S05E09 - “‘V’ For Vashon: The Son” - Plot

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Act One

It's early morning at a hotel as the lobby is empty save from the janitor (Terry Plunkett), a maid (Elsie De Mello) and a night clerk ((Nelson) Dick Fair). Three masked young men walk in to rob the place and they're not taking no for answer. The leader (Robert Drivas) holds a gun on the night clerk forcing him into the room where the safe is located and making him open it. The leader knows the clerk has the combination as he works midnight to 8:00 a.m. on the weekends but the other night guy doesn't: the guy cased the hotel for quite awhile! The leader calls the clerk "Howard" just to prove his point. As the safe is opened, the leader looks to his buddies to make sure the maid and janitor are behaving. After he wipes out the safe, the buddies tie up the maid and janitor with them facedown on the floor. The leader punches the clerk in the face leaving a 'V' bloody impression on his cheek.

McGarrett runs out of Iolani Palace to go to the hotel. Danno, Chin and Ben are already on scene talking to the three victims. The janitor says they were kids: 18, 19 years old and they wore masks. The maid adds one wore an expensive sports coat and she knows because she handles clothes all the time. She estimates it cost $200 or $250, at least. The witnesses go on saying they must have entered from the elevator connected to the garage but the leader did most of the talking while another didn't say anything and the third only said, "hit the deck". No one walked weird or anything special about them other than the jacket. Another piece showing they cased the hotel: the garage attendant doesn't come on duty until 6:00 a.m. and they were out "with a minute and a half to spare". The clerk affirms that fact as they worked like it was planned; even knowing his name and he had the combination. The clerk tells them once he was hit, one of the guys asked the leader why he did it and the leader answered, "it's an old family custom".

McGarrett visits Mr. Vashon (Harold Gould) about the robbery. Vashon says it's 8:00 a.m. but McGarrett doesn't care explaining the robbery and the 'V' carved into the cheek of the night clerk. Vashon relents, requesting they meet on the terrace with McGarrett forced to walk through the back as to not disturb the family. McGarrett is clear; he only wants to know where Vashon's son was during the robbery. McGarrett explains the 'V' was on a ring and the clerk given an uppercut. McGarrett asks again where Vashon's son is and he is toweling himself off after an ocean swim. Chris Vashon claims he was in bed at 6:00 a.m. but there's no way to prove, although he wishes he could. McGarrett explains there was a robbery at the Waikiki Regent at that time, which Chris asks if they own it. Vashon replies they have an interest in it. McGarrett asks if Chris has a ring with a 'V' on it with Chris showing it to him on his left hand. He asks Chris to take it off, which happens and Chris asks if he's looking for bloodstains. "Don't cops always look for bloodstains?" McGarrett moves on to the jacket and Chris denies owning a jacket described. McGarrett wants to look through his belongings but Vashon blocks him seeing no need "to rummage" through Chris' belongings.

McGarrett hands off the ring and leaves with Vashon asking Chris since when has he worn a ring on his left hand. Chris denies having anything to do with the robbery but Vashon isn't sure but he is certain the press will have a field day comparing the robbery to Chris' grandfather (Luther Alder) and what he did when he first arrived in Hawaii. Vashon is worried about the old stories resurfacing and he has a group from Argentina he's meeting that could mean millions for his business. Chris still denies having anything to do with the robbery and Vashon believes him requesting they keep it from the women in the family.

In McGarrett's office, they discover the loot wasn't the goal but rather the job. The things stolen out of the safe were small compared to what was left "was worth ten times" more. McGarrett wants the "usual fences" checked sending Ben on his way. McGarrett muses with Danno about Chris: drives a fancy car, has charge accounts everywhere and tips more than the loot was worth when he goes to dinner. McGarrett wonders if someone isn't playing a huge prank on them! Danno wonders if someone isn't trying to put the Vashons on the hot seat: "Old Nick" is retired "living like an emperor" and Honore, Chris' father, takes a percentage off "every illegal operation around here". McGarrett agrees, "he gives enough to charity every year to be the next chairman of the community chest". They're up against some nasty adversaries as Danno points out when Nick was through "cornering crime" at least 100 bodies were strung up in back rooms all over town with a 'V' burned into each and every one. McGarrett asks if Danno sees a connection and wonders if those bodies didn't have sons and grandsons seeking their own revenge: "a declaration of war".

Chris doles out the cash from the fenced items to his two buddies. The first friend (Rick Kelman) shows him the newspaper headline and believes Chris is blowing the whole deal for them. The other friend (Christopher Harris) freaks out a bit when Chris says the police already came out to talk to him about the robbery. Neither of them are keen about him punching the night clerk but Chris tells them they're in it for the money but he's in it for something entirely different: to make his father "flip his wig".

Act Two

Ben goes to see Mr. Heller (Jack Morris) a pawnshop owner with a search warrant to check the inventory. Danno does the same with Besseridez (Moki Palacio). Chin and Ben next check out an antique store with no luck. For that matter, they don't turn up anything they're looking for at any of the places.

Chris and his buddies meet at Chris' apartment to discuss the next hit, next door to the one they hit on Sunday. They do and Five-O in on scene right away to find yet another victim of the 'V' ring. This time, the jacket slipped open and the clerk, Mr. Soderman, could make out the initials LO and W with Chin looking into it. McGarrett isn't impressed feeling their noses are being rubbed into the whole affair.

At home, Honore watches the events unfold on the morning news and decides to do something about it, calling Tosaki (Kwan Hi Lim). Tosaki pays off the night clerk for a list of the items stolen from the first robbery. He makes sure Honore can come back and ask for more favors if necessary.

Danno talks to a tailor (Galen Kam) looking for the material matching the jacket described in the robberies. The tailor finds the list of people he sold jackets to with Danno insisting he be able to write them down. As he does so, the tailor offers some suitings but Danno has to pass, "got any idea what a cop makes?" When the tailor says sorry, Danno replies, "me too".

Tosaki goes to the same pawnshops Five-O visited previously but actually gets somewhere with Besseridez. Meanwhile, Danno tracks down one of the names from the tailor, 'N. Douglas' to an apartment. Tosaki keeps up his errands as well discovering where "the trinkets" are and paying handsomely for them to the pawnshop owner (Wesley Sakai). Tosaki reports back to Honore telling him the pawnshop owner can describe Chris as "young, well-dressed, brisk". Honore wants to know who this young person is and wants Tosaki to stake out the pawnshop to bring whoever is fencing these goods to him.

Danno brings the manager (Arthur Hee) along to look into N. Douglas' apartment along with Ben and the lab technicians. The manager tells Danno Douglas is nice, young, "dressed sharply" and drives a white expensive car. This last fact piques Danno's interest.

Chris walks out of Kwan's pawnshop with cash in hand. As he gets into his car, Tosaki joins him demanding to be taken to the Vashon house where Honore rips into Chris for being "an idiot". Honore wants to know who led him into the wild plan and which of his two friends is the leader. Chris sits on the couch with smug defiance saying he led them into it. Honore is stomping mad because he doesn't consider them "common thieves off the sidewalk". It's not the Vashon way! Chris has Honore in a corner and knows it: Honore "forbids" Chris from planning anything else but there is nothing Honore can do to stop him except to call the cops and then what? Chris wonders if a contract will be taken out on him, just like his grandfather "took care of the competition". Chris rolls his eyes when Honore says he doesn't understand Chris: Chris isn't surprised. Honore settles down to finally ask why: what's the motivation behind Chris' actions especially because he has everything. Chris goes off agreeing he has everything including a hypocrite father who made his money off everything illegal imaginable but now "only cheats on his income tax and contributes to the March of Dimes". Chris says he'll see him after the next hit storming out.

Honore goes to see Nick who is tending to his flowers as Danno calls into McGarrett with the latest from DMV: no car registered to 'N. Douglas'. He turns back to the apartment as Che Fong (Harry Endo) and the lab guys keep working. Back at Nick's house, Honore and Nick discuss Chris and the fact he wants some adventure "before it's too late". Honore isn't enthused knowing jail is in Chris' future. But Nick reminds him, "Vashons do not go to jail". Nick is perplexed as to why Honore can't handle the situation with a coupe of phone calls recalling when he had three Deputy District Attorneys in his back pocket. When Honore says McGarrett won't let things go, Nick wonders why McGarrett would even care about "three little boys" with Honore stating he does because one of the boys is a Vashon. There's no proof but there are suspicions because Chris used the ring. Nick isn't thrilled by that development with Honore calling it "stupid" because the old stories are resurfacing. Then there's the heart of the matter: Nick tells Honore to tell Chris to stop but Honore has tried that only to be laughed at. Nick is floored Chris doesn't respect his father, "show me your father disrespect, and you'll feel my fist in your face". Honore tries to explain the world is different with children spitting in their parents' faces, lying without shame, openly defying their parents at every turn. Honore wants Nick to speak to Chris but he refuses telling Honore to teach Chris to respect him and not to degrade himself any longer. Nick offers a drink and asks about Marguerite (Elizabeth Cole) and the girls.

Five-O continues its search of the Douglas apartment with Ben finding the jacket and a cigarette lighter in the pocket. The prints come back with a clear one as Chin briefs McGarrett in his office. It belongs to Chris Vashon! The first real evidence against a Vashon in almost 20 years and it just may be what they need to crack open the cesspool. McGarrett orders Chin to "bring him in".

Act Three

Honore calls out Chris telling him he has visitors: the police to arrest him. Chris is unfazed as he says the family mantra, "Vashons don't go to jail". Chris walks to the door with a smug attitude knowing lawyers need to be called. Danno and Chin stand at the door, "Chris Vashon, you're under arrest on suspicion of armed robbery and assault". Chris holds up his hands asking, "how you doing, piggy? Find any hubcaps lately?"

Danno brings the file into McGarrett's office stating not only is Chris out on bail but Harvey Mathieson Drew (John Stalker) was able to reduce the bail to $25,000. McGarrett considers Drew a shrewd lawyer as Danno wonders why he's "mixed up" with the Vashons as Drew is running for Senate the next year. McGarrett points out that a campaign takes money and the Vashons have plenty of it. McGarrett wants to make sure Drew earns "the fat fee" he's getting by losing.

At Honore's house, Chris continues his smug attitude as Honore talks to Tosaki on the phone. Tosaki reports good progress with Honore asking him to stay by the phone. Honore informs Chris his buddies, Lance and Stu, have taken trips to the mainland with $5000 in their pockets.

In McGarrett's office, Ben briefs Chris has been seen around town with tow others and has a description of one as well as the bar the trio frequented. McGarrett then goes to meet with Manicote (Glen Cannon) who lists the number of witnesses who can connect the dots and place Chris at the robberies. Manicote feels confident he can get a conviction and McGarrett wants to go in and get it done.

Honore and a clerk in the Hall of Justice talk on the phone so now Honore has the list of the DA's witnesses! He calls Tosaki to start their oily shenanigans. Tosaki visits Lo Wu Sing, the tailor, after finding out he has an elderly father in Taiwan. Tosaki makes Honore's offer to buy the shop to send Lo Wu Sing on his happy way. Howard, the clerk at the Hawaiian Regent, is next: Honore offers him a manager position at the Trimaran Club.

In the courtroom, Manicote finds his case falling apart as the maid, Mrs. Fenneday, can no longer remember the sports jacket she initially identified. Manicote is flustered and Danno looks at McGarrett in disbelief: everything is crumbling out from under them. Nick sits unemotional as the defense watches. Drew objects when Manicote seems to be browbeating his own witness. They have the same result with Mr. Suriyami, the apartment manager, who cannot point pout Chris as "N. Douglas". Chris sits with a smug grin on his face. After the day of proceedings, Manicote, McGarrett and Danno attempt to regroup with McGarrett every which way ticked off. Two of the witnesses are just plain gone: the tailor and the fence who bought the stolen goods. The cigarette lighter owner: no dice there either; because the man's daughter has a mysterious ailment and he had to fly back to Wichita.

The next morning, Drew makes a motion to have the charges against Chris dismissed because the prosecution has failed to prove its case against him. The judge agrees, acquitting Chris and dismissing the case. Chris hugs his mother as McGarrett is less than impressed and on his way out he makes it known to Honore he knows he "paid a lot for that verdict". Nick intervenes telling McGarrett his grandson has been found not guilty and it wouldn't be smart to argue with the facts. McGarrett simply says, "next time, we'll be smarter" before walking out. On a high he just beat the system, Chris says, "so much for the pigs, huh Grandpa?" that earns a backhanded slap dropping Chris to the floor. Nick is no longer amused with all the money and lives rearranged to keep Chris out of trouble. Nick then lectures Chris about how they're done spending money saving him from himself and how he needs to heed McGarrett's warning. Nick walks sadly out o the courtroom saying Chris wasn't brought up the same way, he was brought up worse: there's no scars.

Act Four

Danno and an HPD officer tap into Chris' phone lines as Chin laments in McGarrett's office. There's only two days left on the federal court order to bug Chris' home phone and "half the bars in Waikiki" to see if they can come up with anything or what young Chris plans next. A knock on the apartment door becomes a game changer.

Lance and Stu return from the mainland but they're surprised they're still in business because "Daddy bought everybody off". Chris goes off telling them if they want more money, a Vashon will put it there for them so they need to talk "nicer about the Vashons". Chris tells them about a medical convention at the Kalakaua Hotel on the fourth and fifth floors. There's a last banquet on Thursday between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. and asks if they're ready to "rob a hotel". McGarrett stops the tape recorder telling Chin they finally have their first Vashon.

Chris, Lance and Stu arrive at the Kalakaua entering through a service entrance. Their set up is simple: Chris and Lance will rob the rooms together and Stu will keep watch beside the laundry chute where the pair will send the loot. They begin to systemically stealing using pillowcases to carry the stolen items.

Five-O and HPD show up with two HPD officers taking the laundry chute. McGarrett and Danno go upstairs as two officers cover the corridor. The robbery is in progress as they frisk Stu with the cases piling up. Chris and Lance keep going room to room until McGarrett intercepts Chris walking out of a room. Chris throws what he has at McGarrett before firing his gun and running. McGarrett yells at Chris to halt in the stairwell but fires back hitting Chris in the gut. Chris makes a run for the car forcing his way past the police cars in the station wagon. Chris becomes progressively weaker as he drives with McGarrett and Danno hot on his tail. Chris barely makes it back to the Vashon house before passing out or dying behind the wheel and his head hitting the horn. Honore, Marguerite and one of their daughters run out to Chris who dies as soon as the door opens. McGarrett and Danno arrive just as Chris expires with Honore accusing McGarrett of killing him but he says Honore and Nick did that a long time ago. McGarrett and Danno take off with Honore vowing vengeance against McGarrett: "McGarrett dies".

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