S05E10 - “‘V’ For Vashon: The Father” - Plot

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Act One

Chris Vashon is buried with his funeral presided over by a priest. Chris' family including his two sisters, his mother Marguerite (Elizabeth Cole), his father Honore (Harold Gould) and grandfather Nick (Luther Alder) attend. Once the ceremony is over, Nick tells the girls to take their mother to the car and the priest to leave. Once they've departed, he orders the casket lowered and Tosaki (Kwan Hi Lim) to set up a frame but Honore isn't sure about the whole affair calling it "idiocy". Honore shoos the cemetery workers as he becomes more nervous at what Tosaki is about to unveil. Honore wants McGarrett dead right away and putting him on guard is crazy but Nick says he killed a Vashon: "first, he must wonder, then he must know, then he must die". Tosaki sets up a fake tombstone reading 'McGarrett 1972' and takes a picture of it at Chris' grave!

In McGarrett's office, the staff meeting goes along discussing the McDonald case with him being indicted that day and extradition papers being drawn up for his partner. The meeting stops suddenly when McGarrett comes across the photo sent to him. Showing the team, he descries to take a ride out to the same cemetery where Chris is buried. Arriving at the cemetery, they find the location of the photograph with McGarrett saying he got the message.

McGarrett goes to the Vashon house where Honore tells him they're in mourning and is not pleased to see McGarrett in his house. McGarrett shows him the photograph that can be interpreted as a death threat. The pair attempts to intimidate one another as Honore calls McGarrett a murderer but he explains Chris would still be alive if he surrendered rather than shoot at McGarrett no less than three times. McGarrett gets the last word: he tells Honore he will put together a case against him and it'll be complete when a judge sentences him to life imprisonment. McGarrett brushes past leaving out the front door. Honore calls Nick so he can be done with McGarrett forever. Nick is pleased that McGarrett knows about his impending doom.

In McGarrett's office, Danno doesn't want the threat discounted and neither does McGarrett but he wants to build a big enough case against Honore to clean "the family cesspool" once and for all. This means fishing using McGarrett as bait, something he doesn't relish. Ben voices his concerns while Danno already formulates a plan to "bug him right down to his cufflinks" and that means a federal court order. McGarrett knows they don't have enough to warrant such an order. Chin walks in with a list of four hit men who have worked for Honore in the past so McGarrett can study the M.O.s.

Tosaki goes to see Mr. Makros (Nick Nickolas) and they enter his house.

The next morning, McGarrett steps out of his apartment building to his car but he thoroughly checks it over before climbing in. He finds a fine line on the hood immediately running to yell down at the HPD unit to call the bomb squad, evacuate floors and move cars without touching the Park Lane. After all that, the bomb squad officer (Joe Mares) opens the hood to find it "loaded for bear". He wants to pull it out now and all the Five-O team takes cover after McGarrett signals his okay. The officer cuts some wires and makes other disconnections before pulling the bomb free of the engine. McGarrett wants the car towed to the vacant lot behind the lab and Che (Harry Endo) to go over it carefully. Chin leaves to make the arrangements and another long while, the tow truck arrives to take the care away. The team walks away as the tow truck driver (Chuck Couch) double checks the brake is off but McGarrett realizes a second too late his driver's door was locked! He yells for everybody to hit the deck and the Park Lane goes up in a ball of flame with the tow truck driver becoming collateral damage. Danno says, "another one in the door" as he stands kind of shell shocked. McGarrett is now ready to go for a court order.

Act Two

Honore returns to the house from the beach but notices a flash at the top of the stairs leading to the lawn. Grabbing some binoculars, he discovers a surveillance van across the bay. He then calls time and temperature to find the phones are tapped before becoming paranoid looking for bugs. Tosaki stops by for a visit but Honore quiets him before he can speak. They communicate by writing notes to one another with Tosaki telling Honore the bomb killed another, not their target McGarrett. Honore answers back telling Tosaki: 'The man you hired pay him!' Tosaki nods before leaving.

In the laboratory, McGarrett asks what Che has: the bombs were homemade and the bomber learned the trade from overseas, specifically Europe. At Five-O, chin lists off possibles following McGarrett into his office while Jenny (Peggy Ryan) is on the phone. McGarrett cuts the possibles to two: Makros and Zacchagnini due to the explosives being European in origin. McGarrett runs down the bombing of the Park Lane, the broken thread on the hood was on purpose and put there after the bomb in the door. McGarrett knows Vashon is buying the best talent but probably won't go local again. McGarrett wants to know what expensive hit men are where around the world and in key cities on the mainland, which means contacting Interpol. McGarrett also wants to be alerted if any of them make a move to "a nearby airport".

Nick is aware of what's happening too by reading the large newspaper headline 'Bomb destroys Five-O car'. Disappointed, he calls Honore who doesn't answer the phone and is shocked by the sudden stopping of the ringing. Marguerite tells him Nick is on the phone and Honore quiets her right away. He asks her to tell him he'll call back and explain everything "in due time" because he's turned the water faucet on to cover their conversation.

Danno and Ben arrive at the scene where Makros is found dead. Meanwhile, Honore gets word to Nick he'll meet him at 3:00 p.m. via note. Silence reigns between him and Tosaki.

In McGarrett's office, Chin puts up photos of various hit men on the corkboard. McGarrett surveys the building across the street where there are 25 to 30 windows with a direct line of fire into the office. He tells Chin to grab Duke and as much manpower as needed to keep a running check on "all vantage points".

The surveillance team watches Honore meet with his father but they walk near the surf with all the background noise making the recording useless. Nick is every way ticked off at McGarrett and Honore only wants to be done. As they discuss their next step, Nick tells Honore someone must be brought in and proposes Filidor who has contacts all over the world. Honore doesn't like what Nick has in mind: write a note to Filidor and give to Marguerite to hand off to Sexton at church. The answer will return the same route. Honore says the church is a sacred place with Nick stating, "there is nothing more sacred than killing McGarrett".

In McGarrett's office, they over the possible hit men again and it seems no one is budging. McGarrett knows they're coming up empty on the surveillance too: "five tapes of running water, three of a garbage disposal, two of a vacuum. Oh, and a beauty of the surf running high at Diamond Head". McGarrett wants a lead soon as the court order runs out in two weeks.

Marguerite returns to the house with the response from Filidor: "the name is Heyward (Don Knight). Regards to your father. Uncle Filidor". Shortly after, a United 747 lands in Honolulu with Heyward taking a cab to a payphone. Heyward calls Tosaki and has a innocuous conversation seeming to be a wrong number. Tosaki has the limousine pick up Heyward. Meanwhile, Honore sits at the landing of the stairs leading to the beach waiting for his own ride: a helicopter. The helicopter flies in low near the surf as the surveillance team watches and Honore runs to meet it as quickly as possible. Too late for the Code Red.

Act Three

In his office, McGarrett is not happy but Danno suggests "choppers" anyway. McGarrett says no because there's too much area to cover. Bottom line: a hit man has been hired.

Honore flies to the meeting landing on the beach. He verifies he's dealing with Heyward who tells him he needs two weeks to get the job done. Heyward explains McGarrett and his men are on guard and Heyward needs to know every move McGarrett makes so he find the right time to take him out. They agree to have the job done in ten days with $1000 more per day bringing the grand total to $60,000. Heyward tells Honore they shall not meet again and he works best alone. He expects payment when the job is finished, if not, he'll take out Honore himself. Honore isn't ruffled telling Heyward he would show him where the first man to threaten his life is buried if they weren't pressed for time. Their meeting ends in an aloof standoff.

McGarrett and Manicote (Glen Cannon) walk out of Customs during the afternoon as Heyward watches them leave from across the street. McGarrett takes a second cab after not getting a good vibe from the first one offered. The next morning, Danno stops by with a Five-O car to pick up McGarrett from home with HPD units around them. Heyward follows him everywhere including haircuts and home. The next morning, Chin has brought by a Park Lane straight from the Motor Pool.

Later, Danno walks into McGarrett's office with information from the Vashon surveillance: "business as usual". This is a sign to them he's definitely hired a hit man and it could be any day. Danno leaves to get an update from Interpol on movements.

The next day, Heyward checks out the building across the street from the palace. The building manager (Robert Costa) shows him one office but it's not quite to his liking. He asks if anything is available one floor up and the manager gladly shows him.

Danno walks into McGarrett's office with a photo and information on a guy from Melbourne, Australia. "In the last two years, this guy has been spotted in half a dozen capitals around the world, and each time, just after he's left, an important dead body's turned up. And Steve, this one's on the move". McGarrett wants copies of the photo to "all our guys" as Heyward peeks out the window straight into McGarrett's office telling the manager he'll take it.

In McGarrett's office, it's now been ten days since Honore completed his disappearing act with the helicopter. The team goes over McGarrett's schedule seeing patterns emerge. McGarrett knows if he changes his patterns now, they'll spook Heyward but McGarrett wants Heyward to lead him, not be carried, to Vashon. All about the timing now.

At Five-O, Ben has the building manager point out who has rented an office from him. He immediately recognizes Heyward. In McGarrett's office, Danno tells the team Heyward rented a room on the third floor yesterday. McGarrett says their next move is to sit quietly while they let Heyward help them put Vashon away for the rest of his life.

As Heyward walks into the room; Danno has a night scope watching him. McGarrett pretends to be doing paperwork in his office as Danno keeps him posted of Heyward's movements. McGarrett tells Chin to let Heyward see him as a file is passed between the two. Chin then closes the lanai door. Heyward contemplates his next move: the hit will be soon!

Act Four

Heyward enters the building the next evening with Danno reporting he's right on time. Chin enters McGarrett's office mentioning it's the fourth night. At about 9:30 p.m., Heyward watches the office with McGarrett sitting at his desk and Chin closing the lanai doors. The next evening Heyward enters the building but carries a suitcase and another bundle. Ben reports to Danno who reports to McGarrett Heyward is a half-hour early and this is it. McGarrett is nervous but keeps his composure. Chin closes the lanai doors again as Heyward readies his rifle. As he's about to make the hit, a knock on the door interrupts him: a woman (Elithe Aguiar) with a vey sultry voice. She's from Dial-a-Girl and is sure she has the right office. While Heyward is tempted, he passes on the invitation. Heyward resets and takes his shot but it's a dummy! As soon as he fires, McGarrett and Ben break in throwing Heyward against a wall. Heyward realizes the girl is actually a policewoman and immediately asks for a deal. The only deal McGarrett is willing to give is a maximum-security prison on the mainland under a phony name, "take it or leave it".

In the courtroom, Heyward testifies as Honore and Drew (John Stalker) watch. Heyward says he came to Honolulu to kill McGarrett and he was paid to do so on the orders of one Honore Vashon. The bailiff delivers the verdict to the judge (Yankee Chang): guilty. The judge sentences him to 10 years in state prison. Nick is livid especially after McGarrett stares him down leaving the courtroom. McGarrett says, "two down" with Manicote nodding in agreement. Nick will have the last word though, hugging Honore, "my turn!"

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