe down by saying the bombs are defused and they're not going out of the building. Abe answers with a gunshot prompting McGarrett to grab his rifle with an ensuing gunfight. McGarrett hits Abe, killing him before giving Danno the okay to remove the bombs, which is done.

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