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The governor attends a minor league game in Honolulu. Among the crowd is a young man (Elliott Street) who makes his way to the concession stands and assists a woman (Electra Gailas) having issues walking. The young man introduces himself as Gary Phillips. The woman is obviously drunk but sees Gary is very polite and Gary credits his dad. The announcer (Les Keiter) makes a big deal of Lon Phillips' (Pernell Roberts) "very first at bat in a Hawaii uniform after his great 12 years in the American League". Lon looks up at the stands but Gary isn't in his seat because he stands dumbstruck when the woman plants a kiss right on his lips. She wipes the lipstick off of Gary with a handkerchief but she drops it on the ground. Lon focuses on his at-bat and hits a double, searching for Gary from second base. Gary eventually returns to his seat with a mustard stain on his shirt. When his teammate makes a hit, Lon runs for home, scoring and the crowd goes wild. Below the bleachers, though, the woman with Gary earlier is found dead.

Act One

McGarrett goes to the baseball stadium where the woman was found. Meanwhile, Danno makes his way through the crowd before the security guard (Don Chastain) starts dispersing the crowd. Danno meets up with a doctor from the coroner's office (Arthur Hee) who says the cause of death was strangulation.

McGarrett and the governor are in the locker room talking to her husband, Lester Workman (Barry Atwater). He says they've been "legally separated for a year". The woman's name is Emily and the divorce wasn't going so smoothly since their lawyers were going at it and he wanted custody of their kids. Through it all Lester says he couldn't hate her, a friend/lawyer (Fred Titcomb) puts a hand on his shoulder and agrees. The governor and friend leave as McGarrett has a few more questions. Lester says Emily had a pattern of publicly embarrassing him when she had every opportunity. McGarrett asks if he has a picture as it will help when they question other people. Lester gives him one and they use it immediately.

Upstairs, Danno and Kono question different folks and are currently talking to Gary, showing him Emily's picture. Danno tells him to take his time because Danno senses he knows something. McGarrett walks in and Gary becomes a bit nervous. He becomes really nervous when Danno recognizes him as "Lon Phillips' son" when Gary shows them where he was sitting. McGarrett calms things down talking about the newspaper coverage of his dad transferring to this team. Lon walks in at that point after Coley (Jock Mahoney) told him Gary was up there talking to the police. Gary flips his story trying not to get in trouble with his dad but it makes everything questionable. McGarrett and Danno exchange looks before Lon and Gary leave. Coley talks to McGarrett after Danno is called out of the room.

Coley tells McGarrett Lon asked to move to the team, not the other way around as to be expected. Coley goes on saying Gary's mother had died and Lon wanted Gary in a quieter place in the world and Hawaii seemed to fit the bill. Coley lets McGarrett know Lon has his hands full.

At home, Lon and Gary read various magazines. The two start an arm wrestling match and Lon asks why Gary lied about being in his seat. Gary was ashamed about going to get a hot dog. Gary tells him he wasn't looking at any women and recites the lessons Lon has taught him about "the girls" to be polite, be a gentleman and it's the same for women right? Lon confirms it is true for women too. "Besides I was only thinking about being hungry". Lon is relieved to know Gary had nothing to do with hurting Emily. Lon feels confident they'll "make it here".

The security guard is at home with his girlfriend (Josie Over) who is about to burn some negatives. She says he blew their scheme while he counters that Emily was saying stuff in a loud manner and there was no other option. He claims no one saw him do it.

Act Two

McGarrett speaks to a tennis instructor, Mr. Holbrook, (Tim Tindall) who said Emily used to come around the club looking for Lester. Most of the time, she was drunk and she came on to Holbrook but she was all talk and "no payoff". The bottom line: she was scared of Lester and sure he was having people watch her. Holbrook considered her "a classy lady" even with her flaws.

McGarrett goes to see Lester next particularly about the alimony settlement. Lester tells McGarrett there are stories about him having her watched so he could get the children and no pay any more alimony. McGarrett asks outright if he was having her watched and won't give up without an answer. Lester denies he was having Emily watched. McGarrett wants to know anything, regardless whether it is good, bad or indifferent; that can help the investigation. Lester shows McGarrett the paper, hidden from his kids. "Nobody can keep things hidden forever, Mr. Workman".

McGarrett returns to Five-O, briefed by Kono about the hot dog vendor. The guy remembers a boy like Gary being at the stand and in the corridor when Emily was killed. The vendor is certain he saw Emily. He also recalls Emily talking to a big kid and that kid bought a hot dog. Kono wonders if Gary is the one, but McGarrett isn't sure. He is sure they have to figure out why he's scared.

Gary waits for Lon to return with some groceries in their apartment. Lon talks McGarrett who says the procedure is to keep checking, even adults get confused and by re-checking, something new is remembered. McGarrett also mentions a missing handkerchief from Emily's purse. Lon says Gary isn't home but he'll check with Gary as soon as he gets back. McGarrett expects a phone call in about an hour "either way". Lon agrees. Lon goes inside to an awaiting Gary who preps his corn flakes with milk and sugar. Lon breaks the news that Hawaii is now their home and to not tell the truth to McGarrett is a very bad idea. Gary knows he's not "shaping up" and it makes him feel awful. Lon feels trapped and "needs time to think". He gives Gary some money to go check out the beach. As he walks out, Gary says he didn't do anything. Lon winds up yelling at Gary when Gary asks where he's supposed to get suntan lotion.

Act Three

The security guard and girlfriend see the newspaper as well. "Nobody saw, huh?" The girlfriend isn't amused. The security guard bumped into Gary after killing Emily. He plans to "shut him up for good".

Lon goes through Gary's things and finds an embroidered handkerchief with initials 'E.W.'. Lon runs out to find Gary but Gary is long gone. He's on a tour bus riding around Honolulu as the tour guide (Laola Ohai) informs the tourists of the different sites. Lon begins searching on the streets.

Jenny (Peggy Ryan) tries calling Lon but continues to get no answer. The security guard snoops around, stopped by the building manager (Edward Fernandez) telling him the apartment belongs to Lon Phillips. Knowing he's hit pay dirt, the guard leaves. Jenny reports to McGarrett there's no answer and he wants her to keep trying.

Lon keeps searching and the tour goes by the International Marketplace.

At Five-O, McGarrett notices the "big withdrawals" from Emily's bank account began about a month before and they were getting bigger. Jenny tries calling Lon again at the same time the guard tries calling but he stalks the apartment from across the street.

During the tour, Gary spills some and the tour guide offers a tissue. When she does this, it brings back Gary's memory of the night Emily was killed. He may not have done anything, but he saw something! Lon desperately tries to find Gary.

Act Four

The guard continues to stalk as Lon returns to the apartment. The building manger tells him about the guy who came around looking into the apartment windows. Lon excuses himself when he hears the phone ring. Meanwhile, the tour has ended with the tour guide and Gary parting ways.

At Five-O, Lon is in McGarrett's office and feeling flustered. Fortunately, he finally answered the phone and there is an APB on Gary. McGarrett tells Lon they have a few more witnesses who saw Gary and Emily together a short time before she was killed. McGarrett doesn't believe Gary harmed her but he may have seen something and doesn't know what to do with it. On top of that, their working theory is that whomever killed Emily may be going after Gary. Based on Lon's reaction McGarrett asks if someone has already been around. Lon finally tells McGarrett someone has been around and hands over the handkerchief he found in Gary's room. McGarrett orders Kono over to Lon's apartment to get a description of the guy snooping around from the building manager.

Gary walks down the street oblivious to the goings on. Meanwhile, Kono rushes over to the apartment building. The guard sees Gary walking home and initially following him on foot, the plan changes fast when Kono gets out of the car and calls out to Gary. Gary takes off running, even past the guard. Kono loses him pretty fast. When Gary feels he's in the clear, he gets on the bus. The guard jumps in his car and follows the bus. Kono reports in about Gary and he wasn't able to get anything out of the building manager except a big guy with dark glasses. The guard keeps following as Gary buzzes he was off. At the bus stop, Gary starts crossing the street as the guard punches the gas.



Shows scenes from Part One. The guard misses Gary in his attempt at a hit and run. Gary is helped up and he dusts himself off.

Act One

Chin had the unenviable task of talking to Emily's maid, Miss Ahn (Sod Yong). He tries to tell her what's going on and why it's important. He wants to know why Emily went to the stadium so often. Miss Ahn is not very cooperative because Chin is talking to her at the church of Emily's funeral. Miss Ahn finally tells Chin Emily had met someone and there were pictures: she was being blackmailed but Miss Ahn doesn't know who the other party was only Emily met him at the stadium. She says the last Emily was going to put a stop to it and go to the police. While Miss Ahn doesn't know who the blackmailer was, she blames Lester for Emily's problems.

At Lon's apartment, Coley tries to reassure Lon Gary will come back. Lon is kicking himself meantime second-guessing his move to Honolulu. Most of all, he knew he should have trusted Gary the way Gary trusts him.

McGarrett sees Lester again, but this time about the blackmail against Emily. Lester denies knowing anything about the blackmail. McGarrett asks again if he was having Emily followed, Lester again denies he was. McGarrett lays it out: they believe Gary's life is in danger, someone hated Emiy enough to kill her, was victimizing her before they did kill her and the maid fingered him. McGarrett is honest: he believes the maid because "she was deeply grieved by your wife's death, Mr. Workman". Lester asks McGarrett to leave and he does. Lester makes a phone call to set up a meet with the girlfriend of the security guard!

Act Two

The guard tells his girlfriend to set up the meet.

At Five-O, McGarrett wants Danno and Chin to check out the "fourteen private investigators in Honolulu". McGarrett wants it done sooner rather than later because Gary's life is at stake.

Chin asks for one investigator's casebook but it's "privileged and confidential". Chin doesn't budge but the investigator does. Danno barges into Mr. Kurland's office only to find an active microphone before showing his badge. Kurland asks for a warrant but when Danno threatens to take him with to get one, Kurland relents.

Lon walks around the baseball stadium worried out of his mind. Going stir-crazy in the apartment, he hoped Gary would be at the stadium especially since "he never misses a game". Gary makes a phone call from a park but Kono answers asking Gary not to hang up but he does just that. Kono calls into McGarrett to report on what just happened.

The girlfriend drives to see Lester. Lester lays it out for her: her little game is done of "playing both sides" of taking photos of Emily yet keeping them from him. Which is ironic, because he's paying for it all. Lester tells her "it's finished" and to burn any pictures and negatives of his wife. He also tells her he won't pay any more money, "the bank just closed". He suggests they take what they have and go anywhere else and to remember he can nail them for murder.

The girlfriend goes back to the guard where he throws a fit on what she shares. He wants to know how Lester figured it out. She says he put it together himself and she didn't tell him anything. She pushes him to take Lester's suggestion to "get away" but the guard has other ideas: there are loose ends to take care of and he's going to do just that.

Act Three

Coley calls into McGarrett wanting to know the latest on Gary. McGarrett tells him about the phone call and cautions to not say anything to Lon who's "climbing the walls". Coley says Gary never misses a game and this piques McGarrett's interest. Kono walks into his office, reporting all quiet as Danno and Chin are nearly done with the private investigators. McGarrett mentions Gary's habit of attending games Lon is in and expects the killer to be in attendance too. McGarrett has a plan and tells Kono, "call H.P.D. I want a man on every entrance and every exit of the ballpark, with a picture of Gary". Kono gets on it.

Gary continues to wander walking upon a baseball game. He gives advice to the third baseman, Bernie, and after talking to the kids plays third base. They plan to go to the ballpark afterward.

At the ballpark, the Islanders warm up for the game even though it's still early. Coley assures Lon that Gary will be there and the police are manning all the gates. Lon doesn't like this as Gary is already scared and their presence will make things worse. Coley tells Lon he and Gary are in good hands with McGarrett calling the shots.

The next private investigator (Tom Fujiwara) Danno visits gives a spiel about knowing his rights and he doesn't have to give up his casebooks. Danno leans on him and the guy gives up the book. Upon finding Lester's name, Danno calls in McGarrett and they both talk to the investigator, Mr. Galvin. He confirms she was "a lush" but that's as far as he went. McGarrett wants details. Lester hired him for a month but after a week and a half, Lester fired him. Galvin figures he was fired because Lester found somebody else to follow the wife. Galvin then follows Lester to come up with the why: the guard's girlfriend. They met several times in the car with him paying her every time. McGarrett asks for a description, Galvin hands over a photograph of her! McGarrett and Danno realize they've lied to and are off to visit Lester.

Lester relaxes at his house as his servant brings him a drink. The security guard blocks his sun. McGarrett and Danno drive to Lester's house and nothing seems amiss as they go into the house. The servant leads them to where he was but Lester isn't there now. They look around and find a single shoe in the grass. Looking further, they find Lester face down in the tidal pool. Running out, McGarrett and Danno drag him back to the beach. He's been strangled and his neck broken. "Too bad he lied to us. So close. We almost made it in time". McGarrett warns they can't be late again.

Act Four

The security guard, Horton, is at the ballpark in uniform looking over everything, spotting Lon on the field. Horton's boss admonishes him for being 20 minutes late with the police and plain-clothes officers all over the place. He tells Horton he'll be deducting it from Horton's pay.

In McGarrett's office, Danno has run off copies of the photo of the girl and will distribute it at the ballpark so officers can keep eyes open for Gary and her. She works at a coffee stand at the park and has a clear view of one of the gates. Horton's plan is the same as Five-O's and that's to watch all the gates. She'll signal him when she sees the kid while Five-O will use walkie-talkies.

The kids from the game and Gary turn the corner to enter the ballpark but when Gary sees the police, he backs off. They all sneak in another way.

McGarrett, Danno and Chin arrive at the ballpark and take off in three different directions. The Islanders continue their prep. Horton continues surveying everything. The kids make it in successfully but a guard spots them, giving chase, catching one of them. Seeing the commotion, Horton walks down to join but his boss stops him, telling him to get back to his post. Gary watches his dad from a distant bleacher and is about to go to him when Gary sees McGarrett. Gary works his way under the seats. Lon is still worried and McGarrett tells him to relax. Gary continues to sneak around, eventually being spotted by the girlfriend who signals Horton. Horton begins his chase. Meanwhile, the kid caught by the guard tells McGarrett and Danno about Gary. McGarrett orders all the gates closed, nobody in or out. Gary wants out but is too late as Danno orders the players' gate closed.

Gary stops at a water fountain and approached by the girlfriend. Gary excuses himself but she blocks his way as Horton sneaks up behind him. Gary realizes Horton is after him and runs for it but Horton catches him. Horton pins him against the wall beginning to strangle him. McGarrett and Danno hear the noise and close in. McGarrett fights Horton as Danno grabs the girlfriend. Gary says Horton is the one who killed Emily. "I know, Gary. I know".

The Islanders continue to warm up as the seats fill. McGarrett walks with Gary as Lon stops his practice. Father and son are reunited.

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