S05E07 - “Chain Of Events” - Plot

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Act One

A young woman, Miss Rynak (Gaye Nelson) sits in a park near the water approached by a man, Jacob Kalema (William Valentine). He gives her a card telling her to go to the address as soon as she can "to make sure". As Miss Rynak walks away, Kalema follows asking her if there was anyone else besides Walter (Dirk Benedict). After several minutes, she gives up the name James Trevor Warren (Linden Chiles).

Warren is running for Senate and between phone calls, his secretary Jean (Mary Frann) transfers Kalema in to speak to Warren. They set up a meeting in Wailupe Beach Park at 5:30 p.m. Kalema waits as a station wagon pulls up beside him but rather than a discussion, he is shot twice. A little later, HPD and an ambulance are on the scene with Danno and Ben right behind them. An ambulance attendant named Larry informs Danno Kalema is dead with two shots to the head. An HPD officer on routine patrol found him. As they search the car, the HPD officer points out the tires tracks next to the car. Danno gets Ben to contact the lab to make molds as he finds a black book on the front seat.

Danno tosses down Kalema's ID on McGarrett's desk. McGarrett wonders why it's Five-O's case and not HPD's. Danno and Ben give him Kalema's background: married, two kids, quiet life with a gardening hobby. There were no debts, no gambling, nothing out of the ordinary. When the background check came up empty, they figured his murder has to do with his line of work: "track down venereal disease".

McGarrett and Danno visit the Public Health clinic meeting Kalema's boss (Robert Gleason) who explains their investigator's days are improvised due to the nature of the work going from one contact to the next. The boss isn't helpful in knowing whom Kalema was meeting because Kalema hadn't filed a report for the day yet. He goes to say when a medical lab finds VD; they contact Public Health, which tracks the "line of infection" to the very end and that may include a whole bunch of people. Public Health tells the contacts they can be cured and "in confidence". The boss warns them, flashing badges isn't necessarily going to help. By keeping things discreet, Public Health averages about 95 percent cooperation.

Warren has breakfast with his wife Paula (Judi Meredith) reading about Kalema's death in the newspaper. He laments about the last year being lonely because she left him, which he vows won't happen again.

Danno and Ben go to see Mr. Boardman (Bob Witthans) about his conversation with Kalema. He isn't sure about cooperating because it was supposed to be confidential but Danno is a bit forceful telling him they're investigating a murder. After being assured his indiscretion isn't going to wind up on the evening news, he gives them a name: Sophie Norris (Ellen Blake). Sophie wants to help but her hackles rise up when she realizes they're seeing here because of her visit with Kalema. Danno and Ben assure her they're investigating the murder. Once she calms down, she says she met Kalema at 10:30 yesterday and he was fine. Sophie has seen Public Health before and among her "recent contacts" is Walter Clyman, the same Walter Kalema asked Miss Rynak about.

McGarrett and Chin talk to Walter near a basketball court where he was playing. Walter explains to McGarrett Kalema told him his parents didn't have to know and is hesitant to give the next name because he didn't mean to "mess up her life". McGarrett and Chin visit the next contact, Linda Rynak, at her house but according to her mother (Electra Gailas Fair) she isn't home. Mrs. Rynak tells them she left for school at 7:00 that morning because she always leaves early but today was even earlier due to a phone call last night. She left to meet someone before school. With McGarrett and Chin at her house, she's sure something has happened to Linda but McGarrett assures her probably nothing has but he asks for a picture of Linda. As he waits on the mother, he orders Chin to get out an APB on the girl.

Later, Danno radios in to McGarrett as HPD officers run down a creek bank to her. Danno tells McGarrett to get a doctor, for the mother. Linda's dead!

Act Two

McGarrett is at the morgue with a man (Lou Frizzel) who positively identifies her. Doc Bergman (Al Eben) takes her out with an orderly after McGarrett tells the man she was shot with a .22 caliber pistol. Doc closes the door as she's wheeled out but remains in the room. Mr. Rynak, her father, is sure one of her friends didn't kill her, as they're "all good kids, like her". Rynak suspects McGarrett knows something but isn't telling him and the more he talks, the angrier Rynak gets. McGarrett finally comes clean telling Ryank Linda had syphilis, backed up by Doc's analysis. Rynak is beside himself not wanting to believe she was sick.

In McGarrett's office, Walter insists he was at school at 8:00 a.m. due to basketball practice. Walter claims he didn't call her and comes clean: he infected her when McGarrett asks assuming it was the other way around. Walter says she "didn't groove with just any guy" and he wanted to marry her. Danno pokes his head in, interrupting their conversation, but he has an alibi for both murders.

At the Warren's place, Paula packs her bags. Warren keeps digging himself a hole pleading for Paula to stay and how he could have lied about having syphilis. She becomes less impressed by every passing moment. She is downright pissed, as she knows it would be better for his campaign for her to stay but she refuses. She grabs her suitcase and walks out.

Che Fong (Harry Endo) compares casts made at Kalema's and Linda's murders: they are identical. Che says the bullets match too. As well, there is a unique feature in the tires with a nick on the outside channel like the tire went over something sharp and left a scar. McGarrett tells Danno to check every car connected with Linda Rynak: hundreds of them, by the way and to get manpower from HPD to help. Danno takes off as McGarrett studies a picture of one of the bullets.

Walter walks to the street on his way to school as Rynak convinces him to get into his car. Rynak brings along his buddy Frank who sits in the back seat. As Rynak drives, he says he knows about Linda having syphilis and accuses Walter of killing her to keep it quiet. Walter isn't even 100 percent certain he gave it to her but he probably did. Walter tries to jump out of the car but Frank holds him back. They keep driving.

Later in the hospital, McGarrett and Danno visit Walter asking him who beat him up. Walter is depressed feeling he deserved the beating. McGarrett tells him he has a right to fill out a complaint but Walter isn't ready to do that. He explains Rynak didn't get his daughter and the things she was into: "rap sessions, ecology protests, working on the committee". The last item gains McGarrett's interest, what committee?

Warren speaks at a campaign rally where he talks about men standing side by side in new adventures, typical political crap. McGarrett and Danno show up just off the stage as Warren continues to speak. McGarrett speaks to the campaign manager (Jay Stewart) as Jean hovers near them. The manager says Linda worked with Billy (Ray Buktenica) head of the "Youth for Warren committee". Jean volunteers that she has all the time and work sheets for every volunteer in the office. McGarrett continues asking them questions discovering Linda was supposed to work at the committee the morning she died but she didn't show up. However, they were all working from 8:00 a.m. on. Warren claims to have been home with his wife until 8:30 then into the office at 9:00 a.m. McGarrett then asks if anyone had contact with Kalema and they all deny it. As he's about to walk away, Warren doesn't want anything hitting the press five days prior to the election. McGarrett tells him it's standard procedure not to release anything until the case is concluded. McGarrett walks out with Danno trailing after speaking to some volunteers. After they leave, Warren goes into damage control because he just lied to McGarrett! He left the house at 7:30 to stare at the ocean for an hour. Their plan is to find Paula so she can back up his story before the police find her. Jean checks the hotels while Billy starts with the airlines.

Act Three

Rynak returns form work to find his wife stretched out on the couch in total despair. She doesn't believe Walter gave her VD, but someone else after seeing Linda's scrapbook. Rynak goes in to look and he's immediately livid. There are pictures of her and Warren together with cutesy notes.

That night, Ben calls in to McGarrett saying the murder car has been found at Warren's campaign headquarters. McGarrett and Danno run out of the office.

Warren is working late too as he takes several notes. Looking out his window, he hears a door close in the outer office. Rynak shows up with a gun and Linda's scrapbook mad out of his mind. When they walk in to ask about the car, McGarrett, Danno and Ben find Rynak. It takes both Danno and Ben to hold on to him as McGarrett explains it's a matter of law and he can't just start shooting people because he's mad. In the process of disarming Rynak, the scrapbook falls on the floor and he begs McGarrett to look it over. After Rynak is dragged out, McGarrett does just that with Warren leaning against his desk. McGarrett wants to ask Warren some questions after seeing the photos of him and Linda but in McGarrett's office. As they walk to the elevator, Jean sees them pausing in the hall.

In McGarrett's office, Warren looks over the scrapbook as Danno observes from the side of the desk. McGarrett asks him about it and Warren is vague at first but admits he didn't realize Linda felt that strongly about him until now. Warren was also aware of the syphilis, which throws McGarrett and Danno for a small loop asking about Kalema. Warren says he never met Kalema but was told over the phone. McGarrett is confused since Public Health usually requests a personal meeting. Warren claims he was supposed to meet Kalema but received a message from him in court that Kalema had cancelled. Warren says he went home after court. They then ask about his car being at the park where Kalema was killed and his records stolen: Warren is shocked. Danno shows him pictures of the tracks including the car leased to him. Warren says there are ten cars leased to him for the campaign. The cars usually signed out by people working on the campaign meaning multiple people had access to them. They move on to the gun and Warren owns a .22 caliber handgun that is suddenly missing. He explains his wife has left him and she's prone to fits of depression and he's worried about her. Danno informs Warren both victims were killed with .22 caliber bullets. McGarrett doesn't like the smell of this accusing Warren of sending his wife away with the gun so that his alibi and ballistics would be impossible to check. McGarrett orders Danno to put out an APB on Paula and to check every way off the island.

Act Four

At Warren's campaign headquarters, Marty, the campaign manager and Billy walk in with news they've found Paula: she's in San Francisco. Jean had been pacing and now watches Billy dial the phone. Jean shares her own news that Warren was "taken away by the police". Paula stands in her hotel room smoking and staring out the window when the phone rings. Billy is about to ask for her help as Marty listens in but Paula stops them all short. They keep trying and she still won't budge when she finally reveals the syphilis issue. After the reveal, Billy goes off wondering what else Warren lied about: maybe even everything. Marty sees the writing on the wall and leaves too: "to find another horse in the running". Jean calls after them both but to no avail. The phone rings: McGarrett wants to see the records pertaining to the volunteers and especially the campaign cars as soon as possible. She agrees.

Jean shows up with the records to McGarrett's office escorted in by Chin. McGarrett wants to know who signed out the station wagon on October 31st but she hesitates. Warren tells her to them whatever they want to know. She finds the date on the sign-out sheet and an "Anthony Carter' signed out the car at 4:50 p.m. with not return time. As well, there is no address or phone number for Carter and his name is unfamiliar to Warren. Jean gives a description and when asked, says the list of workers is in the back flap. McGarrett looks it over and there is no Carter there. McGarrett makes an unusual move in asking Jean to sign the name Anthony Carter on a piece of paper with both her and Warren objecting but she agrees. He checks the signatures against one another and they almost match. He asks her to do it again only slanting the letters to the left. She flatly refuses this time standing up saying Warren trusts her with everything: his personal file, private correspondence, the keys to his house. McGarrett accuses her of knowing where the gun was kept! Jean then loses it saying everyone is trying to destroy Warren: one man in a generation. She disparages both Paula and Linda before breaking down saying she had to protect Warren from both Linda and Kalema. McGarrett takes her purse opening it to find the gun: a .22 caliber. McGarrett orders, "Book her. Danno. Murder One, two counts". Danno gently leads her away as Warren is completely dumbstruck. McGarrett tells him to be available for the Grand Jury, which will meet in a couple of days. There is no hiding from the truth: it's out in the open. Warren says he won't be far away, after all, he's still running for office but he knows it's a lost cause. McGarrett says, "let the people decide, they always do".

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