S05E05 - “The Jinn Who Clears The Way” - Plot

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Act One

At night, several guards are left dead with their working dogs passed out nearby. In a far back office, two masked men break into a safe removing a small box and run for it. The first man (Daniel Kamekona) makes it over and takes the small box from his accomplice but as the accomplice climbs up, the first man shoots him with a silenced gun! He takes off for the woods to meet a car handing off the small box to Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh) sitting in the back seat. Just then, the alarm starts blaring making Wo Fat extremely unhappy yelling at the first man to get in so the Cadillac can take off.

Military police remove the accomplice from the chain link fence. When he's taken to the gurney, Danno removes the man's mask as McGarrett takes the gun from the accomplice's belt. They both recognize him but say nothing for now. McGarrett instructs the MP Captain (Joe Moore) the man is to be checked in as a John Doe with the cause of death attributed to a car wreck. As well, the CIA and Jonathan Kaye (Joe Sirola) will handle everything much to the chagrin of the captain. McGarrett tells a CIA agent (Don Baker) he will be at Diamond Head Crater installation and the agent assures him he will have reports within a half hour. Danno finds all sorts of identification on the accomplice, all in different names. They ready to leave knowing the man is Connor.

One of Wo Fat's henchmen Chow Lee (Robert Nelson) finishes dictating a message from the submarine: it is returning to China because it's position has been detected. The vessel's captain wishes Wo Fat good luck. Wo Fat doesn't need luck, he needs forethought and now that Plan A is screwed up, he must enact Plan B chewing out the first man in the process. He tells Chow Lee he needs to talk to the American Tom Wong (Soon Taik Oh) and Chow Lee goes to make contact. The phone rings with another henchman (Clement Low) answering verifying McGarrett has left for Diamond Head.

McGarrett has arrived via helicopter to Diamond Head eventually entering a secured conference room greeting Jonathan. McGarrett hands over the preliminary report of the "well-planned hit" as the dogs were drugged with darts and the guards shot to death at point-blank range. Jonathan tells him a device, a prototype of a guidance system for an ICBM, was stolen. The importance of the device is space: it's the size of two packs of cigarettes replacing "about 36 cubic feet" so the missile itself could be scaled down as well. McGarrett and Jonathan then discuss Connor. For one his death makes no sense, he was shot from outside the fence probably by one of his own accomplices because no one on the installation shot him. Connor was known to McGarrett and Five-O because he'd broken into safes before with "seven arrests, one conviction" and also didn't carry guns but had one on him this time. McGarrett believes Connor could have been marked to kill from the beginning but he wasn't connected enough to pull off the job "of this magnitude". Jonathan has arranged with the governor to put McGarrett in charge of the case because the device has to be recovered and fast: "no matter the cost". McGarrett leaves as Jonathan coordinates with various agencies to work through McGarrett.

Wo Fat, Chow Lee and Tom Wong walk along the beach with Tom frustrated at felling trapped in Hawaii when he knows the future lies in China. Wo Fat tells him to be patient as this is their ultimate weapon. Wo Fat tells him he must be prepared to do what is necessary when the time comes but for now he needs to wait. Tom wants to use force but Wo Fat is all about finesse.

On his way back, McGarrett touches base with Danno who passes on information about Connor having a place in "a fleabag joint by the docks". McGarrett tells him to press on the gun and information on the slugs from Che Fong (Harry Endo). As well, contact Parker (Mitch Mitchell) at the FBI and Sims (Ted Scott) at the CIA to have them meet in McGarrett's office in an hour. Danno then visits the laboratory as Che just fired the gun without the silencer and he's going to send it to the "Washington computer" again. Danno tells him to mark it "A6K," which is some special code on a need-to-know basis.

McGarrett enters his office with Parker and Sims ready to help. He wants them to check on Connor's movements during the last three to six months. Parker asks what they're looking for, description-wise: 19 ounces in weight and 2 1/8 by 2 1/8 by six inches, "pocket sized". McGarrett says it's tough because it could be in any pocket on the island.

Wo Fat gives the first man proper instructions and a picture of his target (Andy Ichiki). The first man waits in the car as the target walks down the front steps of a building. Stepping off the curb, the first man runs down the target! However, he then crashes into a parked car afterward! As people gather, the first man runs for it.

Act Two

Wo Fat paces his little headquarters, for now, awaiting word on how the hit and run scenario played out. Carl, the first man and the driver of the car, reports George Wong is dad or dying with no way to survive. Wo Fat is pleased.

McGarrett leads a meeting with his team, the FBI, Navy Intelligence and CIA in the HPD computer conference room. HPD Officer Browning (Walter Yoshmitsu) is ready to input their information in the computer as the meeting progresses. Parker briefs Connor was a loner with no one to be looking for him. CIA has nothing either, according to Sims. Commander Smallitt (Bob Witthans) says the Navy discharge paperwork Danno found earlier is fake; Connor was never in the Navy. Sam (Howard Gottschalk) tells them Army Intelligence has nothing as well. As Sam briefs, Chin walks in looking like death warmed over. Chin reports the phone number Connor had written down was for a phone booth near the Army post and Che is on the way to check for fingerprints. Chin isn't moving fast and McGarrett takes notice asking what's wrong. Near the outside door, Chin tells him about his cousin being run down by a hit and run driver. Chin wants to work with HPD on the case and McGarrett agrees right away but wants him to check in because he may need to call Chin back onto their case. Chin leaves as McGarrett returns to the meeting asking the obvious: who would want the device. Sam answers any government with ICBM capabilities. Danno counters it doesn't make sense because Connor was "a second-rate safe man" with McGarrett backing him up saying a bunch of bodies lying around wasn't Connor's style. However, Connor was a loner. Commander Smallitt points out the thieves had information about the installation with Sims adding they knew what they were after because the blueprints and other reports about the device were also in the safe and not touched. Sam believes the device is on its way to Switzerland to be sold at a small, private auction. Che calls in with something new on Connor. McGarrett puts it on speaker: Che found a stem of African violet requiring special attention, something of a "collector's item". Hanging up, McGarrett directs Ben to check the garden society to see who has African violets while he send Duke to check the nurseries and garden supply companies. McGarrett returns his attention to the meeting asking the big question: "where is Wo Fat?" Parker says there's nothing to time him to this. However, between Army and Navy Intelligence and the CIA, Wo Fat was last seen in three separate places! Peking, Subic and San Francisco. McGarrett believes he's in Honolulu.

Chow Lee takes another message as Wo Fat paces. This time it's Peking telling Wo Fat they expect him to deliver the device and hold him personally responsible for delivering the device. The "excessive trail of devastation" is considered a complete failure. Wo Fat isn't pleased about Peking "being sensitive".

Chin arrives at his uncle's house speaking briefly to his cousin Alma who leads him to her father (C.K. Huang) who greet each other with great reverence. His uncle would have gladly sought out vengeance when he was younger but now, no. He only wants to see justice served.

Tom meets with Wo Fat and Chow Lee again telling them details Wo Fat wasn't aware of about George's death. Tom says the car was wrecked with the driver running away and several witnesses giving a reliable description of him.

Wo Fat, Chow Lee and Ho Sing arrive at Carl's apartment. Wo Fat is completely unhappy with Carl being seen at the hit-and-run and should he be identified, the whole operation could be blown. With Wo Fat's back turned, Chow Lee shoots Carl.

McGarrett arrives at Carl's apartment with Danno right behind him, as it is known Carl raised orchids and African violets. When they get into the apartment, neither recognizes Carl and Che walks in from the bedroom saying he had seven varieties of African violets. Che is going to try to match the fragment found on Connor to a specific plant. Che also found some burnt paper in an ashtray. McGarrett wants any and all information on the paper, the violets and the gun before walking out.

McGarrett walks into his office telling those gathered they'll have more wants Danno arrives with a full report on the murder. Parker, Sims, Sam and Smallitt track Wo Fat's movement from Peking to New Zealand to Guam but it turned out one of his doubles who met him. Commander Smallitt reports on a submarine sighting twice off Hawaii, one as close as 90 from Oahu. Danno walks in with the report as they conclude Wo Fat is in Hawaii. Danno gives the rundown: "actual name is Chu Sing Tu. Also known as Carl Tu. Taiwan Chinese national. He worked the smuggling rackets, became a contract killer. He was being hunted for two murders on Taiwan when he disappeared". The next time seen, he was dead in his apartment. McGarrett makes the case "the only priority" with every man on it.

Wo Fat and Chow Lee confirm the next step in their plan happens tonight. Later, Chow Lee enters a house sneaking into a bedroom of none other than Chin's uncle! Chow Lee picks up a pillow smothering the man.

Act Three

McGarrett paces outside the Pathology office as Chin stands by and Danno reports it'll be one more minute. McGarrett asks if anyone in the Wong family objected to the autopsy and Chin says no, but they were confused. However, no one objected. McGarrett breaks a hard truth to Chin; his cousin Tom is still "an active Maoist" according to the CIA. He's also become "more cagey" since his arrest and conviction. As he talks, Chin becomes downtrodden and Danno is visibly concerned for Chin. McGarrett suggests Chin be there when Tom is brought in to talk to McGarrett because it just might help. Doc Bergman (Al Eben) walks out reporting his findings: Wong was suffocated because of fibers in his throat and mouth. Also, he appeared to have struggled, scratching his killer. Doc has sent the tissue found under his nails to the lab and once he has the full report he'll send it. As the Five-O men leave, Doc asks why he had to get up in the middle of the night. McGarrett can't answer as Danno tries to comfort Chin the best way he can in the background.

Tom stands in his father's bedroom staring at the messed up bed grieving. Meanwhile, McGarrett goes to see Jonathan at Diamond Head even though he's completely exhausted. Jonathan sums it up: if Carl Tu hadn't been identified, then the two deaths in the Wong family wouldn't be tied to the case. On the plus side, the device hasn't shown up anywhere else. McGarrett tells him he'll have a full report first thing in the morning.

Tom drives out into some brush in the middle of the night meeting Wo Fat. Wo Fat offers his condolences about his father's passing. Wo Fat asks if Tom is ready to do what must be done for their cause, which Tom answers he would gladly give his life.

Danno enters McGarrett's office with "some hot coffee and some information" as he has to wake McGarrett off the couch. Danno reads off what he has: Mr. Wong was suffocated with his own pillow, the tissue found under his nails was human even though it's the same blood type as his and a report from the university about the African violet. The stem found on Connor matched the plant Carl had because he mixed his own plant food. According to the university, it's impossible to have come from any other plant. Another nugget is that Connor and Carl were killed with the same gun. Che was still working on the burned paper and McGarrett tells Danno to stick close to that angle and pass on to Chin he wants to see him upon arriving for work.

Tom's next meeting with Wo Fat and Chow Lee is in a cemetery where they make sure Tom wasn't followed. As Chow Lee puts away the walkie-talkie, scratches can be seen on his hand before Wo Fat walks with Tom.

Chin walks into McGarrett's office all the way out to the lanai. McGarrett wants Chin to bring Tom in for questioning because he knows there is a connection between the guidance device and the Wong family. McGarrett believes the centerpiece to the plan is an ancient Chinese tradition. Chin can use the excuse that the family will need a special permit in order to bury their uncle in Taiwan like he wanted. Chin leaves to bring in Tom.

In Room 9, Chin walks Tom in and introduces him to McGarrett who has some "rough information" for Tom: his father and brother were both murdered. They proceed to show him a picture of Carl who he doesn't know. Danno explains the burglary, how Carl killed his accomplice and was later killed. McGarrett says they believe he worked for Wo Fat causing Tom to look suddenly to McGarrett. Tom becomes more nervous as he maintains the hit-and-run story about George. They then show the burnt fragments of paper showing the address of the Wo Sun Wong Company where George worked. It's how Carl knew where to run down George. Chin goes on to explain Tom's father was smothered with his own pillow scratching his killer in the process. Tom doesn't want to believe any of it but Chin says it's all true. McGarrett explains the plan and how Tom is being used: his father wanted to be buried in Taiwan and George had to die so that the responsibility to carry it out would fall to him as the eldest son. This way something could be smuggled to Taiwan out of the United States. Tom realizes too late they're telling the truth and breaks down.

Act Four

Tom kneels praying beside his father's coffin when Ho Sing stops by for a visit. Tom demands to see Wo Fat and tells Ho Sing to make it happen. Tom stands his ground giving a message that he must see Wo Fat prior to the noon funeral tomorrow or the coffin go nowhere.

The next day, people gather for the funeral. The priest goes to speak to Tom that the funeral must begin now but Tom says they will wait. The priest returns to the sisters shaking his head as a masked character goes to where Tom is, besides his father's coffin. The man takes off the mask, it's Wo Fat! Wo Fat demands the device back but he'll never see it again as he takes out a rope to strangle Tom, McGarrett reveals himself and he's not alone: Danno and Chin in one doorway, Sims and Duke, and finally Ben and Parker all surround Wo Fat.

In McGarrett's office, he asks Wo Fat what happened: plans and designs by imperfect minds. McGarrett asks if Wo Fat declares himself as a U.S. citizen, which he does, kind of. McGarrett lists what he can charge Wo Fat with: murder, robbery, and treason just to name a few. Jonathan walks in stiffly after McGarrett opens the door. He is the bearer of bad news: there will be a trade of Wo Fat for a downed U-2 pilot the Chinese have denied having for three years. McGarrett goes off every which way pissed off. After McGarrett settles down, Wo Fat wishes good health on him heading for the door. Jonathan takes the devices explaining everything: McGarrett made it possible for the pilot to return home. It is little comfort as McGarrett slams a helpless notebook on his desk in disgust.

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