S05E06 - “Fools Die Twice” - Plot

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Act One

A guy named Jack (Clu Gulager) kicks out his girlfriend Lana (Anita Alberts) out of his apartment because he has some business associates coming over. Outside, a man (Michael Conrad) watches Lana drive away from a phone booth as he asks a favor to track her license plate. Two other men show up and they meet in Jack's apartment. Kira, the guy in the phone booth, points out everything in the slide Jack brings up. Johnny (Sam Edwards) sees the helicopter pad and he plans to take the Army helicopter at 3:20 p.m. Mac (John Farias) says they'll "knock over the PX delivery truck" at 2:40 p.m. Then they'll go on base showing the passes supplied by Jack. As his associates leave, Jack makes a phone call to a Russian agent who isn't happy Jack has been shopping around, especially with the Chinese. "We are not supermarket".

The gathers in McGarrett's office as they listen to a phone call. The man tips McGarrett to a hit that will occur that afternoon at 3:00 p.m. He mentions three automatic rifles stolen from a military installation, a fact not shared with the media. A tern screams in the background of the call. At 2:30 p.m. the phone rings, the guy tells McGarrett to go to the old battery and keep an eye on the birdie. He says he will call back at 3:00. The team leaves with McGarrett telling Ben to coordinate with Duke for a Blue and White with two more men.

Kira and Mac pretend to be construction workers on the road stopping the delivery truck so they can hijack it. Meanwhile, Jack works in his office in 'Computer Maintenance Section'. The truck is waved through the gate moving towards its target as a marching band goes through their practice. Jack steps outside checking on the progress.

Five-O arrives at the old battery and the team looks around. A military helicopter flies over them and McGarrett puts it together: the birdie is the Army payroll. "But that's crazy," Danno points out. The call comes through confirming the hit is against the payroll. They take off for the Army post.

Kira, Johnny and Mac unload several boxes to take into the payroll building. The helicopter comes in for landing as Jack watches the helicopter before leaving on his own errand. Two Army soldiers carry large bags into the payroll building as Five-O makes its way to the post. Dr. Frank Clapton (Albert Harris) works in his office as Jack pulls up outside. Meanwhile, in the payroll building, all that's in the bags is computer printout sheets. Five-O and Army Military Police arrive surrounding the building. McGarrett calls in through the bullhorn but the only result is a major firefight. Dr. Clapton tries to evacuate once the shooting starts but Jack chloroforms him and stuffs him into the back of his station wagon. During the shootout, Johnny is hit and completely freaks out. Kira comes up with an escape plan to use the two Army soldiers as hostages. Danno goes into action, grabbing the rifle from the Park Lane's backseat. He moves into a higher position and McGarrett tells him unless he has a clear shot, don't "squeeze it off". Kira comes out threatening to kill the soldiers unless he is able to get to the helicopter. The MPs allow them to pass and as Kira gets closer, Johnny panics, starting the engines prematurely. Tossing aside the hostages, Kira shoots Johnny but he's opened himself to be sniped by Danno, which is exactly what happens. Danno hits Kira twice and McGarrett shoots him once before Kira falls down.

Act Two

Jack takes Clapton to an abandoned ship near the water with a thumping sound in the background and in the flight path of the airport. Meanwhile, Kira is taken to the hospital under heavy police guard. He's taken immediately into surgery. After awhile, McGarrett and Danno show up meeting with surgeon (Ted Nobriga) who can't believe Kira is still alive. McGarrett asks if he's able to talk but the surgeon says it's a matter of time but Kira is "comatose now". McGarrett tells Chin to put a man on the door and if Kira comes to, write down everything he says and call him immediately.

Back on the ship, Jack cuts open the bag he held Dr. Clapton in. Jack goes off on him about being important to the big people in the Pentagon. Jack is frustrated by his own life because he forced to take a desk job so he "wouldn't raise a stink" taking it out on his family until they had enough and left him. Jack slams the steel door leaving Dr. Clapton in a small area of the ship.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with a list of everyone who left the post after the hold up: civilians on one side and Army people on the other side. McGarrett wants to know everyone's movements and tells Chin to get on it but is interrupted by a Colonel (Thomas Norton) who tells McGarrett Dr. Clapton is "Top Secret" and they don't want to frighten off his abductors. McGarrett explains they're not out to frighten off anyone but they're not about to stand still either.

Jack calls McGarrett with his terms for releasing Dr. Clapton: $1 million in diamonds. During the call, a bird screeches and the thumping sound continues in the background. Jack refuses any excuses at his deadline of 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. After Jack hangs up, McGarrett orders Jenny (Peggy Ryan) to put a call into Jonathan Kaye (Bill Edwards) in Washington. McGarrett then intercoms Ben: check ship-to-shore calls into his line and ask Vandevort's about any requests for large purchase of diamonds recently. Danno walks in, the voiceprint is useless but the bird has been identified as a tern of some kind. McGarrett is less than impressed: a sea bird on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! McGarrett tells him to stay on it with the studio because they need to know what the thumping sound is. The call from Washington comes through. Jonathan tells him the Pentagon already woke him up and how important Dr. Clapton is: it would take months to change the codes in the Pacific-Asian theater that Dr. Clapton was responsible for. Jonathan tells him nothing takes precedence over getting Dr. Clapton back. McGarrett warns the most dangerous time for a kidnap victim is after the ransom is paid. Jonathan allows McGarrett some elbowroom until 9:00 a.m. In the meantime, he'll have an order of 200,000 utility stocks to sell in order to acquire the diamonds for the ransom. Chin walks in with an urgent message: McGarrett runs out.

McGarrett and Chin arrive at the hospital where McGarrett meets the surgeon. Kira has come to! McGarrett talks to Kira telling him he was set up and McGarrett wants to by whom. McGarrett explains Kira's "friend" called them twice even laughing at the three patsies. Kira makes a fist unseen by McGarrett but says nothing. McGarrett wants to nail the guy but he needs a name and he's not getting it. McGarrett leaves before Kira sits up in bed removing his oxygen tube.

Act Three

McGarrett goes to see Vandervort (Wright Esser) for the diamonds. As Vandervort shows the diamonds and says he'll be waiting after the stock exchange opens, the phone rings giving McGarrett the bad news that Kira has walked out of the hospital! McGarrett makes another phone call.

Kira wanders the streets as McGarrett rushes back to Five-O where people are being questioned on their movements that afternoon. While going to his office, McGarrett passes just in front of Jack. Meanwhile, Kira continues to wander noticed by a gas station attendant. Chin questions people including Jack. McGarrett talks to Danno on the phone: they can't isolate the thumping sound, not without a piece of equipment on the mainland. The soonest it can be in Honolulu is 6:30 a.m. and McGarrett tells him to go for it. Back to Chin, he asks Jack about leaving the post at 5:00 p.m. and where he lives. Jack come clean: he lives with Lana and not only gives her phone number of 589-0599, but dials it for Chin too!

Kira continues wandering and somehow eluding police. The gas station owner calls McGarrett about seeing Kira but he passed through 30 minutes ago. McGarrett wants HPD to check it out anyway. Meantime, Chin releases Jack.

Later, Ben escorts Mr. Lam from the brokerage firm into McGarrett's office. He has the paperwork for the utility stocks. McGarrett signs for the sale and Kira makes his way into Lana's apartment where the group met to run through their robbery plan. Thwarted by the chain, he eventually breaks the door down. Putting his hands around Lana's neck, he asks several times where Jack is but before she can answer, he collapses.

Act Four

McGarrett is at Lana's apartment when they take a dead Kira out the door. Lana doesn't want to cooperate but knows she has no choice. She verifies Jack's identity from a photograph of him at Five-O. McGarrett orders an APB on Jack and tells Ben "to press it".

In McGarrett's office, he and the colonel talk about Jack and the fact he was forced to resign his commission four years before. McGarrett tosses the diamonds around as a call comes in on extension 2371. It's Jack and he's annoyed McGarrett knows who he is but adapts quickly. He tells McGarrett he would rather sell Dr. Clapton to his own country because he's "patriotic". He does allow Dr. Clapton to speak but McGarrett tells him it could have been taped but they'll accept it. Jack sets up the meet in 30 minutes at Warrior Ridge with further instructions there. Once they hang up, the colonel wonders which country is interested and McGarrett lists Russia, China, North Korea and Albania to name a few. He wonders why the diamonds though, while they can't be marked they can't be unloaded easily. The phone rings: it's Danno and they were able to isolate the sound. It's a "heavy-duty compressor pump". McGarrett tells Danno to check with Public Works and see if there's in any construction going on near the waterfront. Then he wants it all fed into the computer with anything matching Jack's name.

McGarrett, Chin, Ben and the colonel go out to Warrior Ridge as Jack watches them through binoculars. They walk the trail until the dog in a carrier barks at them. The next instructions are on a piece of paper intertwined in the carrier's wire door: 'Deposit diamonds Close pouch Stay put for ten minutes'. McGarrett puts the diamonds into a pouch on the dog's harness. Jack blows a dog whistle and the dog goes running. Afterward, Central Dispatch calls McGarrett: it's Danno again with two possibilities of a "John Garrison at slip number 64, Waimea Bay and J. Grover on a Navy surplus minesweeper on Sand Island". McGarrett takes Sand Island and directs Danno to Waimea Bay.

Jack returns to the minesweeper with the dog. He makes a call to 495-8372 to talk to his Russian contact and demands $2 million for Dr. Clapton. The Russian agrees and wants to hear Dr. Clapton's voice but when Jack goes to Dr. Clapton, he's gone! Jack panics; climbing to the top deck and sees Chin, Ben and several HPD officers running to board. Running to the bow, he stops upon seeing McGarrett and the colonel. Jack is dumbstruck as the compressor pounds away. McGarrett smiles confirming the pump and telling him about Kira and a bird; just a free-flying seabird near an island in the Pacific Ocean.

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